Double Vision

Double Vision Double Vision

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



Like Mother - Like Daughter.


Like Mother - Like Daughter.


Submitted: July 31, 2017

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Submitted: July 31, 2017



I was singing a song by the Guess Who, in my head, on the drive from the airport to the Sheraton Saskatoon Hotel. Hoping, that Burton Cummings was wrong about nothing ever happening in that small town.

I exited the limousine as the driver retrieved my suitcase from its trunk. He thanked me for the generous tip and wished me a good day. I made my way to the Hotel’s reception desk to check in, to attend a conference being hosted by Hewlett Packard. The bank that I am employed at was beginning the process to upgrading six of their servers before the fall of 2018.

As I approached the reception area filled with guests lounging on the many couches, with their eyes glued to the screens of their cell phones, or rolling travel bags across the newly laid carpet, the sight of the young lady behind the counter that was focused on the screen in front her as she spoke on the phone made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. She also made my cock twitch, involuntarily.

It was as though I was looking at a ghost from my past. As if I had traveled back in time and was staring at a past lover. A very pretty and sexually adventurous lover. Jacqueline Valentine.

Jacqueline was twenty-three years old. We had spent a summer and a fall together, long ago. We met at the bar she worked at during her final year of university. She was twelve years younger than me. I was her first older lover. She told me that she had always been sexually attracted to older men but, she never imagined that the sex would be so satisfying, and in my particular case, so satisfyingly deviant and dirty.

The clone of the Jacqueline I remembered with a great fondness looked up at me as she placed the handset of the phone back on its cradle. “Good afternoon, sir. How may I help you?” she cheerfully greeted me.

I cleared my throat to give myself time to gather my thoughts before I replied to the young lady that had me rattled. Her voice was almost identical to Jacqueline’s. I stared at her in silence for much longer than was appropriate in any social circumstance. She had the same big, green eyes, the same full lips curled in an identical smile, the same perfect white teeth, and the same long, wavy, strawberry blonde hair. Memories of how I had trained Jacqueline to please me flashed through my mind like a movie being played back at one thousand times the speed of the standard 29.97 frames per second.

The clone remained unfazed, patiently waiting with a smile for my reply.

“Forgive me for staring,” I paused and darted my eyes to the gold name tag with black letters pinned to her jacket above her left breast. “Allegra. I was not being rude. You bear a striking resemblance to a very beautiful young lady I knew many years ago.”

Allegra broadened her smile, twisted her torso away from me and pointed to a series of employee photographs on the wall behind her. “Everyone says that I look exactly like my mother. I think I look much younger.” Allegra giggled as I looked to where here delicate, slender finger was directing my eyes to.

Framed in blue, shiny plastic was a picture of a smiling Jacqueline. Albeit; many years older than I remembered her, but still just as pretty. The plaque at the bottom of the picture read – Jacqueline La Fontaine - Regional Manager.

“You knew my mother back in the day?” Allegra asked innocently. The coy grin on her face hinted there was something not so innocent bubbling inside her. My heart thumped and my cock twitched.

I nodded, “Yes, while she was attending university. Please tell her I say hello, Allegra.”

“Of course! She’ll get a kick out of it,” she smiled and asked for my name.

“Gil Renard. Thank you, it was a pleasure to meet you, Allegra,” I smiled as she typed on a keyboard that was out of my view, and then put together a key pass kit for me.

“Mom and dad return from Aruba, next week. I’m sorry you won’t get to say hello to her in person.” Allegra had lowered her voice and leaned ever so slightly towards me to inform me that her parents where away on vacation. “Your room is on the fourth floor, number 421; the elevators are down the hall and to your left. The pool re-opens to our guests tonight, at eight pm. I get off at six, and am going for a swim before it is available to the guests. If you wish to join me, I would love to hear all about my mother’s exploits before she got married. Enjoy your stay, Mr. Renard. It was a pleasure to meet you.” Allegra spoke bolder and her tone was void of any concealed innocence as she invited me for a tête-à-tête by the pool.

