Too Close For Comfort

Too Close For Comfort

Status: Finished

Genre: Non-Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Non-Fiction


When the neighbor Angie's 36yr old Husband, Jerome, impregnates their 16 yr old neighbor, Khandis, Angie falls for baby, Lyric from day one having no clue her husband fathered this child. Secrets start leeking when Jerome's son, Jeremiah moves in. Khandis' best friend, Jerrica becomes a snake and Jerome is ready to do his own son in....


When the neighbor Angie's 36yr old Husband, Jerome, impregnates their 16 yr old neighbor, Khandis, Angie falls for baby, Lyric from day one having no clue her husband fathered this child. Secrets start leeking when Jerome's son, Jeremiah moves in. Khandis' best friend, Jerrica becomes a snake and Jerome is ready to do his own son in....

Chapter1 (v.1) - Too Close For Comfort

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When the neighbor Angie's 36yr old Husband, Jerome, impregnates their 16 yr old neighbor, Khandis, Angie falls for baby, Lyric from day one having no clue her husband fathered this child. Secrets start leeking when Jerome's son, Jeremiah moves in. Khandis' best friend, Jerrica becomes a snake and Jerome is ready to do his own son in....

Chapter Content - ver.1

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 08, 2015



 “Girl sit back and ride.” He said putting the car into gear.


Jeremiah was shooting a few  hoops in the driveway when he noticed Khandis coming from around the back of her house pushing a stroller. She had her hair pulled into a ponytail, cut off sweats on and a tank top. He assumed she was going for a walk…or jog.  She spotted him  and waved.

He waved back smiling and looking at Lyric. She was so adorable with her hair in two puffs. She was wearing an outfit that Angie had bought the day before, with some pink and white Nike’s that Jerome had bought the week before.

Jeremiah walked over to the stroller.

“I bet this lil’ mama has more clothes than she can wear.” He said stooping down and grabbing Lyric’s small hand.

Lyric stopped sucking on her pacifier and looked at Jeremiah. He rubbed her tiny little hand which he held in his. He looked at Lyric then up at Khandis, who was watching him, he looked back at Lyric. She looked so much like…….him.

“What are you staring at my daughter like that for?” she asked Jeremiah.

“No reason.” He said standing up. “She just looks like someone…….I just can’t think of who it is.”

Khandis didn’t respond. She noticed Angie looking out of the kitchen window. Next, thing she knew Angie was out the back door.

“Hey, Khandi, baby. I see you got my princess rocking one of her little outfits.” Angie said walking straight over to them.

“Yes…and thank you for all of the outfits, shoes, hair bows….everything.” Khandis said smiling and watching Angela as she picked Lyric up out of her stroller. “She’s reaching for me.” Angie cooed.

Khandis threw a phony smile, Jeremiah caught. He could tell by the things Khandis didn’t say and the how her body would tense up when Angie came around or when he looked at her daughter too long, that there was definitely some foul play somewhere in this mix.

“What are you two about to do go for a stroll?” She asked Khandis.

“Yea, I was about to go for a little jog and since Mother isn’t home, I was gone push Lyric.”

“Well, you just go ahead and go for a stroll and I can watch, Lyric for you…..if you want.”

Khandis looked at Angie then threw Jeremiah a look. “Uh…I guess that’ll be fine.”

“Thank you baby.” Angie said smiling and turning to go back into her back door, with Lyric in her arms, baby talking on the way.

Jeremiah shook his head and began dribbling the ball. “You know you were just a surrogate mother for her right.” He said teasing and laughing.

Khandis shook her head and grinned, “Feels that way.”

“She always been like this with your daughter?” Jeremiah asked.

“Yep, since day one.” Khandis admitted as she pushed the stroller on the side of the house.

“So you bout to go jogging for real, or did you just say that because it sounds good?” he asked teasing her.

She just cut her eyes at him. “Why you want to join me?” she offered.

He stopped dribbling and made eye contact. “okay, fine.”

“Well why you still standing there…..Let’s go.” Then she sprinted off on Jeremiah.

He dashed off behind her, enjoying the view at first then coming up beside her. She tried to pull off past him, but he was too fast.

They stopped running about three blocks away from their street. Khandis was leaning over trying to catch her breath.

“You can run a lil’ bit.” Jeremiah said wiping his forehead with the end of his shirt.

All Khandis could do is throw him a smile and try to catch her breath.  She walked around in a circle with her hands on her hips.

Jeremiah sat on the grass …Khandis ended up plopping down beside him.

“That was alright.” She said.


Jerome couldn’t help but keep looking over at Jerrica’s thigh’s . Nice and thick he thought to himself. Then he shook his head trying to stop those thoughts. Jerrica was in her own world looking out of the window.

“So where you headed?” He asked.

“Nowhere  in particular.” She answered cutting her eyes at him.

“Hungry?” he asked.

“I could eat.” She responded.

Jerome turned his signal light on and headed towards a burger joint he loved to eat from in the hood.

As they pulled into the establishment Jerrica said. “Oh, so you treating me today. What did I do to deserve this?’

He just looked at her, then he had to smirk. “Girl, you are a hot mess. I’m hungry and you could eat as you say, so hell what’s a burger and some fries.”

Jerrica just folded her arms across her full bosom and eyed him. She didn’t say anything because it was a lot when she’s not use to going out on date’s…which as she thought, this isn’t a date, but hell close enough.

“What would you’re mother say if she saw you in the car with a grown ass man?” he asked as he found a park.

“I dunno.” Jerrica said. “She probably wouldn’t give a shit.”

Jerome didn’t say anything at first. “So you can do what you want when you want hunh?”

“Yep, just about.”

Jerome just nodded his head. He was reading  Khandis’ friend.

“So……you and Khandi come here a lot?” Jerrica asked watching his face to watch the expression on it change.

Jerome’s face went blank. He didn’t know what would make her ask him that. So he didn’t say anything he just looked at her.

