I Dominus: New York City - Gil takes a bite out of the Big Apple

I Dominus: New York City -  Gil takes a bite out of the Big Apple

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Submitted: June 29, 2016

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Submitted: June 29, 2016



I grinned, as Amanda pouted and exhaled long and slow.

"The roses are beautiful, Gil. Thank you," Amanda halfheartedly thanked me.

Amanda is forty years old. She had quit her job, three years ago, as a senior partner in a prestigious law firm, to pursue a career as an artist. We met by chance at the Art Gallery of Ontario, last year. Her work was part of the, Women In Art, exhibit. The attraction to each other was immediate. She stayed with me for three days. Three, very dirty, filthy days. She had never experienced being bound by rope. She fell in love with being bound and used, immediately.

I had purchased two dozen, Juliet Roses for her. A very prestigious gallery had her art on display and for sale. Amanda's paintings and photography had become the talk of New York City. She had incredible talent for painting with strong colors and bold strokes. The guest list for the exclusive viewing was international. Potential buyers flew in from all over the world for the opportunity to view and bid on the art pieces.

"Genevieve, could you please put these flowers with the rest? I want to give Gil a personal tour of my latest paintings, before the show begins," Amanda politely asked one of her assistants.

Genevieve looked to be in her late twenties. Slim, curvy in all the right places, and she was killing the, little black dress and Christian Louboutin’s stilettos she was wearing.

Amanda wrapped both her arms around one of mine and squeezed her breasts against my arm as she led me to her paintings.

"You didn't like the Juliet Roses, Amanda?" I asked as we walked to the viewing room.

"I love them, Gil. I am not being ungrateful. I was hoping for a less traditional congratulatory gift. Something more," she giggled and squeezed my arm tighter, "you."

I chuckled and replied, "I would never have gotten passed the armed security guards with that kind of gift."

She stopped and grinned, "I would hope not!" Then coyly asked me, "I thought all Canadians were extremely proper and polite? Why are you so different?"

I laughed, "I am always gentleman, when I am in the presence of a lovely lady, in public."

"In public, you are the perfect gentleman, Gil. I was referring to your lack of politeness in the bedroom," she replied with a smirk.

"Ahh, that. As I recall, you didn't complain about my ungentlemanly behavior in my bedroom," I grinned.

Amanda lifted her head and whispered, "You were fucking unbelievable. I get soaked, just thinking about all the nasty, depraved, filthy things you did to me, and made me do."

"Dirty girl," I growled into her ear and kissed her cheek.

"Fuck," she panted and shivered. "You should fuck me right now, Gil. There are dozens of empty rooms in this building we could sneak off to."

"Your exhibit is set to start in a few minutes. Show me your new works. We can discuss fucking, after.”

Amanda huffed and replied, "I should have worn panties. If I stand next to you any longer, I am going to leave a puddle on the floor."

I laughed and followed her to the new paintings. They were her trademark offerings. Vivid colors that screamed out at you. The strokes were bold, deliberate, and took on a life of their own. As if they were trying to break free of the invisible force that was holding them to the canvas. There was nothing subtle in any of her creations. There is nothing subtle about Amanda. She is strong, independent and has a brilliant mind. My cock began to stiffen, as I watched the wiggle in her hips as she walked away from me.

Amanda walked to the last painting that was hung on the wall and stood next to it. She placed her left hand on the top of the frame, smiled and asked, "Do you know what this is, Gil?"

I studied the painting for a moment. It was slightly different in color than her usual works. The tones weren't as bright or as bold as the others. She had exclusively used flesh tones for a singular purpose.

"It looks like a close up of something pressing into flesh, Amanda. The pattern closely resembles a twisted, not braided, rope pattern on skin," I replied with a smirk.

"Do you like it?" she coyly asked as she walked to me.

"I do, Amanda. Very much," I replied. "What inspired you to paint that?"

"It came to me as I was masturbating one morning. Months after our first time together. I was imagining you tying me up, and it hit me. What does flesh look like, when it's bound, through the rope? What if rope was transparent, like glass? I came hard, recovered, and started painting this. I am very pleased with it. It's not for sale, I'm holding on to it for a while," she explained to me as she placed her hands on my chest and rubbed her body against mine. "Move to New York, Gil. Be my muse. Move in with me. You may come and go as you please."

"Your muse?" I chuckled.

She winked at me and replied, "Forget being my muse. Move in with me, tie me up, and fuck me senseless, morning, noon and night."

I laughed and replied, "That’s all I am to you, Amanda, a piece of meat? I thought we were friends. A lesser man might be crushed.”

“I love your meat, you bad, bad man,” she snickered.

A tinny voice came over the PA and announced that the show was about to start.

Amanda huffed, kissed me and said, “I have to go. After the show I have to catch a flight to, Hawaii. You should have fucked me, Gil. I don’t know when I’ll see you again.”

She winked at me as she walked away.

I made small talk with some of the guests, as Amanda made her rounds and socialized with her potential customers. I excused myself from the small group I was chatting with, and went out to the courtyard for a cigarette. I spotted Genevieve in the courtyard, smoking, and sipping on a flute of champagne. She was standing with her back to me. My lighter died on me. I walked to Genevieve in hopes that I might bum a light off of her.