I nodded and smiled, “I would love to hear what Jacqueline has been up to, and to get to know you.” I turned and made my way to the elevators. My cock grew hard at the thought of Allegra in a bikini. She was a few inches taller than her mother. But had the same slim body type and all of Jacqueline’s gentle curves. I was curious if Allegra preferred her sex as filthy as her mother did. I was hoping I would be provided the opportunity to satisfy my curiosity.

A few minutes before six, the phone in my room rang. Allegra asked if I was ready to meet her at the pool. I replied that I was on my way. She was waiting for me by the doors that led to the pool. She smiled, turned around and swiped a key card across the door’s lock. She entered the pool area and held the door open for me.

Her bikini top was very revealing. It was no more than two yellow strings across her shoulders and one around her back, with miniscule, yellow triangles covering her jutting nipples. She had a towel wrapped tight around her slim waist, and another towel rolled up and tucked under her arm.

I followed her to a row of chairs at the shallow end of the pool, staring at her hips as they swayed from side to side. Her tight ass cheeks danced beneath the snow white towel as she walked on the tips of her toes. I could sense the coy grin on her face. She knew damn well I was staring at her tight, young ass. And that knowledge made her clit tingle.

She placed the towel from under her arm onto a chair and unrolled it. She reached for the flask that was hidden in the towel and handed it to me. “It’s rum and coke. Have a sip,” Allegra smiled.

“Thank you,” I said as I took the flask from her.

Allegra nodded and removed the towel from around her waist. She held my gaze as she let the towel fall to the floor. Her bikini bottom was just as skimpy as its top. Yellow strings hugging her low on the hips and a miniscule, shiny, yellow triangle barely covering her hairless pussy. I took a sip from the flask as she stared at me leering at her pussy. I handed the flask back to Allegra. She brushed her fingers across my hand let them linger for a moment before she took it and tucked it between her chin and chest. She removed the black hair tie from her wrist, pulled her hair back and tied it in a ponytail by twisting the hair tie around her bunched up, strawberry blonde hair.

She took a sip from the flask as she turned around, slowly. Her firm, heart shaped ass was fully exposed. The yellow string disappeared into the crack of her ass. Allegra looked over her shoulder at me, smiled, and tossed the flask onto a chair.

“You coming in with me?” she asked. “Take off your t-shirt and join me.”

She took two graceful steps towards the edge of the pool and dove in. I watched as she swam the length of the pool, disappeared under the water, resurfaced, and swam back to me. Allegra remained in the pool; she rested her arms on its edge, placed her chin on her arms and stared at me.

“You’re not coming in? You still have your t-shirt on,” she playfully pouted.

“I’m not a fan of water, Allegra. I’m fine right where I am. And am quite enjoying the view,” I grinned at her.

“Your loss, Gil,” she winked at me. “So, tell me all about my mom. How did you meet her? What was she like? What did she like to do? Was she a party girl?”

I chuckled at her questions and replied, “You aren’t going to interrogate me for information that you could potentially use as leverage, are you, Allegra? Granted, that does have the potential to be a lot of fun. But it wouldn’t be very nice.”

Allegra laughed out loud. Her eyes had the same mischievous, sparkle I remembered in Jacqueline’s eyes. “I called mom as soon as you left the reception desk and told her that Gil said hello. She got very quiet and nervous and said that she would call me back. You’re her dirty secret from the past, aren’t you? Spill the beans, Mr. Renard. Were you and my mom lovers? And don’t spare me the dirty details; those are always the most fun. I’m a big girl and I can handle anything you got.”

Her sexual innuendos made my cock swell. I chuckled and replied, “That would be highly inappropriate, Allegra. Private matters should remain private.”

Allegra lifted herself half out of the water and exclaimed, “Ah-ha! You and mom did fuck! Tell me all about how you fucked my mother, please!” Her eyes darted to my crotch. She was hoping to see a bulge, hoping our conversation was having the same stimulating effect on me as it was having on her.

It was evident that Allegra liked to tease the boys. She was hoping to masturbate in the water as I provided filthy details of how her mother and I fucked. And if she could stare at my hard on as she listened to the lewd details while rubbing her clit or fingering her pussy, it would heighten every sensation that shot through her body.