She was looking at him, without blinking. “Well, I guess you’re not going to say anything.”

He let out a sigh, then shifted in his seat so that he could be facing Jerrica. “So what makes you think I would bring Khandis here?”

Jerrica let out a slick grin, “I’m her homie, you don’t think I know about you all’s little hidden secrecy?? Really? I’m offended.”

Jerome didn’t know what to say at first. He thought no one knew. He sat back in his seat and glanced back over at Jerrica. “So what do you think you know?” he asked.

“Oh, no baby, not think I know. I also know you’re Lyric’s father too.” She replied popping on her bubblegum.

Jerome sat in silence for a minute.

“Question is does, your wife and son have any idea? Because Lyric does look a lot like you and your son.”

Jerome didn’t want to carry this conversation any further with this young girl. He was so pissed with Khandis at the moment he could’ve knocked a whole in a wall.

“What kind of burger do you want? “ he asked changing the subject.

Jerrica put her finger on her chin like she was trying to figure it out. “I dunno, you pick out the good meal, I’ll try it.”

He got out of the car, closing the door without saying another word to her.

Jerrica sat back and watched Jerome as he walked in the burger joint. She looked around in his ride. She was digging the leather seats, wood grain dashboards, nice stereo system. She started to feel some kind of envy towards her best friend. She knew Jerome liked Khandis enough to never let her struggle, hell he was the only one hitting it too. Jerrica on the other hand knew she had a little track record, not outrageous, but one still the same.


Jerrica decided to call Khandis and see what she was doing.

Her cell rang until it went to voicemail. So she decided to call the house phone.

“Hello.” Beatrice answered.

“Hey, mama Bea, is Khandi there?”  Jerrica asked in her sweet teeny bopper voice.

“No Jay, her and Jeremiah, went jogging or something.”

“Oh….you say her and Jeremiah went jogging…..okay….well, I guess she’ll see where I called her cell. You have a good day, mama Bea.”

“You too sweetie, I’ll be sure to tell her that you called.” Beatrice said before ending the call.

Jerrica had to admit, she became a little pissed, because Khandis and Jeremiah spent so much time together.  She like Jeremiah so much, she didn’t know how to steal his attention when Khandis was around, because he looked at her with a twinkle in his eye. She envied that. She envied it so much, it was starting to make her feel some type of way about her friend.

Jerome came back out to the car with bags in his hand. Jerrica leaned over and opened the door for him.

He handed her the bags.

“Damn, this smells good.” Jerrica said taking the bags.

“Oh, you ain’t even tasted it yet, girl you liable to go home and slap your mama.” He said snickering.

“Must be mighty damn good then.” She said smiling and throwing him a signal with her eyes.

He caught it, but he thought he was tripping. 

“Well, um, I don’t know what else to say.” He commented.

Jerrica just looked at Jerome. Not knowing what to say or think.  She stared at him trying to figure out what he probably was thinking.

“We can sit here and eat or …..maybe go to a park.”

Jerrica took a bite of her sandwich. “It’s whatever. I don’t have anything planned, my homie is out with your son.” She said making sure she emphasized on the right thing, his son.  She could see him shifting in his seat, therefore, she knew he didn’t like the closeness of his son and his ‘baby-mama’ being so close.

“Well, we can just sit here.” He replied, then opened his sandwich wrapper and went to town.

“Does it bother you, Jeremiah and Khandi’s relationship?”  Jerrica asked.

Jerome thought before he answered, “Why would it bother me?”

“I mean……Khandi isn’t a bad looking chic….and well your son is pretty nice looking too….they’re both young, raging hormones…..I was just wondering does it bother you.”

Jerome was peeping Jerrica’s lil vindictive scheme she was aiming at……”Well, I know Khandi is a decent young lady and besides her and Jeremiah have been knowing each other for years…..and furthermore, if that’s what he or she chooses to do……hey, what can I say, I’m married or did you forget.” He asked rhetorically.

Jerrica didn’t say anything. Actually she became a little heated because that’s not the response she was looking for. She expected Jerome to become infuriated and maybe go off on Khandi and send Jeremiah back. But she saw that wasn’t going to be the case.

“And besides I thought Khandi was your homegirl…..I mean I know she considers you her ace….so I find it pretty fucked up that your trying to be messy….on the low. You done with your sandwich??” he asked with a little pissedness in his tone.

Jerrica just looked at him. He was staring at her. She couldn’t do anything but hold her head down. She felt so low.

“You need to learn what a real friend consists of. But trying to hang your girl…..that shit ain’t cool, lil mama.” Jerome reiterated.

Jerrica just rolled her eyes. “I know what the fuck a friend is. Hell if I was so much of her friend, she wouldn’t have let Jay feel all up on her the other night, knowing I like him…so don’t preach to me about being a friend. You need to be preaching that shit to your baby mama……or did you forget….you’re married!” Jerrica ranted opening his car door and slamming it as she got out.

Jerome just sat in his car stunned, because for starters he couldn’t believe this young heifer had just slammed his door let alone the bullshit she was talking. He started his ignition.

Jerrica just stood beside his car, tears stinging her eyes, but her pride and her hardness wouldn’t allow her to open the door and apologize, so she began walking.


Jerome pulled off without even looking back at Jerrica, he couldn’t believe the nerve of her.  Her words kept echoing through his mind.  He kept thinking about what she was trying to  assenuate  about his son and his daughter’s mother. It really was beginning to get under his skin. What could he do, hell he couldn’t blame Jeremiah for being attracted to Khandi, he was a grown ass man and could hardly contain himself when he was in her presence. He  had to admit that they did spend a lot of time together…..a lot. The fact that  he knows  Khandi has never had relations with anybody else besides him.  Without even thinking Jerome automatically pulled his phone out and dialed Khandi’s cell phone.  It rang several times before she decided to answer it.

“Yes….” She answered.

“What’s up, sweet pea….what are you doing?” Jerome asked tone overflowing with niceness.