“Excuse me,” I called out to her as I approached her.

Genevieve turned around and half snarled, “I’m a lesbian, I’m married with seven children, I hate all men. So don’t waste your time. And if you put your hands on me, I’ll bite your face off.”

I chuckled and replied, “I’m very happy for you. I was going to ask you for a light, but I can see that you want to be left alone. Forgive the intrusion. I rather like my face the way it is.”

She stared at me for a moment and chuckled as she reached into her purse and took out her lighter. “I’m sorry. I’ve been hit on all night, and some guy keeps grabbing my ass every chance he gets.”

“No need for an explanation. That’s a very privileged and powerful crowd in there. It doesn’t excuse that kind rude and inappropriate behavior. I’m Gil. You work with Amanda, Genevieve, right?” I smiled at her.

“I do, and I am. You’re the guy that brought her the two dozen, Juliet Roses. They are very beautiful. You have great taste in flowers,” she replied.

I lit up my cigarette and handed the lighter back to Genevieve, and said, “Thank you. I’ll leave you alone. It sounds like you’re having a rough night.”

“No, please. Stay and talk with me. You’re the first man that treated me like a person, and not like something for sale. And thank you for not saying that I work ‘for’ Amanda,” she smiled and held on to my extended hand.

“At your service, Lady Genevieve. I will stay and chat, but be warned, I have pepper spray and will use it, if you try to grab my ass,” I chuckled and winked at her.

She laughed and replied, “Your ass is safe, you have my word, Gil,” she crossed her heart and laughed again. “You’re from, Toronto. Amanda mentioned that you would be attending the exhibit. She speaks very highly of you.”

I smiled at her. “Yes, that’s me. Are you accompanying Amanda to, Hawaii?”

“Oh how I wish! I have to stay here and co-ordinate the shipping of the pieces that are sold tonight. It is an incredibly, complex and time consuming procedure to ship art overseas,” Genevieve sighed in disappointment.

Amanda approached us and asked, “What are you two up to?”

Genevieve laughed and replied, “You should have introduced me to Gil earlier. I bit his head off a few minutes ago.”

“He let you get away with it? You’re not getting soft on me, are you, Gil?” Amanda snickered.

“Wouldn’t dream of it, Amanda,” I chuckled.

Amanda grinned at Genevieve as she positioned herself in front of me, pressed her back against my body, grabbed my hands and placed them on her breasts. “Show Genevieve what you do to women who don’t obey you, Gil,” she cooed and winked at Genevieve.

“Only if Genevieve agrees, I wouldn’t want her to get the wrong impression of Canadians,” I calmly replied as I stared at Genevieve.

Amanda chuckled and replied, “Genevieve needs some fun in her life. It’s been months since she’s gotten properly fucked all because her ex-boyfriend cheated on her. Such a shame, that a beautiful young lady with a body to die for isn’t getting fucked properly. Promise me you’ll make her smile again, Gil. She has a lovely smile and I miss seeing her happy.”

Genevieve blushed and quickly replied, “I think I’ll give you two some privacy.” She didn’t make a move to leave. Her eyes were glued to my hands crushing Amanda’s breasts.

I slid one hand down across Amanda’s tight belly and grabbed her pussy. Amanda shivered and moaned as she thrust her hips to meet my hand.

“Fuck, Gil!” Amanda gasped, “Make me your whore again, right here, please!”

Genevieve was shocked and aroused at the lecherous and wild abandon that engulfed Amanda. When she heard Amanda refer to herself as a whore, her pussy clamped tight and a shiver ran up her spine. The Champaign flute slipped through her finger and shattered on the cement floor.

“I’m so fucking close, Genevieve. Please stay and watch Gil fuck me. You watching us, is making this so much hotter,” Amanda gasped as she pleaded and extended her hands to Genevieve.

I pushed on Amanda shoulders, bent her over and slapped her ass hard.

Genevieve jumped with a start at the loud smack as my hand made contact with Amada’s ass. She hesitantly reached for Amanda’s pleading, outstretched hands and squeezed tight.

“Good girl, Genevieve,” Amanda purred. “Where should Gil stick his big, thick cock, in my pussy or in my ass? Pick Genevieve, quickly, before I cum!”

Genevieve’s head was spinning. Her pussy was soaked and on fire. She never imagined she’d be part of anything like this. She had no idea why she didn’t walk away, and why she took Amanda’s hands. She was frozen to the spot. Wanting, and not wanting to be part of what was unfolding before her at the same time. Her boss was going to get fucked, and she was going to choose if it was going to be in her ass or pussy.

I undid my zipper and pulled out my rock hard cock. “I choose, whore. Not Genevieve, not you,” I growled at the two sexy women.

I lifted Amanda’s gown over her hips and drove my cock balls deep in her ass with a quick, hard thrust of my hips.

“Fu-u-ck!” Amanda squealed out as her ass stretched and a slow burn filled her insides.

“You filthy whore,” I growled as I grabbed a hand full of Amanda’s hair and pulled her head back. “Look at Genevieve and tell her how much you love having your whore ass fucked.”

Amanda moaned and panted to Genevieve, “I love getting my whore ass fucked, hard and rough! Keep looking at me, please, Genevieve! I’m so fucking close! Watch me cum!”