Unbeknownst to me, Allegra had become incredibly aroused at the realization that she had met one of her mother’s past lovers. Sordid thoughts of her mother sucking my cock raced through her mind. Her body trembled, her pussy clenched tight, and her stomach felt as if it had been turned upside down, when she felt the sudden need to suck on the same cock that her mother had sucked and milked the cum out of. There was something inherently different about her arousal. What she felt was much more intense than usual. So much more intense, in fact, that it felt as if she was feeling sexual arousal for the very first time. This was dirty, inappropriate and taboo. Allegra embraced it. Her pussy had never ached with such intense heat and wetness.

“I neither confirmed nor denied it, Allegra. I only stated that private matters should remain private. You are a very naughty girl, aren’t you? The kind of girl that gets off on teasing men?” I sternly asked the overly excited Allegra.

Allegra reached behind her neck and undid her bikini top. She pulled it off her chest and threw at my feet. “That’s my private matter, Gil. I’m not answering your question until you answer at least one of mine,” she coyly replied. “Perhaps you need a little coaxing?” Allegra stood up and squeezed her bare breasts gently as she leered at the bulge twitching between my legs.

“My question was rhetorical, Allegra. I’m certain you are aching to play with your pussy as I retell all the dirty things I did to, and, made your mother do. Is that what you want? Do you get off on being watched as you masturbate?” I asked in a low growl.

Allegra was caught off guard by my reply. It was obvious that she liked to be in control. When she hesitated to reply, I sternly addressed her, “Answer me or I’m leaving. I have neither the time nor patience for superfluous, little girl’s games. If you want to jerk off in front me, get out of the pool, show me your tits, kneel at my feet and have the decency to suck my cock while I call you the same dirty names I called your mother every time I fucked and used each of her beautiful, slutty holes.”

Allegra looked at me with a blank stare and gasped as her pussy clenched impossibly tight. Her cheeks flushed with a red glow. She was in uncharted territory and was both excited and hesitant. Her stare was unmistakable to read. It was the stare you got when you realize you’re in over your head because you’ve bitten off more than you can chew.

“You started off well, Allegra. You caught my attention and I was prepared to make you experience, up close and personal, the same dirty sex I introduced your mother to. It appears that your skills require honing to play this game at its most pleasurable and satisfying level. Nonetheless, thank you for the pleasant conversation. But, I am bored and will take my leave. Enjoy your evening, Allegra.”

As I got up out of the chair, Allegra shouted, “Wait!”

I eyed her and grinned, “Yes?”

She climbed out of the pool and said, “Please stay, Gil. You just got me so incredibly horny.” She pushed the bikini strings down and over her hips and stepped out of the flimsy bottom. “See.” She stood in front of me, thrust her hips forward and used both of her hands to slowly spread her pussy. “You can touch my pussy if you want to. I’m dripping for you. Doesn’t the thought of fucking an old girlfriend’s daughter excite you? I’ll bet you that I’m close to the same age my mom was when you defiled her in so many unspeakable ways. You look and act the part of a gentleman but, I think you are a very demanding lover. The thought of being used by my mom’s ex-lover is so taboo and incredibly hot. When will either of us ever get this chance again? Just the thought of sucking one of my mom’s ex-boyfriend’s cock almost makes me come.”

The same dark fire I remembered burning in Jacqueline's eyes when she got horny and begged to be fucked, raged in Allegra’s big, green eyes.

I growled at the sight of her dripping, pink and swollen pussy as I leaned forward. “Closer, bring your cunt closer to me and spread it wider.” A low moan escaped from deep in her throat as she inched closer to me and spread her pussy wider. She pulled upwards on her pussy lips with her fingers to proudly expose her tingling, swollen clit. I spat on her cunt. Allegra shivered. I gripped her hips, leaned forward and tasted her parted slit. I slid my hands to her ass cheeks and squeezed her young, firm flesh and pulled her pussy into my bearded mouth. Allegra grabbed two fistfuls of my hair to steady herself and moaned out loud as I sucked, licked and bit her throbbing and clenching snatch. Her pussy juice had a strong, heady odor and taste. She was fucking delicious. Just like her mother.

