No More Tears

No More Tears No More Tears

Status: Finished

Genre: Non-Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Non-Fiction


based on an ex call girl who thinks she's found THE ONE but he's already big love triangle that erupts when Karlita tries to overdose to escape life's humps. Kyra is really Tremaine's current girlfriend of 8yrs. this is starting from Chapter 4...


based on an ex call girl who thinks she's found THE ONE but he's already big love triangle that erupts when Karlita tries to overdose to escape life's humps. Kyra is really Tremaine's current girlfriend of 8yrs. this is starting from Chapter 4...


Submitted: November 08, 2015

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Submitted: November 08, 2015



 Isat on Karlita's sofa as she went down the hall into the next room. I looked around and I must admit the chic had class. Her  apartment didn't fit the environment that she lived in. She came back into the living room dressed down in some running pants and a tank top.  She was pulling her hair into a ponytail.

“Relax, Kyra. If you don't mind I just want to kick back and chill if its okay.” she said walking into her kitchen.  “Do you drink wine?” she asked from the kitchen.

“Sure....white.” I answered sitting back and relaxing a little.

Karlita came back into the room holding two flutes and a bottle of wine.  She sat the glasses on the coffee table and sat next to me.

“So.....Kyra, what do you like to do in your spare time?” she asked as she poured the wine.

“Well......I've never drank  wine this early in the day.” I replied as I picked up my glass.

Karlita chuckled. “Girl.....keep hanging around me and you'll be doing  all kinds of things.” she said sipping and looking at me. I didn't say anything.

“How did you meet your dude?” I asked getting back to business.

She looked at me and sipped her wine.  She placed the glass down on the end table.  “A bachelor party I was dancing at.”

I didn't say anything.  I couldn't believe Tremaine would just be so trifling to pick up a bitch that easy.

“Bachelor party.” I repeated, almost choking,  feeling like a rock was stuck in  my throat.

Karlita shook her head. “ just sort of  happened.” she smiled shaking her head.

I sipped my wine and eyed this chic.....”Did you fuck at the party or something?”

She looked at me at first, then she answered. “No....I mean I did fuck him, but not at the party. I could tell he was interested.....he was tipping outrageously big.” she smiled reminiscing on that night.

Salandria sat her glass down feeling disgusted.

“Please.....don't judge me.” Karlita said looking at Salandria. “I've done a lot of things that I am not proud of. That's why I enrolled in college and gave up dancing. People judge you.” she said leaning back on the sofa.

I didn't say anything, I just continued to sip. I nodded.

“So....Kyra, tell me a little something about yourself.” Karlita said sitting up and rubbing Salandria's knee.  I looked back at her as she stared at me.

“Well....what would you like to know? I'm not as opened as you are.”

She smiled “.....I don't know......volunteer something.....ever been married?” she asked picking up her glass

“No.” I answered shortly.

“Ever dealt with a married man?” she asked smiling.

I shook my head. “No, I don't deal with others people men. That's a dangerous game.”  I stated locking eyes with her.

Karlita didn't comment on Salandria's last comment. She stood up.

“You smoke?” she asked Salandria.


“I should've figured.” Karlita replied as she walked to the back of her apartment. She came back with a ash tray and pouch. She sat back down next to Salandria on the sofa.

“Well, will you blaze up with me today? Step outside of the box. You'll love it.” she said as she pulled out her  paraphanelia.

“Um.....I don't's been a while since I've done that.” Salandria replied as she watched Karlita set up the  drug.

“Oh your going to love this shit girl. My honey keeps me smoking well.” she said as she walked over to her trash can and emptied the cigar guts into the trash.

I sat back and watched this chic. There must've been something bothering her because she was smoking and drinking and it wasn't even midday yet.


My cell phone was Jerald. I smiled to myself.

“Excuse me for a minute, I have to take this call.” I said excusing myself from Karlita. I stepped out her front door. “Hello.”

“Hey there miss lady. You busy?” he asked sounding friendly.

“Not really, just over  ole' girl's.” I said hoping he'd catch on.

“Ole' girl?....Oh....ole girl.” he caught and snickered. “Guess your wearing that P.I. Hat today then hunh. Just called to chop it up with you.”

“Chop it up then.” I replied as I leaned against the bricks.

“I would really like to see you again if possible.” he said.

