The Retreat: First Visit

The Retreat: First Visit

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Genre: Erotica


A first person account of a woman's first trip to an exclusive kinky retreat. "The Retreat" is an anthology of stand-alone short stories beginning with "Opening Night" but they can be read in any order. It is a spin off of the "Never Alone"/"Never Without" series, although it's not necessary to read them first.


A first person account of a woman's first trip to an exclusive kinky retreat.

"The Retreat" is an anthology of stand-alone short stories beginning with "Opening Night" but they can be read in any order. It is a spin off of the "Never Alone"/"Never Without" series, although it's not necessary to read them first.


Submitted: January 26, 2016

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Submitted: January 26, 2016



The Retreat: Book Three

"Are you new here?" the bartender asks while I sip my drink alone. Her directness takes me by surprise, but she smiles sweetly.

"Yeah I uh... A friend recommended it."

"Smart friend. Are you meeting him... her here?"

"No he's not from around here. Just me tonight." I don't explain that I've never met said friend in person. He's on the other side of the country and we met online.

"Well there's a little something for everyone here. I'm sure you'll have fun. You're familiar with how it works?"

"Kind of. I was just going to look around today."

"There are plenty of public spaces good for watching and mingling. There are also lots of voyeur spots for something potentially a little more anonymous. My shift is almost over if you want me to show you around." Being with someone who knows her way around sounds far better than wandering around alone. He did say the people here are very friendly. I accept her offer and she makes small talk while finishing up her shift.

"I think the owners are out today," she mentions. "They make appearances occasionally but mostly just at events and parties. I've heard there's hidden passages so they can get around while avoiding the guests."

"Lots of rumors about them and this place, isn't there? I guess that's part of the fascination."

"They're nice, just very private. He's a flirt. They both are. She's just a little more quiet about it... Ready to go?" I nod and follow her back out into the lobby.

A large staircase leads up to the guest rooms and balconies ring the space. The ground floor has the bar, a restaurant, a club, and double doors labeled 'Members Only'. We approach the latter. She scans her wristband then pushes through the doors, explaining that all members have access to this area regardless of level.

The room is dimly lit and cozy, furnished with leather sofas and lamps on stout wooden tables. There are a couple pool tables, making it feel like an old lounge or cigar room. The far end has a small stage with low couches deep enough to lay down on. She explains things are generally pretty tame in here but it's a good place to meet people.

"That mirror is a window in the Platinum lounge. There aren't many Platinum members though - too expensive. I heard there's an even higher level but I'm not sure anyone but the owners and occasional special guests get Diamond access. The hallways lead to private, themed rooms, but the other lounges are probably best for just watching. Pick one." I bypass 'The Dungeon' because whips and chains seem like an extreme start and choose 'The Bedroom'. The final choice, 'The Theater' will have to wait.

The room is ethereal. Shear drapes and white curtains section off areas for slightly more privacy, but most of the room is open and airy. Circular beds are raised up on slowly-rotating platforms. Huge curved couches surround them. There are floor cushions and beanbags and pillows everywhere, all in light neutral colors. It looks like a giant slumber party on a cloud... except people are having sex. Pairs and groups and people just watching are scattered about. Many wear white robes or are in various stages of undress. I stand frozen... amazed... eager.

"Want to sit a while? Or maybe slip into something more comfortable?" the bartender asks.

"Let's just sit," I tell her, too overwhelmed to think about participating right now.

"Oh you have to meet Ben!" she exclaims suddenly after we've been sitting quietly a while, placing her hand on my thigh to get my attention. I tear my eyes from the threesome on the rotating bed. The two girls are straddling the man and all three are completely nude. She waves over a grinning guy with a baby face who brushes his bangs away from his eyes as he approaches.

"Are you new around here? Is Tiffany taking good care of you?"

"Yeah this is my first time here and I actually almost left. It's a lot to take in."

"This is one of my favorite rooms. At least until the club gets going late at night. Do you like to dance?"

I nod and Tiffany squeals, insisting I stick around late enough to experience the dance club with the stripper poles and dancing cages.

"So do you want to get a little closer... or keep watching... or..." I kissed a girl in college once, but this beautifully confident woman is asking me to...

And I realize I'm not exactly sure what she's proposing. Some people are just laying together and making out or exchanging massages. Her friend is cute but I just met both of them and I had only planned on watching tonight.

"My favorite corner bed is open if you ladies would like a little more privacy. I could show you... No pressure though, Beautiful." He winks at me and I know I want to go wherever these two are going. All I manage is a nod but they both beam.

Ben reaches out a hand to each of us and helps us to our feet. He plants a kiss on the back of my hand then Tiffany's, who giggles. A few people smile as we pass and others are too consumed by their partners to notice. Walking through the room is intoxicating - the passion and inhibition.

"If you put the curtains like this, you can still see a lot, but you don't feel so on display," Ben suggests before sitting down on the bed. Tiffany lays down, sighing about a long shift. I join them, sitting lady-like in my dress with my feet to one side. Those white fluffy robes look like a really good idea now. Tiffany shuffles behind me but I'm mesmerized by performances in front of me.

"So what are you into?" she asks vaguely, trailing her hand up my back.

"Just... exploring... I guess." I shrug.

"Is this okay?" she asks as she massages the back of my head and neck.

"It feels amazing."

"Lay down and I can give you a better massage." I kick off my shoes and lay on my stomach, propping my head on my arms so I can continue watching the group that's amassing in the middle of the room. It's a beautiful tangle of bodies with less and less clothing. They shed their robes and outfits slowly, helping each other and exploring the newly-revealed skin. I notice my breath getting heavier and my heart beating faster. I roll over so I'm face to face with Tiffany. She smiles knowingly and leans in so our lips can touch.

She pulls away quickly, biting her lip and waiting for a reaction. I pull her towards me for more. Her lips are so full and soft - not like kissing a man.

"How jealous are you, Benny?" she teases.

"Very, but I'm enjoying the show."

"Well what are you waiting for? Ask her nicely."

"May I kiss you, Gorgeous?" I nod as Tiffany slithers down my body. "Relax," he whispers when she starts hiking up my dress. I had no intention of stopping her.

I gasp into his mouth when her breath touches my wetness. He nibbles on my lip while her tongue caresses my nether lips.

I can hear sounds of sex from the middle of the room and soon I'm moaning too. Ben's mouth leaves mine and I watch him taste my pussy on Tiffany's lips. Her slender fingers massage my g-spot and I whimper and tremble as I cum hard. I grip her fingers but she doesn't stop. Her other hand is fumbling under his robe to stroke him and he's already huge.

When he moves behind her, she kneels between my legs again. The gentlest touch of her mouth feels so intense. Her lips hum with pleasure when he pushes inside her. She's going to make me cum again. I writhe beneath her.

She knows I'm close and by the sounds they're both making, I doubt they're far. She uses her fingers again and my legs begin to shake.

She leans forward, dancing her fingertips on my lips, coating them in my juices. She slides them inside and I can taste myself on her fingers. She rests her head on my stomach, muttering his name as she reaches climax. He continues pumping until he shudders too.

We collapse in a heap and as I peer out around the curtains, I see a few spectators. I smile bashfully and the other are amused by my blushing.

"That was amazing," Ben sighs but all I can do is nod.

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