“Nothing, much.” She abruptly responded.

There was a moment of silence between the two. So he figured she must’ve been in the presence of someone she couldn’t really talk in front of. He just nodded his head before saying.

“Oh, really…….is my son around?”


“Ummhmm, so is that why you’re being so short with me?”

“What do you think, unless….you’d like for me to inform them.”

Jerome didn’t say anything to her sarcasm. “When’s the last time you seen that lil wild ass home girl of yours?” he asked changing the subject.

Khandi didn’t reply right off, a baffled looked covered her face “I don’t know, a few days…..what made you ask me about her?”

“I ran into her today. Bought her a lunch box……I guess she had something to say, but I wasn’t in the mood.”

There was a strong silence. Jerome waited to see if there was something Khandis  was  going to volunteer, but she didn’t.

“Is that it?” Khandi asked impatience all in her voice.

“How’s my daughter?” Jerome asked, reminding her of their situation.

“She’s fine, Angie has her, so that I could go for a  jog, so I’m going to have to hit you back later.” Then she disconnected the call.

Jerome had to admit he was becoming a little annoyed with Jeremiah and Khandi’s friendship. He knew his son was a very attractive young man, and he knew Khandis was the crème of the crop…..they were both teenagers with raging hormones. He didn’t know what to do, Should be come clean and admit to his son that he had fathered Lyric. But he didn’t know how his son would look at him if he knew he had sex with someone young enough to be his daughter. So Jerome chose to take the silent role.


Khandi hung up the phone and put it back in her pocket. She looked off into the distance as if she forgot Jeremiah was sitting next to her.

“What’s up?” Jeremiah asked scooting a little closer to her  and placing his hand on the small of her back.

She shook her head without looking at him and she began to speak. “Nothing, that  was Lyric’s dad.” She said looking down at her hands.

 A silence fell upon the two teenagers who were just laughing and rolling on the grass enjoying each other’s company.

Jeremiah just sat up with his arms around his long legs. He looked at Khandis  who was looking at the passing traffic.

Lyrics dad he thought to himself.

Khandisturned her attention to Jeremiah. “How do you know when someone’s a real friend?” she asked him.

His right eyebrow arched, he rubbed his hand over his neatly cut hair. “Hell, I don’t know, I guess you just know. I mean hell you can tell by someone’s actions if they’re even worth labeling as a friend. I mean….you know who you can trust and who  you can’t.” he answered leaning back on his arms.

Khandi ran her hands over her head. “ Yeah, you’re right…..sometimes I wonder  if  Jerrica is  as much of my friend as I am hers.”

Jeremiah gave Khandi his undivided attention because he had no idea where she was going with this. Hell they’ve been friends for as long as he could remember.

“Is their foul play going on?” he asked.

“I don’t know…….but I feel like a rat is creeping around somewhere………..” she said shaking the whole thing from her thoughts.



Angie was sorting clothes when she heard something fall and break. She rushed into the family room where she had left Lyric playing with her building blocks.  She rushed in to find Lyric sitting in the middle of a mess.

She put her hands on her hips and shook her head.  She smiled. She had to admit that she’s come to love this little girl as if she birthed her herself.

“What are you doing, sweetie.” she said as she came and picked Lyric up. Lyric rubbed her eyes and began whining.

“Oh…what’s the matter with that baby??” Angie said in her baby talk voice. “You sleepy?” she asked as she rubbed her hands through Lyric’s curls.  She noticed a small birthmark behind Lyric’s left ear that she’s never noticed before. She looked at little dumbfounded because she’s seen an identical birthmark but at that very moment it didn’t register to her that her husband had an identical birthmark, in the same spot.  She just brushed it off as a coincidence because she just knew Jerome would never sleep with someone so young and so close.  She fixed Lyric a bottle and took her  down the hall to the guest bedroom and laid her down on the bed to nap.  She walked back to the family room and cleaned up the mess Lyric had made. As she straightened up the pictures on her coffee table she noticed that after putting the pictures back, how much Lyric resembled Jeremiah.  As she studied the picture her mouth slowly fell open…..was Jeremiah Lyrics father? She asked herself.  She looked around as if there were somebody else in the room besides her.  She walked over to her full window and looked to see if Beatrice’s car was home. It wasn’t. She wanted to share this with her friend and neighbor of fifteen years. She was so disoriented she didn’t know what to do with herself so she decided to call her husband.

“Yes, babe?” he said into the receiver as he answered the phone.

“Sweetie, we need to talk.” Angie said cutting straight to the chase.

“About what?” he  asked hearing the urgency in his wife’s voice.

“Lyric’s father……I think I have a clue.”

Jerome fell silent. he didn’t know how to respond to that. What in the hell was his wife talking about.

“Lyric’s father?” he repeated.

“Yes……you are never  going to believe what was brought to my attention… hurry home.” she said then she hung up the phone.

Jerome slowly hung his phone up too. Scared  lifeless. What in the hell has Angie been doing to make her think she discovered his daughter’s father. Furthermore….why was she trying to crack the code on his child’s paternity anyways. He just shook his head, trying not to get angry with his wife, because he knew she meant no harm….sometimes she was just a pain in the ass like that.



Jerrica walked along the city streets trying to collect her thoughts. She couldn’t help but wonder if Jerome had told Khandis about her foul play.  The wind was blowing so fiercely.  Jerrica ran her hand through her roughed up looking haircut that she sported exposing its natural curliness. She pulled the collar of her jacket a little closer around her neck.  She was so angry with Khandis yet she yearned to talk to her friend of forever.  She pulled out her cell phone. She went to Khandis’ number in her contact list, she hesitated before dialing.  She stopped walking and paced waiting on Khandis to pick up. She pulled out a cigarette and lit it. Mind going a thousand  miles a minute wondering if and what her friend knew.


“Hello.” Khandis answered.

“What’s up chic, whatchu got going on?” Jerrica asked as if everything was cool.

