Moaning for Biggie

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Jada had always been a bit of a cryptidnut. She had researched cryptids all her life. So when she decided to finally persue her degree in cryptozoology she went full force. She had a thesis to write in order to finish her degree and the stories she had hidden beneath her mattress in her journal were just the ammunition she needed to propel the thesis into the next dimension. Always horny and always curious, the beautiful Jada spent years digging deep into her cryptid fueled brain in order to develop the Something Strange Monster Manual - Mating Habits of Cryptids. Cryptids had helped her with her sexual awakening and horny moments, now if only she could help others to find their own Crpytid.
Moaning for Biggie – Jada brings her roommate Maddie to get laid by a Bigfoot. Venture through the life of Jada, a university student studying Cryptozoology as she explores her journal of sex conquests.

Table of Contents

Moaning for Biggie

Jada had always been a bit of acryptidnut. She had researchedcryptidsall her life. So when she decided to finallypersueher degree incrypt... Read Chapter