Genevieve was transfixed. Her insides hummed, her body was shaking nervously, her clit ached and pounded to the quick beat of her heart. I pulled my cock out of Amanda’s ass and drove it back inside her, harder than the first thrust. She moaned and grabbed one of Genevieve’s arms with both hands as she spread her legs wider.

Genevieve stared wide eyed at the lustful, euphoric expression on Amanda’s face. She thought about rubbing her pussy with her free hand, but couldn’t find the courage.

“Lift your dress, Genevieve. Show me your cunt,” I growled at her.

She jumped with a start and nervously shook her head. “I-I-I can’t,” she meekly stuttered her reply.

“You can, and you will,” I grinned as I pulled my cock out of Amanda.

“Nooo! Please, Gil! I’m so fucking close!” Amanda vehemently protested at the sudden, empty feeling in her ass.

“It’s up to the lovely Genevieve, Amanda. If she doesn’t show me her cunt, which is surely dripping wet, I’m putting my cock away and going back inside,” I calmly informed them.

Genevieve stared at me for a second. “Okay, I will,” she replied softly.

“You will what?” I grinned at her.

“I’ll lift my dress,” she replied.

“You’ll lift your dress and what, Genevieve?”

She swallowed hard, her cheeks burned with heat as she replied, “I’ll lift my dress and show you my cunt, just as asked me to.”

“Mmm, good girl,” I growled and thrust my cock back into Amanda’s ass.

Genevieve grabbed the hem of her little black dress and lifted it over her hips. She was smooth and hairless between her legs. The slit of her cunt glistened in the pale moonlight. She felt a rush of heat travel to her face again, as she watched me devour the wetness between her legs with my gaze.

“You have a lovely cunt, Genevieve. It is a shame that no one is paying it, and the rest of your body, proper attention. You are stunningly beautiful,” I complimented her as I pounded Amanda’s ass hard and deep.

I slapped Amanda’s ass, gripped her hips with both hands, buried my cock balls deep in her ass, and growled, “Cum, whore!”

Amanda closed her eyes, clenched her jaw, and tried to hold of the tidal wave that was building inside her. Her mouth shot open and froze, her eyes opened wide as her body began to shake uncontrollably. She gripped tighter on to Genevieve’s arm. Her knees buckled and she let out long shriek as the tidal wave tore through her insides.

Genevieve was getting more excited. The force of each thrust of my cock in Amanda’s ass, traveled up her arm and shot through her body. Watching Amanda cum made her gasp and moan, wishing it was her that was cumming so hard.

I pulled out of Amada’s ass when she stopped shaking. I turned her around by her hair and forced her to her knees. “Suck your ass of my cock, whore,” I calmly ordered.

“Y-yes, Sir,” Amanda purred and took my throbbing cock into her mouth.

I turned my gaze to Genevieve and grinned. She was standing perfectly still, staring at Amanda sucking and licking at my cock. “Genevieve,” I snapped her out of her trance. “Would you like to cum?”

She hesitated and shook her head unconvincingly.

Amanda’s mouth was bringing me closer to climax. She was a master at sucking cock. Always the right amount of tongue, lips, throat and teeth. I grabbed her head and shoved my cock down her throat. My balls tightened, I growled and shot my load down her throat.

Amanda swallowed eagerly, till I had emptied my balls. She sucked on the tip of my cock, to get the last droplet of cum.

“Mmm, delicious. Thank you, Sir,” She purred as she smiled up at me.

She stood up, adjusted her gown and turned to Genevieve, “Thank you, it was incredibly hot having you watch me as I got ass fucked and came.” She kissed Genevieve on both cheeks and winked, “I’m off to the little girls room to freshen up.”

I kept staring at Genevieve's thighs and pussy. I could see quivers shooting through her. Her thigh muscles rippled each time she shivered. I walked to her and grabbed her chin with my left hand. "Your turn," I softly growled in her ear.

I spun her around and gripped her throat with one hand. I slid my other hand across her heaving breasts, down across her belly and raked my fingertips over her pussy. She gasped and her knees buckled. I pulled her tighter against me.

"Cum!" I growled at her as I slapped her dripping slit.

I squeezed her throat tighter, her breath gurgled deep in her throat as she struggled to breathe.

"Cum!" I growled, and again and slapped her dripping slit.

Her cunt was plump and soft. My fingers were covered in her slickness.

"Cum!" I growled at her as I squeezed her cunt.

She gasped, shook uncontrollably, and went limp in my arms. Suddenly, her body stiffened, she crossed her legs and screamed out into the night. When her lungs were depleted of air, she took a deep, loud, raspy breath and tried to get her footing. I held on to her till she got her footing and senses back.

I grabbed the pack of cigarettes out of my jacket pocket and offered Genevieve one. She took one with a shaky hand, “Thank you, Gil. I need one after that.”

She fumbled for her lighter in her purse. I placed my hand on hers and said, “Let me do that.” I took the lighter and offered her a light, then sparked up my cigarette.

“Thank you,” she said after she took a long drag and exhaled the smoke. "That was amazing, I mean thank you for that. I was long overdue."