“Nothing, Jeremiah and I went for a jog around the hood……what’s up with you?” Khandis asked sounding distant.

“Just walking and thinking about some real shit.” Jerrica replied as she walked and kicked a rock.

“Um.” Khandis replied with no comment to follow.

“……..well, I guess I’ll let you and Jeremiah get back to jogging.” Jerrica stated with a little attitude in her voice.

“A’ight.” Khandis responded quickly  hanging up.


Jerrica just looked at the phone and rolled her eyes. She was so jealous at the moment.  She just pulled on her cigarette a little harder, slowly exhaling the smoke.  She flicked the butt and walked near the curb to flag down a taxi.  After being passed by three one finally stopped. She hopped in and gave him the address to where she was headed.  She lay her head back on the seat and took a cat nap. 


Jerome pulled into his driveway. He turned the ignition off but stayed sitting in the car. Anxious to know what his wife knows, but nervous at the same time. He just exhaled a deep breath and opened his door to get out of the car. He went into the house entering through the back door.  He heard Angie rushing up the hall. She came into the kitchen all wild eyed.

“Baby, thank goodness, its you. Here let me take your jacket.” she offered as she walked behind me and helped me out of my jacket. She grabbed my hand and guided me to the family room.  She let my hand loose to walk over to the coffee table and pick up two pictures.  She walked back over and placed the pictures in front of me.

I looked at them dumbfounded. It was a baby picture of Jeremiah and one of Lyric. They damn near looked identical. I looked back up into my wife’s awaiting face.

“Don’t you see the resemblance?” she asked me in disbelief.

“Uuhh….what’s this about?” I asked scared to say anymore.

“I think Jeremiah is Lyric’s father. Has to be look how much she favors his baby pictures, plus she has a birthmark behind her ear just like you two.” she replied as she turned the pictures to look for herself. “Yep….I do believe I cracked the code.” she said with a slight smile on her face.

I shook my head aggravated. “Really, Angie???  Why are you so concerned who the fuck the paternity is anyway?” I said annoyed before I had time to stop myself.

Angie turned to look at me mouth hanging opened in disbelief.  “Well…..I mean……I don’t know why I care so much……..”

“Because you’ve been annoying the shit out of everybody every since this child has been on this earth….and I’m sure you’ve aggravated the fucking hell out of poor Khandis…….and now you want to confront this girl about the paternity of her daughter?? C’mon…Angie…..” Jerome ranted as he stood up and walked towards the window. “Because you sure as hell  have annoyed the fuck out of me about this baby and who her daddy might be and might not be….damn…….if you’re going to deal with the child deal with her and leave the rest of that shit alone….please…geesh.”  he ended with a look of annoyance masking his face.

Angie stood in her same place with tears stinging her eyes. I almost felt sorry for how abruptly I went off on her but enough was enough….she was getting to close to the truth….so I had to nip it in the bud. That's why I couldn't make eye contact with her. If only she knew.


“Well…….I guess I’ll just take my annoying ass in the back and keep to myself.” she said through tears as hurt consumed her tone.

“Thank you, honey.” Jerome replied nonchalantly.



Khandis was sitting on the foot of her bed folding Lyric’s clothes when her cell phone went off, startling her.

“Hello.” She answered.

“Hey, you busy?” it was Jerome sounding urgent.

Khandis  didn’t respond at first. “No, just folding Lyrics clothes.”

There was silence on Jerome’s end of  the line now.

“We need to talk.” He said in a serious tone.

Khandis rolled her eyes. “About what?” she asked sounding annoyed.

“Angie……she’s back there now bawling her eyes out.” He said before letting out a deep sigh.

Khandis didn’t comment because she didn’t know where this was going.

“Can you meet me somewhere?” he asked.

“I guess.” Khandis replied slowly.

“Good. You just start walking and I’ll pick you up.”

“Okay, but I’m going to have to bring Lyric.”

“And?” he quickly added.

“Okay then.” And she hung up. She looked over in the playpen at her daughter who was giving her Minnie mouse a hard time.

“Come on……let’s see what mess now.” Khandis said as she lifted Lyric out of the playpen. She ooed and cooed and grabbed her mother’s hair.

“Stop pulling my hair.” Khandis said as she pried her daughter’s small hands out of her hair.

She put Lyric on a light jacket and headed out of the front door so that Jeremiah or Angie wouldn’t see her leave.


Jerome guzzled down a glass of whiskey he had poured himself before calling Khandis.

 Jeremiah came into the family room  and witnessed his father extreme taste for the alcohol.

“What’s up with Angie, Pops?” he asked looking baffled. “Sounds like she’s bawling her eyes out.”

Jerome just gave his son a look before putting the glass down.

“Had to check her ass, that’s all son, nothing for you to worry yourself  about.”

“Oh.” Jeremiah said scratching his head.

Jerome grabbed his keys off of the coffee table and headed towards the back door. “I’ll be back son.” He said rushing out  the door.

Jeremiah just watched his father  as he got into his car and sped off. He walked back into the family room and sat down. He turned the television on, but he really wasn’t worried about watching it. He could feel tension in the house; he couldn’t figure out why. He rubbed his hands through his hair. As he did so he noticed Lyric’s picture looking at him on the coffee table. He picked it up and studied it, closely. He then picked  up his own baby picture that sat next to hers. He placed the two side by side and compared them. No difference, you would almost think it’s the same baby.

“Almost  identical.” Angie said walking up behind  him startling Jeremiah.

He just looked up at her without saying a word. He sat the pictures back down and leaned back in the recliner he was occupying.

“You don’t have to say anything, Jay. You’re young and we expect you to make certain mistakes.”

Jeremiah  was dumbfound because he didn’t know where this conversation was going.

“She’s such a beautiful baby.” Angela said as she picked up Lyric’s picture and gazed at it.

“Yes, she is.” Jeremiah agreed, eyeing Angela out the corner of his eye.