“Fuck yes!” she panted. As the words left her lips, I slid one hand between her legs and shoved two fingers into her pussy. Allegra released my hair and gripped my thick, muscular shoulders as she spread her legs wider and thrust her hips forward. “Ohhffuck!” she groaned. “Finger fuck me hard and make me come! Please!”

I withdrew my fingers from inside her young, dripping cunt. “Not yet. I want your mouth on my cock. I trained your mother to suck my cock in a very specific manner. Now it’s your turn to learn.” I reached for her firm breasts and squeezed them hard as I sucked and bit her erect nipples. “You have larger nipples than your mother, Allegra. But, your pussies taste and smell very similar.”

Allegra was dumbstruck at how her body reacted to learning about her mother’s filthy, sexual exploits. I thought she was going to come as she listened to me. “So fucking dirty,” she panted. “This is so fucking hot, Gil,” she purred my name. “Tell me how my mom sucked your cock. Make me suck your cock just like she did.” A shiver ran down her spine as she uttered the unspeakable. Her pussy became a powder keg ready to explode, as images of her mother being treated like a two dollar whore and gagging on my cock flashed before her eyes.

The same cock, that in that instant, she was aching to taste and suck.

I couldn’t help but grin as I freed my hard on out of the side of my shorts. Allegra gasped at the thickness and length of my twitching, throbbing meat. She swallowed hard and asked in a quivering voice as she leered, “M-mom took that in her ass?” Her voice cracked and went up two octaves when she said the word, ass.

“Your deviant mother gave me her brown cherry, Allegra. I pounded her ass hard. I was never gentle with her, not once," I snarled. "I want you to know that your dear mom liked it dirty, hard and rough. There was nothing she wouldn’t do for me. She cried out that I was hurting her as I took her brown cherry. When I asked her if she wanted me to stop, she shook her head and bit down hard on the pillow as she endured the pain to please me.” I slapped Allegra’s swollen snatch with an upward swat of my open hand without warning. She yelped. “I know you’ll allow me same liberties. You’re more than willing to be used to please me, too. Aren’t you, whore?” Allegra closed her eyes, grunted and nodded as ice cold shivers shot up her spine. “Your mother grew to love the pain I inflicted on her goddess like body. I pounded her virgin ass mercilessly and emptied my balls in her. Afterwards, she confessed that she came twice from having her ass so violently violated. And that she had never felt more satisfied than when I used her like fuck meat.”

“Fuuuck,” Allegra panted. Her head was whirling at how the events of the day had unfolded. She had only wanted to tease one of her mother’s ex-boyfriends and discretely come as she rubbed her clit while she was in the pool. But this, this had taken her arousal and her need for cock to an intensity that she never could have imagined.

“I love fingering my ass. But I’ve never been fucked in my ass. I don’t know if I can take your big cock in my ass, Gil.” Allegra’s words quivered in the air. The filthier our conversation became, the hotter Allegra got.

“It’s not up to you, is it? I’ll force your ass to accommodate my cock, after you suck it,” I growled at her, pinched her nipples and pulled down on them, forcing Allegra to her knees. She winced, shut her eyes tight and gasped at the burn shooting through her perky tits. To her surprise, the pain multiplied the sexual sensations that were raging through her young, inexperienced body.

I grabbed her pony tail close to her scalp, snapped her head back and snarled, “Look at me, whore.” Her eyes shot open. “You like your sex dirty, Allegra? I’ll bet, that up to this moment, you really didn’t have a clue of exactly how dirty you are capable of being. You had no idea of the effect the thought of sucking on the cock that fucked the shit out of your whore mother would have on you, did you, Allegra? You know that it’s wrong on some level. Still, you just can’t help yourself, can you? It turns you on like nothing you’ve ever experienced before, doesn’t it? You’re not only willing to allow me to do whatever I want to you. You’d beg me to promise not to go easy on you. Isn’t that right, Allegra?” Before she could reply I growled, “You have no idea what I am capable of. You have no idea of the filthy acts you are about to perform, solely for my sexual pleasure. Scrub as you may, my kind of dirty won't ever wash off, Allegra. On the upside, you won’t ever forget the experience.” I pulled her mouth towards my crotch and ordered, “Kiss the head of my cock.”

