The Retreat: An Auction

The Retreat: An Auction

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Genre: Erotica


Experience an auction at an exclusive retreat for the elite of the lifestyle. Winners receive fantasy nights with their prize. "The Retreat" is an anthology of stand-alone short stories beginning with "Opening Night" but they can be read in any order. It is a spin off of the "Never Alone"/"Never Without" series, although it's not necessary to read them first.


Experience an auction at an exclusive retreat for the elite of the lifestyle. Winners receive fantasy nights with their prize.

"The Retreat" is an anthology of stand-alone short stories beginning with "Opening Night" but they can be read in any order. It is a spin off of the "Never Alone"/"Never Without" series, although it's not necessary to read them first.


Submitted: January 26, 2016

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Submitted: January 26, 2016



The Retreat: Book Two

"You get a free membership just for participating. Come on, it'll be fun."

"I don't really do that stuff anymore," she tells him.

"One private dance. That's it. Then I can show you around. Plus I'm sure Liam and Greta would love to see you." She can hear the smile in his voice over the phone and the hint of sarcasm.

"I've lost touch with Liam. I never knew what he saw in her - the timid little thing. I hear she's far less timid now though isn't she?"

"She runs a sex mansion, Summer. Yeah she's less timid than when you met her. Let's get you another threesome with her. I'll tag in for Liam."

"You wish, Jase! Okay I'll come. But only because you asked so nicely. I've been wanting to see this place but didn't want to buy a membership. I guess an auction sounds fun."

"I'll send you the information. I have a bunch of other sexy ladies to call though so I've got to go," he teases.

She's been wanting to check out this place they call The Retreat. It's exclusive and expensive though and who has time to fill out an application for a kinky club? She's traded the strip joint for a fitness studio but she's certainly not out of practice. Apparently there's quite a market for unique fitness classes and poll dancing is an awesome workout. It'll be fun to perform for a man again instead of giggling bachelorette parties.

For the night of the auction, she chooses a revealing dress that leaves just enough to the imagination. Her brunette hair spills over her tan shoulders and the cut of the dress showcases how toned they are. Someone from The Retreat had arranged a cab, which she's very thankful of when she finds out how remote the destination is.

The long gravel road through the pine trees reminds her of something from a horror movie. The lodge is no less intimidating - floors and floors of dark windows and a soft glow escaping around oversized doors. It suits the mysterious couple though. Summer is one of the few who can confirm some of the darker rumors about Liam and Greta, the owners of this kinky escape in the woods. She was around before they were a couple, if that's even what they are now. She met Greta when she was more of a prisoner than a partner. No one talks much about that now. They prefer her Mistress Phoenix persona and now the queen of The Retreat where she lives and works.

The cab driver parks with a Gothic fountain on one side and the steps to the front door on the other. She thanks him before slipping inside a large, balcony-lined room. People stand in clusters or lounge in front of the fireplace.

A waiter hands her a drink as she scans the space looking for familiar faces. Liam steps off the elevators by the ornate staircase at the far end. He doesn't look particularly excited to be there but it's rare to see much emotion from him anyway. When he spots her, he strides across the room much to her surprise.

"It's been a while. Jase warned me there'd be a few old familiar faces."

"Nice to see you too."

"How have you been, Summer?" She forgot how smooth his voice could be, how piercing his eyes are, how tall and composed and... "What are you thinking about?" he interrupts her thoughts.

"Nothing. This place is beautiful. I've been good. Where's the better half?" She laughs but his eyes narrow a bit and he doesn't smile.

"Greta? She's finishing getting ready."

"Lighten up. I was teasing." He's not accustomed to being teased though. "Where's Jase?"

"Check behind the stage."

She tells him she'll catch him later but she has no intention of it. He's always been such a private person. He changes out some of the staff at his mansion frequently to avoid anyone learning too much and keeps the most trusted ones as long as he can, often with ridiculous pay raises. He bought her secrecy years ago but it wasn't the secrets she was interested in, it was the incredible sex. Being spoiled by a man who has more money than he knows what to do with was icing on the cake.

"All caught up with the man of the house?" Jase asks when she finds him. She just laughs and rolls her eyes. It's a wonder those two are such good friends. Jase's personality outshines Liam's in every possible way. She finds herself wondering how their skills in the bedroom compare until he asks if she wants to talk to Greta. She declines and the two of them go to meet the other girls for the auction.

That's where the real party is and Jase knows each of the gorgeous women. She recognizes a few and has heard rumors about others. A few men are going to have their hands full tonight.