Angela sat down on the sofa across from Jeremiah. She placed the picture back in its designated place before directing her attention to her stepson. He made sure he kept his eyes on the t.v. because he could feel something in the air. Didn’t know what it was but he knew he didn’t want any parts of it.

Angie walked over to the mini bar and poured herself a drink. “Where’s your father?” she asked taking a sip.

“I don’t know. He said he’ll be back and left.” Jeremiah answered as he watched Angie sip. Something he's never seen her do.....ever.
“Um.” She said guzzling the rest of the beverage down. “How long has he been gone?”

“Um….about ten minutes or so.” Jeremiah answered.

Angie didn’t say anything. She sat the glass down and stared out of the window. Tears began to escape down her cheeks, but she kept her back towards Jeremiah. Didn’t want him to see her cry. “You know I love you as if you were my own child, Jay.”

He looked at his stepmother. “I know.”

“Your best interest is always my concern and I want you to know and feel that you can come to me for whatever you need. Even if you mess up.”

Jeremiah just nodded his head. “Yes ma’am.” He said.


Jerome and Khandis  rode in silence. Lyric lay back in her mother’s lap and look out the window of the moving car. Jerome played with her ponytail puff as he drove. Khandis just rode eyes straight on the road. He looked at his daughter’s mother noticing her attention wasn’t in the car.

“So how have you been doing, missy.” He said tapping her on her leg.

“I’m good.” She answered abruptly, removing his hand off her leg. “What’s  this about, Jerome? I mean I don’t have time for games, just say what’ chu gotta say, so I can get my baby out this night air.”

Our baby.” He corrected her.

She just cut her eyes at him.

“It’s Angie.” Jerome began saying. “She’s trying to solve who’s Lyric’s father. I had to go off on her right before I called you.”

Khandis didn’t reply at first then she said, “So…..who does she think it is?”

“Jeremiah.” He answered.

She looked at him. “Jeremiah?! Why does she think that? I’ve never been intimate with him.”
“Because Lyric’s baby picture and Jay’s look damn near identical.” He cosigned.

Khandis just looked at her baby girl and rubbed her back. “I think  Jay knows Lyric is your daughter too. He just won’t come straight out and ask me.”

Jerome didn’t know how to respond to that at first. “What makes you think that?”

“Because he keeps asking me questions about her father.” Khandis stated looking down at the floor boards.


Jerome let out a deep breath before saying. “Look, Khandis, I know my son likes you. I don’t know if you’re feeling him, but I can see the way he looks at you. You have his undivided attention.”

Khandis didn’t reply because  there was nothing to say.

“You’ll be graduating in less than three months. I think it’s time you moved into your own spot.”

Khandis looked at Jerome. “What are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about getting you an apartment or something across town.”  He suggested.

Khandis didn’t say anything at first. “I don’t know Jerome. I don’t even have a job yet and you know I plan on going  back to school in August.”

“I know, I know. I’ll pay for it.” He answered smiling.

“Rent, lights, water, grocery……all that?” she asked looking at him in disbelief.

“My daughter has to stay there………you can start looking for furniture and what not.”

Khandis tried to sit as if it wasn’t a big deal, when really it was.



Jeremiah was sitting in the family room in front of the bay window when he saw his father’s car pull up in the yard. He thought he saw someone on the passenger side. He sat up to see. It was Khandis. She put Lyric’s hood on then hopped out of the car and ran across the driveway to the backdoor of her home. Jeremiah watched his father watch Khandis cross the yard. It was that moment that he was convinced that his father also fathered Khandis’ baby. 

Jerome came in the house whistling. Mood totally opposite than when he left.

“Hey son, you still up.” He said sounding all cheerful and fixing himself another drink.

“Yeah.” Jeremiah answered not even looking  his father’s way.

Jerome caught the attitude. He wondered what  Jeremiah saw and if Angie saw him pull in the yard with Khandis in his car.





Three days had passed since Khandis last spoke with Jeremiah. She didn’t know what was going on with him, but he hasn’t answered her texts or calls and hadn’t come by the house.  She was frying chicken hawking the window facing Jerome and Angie’s backdoor.  She picked up the house phone and dialed his cell….again.

“Hello.” He answered.

“Hi, Jay.” Khandis greeted sounding hopeful.

“Khandis.” He said dryly.

Khandis caught the tone. “Oh….um am I bothering you or something?”

“Or something. “ he replied coldly.

She didn’t respond at first because she didn’t know where this was coming from or where it was going. “Jeremiah, did I do anything to offend you  because I feel a difference between us.”

Jeremiah gave her the silent treatment at first before saying. “Khandis how can you claim to be my ace when you can’t even be honest and fess up about shit.”

Khandis was on the other line dumbfounded. “What are you referring to, Jay?”

Jeremiah let out a deep breath before saying. “Am I going to have to answer my own question or are you going to be the woman you pretend to be and volunteer.”

Khandis didn’t say anything,  she could feel that nervous feeling in her stomach…….”What are you saying, Jay….just say it.”



“Okay….you want me to say it…….I think you won’t tell me who your baby’s father is because it’s a foul situation.”

Khandis felt like she had a brick dropped on her chest. She couldn’t even come back with a comment because she didn’t know what he knew or what he thought he knew.

“Khandis…..just know I’m very observant…very.  I usually know answers to the questions I ask, but I like to give people the chance to come forward…….”

Khandis just sat on the other end of the phone in silence, like a child being scorn.

“I’m just not in the talking  mood. I’ll get at you later.” Then he hung up.

Khandis clicked the phone off and sat at a stool at the island. She just ran her hands through her hair. Now she knew he knew that she had a baby by his father. She had to get up and put water on her face because she was feeling a little faint. She wanted to call Jerrica so bad, but she hadn’t really been speaking to her  ever since that phone call the other day from Jerome.  I thought about a stash I had put up from a few days ago. I got up and made a straightway to my room. I raided through my dresser frantically. I found it. I opened the pouch and inhaled. Closing my eyes. I looked through my drawer and found some rolling papers. I sat across my bed and rolled me up a spliff. I went out on the back porch and smoked it. I looked at the sky. As  mary jane began to sneak up on me I couldn’t shake the fact that Jeremiah doesn’t want to talk to me. Should I be honest and tell him the truth.  I shook my head trying to shake the thought, but I couldn’t. So I pulled out my cell.