She eagerly nodded, closed her eyes and edged her mouth towards my cock. I snapped her head back and struck her across the cheek with the back of my hand. The sudden blow caught her off guard. The sting in her cheek grew steadily hotter. Allegra gasped as tears began to well up in her eyes.

“That slap didn’t hurt you, Allegra. You feel the need to cry because it shocked you. Tears won’t make me show you any mercy, whore. Your tears will only serve to make me harder, and make my cock want to punish your slutty holes harder. Concentrate on how hard your cunt is throbbing and aching to be fucked. Do not shut your eyes. I need you to look at me as you worship my cock with your loving kisses. I like to play rough. I get off on manhandling and using women in the filthiest of manners. Understand?” I growled at the young Allegra. I softened my tone and added, “Besides, you have beautiful eyes. You have your mother’s eyes. Don’t deny me from looking into them.”

She shivered and moaned, "I'll do anything you tell me to do, Gil."

“Good girl,” I smiled at her and she smiled back at me with a hint of pride in her eyes. “Now, kiss the head of my cock. Make me feel how much you love the cock that fucked your mother’s ass, mouth and cunt.”

Allegra leaned forward and placed long, soft kisses on my twitching hard on. I moaned as her soft lips made contact with my frenulum. Allegra quickly realized where my sweet spot was and made each kiss linger longer on the underside of the head of my cock.

“Suck the head into your mouth,” I moaned.

Allegra parted her lips and sucked my pulsating head into her mouth. She drew her lips over her teeth and bobbed her head up and down, slowly.

“Fuck!” I growled. Allegra was a natural born cock sucker.

Allegra’s eyes sparkled. She was pleased that she was providing me the exact pleasure I had requested from her. The same pleasure her mother had provided me, all those years ago. I pushed down on her head until the tip of my cock hit the back of her warm throat. Allegra opened her mouth wider and snaked her tongue in and out.

“This deep,” I said to her. “Suck me to the back of your throat and pull back until only the head of my cock remains in your whore mouth.”

Allegra gave a slight nod and fucked my cock with her mouth exactly as I had instructed her to. When the shaft of my cock was completely out of her mouth, she rolled her tongue in slow circles around the circumference of its head. I growled out loud from the sensations of Allegra’s mouth and tongue obeying my instructions.

“You suck cock just like your mother, Allegra. I am pleased,” I gasped and yanked her mouth off my twitching meat. “I want to cum in your ass.” I stood up; keeping her ponytail gripped in my hand and led her into the pool.

Allegra quivered at the thought of my big, thick cock stretching, filling, fucking and hurting her ass. The knowledge that I had taken her mother’s ass cherry and that she was about to give her ass cherry to the same cock, which was also the biggest she had ever seen, sexually thrilled her.

I turned Allegra around by yanking on and twisting her hair until she was facing the edge of the pool. “Grab the edge, bend forward and walk back to me until your arms are fully extended.”

Allegra obeyed. She was holding on to the edge of the pool, bent at the waist at a ninety degree angle.

“Spread your legs,” I snarled and slapped her pussy.

Allegra drew a deep, nervous breath and spread her legs. Her heart was pounding in her ears. The cool water made her more aware that her ass and pussy were both spread open and ready for the taking. Images of me using her mother as a fuck toy fueled her lust. And with each image a daughter shouldn’t conjure in her mind, her pussy clenched, throbbed and begged for release.

“You’re going to have to hold your breath for a while, Allegra. I’m going to fuck your ass and hold your head under water. I’ll let you up for air when you struggle. After I have blown my load in your ass, I won’t let you up for air until you cum, understood?”