“Your dress is still hiked up over your hips, Genevieve,” I smiled at her.

“Oh fuck!” she panicked and pulled the dress down.

I laughed and said, “I should have kept my mouth shut. My cock was getting hard again.”

“I have never done anything like that, Gil. I’m a little confused right now,” she nervously confessed.

“Take your time, Genevieve. You’ll figure out how all this made you feel,” I smiled at her.

“You were very rough with Amanda. Do you think you hurt her? Do you care if you hurt her?” she calmly asked.

“Of course I care if I hurt her. I would never intentionally hurt anyone. She likes being treated very rough. Pain, intensifies her arousal,” I replied.

“I have been fucked hard a few times, never that savagely though, or called a whore.”

“It’s not for everyone, Genevieve.”

“I guess not,” she chuckled.

“I’m going back inside,” I said to her as I crushed the cigarette out on the floor with my foot.

“I guess I’m too boring for you,” she chuckled.

“Not at all. You’re making my cock hard again. You look like you walked out of a Robert Palmer video, irresistable. What I want to do to you, I can't do out here,” I winked at Genevieve and made my way inside.

She smiled to herself as I walked away. The thought of being irresistible to a man pleased her.

Amanda walked up to me after she had freshened up. She placed the palms of her hands on my cheeks and kissed me softly on the lips. “Thank you, Gil. I needed that,” she grinned.

“My pleasure, Amanda. I will say goodnight, please say goodnight to Genevieve for me,” I grinned back.

“I wish we had more time together,” she pouted.

“Next time you’re in, Toronto, I’ll clear my calendar for a few days,” I smiled, pulled her close to me, kissed her hard, and left.

Amanda spotted Genevieve scanning the crowd from a corner and walked to her. “So, did you get yourself off before you came back in?” she snickered.

Genevieve blushed and grinned at Amanda.

“Slut!' Amanda chuckled, "Gil left. He asked me to say goodnight to you. If that’s who you’re scanning the room for,” Amanda coyly informed her.

“Why wouldn’t he say goodnight to me?” Genevieve asked in a louder voice than she had intended to.

Amanda grinned and replied, “That’s Gil. You look disappointed. Are you interested in getting to know him better, Genevieve?”

“No! Not at all! It’s just that he…” she stopped mid-sentence. “I mean, I would have liked to have said good night to him, that’s all.”

“I have his cell number, if you want to call him and say good night,” Amanda teased.

“I’m not interested in him that way, Amanda. He is kind of scary. Not my type at all.”

“Don’t say I didn’t offer. He’s only in town for two more days. Let me know if you change your mind, Genevieve,” Amanda grinned. “If I may say so, Genevieve, you were more than willing to lift your dress for him and show him your pussy.”

Genevieve shuffled her feet slightly, an involuntary reaction to the heat that flared between her legs at the memory of being ordered to lift her dress and put her cunt on display.

“I was caught up in the moment, caught off guard, Amanda. It didn’t help that I haven’t been laid for months,” Genevieve replied.

“Wait are you waiting for, Genevieve? Gil is the perfect man to get you back in the game. Let your hair down, let your inner slut run wild. Have some fun. Forget that jerk that cheated on you. Give Gil a call, I promise you won’t regret it. I hate seeing you like this,” Amanda rubbed Genevieve’s shoulder as she spoke.

“What if he isn’t interested in me? He left without saying goodnight to me,” Genevieve almost pouted.

“There’s one way to find out, Genevieve. Call him and ask him. I’m going to text you his number. The rest is up to you,” Amanda grinned.

That night, when Genevieve was naked in her bed, images of watching Amanda getting fucked filled her head. She tossed and turned, her pussy was soaked and hot, her clit throbbed for release. She thought about reaching for her vibrator and getting herself off. But, she didn’t want the state of arousal she was in to end. She couldn’t remember a time that her arousal was more intense.

“Fuck,” she moaned as she flipped her pillow and tried to get comfortable.

There was no doubt that she wouldn’t fall asleep if she didn’t make herself cum again. Her cheeks were hot, her pussy and inner thighs were covered with her slick sex juice. She slid one hand in between her thighs and gasped when her fingertip made contact with her swollen clit.

“Lift your dress, Genevieve. Show me your cunt.” My words echoed in her head and sent a shiver through her.

”Ohhhfuuuck, Gil!” she moaned in a quivering voice.

Genevieve sat up in her bed and looked at her cell phone on the night table next to her. She bit her lower lip and reached for it with a trembling hand.

My cell phone chimed and woke me from my sleep. It was a few minutes after two.

“Hello,” I answered the call.

“It’s Genevieve, Gil. Why didn’t you say goodnight to me when you left?” There was arousal and panic in her voice. She closed her eyes tight and thought about ending the call. She wanted to ask me if I would talk with her and get her off, but couldn’t bring herself to go through with it.

“I hope that’s not the only reason why you can’t sleep, Genevieve. I am sure you are aware of the time,” I calmly replied.

“I’m aware. Now, answer my question.” Her voice was shaky and had an edge to it.

“I don’t like your tone,” I growled at her.

The growl in her ear made the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end.

“Good night, Genevieve. If you don’t need anything else from me, I am going back to sleep,” I calmly informed her.