Are you asleep? I texted


I hate it, you not talking to me. I sat and pulled on my joint looking at their back porch. I got caught up in my thoughts before I realized it had been almost ten minutes since I texted him.

I hate it you looking me in my face pretending to be my ace. I care for you Khandis. Headmitted.

 I sat re-reading  his last text three times before I decided to reply I care for you too, Jay.  Im sitting out back on the deck.

I noticed him peek through the dining room blinds. I waved the spliff. I heard the back door open. He stood  on the top step and looked over at me standing on my back porch. I walked over until I reached the bottom step  of their back porch. He looked down at me with a look of disappointment and hurt.

“I don't know what you will think of me if I told you my situation with my daughter’s father.” Khandis began saying.

Jeremiah reached out and lightly ran his hand over her hair then lightly palmed her face. He leaned in and kissed her soft and slowly. She didn't resist or try to fight it because she's been wanting it to happen again every since the last time. When he leaned back from the kiss. She no longer had the courage to tell him the truth about her and Jerome.

“I won't think anything. It's your past and what do I have to do with it. You weren't my girl because if you were you'd still be now.”  he replied walking in closer to Khandis.

“I have Lyric in the house alone. I better walk my butt back over there.” Khandis said as Jeremih made circles with his finger on the nape of her neck.

“Feel like any company?” he asked looking at her with a twinkle in his eye.

She just smiled.

They walked back to her house.  Neither saying a word.

Jerome was standing in the shadows of the kitchen window watching the whole thing. Anger taking over so soon he almost barged out the door to jump on his own son. He knew then and there he had to get a grip on himself. He couldn't stop seeing them kiss and the way his son ran his hands over her willing frame. Anger was a understatement at how angry Jerome was.  He went to the bar and poured himself up a tall drink. When he went into his bedroom Angie lay across the bed knocked out with the t.v on and the remote still in her hand. Jerome looked at her and the glass on the nightstand he knew his wife had herself a drink. Which means she was trying to drown something out. He got the remote out of her hand as she opened her eyes and saw him. He ambushed her. He started kissing her so aggressively.  She didn't resist because he hasn't acted this eager to touch her in a while now. He pulled her arms above her head and slid his hands under her gown. He ripped her panties off and sucked on her voluptuous 38DD tits. Angie let her hands run over Jerome's head. She loved it. He unfastened his pants as he kept her left titty in his mouth.  When he got his pants down he rammed his already erect penis in Angie so hard and deep she couldn't help but  let out a groan.  Jerome closed his eyes because at that very moment the warm grip  that her pussy had on his penis was like a slice of heaven.  The more he stroked the wetter his wife became. Jerome knew he was taking out his anger and frustration on his wife's vagina. He couldn't bare the thought of his son fucking Khandis.  He fucked Angie with no mercy, it was nothing tender about this session here.



Khandis and Jeremih ate the chicken she had cooked and watched a movie. Lyric lay knocked out on the floor of the den on a air mattress.

Khandis couldn't help but keep looking at Jeremih when he wasn't looking at her. She felt she should tell him what he didn't really wanna know. She placed her hand over his and made eye contact. “There some things we need to discuss.” Khandi stated in a more serious tone now.

“Is there?” he asked with an overload of sarcasm

Khandis let out a deep breath. “You say you already know who my daughter’s father is.” she asked.

Jeremih turned his attention to Khandis at that moment. He looked into her eyes. He could see the sincerity. He wondered was she going to be honest or tell him a lie.

“Well........the situation is rather.........foul as you say.” she began.

Jeremih shifted so that she could have his undivided attention. Khandis began fumbling with her hands . She let out a deep breath.

“It's my father isn't it.” Jeremih went ahead and blurted out.

Khandis just sat looking  at Jeremih because she didn't  want to answer his question.

“Well?” he said growing a little impatient.

Khandis looked down at her hands before asking “ Why would you think its him?” she inquired.

“I thought I told you I was very  observant. Besides......Lyric looks just like us. I don't know how Angie hadn't speculated that....yet. I believe she thinks its my baby.”

Khandis didn't reply. She just listened to all of his accusations. Her eyes began to fill up with tears.  Jeremih noticed. He rubbed her on the back to reassure her that he was here for her...... no matter what.

“I don't want you judging me.” Khandis stated. Tears falling from her grayish colored eyes.

“Who am I to judge. I just wanted you to come clean with me, Khandi, that's all. Give me the chance to make up my mind on rather or not I wanna stick around.”

Khandis didn't say anything. She just watched her innocent daughter lie asleep on the floor. Then she looked at Jeremih.

“I no longer deal with him on that level anymore.  He's also the only person I've ever given myself to.” she threw in.

Jeremih looked at her long and hard. He could definitely understand why his father was attracted to her. What he couldn't figure out was why would his father have an encounter with someone so young. Khandis grew up next door to Jerome and Angie. It made him feel some type of way towards his father, not Khandis.

“Shit happens.” Jeremih replied as he rubbed Khandis' back once again.

She managed to let a slight smile escape. She wiped her tears. As she was standing to retrieve the dishes. Jeremih grabbed her by her arm.

“Khandis, I want to be more than your friend.” He confessed.

She was taken by surprise therefore she didn't know what to say.

“I want to be your...... man......I can play the role of Lyric's father. No one has to know. Hell she looks like me anyways.” He said laughing to lighten up the moment.

Khandis stood and looked at him for a second. Eyes locking.

“Do you know what you just said.” she replied feeling overwhelmed by his last statement.

“Of course. I've been feeling this way. Trust I had some serious conflit with myself on this.”