I smiled. “Really........I'm flattered.”

“No.....I'm flattered that you gave me the opportunity to even converse with you. “

I couldn't do anything but blush. “So when you trying to see me?”

“Whenever you'll allow me the priviledge.”

“You know it's going to take me a few minutes to get there, right.”

“Two hours to be exact......I'll compensate you for whatever you spend.” he offered.

I smiled “Got me thinking your eager to see me.” I blushed.....loving it.

“Well, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't. So......should I be expecting you?”

 I thought about it.......why not. “Okay give me time to go home and freshen up.”

“You don't have to do all that for me. I just want to see you and I'm a little anxious too.”

I smiled....”Okay. I'll call you when I'm on the road.”

“Cool. I'll listen out for you.” Jerald said then hung up.

I stepped back into Karlita's apartment. She was laid back on her sofa, puffing her blunt. I just checked her out.  Eyes half opened, Angela Jolie lips, Eva Mendez features. Bitch!

“Can you run me back to my car please.” I said grabbing my purse.

“Sure......guess that was your boo.” She said leaning forward to put the marijuana in the ashtray.

“Not yet.” I said peepin this chic.

 She stood up and walked up to me.....invading my personal space. Looked me up and down and whispered in my ear. “I could show you some things.....if you'd let me.” then she walked by and smacked me on the ass.

I was caught totally off guard by this. I didn't know what to do. Should I feel violated....I didn't know exactly what to feel or what to think.  Maybe it was mary jane had her tripping.

“Girl, you are definitely blowed. “ I replied walking towards the door as I waited for her to retrieve her keys.

“I'm buzzing, but I'm coherent. I know what I'm doing at all times.” she said  locking eyes  with me.

With that being said we made our way to Karlita's car. We rode in silence half way through the trip when she began  saying “Kyra, if I violated you by any means I do apologize. It's just that I find you attractive. Very.

I  kept my attention  out of the window, “Do you......because I find you exotic and beautiful.....I'm just an ordinary southern girl. Nothing special. Its not like I'm  Brazilian  or anything remotely close to it.”

“That's what attracts me the most. That skin looks like cinnamon or something.” she said as she caressed my cheek. “You don't mind do you?” she admired.

I looked at this bitch crazy I thought to myself.  “I don't know, if I mind or not. I'm more shocked than anything.”

She smiled as she stopped at a light. She placed her hand  about midway on my thigh and gripped , “I'd fuck you, just know that.”

 I was appalled.  Speechless. We pulled up next to my car.  I opened the passenger door to get out

“Kyra, I apologize.......I really like you as a hard feelings?” she asked looking at me through those grayish green eyes.

I just eyed her for a  moment, “No hard feelings.” I replied. Then I closed the door and hopped into my vehicle. I had to sit there for a moment. I couldn't believe my  boyfriend was dealing with a super freak. I shook my head, started the ignition and drove off.




The thought of  Kyra with that cinnamon colored skin made my clit thump. I hope  I didn't scare her off  with my aggression. That's what I hated about when I blowed. It made me a horny lunatic. Damn! I'll call her later to see how she tries to handle me. But for now I needed some relief. I couldn't get to my house fast enough, so I pulled over at a gas station and reached in my armrest. I rummaged through it until I found my cordless bullet. Had to keep one handy, never knew when I was going to need to get off asap.  Just as I was about to reach my climax my cell phone rang. I looked down and noticed the number.....its been awhile since I've seen it though. So I answered, probably was money.

“Hello.” I said trying to sound as seductive as I could.

“What's up with you, it's been a minute since we've touched bases.” He said on the other end, with nothing but business in his tone.

“Yes, it has........that last turn out set me up nicely for a minute....still living off it.” I said as I continued to play with myself.

“ you about ready to turn up the heat again?” he asked.

“I don't know, run it down to me.” I said as I closed my eyes, I could feel my climax nearing.

“Well, got a gentleman that wants to throw his brother one hellafied bachelor party and he needs some willing participants. He's willing to pay damn good. You know your certified when it comes to this shit.”

“And what's damn good?” I asked  taking the phone from my ear and putting it on speaker so that I could use my other hand to cover my mouth....I was cumming all over my bullet.

“Well,  he offered $20,000.......”

“$20,000......and that includes what?” I asked as I got myself back together.

“Well, that includes servicing him and his brother, the groom to be.”