Allegra turned her head like a shot from a gun and looked at me from over her shoulder. The fear in her eyes fanned the fiery, lust pumping through me. I was going to take my time and relish inflicting pain upon the young beauty, with my cock.

“You did this to my mom?” she nervously asked.

“You can walk away from this anytime you want, Allegra. I am not forcing you to do anything you don’t want to. Tell me yes or no, right now.”

She swallowed hard and creaked out her reply, “I don’t want you to stop.”

I grinned, pushed her head under the water, grabbed my cock and aimed its tip at the puckered opening of Allegra’s tight asshole. Slowly, I pushed into her ass. Allegra winced, whimpered and bit her lip as my cock’s head stretched and breached her asshole. I held still for a few seconds with her ass only partially penetrated. I wanted her to use up the oxygen in her lungs. I patiently waited for Allegra to begin to panic. I felt her body stiffen and she attempted to lift her head out from under the water. I held her head submerged until she had exhaled all the air in her lungs and the bubbles stopped dancing on the water’s surface.

With a grunt and a savage thrust, I stabbed my cock into her ass and pulled her head out of the water in the same motion. She tried to scream and inhale at the same time. Having her ass painfully penetrated made her breath catch in her throat. She was paralyzed for an instant. Unable to inhale or to exhale.

“Come for me, whore,” I barked and slapped her ass hard. The sting in her ass cheek shocked her system. Allegra desperately filled her lungs with air as an orgasm rumbled through her. With an air siren like shriek, her body shook as if an electrical current was coursing through it. I was relentless; I didn’t allow the beautiful whore a chance to recover.

“Take a deep breath, slut. I’m going to empty my balls in your ass,” I growled, yanked her head back and kissed her full, soft lips.

She nodded as she passionately kissed me back. I broke our first kiss, Allegra filled her lungs with air and I submerged her head completely under the water as I pulled half the length of my cock out of her ass. I growled and thrust back inside her. Her entire body tensed up as she got up on her toes, trying to escape the sudden and intense burn in her ass. Bubbles broke the surface of the water as Allegra shook her head. I pulled her head out of the water. Allegra coughed and gagged and drew deep, panicky breaths of much needed air.

“You can call it quits anytime, Allegra,” I reminded her.

She shook her head and vehemently shouted, “No! I need this! I want this! Don’t you dare stop, Gil! Fuck my ass just like you fucked my mother’s ass. This is so fucking dirty! Are you thinking of my mother while your cock is stuffed inside me, you filthy, fucking animal?”

“Mmm, that's the spirit, Allegra. Yes, I am thinking of your mother,” I calmly replied. “And I’ll be thinking about you, the next time I have the privilege of pounding your mother’s ass, again,” I snarled, pushed her head back under the water and stabbed my cock harder in and out of her tight asshole.

Allegra danced on her toes. The water around my hips churned and foamed as if a school of piranhas were in a feeding frenzy. I pulled her head out of the water and Allegra coughed and drew deep breaths. She craned her neck, grinned at me and nodded.

“That’s my good girl,” I snarled, pushed her head back under the water and continued to brutalize her. Her ass cheeks quivered and her knees buckled. She was close to another orgasm. My cock swelled and my balls tightened as pressure built up at its base.

Buried balls deep inside her, I exploded. I pulled out of her with my cock still twitching and spewing out the last few drops of cum. I pushed her head deeper under the water and shoved two fingers, unceremoniously and with great force deep into Allegra’s quivering and clenching pussy.

Air was punched out of her lungs by the brutal and unexpected penetration between her legs. Bubbles broke the surface of the water and disappeared just as quickly as they had appeared. I heard a short, muffled, watery cry as I sawed my thick fingers rough and fast, in and out of her tight, young cunt. Allegra's pussy clamped down on my fingers. I added a twist of my wrist to each inward thrust. I wanted Allegra to feel the effects of the hard finger fucking for days to come. She would certainly feel me in her ass for many days to come.

Her legs began to quiver with a spastic, broken rhythm. Her pussy contracted hard and expelled my fingers to their middle knuckles. I forced them back inside her exploding cunt and curled them. The water around my forearm of the hand that was holding her head submerged under the water came to an instantaneous, rolling boil.