Khandis snatched up the dishes and loaded the dishwasher. She  returned to the family room where Jeremih and Lyric both were.

“Where's your mother?” he inquired, glancing at his watch.

“Working late.” Khandis answered automatically.

“Oh.” he replied.

There was an awkward silence. Khandis broke it by asking, “So are you going to tell your father, that you know Lyric is your sister?”

Jeremih looked off for a second before answering. “I don't know....... I mean I'm sure I am......but I don't know when.”





Jerome sat at the breakfast table sipping coffee and reading through the morning paper. Jeremih  came into the kitchen, not saying a word and fixed himself some juice. Angie came floating in the kitchen.

“Good morning son.” she greeted him as she headed to where her husband was sitting. “Good morning, my handsome husband.” she said as she leaned over  kissed Jerome on his cheek, glowing.

Jeremih just leaned against the counter and watched his father read the paper. He sipped his juice as he zoomed in on his dad. I can't believe he slept with Khandis he  thought to himself as he sneered and shook his head.

“I hope my two favorite men are hungry because I'm in the mood for cooking.” Angie said as she opened the refridgerator and gathered the ingredients to fix breakfast.

“I think I'm going to pass.” Jeremih said as he sat his glass down on the counter. “Khandis and I were thinking about hanging out today.” he said smugly, throwing a quick glance at  his father out of his peripheral vision.

Jerome lay the paper on the table. “Son, you and Khandis sure are getting cozy with one another.”

Angie didn't say anything. She was convinced that Jeremih was Lyric's father.

“Well....Dad, I do like Khandis.....and I believe she's feeling me too. Besides why not go for it....she has no boyfriend, I have no girl.....why not. Plus I love that little princess she has. Some fool sure was a sucker.”  He emphasized as he walked out of the kitchen.


Jerome started feeling enraged by his son's words. He wanted to call Khandis right then and there but that would look to obvious. It was killing him to know rather or not his daughter’s mother had given his son any of her goodies last night.

Jeremih stood on the back deck and just looked up at the sky, he was wondering what Khandis was doing and if she ever thought of him as much as he thought of her.

Khandis was loading the washer when she noticed Jeremih standing on his back deck. She threw the rest of the clothes into the machine and scurried out the door. Jeremih looked over when he heard Khandis' back door close. She just stood there in her early morning glow.  He walked over to her. She stepped off the porch. Unexpectedly, Jeremih grabbed her around her waste and pulled her closer to him. He nuzzled  into the nape of her neck. Khandis willingly wrapped her arms around his neck, letting him know she accepts his affection.

Angie was standing over the sink rinsing a dish when she looked  out the window and noticed the two teenagers. She smiled.

“I knew it.” she said aloud.

“Knew what?” Jerome asked as he stuffed his face.

“Those two love birds.” she said still looking out the window.

Jerome stopped chewing.  He slowly rose up from the table  and walked up behind his wife. He saw his son's body enveloping Khandis' five foot seven frame.

“What the fuck is he doing?” Jerome blurted out.

Angie turned to look at her husband baffled. “What's the problem with him hugging her, Jay. Looking at how much that lil sweet Lyric looks like you two.....looks like he's done more than hug  what's your deal”?” she asked still glaring at her husband.

Jerome let the those words sink in as much as she looks like you two  marinate. Angie turned her attention back to the dishes.


Jeremiah kissed Khandis on the forehead so gently. She closed her eyes and slid her arms around his slender waste. She inhaled him. They stood in each others embrace for a few minutes. Khandis pulled away and looked at Jeremih. She walked towards the door. \"Image

Jeremih just stood and watched her. “Maybe we can all go out for ice cream in a few.” he suggested.

“That sounds like a plan.” she smiled. “Well........ let me get in here and finish helping my mother rearrange the den.”  then she disappeared into her house.

Jeremih walked back towards his father's house. When he walked into the kitchen Angie just smiled at him. He threw her a quick smile back. He headed down the hall to his bedroom and flopped across the bed.

Jerome walked into his son's room and closed the door behind him. Jeremih didn't  budge.

“Son, we need to talk.” Jerome suggested in a calm voice.

“Do we?” Jeremih asked as he pushed up and sat on the edge of the bed.

Jerome leaned against his son's dresser. “So........what's the deal with you and Khandi?” he asked.

Jeremih couldn't believe his father. “What do you mean what's the deal?”

“Are you two a couple or just sexing?” Jerome probed.

Jeremih let out a snicker. “What makes you think we're sexing?”

Jerome didn't answer right away. He knew he had to be careful with his wording because he didn't want his son to know about his infidelity. “I know you spend a lot of time with her and hell.....we all know she's giving it out.” he said smugly.

Jeremih just looked at his father with disdain . He couldn't believe that Jerome was trying to sneak dis on Khandis. He just shook his head. “You are something else.” he commented.

“What's that suppose to mean?” Jeremih asked feeling defensive about Khandis. “I thought you said Khandi was a good girl.”

Jerome didn't have a response for that. Because she was a good girl, he was just a horny ass old head that manipulated his neighbors daughter. He held his head down because he wanted to tell his son the truth but he didn't know how his son would look at him afterwards. He knew he had to tell his son something to make him not want to deal with Khandis. 

“Well......she's good alright.....from what I've heard anyway.” Jerome fabricated.

Jeremih gave his father a look of disdain. He couldn't believe  the level his father was stooping to. He just lay back on his bed and rested his head in his hands that were clasped behind his head. Everything his father was speaking sounded like the teacher off of Charlie Brown. He knew he was falling for Khandis. He also knew that she had a child by his father. He  knew that Khandis was a decent girl. What he wanted to know was.....why? Why would his father risk his freedom and marriage. Why would he impregnate Khandis.. She grew up next door to him. He respect for his dad was beginning to fade.