“Please,” she replied, her voice soft and full of breath.

I grinned and waited a few seconds before I asked, “Please what, Genevieve?”

“Please tell me what you want me to cum for you,” she replied.

“Why do you have me on the speaker on your phone?” I asked.

“So I can use both hands on my body,” she quickly replied.

“Did you like lifting your dress and showing me your cunt?”

“Ohhhfuuuck yes,” she moaned.

“Suck a slutty girl, Genevieve. I bet you have your legs spread wide and are aching to be told you can touch yourself.”

“I do, and I am. Please let me touch my dripping cunt. I need to cum again so badly,” she begged and moaned.

“Pinch your nipples for me, whore,” I ordered.

“Uhnnn! They hurt when I pinch them, they are so sensitive when I’m horny,” she moaned.

“Good. Tug on them for me.”

“Ahhfuuuck! It hurts so good!” she gasped.

“Twist your nipples, whore.”

“Ahh! It hurts, Gil. Let me touch my cunt. Let me cum, please!” she begged again.

“No. Keep twisting your nipple and fuck your ass with your finger. Shove it in deep, to the knuckle,” I growled.

“Fuuuck! Okay, I have a finger in my ass, very deep. Can I finger my cunt? I need to cum very badly, Gil. Please allow me to cum.”

“Not yet, whore. Fuck you slutty ass with two fingers.”

“Ohhh! Please! I’m fucking my slutty ass hard, it burns. Let me cum, pleeease!”

“Soon, whore. I want a third finger in your ass.”

“Fuuuck! Okay. I have three fingers in my ass, may I cum?” she pleaded.

“My cock is hard, Genevieve. I’m stroking it, thinking of you fingering your ass and twisting your erect nipple. Would you like to suck on my cock, whore? Would you take it deep in your throat and gag for me?” I teased her.

“Yes! I need your cock in my throat! My mouth is watering at the thought of your hard, hot meat! Please let me cum, Gil!”

“I will let you cum, once you are in my hotel room. Grab a cab and come over.”

Genevieve was shocked back to the moment. “What? You mean right now?” she panted.

“Yes, right now. This is the city that never sleeps, so the song states. Please don't tell me Sinatra lied,” I chuckled.

I texted my suite number and the hotel address to her.

After a short silence, Genevieve replied, “It’ll take me twenty minutes to get to you.”

“I’ll be waiting, whore. I want you dressed in the same little black dress and stilettos.”

Genevieve took a deep breath, exhaled slowly and knocked on my hotel room door. Her insides quivered when she heard the lock unlatch and watched the door swing open.

“Come in,” I said to her and smiled.

“Thank you,” she replied and stepped inside.

I closed the door and turned to face her. She looked over my naked torso and the bulge in my boxer shorts. “I’m nervous,” she struggled to get the words out.

I grabbed her by the shoulders, spun her around and shoved her against the door.

She gasped and tried to turn her head to look at me. I pushed her face against the door and kicked her legs apart. I pulled my boxers down, freeing my cock. Genevieve's skin was smooth and tight; I inhaled her scent and grabbed her tight ass. She responded by pushing her ass out.

"Fuck me," she sobbed.

I rubbed the swollen head of my cock over her hot slit, when I felt my cock sink into her opening; I impaled her with a savage thrust. Her hungry cunt clamped down on my cock. I pulled my cock out of her a few inches, and slammed it back in. Genevieve came hard when my cock bottomed out inside of her.

"Make me cum again, please, Gil," she gasped. "I want to cum again."

I grabbed her hair, pulled her head away from the door and pulled my cock out of her. "No. You don't get to cum again. Grab my cock and jerk me off, whore."

"I'll do anything you ask, I promise, just make me cum again, please!" There was an aching urgency in her voice as she begged.

"I said no!" I barked at her. "You asked me to make you cum, I did." I turned her around, gripped her throat and slammed her back into the door. "Jerk me off, whore," I growled and slapped her across the cheek.

She was shocked at being struck across her cheek. It caught her off guard. Her eyes widened and a fire began burn in them. "Prick!" she scowled at me.

I struck her across the cheek again, hard enough to redden it. "Get on your knees and jerk off my cock, whore," I growled menacingly at her as my eyes bore into hers.

She slowly got down on her knees and grabbed my cock with both hands. She opened her mouth and moved it towards my cock. I grabbed her hair, pulled her head away from my cock and slapped her again.

"Your hands, whore. Not your slutty mouth. Now, jerk me off!" I growled.

She obeyed immediately. Slowly, pumping the full length of my cock with her fists as she looked up at me.

"You like how I jerk your cock off, Gil?" she cooed and grinned up at me.

"Faster, whore. I want to cum on your face," I snarled.

I was close, my balls tightened and I could feel cum building up at the base of my cock. Genevieve quickened her strokes. I grabbed her head with both of my hands and tilted her head upwards. "Look at me, whore. Look at me as I cum on your face!" I grunted the words at her.

My cock exploded. I watched as it spewed out hot cum and it splattered across Genevieve's beautiful, smiling face. She softly gasped and kept pumping my cock long after my balls were drained.

"Rub my cum in your face with my cock," I ordered.