"I'd like you all to meet Mr. Scott," Jase announces. The name means nothing to Summer but she assumes he's an important guest. He's too pretty for her taste with his light wavy hair and overkill confident smile.

"Spread out so I can see all of you," he instructs before going down the line and meeting each one. She makes no attempt to impress him. He's not the kind of guy she wants bidding on her. He gives off weird vibes and she's generally good at reading people.

Summer will be the last one auctioned, so she mingles with the other participants by the stage and waits her turn. Jase is a riot on the microphone as he goads the bidders. The prizes cover all sorts of fantasies and she begins to worry hers won't generate as much interest. It's all for fun though and she's not shy when she sashays on stage.

"Next we have Summer, a fitness trainer who specializes in poll dancing. Not technically a stripper anymore but I can tell you from experience she's one of the best around." Her and Jase laugh and he keeps joking while she struts around. "Give them just a little preview... just a little shake." And clearly plenty of them enjoy it because there are so many paddles in the air. "She even has a naughty little secret story about everyone's favorite redhead..." he adds, being purposely vague but Liam shoots him a dirty look. Greta's eyes are glazed over being bored to death by the suits at her table. She doesn't even react but Mr. Scott says something to her and Liam.

Jase is watching the commotion at the table too and they share a look when Greta gets up from the table. He continues chattering though, higher and higher until only one bidder remains. From the distance, she can only tell that he has dark hair and a well-groomed beard, but that's enough to be happy about the result.

Greta whispers in Jase's ear and Summer can see the surprise on his face as she passes them. "And last but not least, ladies and gentlemen..."

She steps down off the stage as Greta is auctioned off. Liam looks angry and Mr. Scott looks amused. Summer can tell things aren't going the way Greta planned and she chuckles to herself.

Surprisingly, Liam doesn't bid at all. She knows Greta is a grown woman who can take care of herself but she feels uneasy about Mr. Scott who wins. It's none of her business though. She has a fun night ahead with a handsome stranger who's making his way up to her.

"Thomas," he says, reaching out a hand. His politeness is cute but his smile is far less innocent than his introduction.

"How eager are you to get your prize?" she teases.

"Very" is almost a growl, which excites her. She takes him by the hand and leads him through the Members Only door. Luckily Jase told her which hallway to take after that because there were a couple options, all lined with erotic artwork on the walls and mysteriously-labeled doors. They eventually reach "Exotic". She holds her wristband in front of the sensor which glows green. Jase had told her where the room is but not its contents.

The jungle theme touches every inch of the room - green with pops of bright color, plants, and lights that shimmer like sunlight through dense trees. There's a poll on a small platform, of course, but there's also ribbons and rings hanging from the ceiling for aerial performances. A low semicircular sofa surrounds the poll and other types of chairs perfect for lap dances are scattered about.

Summer hops up on the platform and smiles back at him, not even waiting for him to sit down before circling the poll and testing the grip. "Pick some music."

He punches buttons on the control panel, not seeming to care about anything but getting started. She recognizes the song and starts to sway, getting lost in the music. He sits down, quickly mesmerized by her hips and then by her dress sliding down slowly.

Her hair flows out behind her as she spins on the poll. She watches him intently as she climbs, showing how skilled and strong she is. Up and down and around. Grinding and rubbing against the poll while he tries to stay calm. She knows she has him worked up. He's terrible at hiding it the way he wets his lips, dry from hot excited breath, and shifts in his seat. It's time to get closer.

She struts around a bit more and lowers herself onto the platform. Her floorwork has him leaning forward eagerly and when she puts her feet on the floor, perched on the edge of the platform, they're face to face. She gently pushes him back in his seat, giving herself room to grind against him, eliciting a soft moan.

"Happy you bid on me?" she asks. He hardly looks capable of answering.

"Very very happy. Money well spent," he chuckles.

She pauses as the song changes again. She can't recall how many songs it's been. The next is slow and sensual - perfect for teasing this poor guy until he can't take it.

She hadn't planned how far she'd go tonight. Under normal circumstances she'd never consider fucking someone she just met and never a customer, but he felt different and tonight was already an adventure. Plus she's been out of the game for a while and he's clearly not a broke loser since he's here...

"I think uh... my time's up," he says suddenly. She doesn't know what to say until she realizes what he means. "You're pretty incredible." She can't help but giggle when she says thank you. Their goodbye is brief and then she runs off to find Jase to tell him about how she made a guy cum from her lap dance.

* * *

Book Three "First Time" is available on BooksieSilk!

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