I pulled hard on her pony tail and lifted her head out from under the water. Allegra coughed and gasped and swore in-between deep, ragged, panicky breaths as her body shook uncontrollably. I spun her around and pulled her shaking body tight against me, her breasts crushed against my chest. The contrast of her hard nipples digging into my torso and the softness of her tit meat pressed against me, made my spent cock twitch.

Allegra wrapped her arms around my neck and pressed her young, shaking body against mine. Her breathing became less labored, and the quivering in her calmed.

“I thought you were going to tear my ass in half,” she cooed. “You hurt me so fucking, deliciously good, Gil. And not being able to breathe heightened everything sensation; my clit became an exposed wire. I came so fucking hard,” Allegra purred as she rubbed her belly against my cock. "Thank you, Sir Gil."

“I’m not finished with you, Allegra,” I grinned, grabbed her pony tail and snapped her head back. “Clean your ass off my cock,” I ordered.

Allegra took a deep breath and prepared to be held under the water, again. She pulled my shorts down around my ankles and attacked my cock with her mouth. She sucked and licked it with a filthy enthusiasm. I felt each of her moans on my shaft as she savored the flavor of my cum, cock, and her own ass dancing in her mouth.

The change in temperature from the coolness of the water to Allegra’s warm mouth made my cock twitch and swell. I was becoming hard again. I pulled her head out of the water and ordered, “Pump my cock with your hand.”

Allegra eagerly agreed with a coy grin.

I grabbed a handful of her cunt and slowly snarled in her ear, “While you lick my asshole.”

Allegra moaned, “I would love to taste your asshole.” She shuddered and asked, “Just like my mother did?”

“Filthy girl,” I replied and she winced as I squeezed her snatch harder. “Yes, just like your whore mother loved to do.”

I turned around; Allegra drew a breath and got down on her knees. She reached around my hips with one hand and started jerking me off as she grabbed my left ass cheek and spread my ass open. The cool water made my ass clench. Allegra forced her tongue between my ass cheeks and pressed it hard on my asshole. Her warm, slick, soft tongue lapped at, probed and warmed my asshole. She twirled her tongue in slow, mind bending circles of pleasure. My cock quickly grew to full erection.

I grunted and barked out, “Kiss my asshole and jerk my cock faster!” The little whore was going to make me come again.

Allegra pursed her lips and kissed around and on my asshole, as her hand quickened the pace of its strokes. She alternated between the kisses and licks whenever she felt my cock twitch hard in her small hand.

Pressure began to build at the base of my cock, again. I turned around, Allegra opened her mouth wide. I rammed my cock deep and hard, in and out of her hungry mouth. My balls tightened, I growled like a creature of the night and shot a load of hot cum down her waiting throat.

Allegra jumped out of the water, into my arms and wrapped her legs around my waist. “Did I please you, Gil? The same way my mother pleased you?” she purred.

I grunted, “Yes.”

Allegra rubbed her tits against my chest and coyly said, “My mother called me back. She asked me to ask you for your cell number. She wants to, umm, catch up.”

I chuckled, “I will provide you my cell number.”

She kissed me and giggled, “I’ll give mom your cell number if I can spend tonight with you.” Allegra licked and nibbled at my neck. “Tell me again how you’ll think of me when you’re fucking my mother’s ass,” she gasped and shivered.

I chuckled, “You are a very dirty girl, Allegra. How wet do you think your mother’s cunt got when you said my name to her?”

Allegra moaned, “Almost as wet as my cunt is right now.” She dragged her tongue slowly across my bearded mouth and asked, “So, am I spending the night with you, my filthy, sexy beast?”

I nodded and replied, “Only if you will join me for dinner, first. After all, I am a gentleman first and foremost.”

Allegra grinned and replied, “You make me want to be dirty, Gil. I’ll wear my little black, fuck me dress, sans panties, of course. Please don’t be too much of a gentleman.”

I chuckled and thought back to the song I was singing in my head on the drive to the hotel. Apparently, a lot can happen in Saskatoon.

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