Genevieve obeyed. She rubbed her face against my cock, smearing the cum all over her forehead, cheeks, chin and neck.

"Good whore," I gasped. “Now, thank my cock, kiss it and thank it for cumming on your face, whore." I grinned down at her.

"Mmm, yes, I will," she smiled.

She cupped her hands, lifted my semi erect cock with her palms, and kissed the head softly. "Thank you for cumming on my face," she seductively whispered as she smiled up at me. "You have a beautiful cock, Gil. Thank you."

I grinned down at her and said, "I have a key to Amanda's house. Let's go there, now."

"Right now? It's past three in the morning? Why can't we stay here?" Genevieve asked.

"We're in the city that never sleeps. Or at least that's what the song says. I don't believe that Sinatra would lie. I have things at Amanda's place that I know you will enjoy. I need to use your body, Gil style. Now, rinse yourself off in the shower, while I call a cab. I'm putting my suit on. A gentleman should look his best, if he's going to treat a lady like a whore."

Genevieve thought about the offer for a few seconds and nodded her head. "Let's. I want more, too."

We arrived at Amanda's house just after four. Genevieve took my hand and led me to the master bedroom on the second floor. She lifted the hem of her little black dress and pulled it over her head. She stood naked in front of me. Her legs shoulder width apart. The Christian Louboutin stilettos made her legs looks magnificent.

"Keep the shoes on, whore," I smiled.

"Yes, Sir," she grinned back at me.

I walked over to Amanda's closet and opened the wooden trunk that was against the side wall. I grabbed a riding crop, and two, thirty foot long, wound hemp ropes. I threw the ropes on the bed and took a seat in the leather chair across the room.

"On your hands and knees, whore. Crawl to me," I ordered.

Genevieve got down on all fours and crawled to me. Her ass and hips swayed left to right, her full, perky breasts swayed as she crawled. My cock grew semi erect as I watched her crawl to me. Her eyes had hunger in them. The same hunger as a lioness stalking prey.

When she reached me, I placed the popper of the riding crop under her chin. "Sit," I ordered.

Genevieve sat up and placed her hands on her thighs.

"Spread your legs."

She slowly spread her legs. Her cheeks flushed again. She obviously enjoyed being told what to do. I placed the end riding crop between her legs and applied upward pressure on her slit.

"Get up on your knees, hands behind your head. Offer your magnificent tits and cunt to me, whore," I snarled. My cock was fully erect and straining against my trousers.

Genevieve got up on her knees and placed her hands behind her head. I ran the popper over her pink, erect nipples, side to side. They got hard at the touch of leather. I struck her left nipple with the riding crop. Genevieve grimaced and brought both her hands to the stinging pain in her nipple.

I struck the back of her hand with the crop. "I want your hands behind your head, whore," I calmly said to her.

"Yes, Sir. Sorry," she replied.

I struck her right nipple. She grimaced again, but her hands remained behind her head, as she had been instructed.

I smiled and said, "Good whore."

"Thank you, Sir," she gasped.

I placed the riding crop between her legs. "Fuck it," I ordered.

Genevieve began to rock her hips. Her body jerked each time her clit made contact with the crop.

"Stop," I ordered.

I crossed my legs and placed my foot between her legs. "Shine my shoe with your cunt."

Genevieve took hold of my ankle and pulled my foot to her pussy. She rocked her hips over the top of my shoe and moaned. I felt her pull my foot tighter to her pussy, when the shoelaces raked over her clit.

"Stop, whore."

Her hips came to a grinding stop, mid thrust.

"With your tongue now."

She cupped her hands and placed them under my foot. She lowered her mouth and lapped at her cunt juice that covered my shoe. My cock twitched and began to swell, as I watched her pink, glistening tongue snake out from in between her full lips, and licked the vamp of my shoe. She swallowed the mixture of saliva and juice that would build up in her mouth after every few licks. When I was satisfied that she had completed the task, that she had licked all of herself of my shoe, I ordered her to stop.

I uncrossed my legs and placed my foot on the floor, directly in front of her, between her knees. "Dry my shoe with your tits, whore. Do not stop till it is bone dry. Understood?"

"Yes, Sir," she replied as she lowered her breasts on to my shoe and began to move her shoulders in a circular motion, rubbing her soft, perky breasts over the wet, black leather.

Each time her pink,hardened nipples would slide across the leather, quiet quivers would travel up her spine. She was extremely aroused. Her breathing had become quick and deep. She brushed her nipples across the shoe laces and moaned in pleasure. She enjoyed the rough sensation on her sensitive nipples. I struck her across her shoulder with the riding crop.

"Not a fucking sound from your mouth, unless I allow it. Do you understand?" I calmly reminded her.

She grimaced in pain from the sting and replied, "Yes, Sir."

I watched her polish my shoe with her tits for five minutes. A thin, shiny coat of sweat had covered her back.

"Enough," I said to her and lifted her back up in to the sitting position with my other foot.

"Are you pleased with your results, whore?" I asked her as I placed my polished shoe on her lap.

She looked at it, inspected it and replied, "I will only be pleased, if my Sir is pleased."

I grinned, placed the end of the riding crop under her chin and lifted her head. "Turn around. Spread your ass for me, wide. Show me all of your slutty, puckered hole, whore."