Khandis sat on the front porch sipping on a glass of sweet tea. She was rocking in a country style rocking chair indulged  in another one of her Eric Jerome Dickey novels.  She tried not to think about Jerome's offer. She would really love her own place, but she  also knew what he was trying to  do.

Beatrice came to the door with Lyric on her hip.  “Khandis, honey, you have a call.” she said tossing her daughter the cordless phone.”

“Hello.” Khandis said into the receiver. There was a slight pause before a familiar voice responded.

“Hey, Khandi.” Jerrica  replied meekly.

Khandis wasn't expecting this call. The silence between the two former best friends, was very intense.

“I'm sorry.”  Jerrica said sounding like a scorned child.

“Sorry for what?” Khandis inquired.

“For whatever had you upset with me.” Jerrica answered without answering. She didn't have the nerve to tell Khandis that she tried to intervene in her and Jerome's relationship.

“Jerrica........I don't really know what to say.........I guess I”m no longer upset with you, you just taught  me a lesson and I thank you.” Khandis  responded letting her maturity shine through.

“Can I come over. I kind of been missing Mama Bea's  cooking.” Jerrica said trying to lighten the mood.

Khandis closed her novel and shifted in her seat. “Sure.”

“See you in a few.” Jerrica replied, her smile coming through the phone.

They hung up. Khandis sat out on the porch and  continued to rock back and forth in the oversized rocker. She couldn't stop thinking about Jeremiah and the sincerity in his words. She knew she was falling for him. What  she didn't know was how this situation would play itself out later on down the road.


I was out on the front lawn relaxing playing with Lyric when Jerrica walked up. I embraced my daughter who was trying to make a step. Jerrica stood before me with her hands in her pockets, avoiding eye contact.

“She's really growing up fast, Khandi.” she said trying to spark a conversation.

“I know right. I cannot believe my baby is one already.” I said as I rubbed my hand through my daughter’scurly mane.

There was another silence. Jerrica looked towards Jerome and Angie's, then her eyes fell back on Khandis as she had her attention on her daughter. Jerrica took a deep breath.

“So.......what's been up? You and Jay still kicking it?” She asked.

“I've been doing me, getting ready to take these admission tests forcollege.” I answered sniffing the nape of my daughter's neck. Then I looked towards Jerrica. “Jay and I are still coolin.” I answered leaving it at that. Even though I was pissed and hurt by whatever Jerrica tried to pull, but I still cared enough to not  step on her feelings. I knew Jeremiah was a  weak spot for her.

“Oh. “ was all she said.

Jerrica and I sat and chatted the next hour or two. I couldn't help but notice how fidgety she was. I didn't mention it to her, I just took notes. It still felt like there was a distance between us. Like this whole moment was being forced or something.

“Well, let me bounce. I just wanted to come break the silence  or whatever you want to call it.” she said avoiding eye contact with me.

I just gave her my attention without saying a word. I didn't know what to say. I mean she was the reason we stopped talking from the get go.

“I'm sorry, Khandis.” she finally said.

I just nodded because I first didn't know what she was apologizing for. At the present moment I didn't even bother to ask because I was tired as is and I just didn't have the energy. Whatever foul shit she did I knew would surface again. Sooner or later. I,m just playing it cool for now.

“Well, I better be going. I'll be seeing you.” Jerrica said as she headed towards the door. I walked her out, because thus far.....I'm holding no grudge, yet.

As we stepped on the front porch, Jeremiah was crossing our yard headed towards the front door. Jerrica slowed up some when she noticed him nearing the porch.

“Hey, Jay.” Jeremiah greeted her as he stepped on the porch.

“Jeremiah.” she greeted him trying to lock eyes.

He walked up to me and pecked me on the cheek.

“Well, I'll get at you, Khandi.” Jerrica said as she walked off the porch and left the yard.

“Why'd you do that?” I asked Jeremiah as I mushed him in his firm chest.

“What did I do?” he asked looking innocent.

“You know she likes you, that kiss was like pouring alcohol in  a wound.”

“Well.....I don't know what to tell you. It's not like I'm feeling her like that. My baby, is right here.” he said as he came in for another kiss. This time I kissed him back. So aggressively, I could feel his nature rising. I must admit.....I wanted to feel him so bad. It had been nearly a year since I've had any. Jeremiah slid his hand over my derriere and I allowed him. I pressed into him. He began to kiss in the nape of my neck. Goose bumps ran down my arms and legs. I pulled back.

“Don't start nothing you're not willing to finish.” I said stepping back and stepping into the house. He looked around and followed my lead. Lyric was lying on her napping mat, sucking on her pacifier, twirling a piece of her hair, almost asleep.

Jeremiah came up from behind and wrapped his arms around my waist and began kissing me softly on the neck. I could still feel his aggressive erection pressing up against me. I loved it. I leaned my head over so that he could continue to kiss me softly.

“I want to feel you so bad, Khandi.” he whispered in my ear.

I turned to face him. “I want you to,  as well.” I turned to face him. He palmed my face and traced my lips with his tongue. I closed my eyes and savored his taste. He kissed me so slow and sensual, I became drenched instantly. I turned to check on Lyric. Sleep had won, she was knocked out. I grabbed Jeremiah's hand and lead him to my bedroom.  He sat on the side of my bed. I walked up to him and stood in between his legs. I pulled my shirt over my head, exposing my pink and black lace bra. He kissed my stomach. I kissed the top of his head.

An hour and a half into our love making session Lyric began to cry. I climb off of Jeremiah and grabbed my robe. I rushed in the kitchen fixed her a juice cup and rushed it to her in the den. Just as I was trying to find a cartoon channel for her I saw Angie coming across the front yard.

“Shit.” I said under my breath.

She tapped on the front door. I opened enough to hold my head out.

“Hey, Angie.”

She checked me out before saying. “Um,  well, I was wanting to come get princess, if you're not too busy.” she said.

I smiled. “Um....”

“Khandi, what's going on?” Jeremiah's voice echoed as he came up the hall with his pants on but no shirt.

Angie manuevered


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