"Yes, Sir." She turned around on her hands and knees and placed her cheek to the floor as her hands reached to her ass. She gripped each cheek and spread her ass wide for me. Her cunt was soaked. It glistened, slick with moisture. Droplets of her arousal had gathered and beaded on her inner thighs.

I ran the popper of the crop over her stretched out, tight asshole, slowly. She gasped and held her breath. Arousal and fear coursed through her body and mind at what would happen next.

"You have a very lovely asshole, Genevieve. It is so pink, so smooth and virgin tight," I complimented her.

"Thank you, Sir. I am pleased you find my slutty hole attractive. I willingly offer it to you, Sir," she replied with heavy breath. She had never before talked to another man about her ass. Yet alone received a compliment on how lovely her puckered hole was. The thought made her pussy ache. So dirty, so filthy, yet, so beautiful and arousing.

"I gracefully accept all of you, Genevieve. I want your asshole a deeper shade of pink," I paused and grinned to myself. "The riding cop, guided my hand, will achieve what I desire. Are you ready, whore?"

Genevieve shivered and replied in a cracking voice, "Yes, Sir. I am ready."

"Count for me, whore," I ordered, and brought the popper of the crop down on her pink, soon to be red, asshole, with a flick of my wrist.

"UHHN! One!" She gasped as her body quickly tensed from the sting of leather. Heat, quickly replaced the sting. She was surprised at how soothing and arousing the sensation became, once the pain lingered, and went away.

"Ohh two!" she yelped. "Uhhn three! Ohhh four! Aeiii five!"

I stopped and watched as pink, slowly turned to red. "Lovelier. Much more to my liking," I grinned.

"Thank you, Sir," Genevieve moaned.

I ran the shaft of the crop across her pussy, parting her moist, swollen lips. She arched her back, in response to the electric tingle that it created between her legs. I flicked the riding crop at her spread pussy. She gasped and held her breath. Her fingers dug deeper into her ass cheeks, turning her flesh white, around where the fingers sunk into her soft flesh. Her body stiffened. She moaned softly as she exhaled and allowed her body to relax. I struck her pussy again. Genevieve arched her back and moaned.

I stood up from the chair, grabbed her by the hair and pulled her on her hands and knees to the bed. I grabbed a rope and lifted my new whore to her feet by the hair. I turned her around, crossed her wrists behind her back and tied them tight. I reached between her thighs and pulled the rope up and tight in between her legs. The rope spread and bit into her wet slit. Genevieve threw her head back and moaned.

I pushed her on to the bed. She landed on her back. I walked around to the other side of the bed, and pulled the rope towards me. Genevieve yelped in pain and pushed her heels into the mattress, scooting herself closer to me. Both her shoes came off her feet. I stopped pulling her towards me, when her head was hanging over the mattress.

I undid my zipper and pulled my cock out. I pushed down on the head of my fully erect cock and aimed it at Genevieve's mouth. She took a deep breath opened her mouth wide. I slid my cock into her mouth and partially down her throat, slowly and deliberately. She gagged as her throat relaxed to accommodate the thickness and length of my cock.

Genevieve moaned, as her tongue massaged my cock. I pulled on the rope, hard. It bit into her soft inner folds. Genevieve crossed her legs and shot her hips off the mattress, trying in vain to escape the bite of my rope. Her head tilted back, I pushed the remaining inches of my cock down her throat. Her tear filled eyes opened wide, pleading me to pull out of her throat.

"Just a little longer whore, then you can breathe," I growled.

I pulled my cock out of her mouth; Genevieve coughed in between gasps. I reached for the coiled rope next to her.

"Your cunt is going to have to take some more pain for me, whore. Then I'll fuck it properly. Spread your legs, nice and wide for me," I ordered.

Genevieve spread her legs. I yanked on the rope and wedged it tighter between her pussy. She lifted her hips of the mattress again. I grinned down at her and whipped the coiled rope at her cunt. She screamed out in pain and pushed her hips into the mattress. She crossed her legs and turned on to her side.

"I'm not done whipping your cunt, whore. I want it red hot before I fuck you. Spread your fucking legs for me, or I'm leaving," I growled.

She shook her head, "It hurts, please don't make me," she pleaded.

"I'm not making you do anything you don't want to do, Genevieve. The front door is unlocked. You are free to leave anytime you want," I calmly replied to her plea.

She remained silent and slowly spread her legs for me. I pulled the rope between her slit tight and whipped her pussy. She moaned and brought her legs together, then slowly brought them apart. I whipped her pussy and her inner thighs for a few minutes. Her flesh glowed red and hot from the whipping. I leaned forward and cupped her cunt with my hand. It was soaked and hot, ready to be used by my cock.

I stripped out of my suit. "Turn onto your front, whore. Hips on the bed, put on your fuck me heels, and put your feet on the floor."

She obeyed. The stilettos made her legs look longer and shapelier. Her calf muscles were tight and strained. I love seeing strained lines on a woman's legs. I stood at the side of the bed, between her spread legs, and squeezed her tight ass, spreading her cheeks, kneading them, and rubbing my thumbs over her soaked slit.

"Both your holes are a lovely red, whore."

Before she could reply, I grabbed my cock and slid it inside her wet, waiting, pulsating pussy.

Genevieve moaned and pushed up on her toes, aching to feel my entire length inside her. My thick cock stretched her wide. She clenched her fists and bit down on the bed's duvet. I pulled my cock halfway out of her and slid it back in. Her legs began to quiver, I felt her pussy clenching around my cock. She was close to cumming.

I fucked her at a steady pace, as I untied her wrists. I wanted to look in her eyes as my cock made her cum. I grabbed her hips with my left hand, bent her right leg with my other hand, and turned her over, with my cock was still inside her.

Her eyes were shut tight and her mouth was agape. I slapped her across the face. She gasped and her eyes shot open.

"That's it, whore. Look at me while I fuck you."

I eased myself on top of her. Placed my hands on her cheeks and kissed her. Her eyes were focused on mine. She hungrily sucked on my tongue and lips. I bent my knees and pushed off the floor with my feet, each time I drove my cock into her. The force I was driving my cock into her with was brutal. Her pussy welcomed it. It had been months since she had a cock inside her. I fucked her brutal and fast. He pussy clamp around my cock, Genevieve grabbed my head with her hands and stared wide eyed into my eyes.

"Watch me cum for you," she panted. "I'mmm...!"

Her breath caught before she finished the sentence. Her eyes opened wider, she pulled my head till out foreheads met. Her cunt was about to exploded around my cock.

She stuttered, "F-for y-you, S-Sir!"

She wrapped her legs around my hips and let out a long, quivering cry as she came. I watched as tears ran out of the corner of her eyes and down her temples. Her eyelids fluttered, but she managed to keep her eyes open for me to gaze into them as she came.

My balls tightened quickly, her pussy was wrapped tight around my cock, and getting tighter. Each thrust of my hips brought me closer to climax. I growled, drove my cock as deep inside her as I could, and filled her with my cum.

Genevieve waited till my cock stopped twitching and spurting inside her. She moaned and kissed my eyes, and said thank you, in between each gentle kiss.

I rolled off her. She cuddled next to me and placed her head on my chest. We remained silent and caught our breath for a moment. Genevieve broke the silence.

"You are nasty. I love the beast in you. My orgasms were fucking amazing. Thank you," she softly purred.

"My pleasure, Genevieve," I replied.

"No. Please call me whore. Your whore. It's so dirty, it makes me so wet when you call me that."

I chuckled and replied, "As you wish. My pleasure, whore."

"Mmm, thank you. Is that the nastiest you can get?" she coyly asked.

"I can get as nasty as you want," I replied.

"Show me," she grinned.

I didn't need to be asked twice. I pushed her off me, got off the bed and lifted her over my shoulder. I carried her down the stairs and into the kitchen. I slid her off my shoulder and onto on the floor. She got down on her knees. I grabbed her hair and shoved my crotch in her face.

"Your cunt juice is on my cock, balls and in the crack of my ass. Lick them clean, whore," I ordered.

Genevieve immediately began licking and sucking my balls and cock. The thought of licking my ass clean had her dripping again. She had never imagined of doing anything so dirty. She gripped my hips and turned me around. She shoved her mouth between my ass and licked it thoroughly. Stopping only to catch her breath for an instant, and then sucked and licked our mixed cum from my ass.

Her tongue in my ass, hardened my cock quickly. I spotted a box of green garbage bags on the counter. I grabbed Genevieve's hair and stood her up. I led her by the hair to the counter and took out a garbage bag. I opened it, placed it over her head and pulled it down over her. I turned her around and bent her over the kitchen table.

With one hand gripping her neck and keeping her pinned to the table, I grabbed my cock with the other, and aimed the head of my cock at her tight asshole.

"You want nastier, whore?" I growled, and impaled her tight, puckered hole with one thrust.

Genevieve squealed and straightened out her legs at the sudden burning and stretching in her ass.

"Fuck! You're such a filthy whore!" I growled.

"Ohh, fuck! Your cock is splitting me in two!" Genevieve squealed.

I kept on pounding my cock in and out of her tight ass. The absence of any lubricant in her ass was creating an incredible friction on the sensitive head of my cock. A shiver shot through me, my balls tightened, and with one final thrust, my cock exploded and filled Genevieve's ass with hot cum.

I pulled my cock out of her. Grabbed her shoulders and laid her on to the kitchen floor.

"Curl yourself into the bag, whore," I ordered.

Genevieve tucked her legs and arms to her body and curled herself into the garbage bag. I grabbed the top of the bag and held it open.

"Is this nasty enough?" I grinned.

Before she could reply, I started pissing on her.

"Ahhh! Fucking gross!" she squealed, but made no attempt to move.

I took a long piss on her. When I was done, I grabbed a twist tie and closed the bag.

I heard soft moans coming from inside the garbage bag.

"Are you masturbating again, whore? I asked.

"Yes, Sir," she moaned back.

"I'm going to take a shower. Finish yourself off, clean the kitchen, and jump in the shower."

"Yes, Sir!" she moaned louder.

"Ever been fucked in the Statue of Liberty, whore?" I asked.

"N-no, Sirrr!" she replied as she came again.

"Neither have I. Let's change that before the day is over," I grinned.


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