“Tell him $25,'ll be well worth it.”

“I'm sure it will be.  So you upping the”

“Good pussy should know that.” I retorted.

He snickered. “A'ight then you going to be available....because it's going down Saturday........I mean I hear you've fallen in love and shit with a John from the party you done a couple months back.........”

“Is that what you heard? Somebody's all up in my shit I see......but since you beating around the bush, yes I have found a guy that I'm really fond of.” I pulled into traffic and headed on home.

“You doing this one solo or you bringing a friend?” He said cutting me off.
“Solo......of know I don't like splitting my funds.....”

“....I figured......that twat got more miles than a 57 Chevy.......”

“You couldn't tell from the feel of  it though.....that's all that matters.”  Karlita smugly retorted.

“True.....well  I'm about to head out. I'll hit you back up later in the week.” He replied hanging up.




Instead of calling Jerald as soon as I got on the road I had to have some time to digest what Karlita said to me. I was still in a haze. This bitch wants to fuck me was all I could think of. I shook it off and picked up my phone to dial his number when it ranged. It was him.

“You hadn't left yet?” he asked.

“I'm sorry......I been on the road....I shall be there in about forty-five minutes or less.”

“That's what's up. Just meet me back in front of the pub, I'll be waiting for you.”

“Okay, sounds good to me.” I replied.


“You up for something to eat?” He asked.

“Sure, why not.....I could eat something.” I replied.

“Cool.....well be careful and I'll see you when you get here.” he remarked then we hung up.



I pulled up back in front of the pub. A man of his word Jerald was waiting for me in front of the establishment. Looking even more attractive than I remembered. He walked up to the passenger side window. I let it down.

“Hey there beautiful.” he greeted me looking me from head to toe.

“You still look good with the sun out and no make up. Okay  then.”  he commented with a  sly grin on his face.”

“Well.....I guess I'll take that as a compliment.”  I said smiling to reveal my dimples.

“Nothing less.” he replied. “You can leave your vehicle parked here if you'd like.” he gestured.

Therefore I turned the ignition off and retrieved my keys. I stepped out and walked around to meet him. He kissed me on the cheek.

I shifted. He touched my arm gently.

“I apologize if that's too much for you. I've been looking forward to seeing you again, girl.” he said smiling. I never realized how attractive his smile was too.

“I'd be lying if I said I hadn't been a little anxious to see you as well.” I admitted.

He smiled even more. “Great. Makes me feel a little special. Just know you won't always be asked to make this long ride. I know that highway runs both ways.”

I didn't respond. Guess that was his way of letting me know that he was planning on coming to my side of town.

He pulled out his cell and made a call. Within a few minutes a black suburban pulled up. Jerald walked to the back door and opened it. Realizing this ride was for us, I walked towards the door and peeped in.

“Chauffer hunh?” I smiled looking back at him as I climbed in. I was impressed. I did a quick scan over the interior of the vehicle, noticing the driver checking me from the rear view mirror. Jerald opened the door and hopped in the back next to me.

“So does it meet your approval?” he asked joking. Letting me know that he caught me scoping this vehicle.





I rocked back and forth on my moms porch swing,  just enjoying the view of my old neighborhood. Kids riding bikes along the sidewalks, elderly ladies watering flower beds that they took pride in. The peaceful living of the suburbs. I sorta missed it.

“Tremaine?” a voice said interrupting my thoughts. I looked and couldn't believe my eyes.

“Amanda? Amanda Mason.”  I  questioned as I eyed the young lady standing at the end of my mother's porch. I couldn't help but let my eyes run over her entire frame.  The 5'7 brown skinned, curvaceous , brown-eyed beauty was breath taking. If I do say so myself.

“Tre!” she exclaimed walking up to me. “It's been such a looong time.”

“Yes it has.” I replied as I stood and gave her a hug. Her hair smelled as good as she looked.

She made sure she pressed those voluptuous breast into my chest. I let my hands wrap around her tight waist. I couldn't believe how she's developed since I  last laid eyes on her.

“What brings you to this part of town? Your mother talks about you all the time.” She said stepping back and looking me over..

I looked Amanda's physique over again. I couldn't believe how fine she has become.

“I'm way over due for a visit. What are you doing coming by ma dukes?” I asked sliding my hands into my pockets.

“I come and check on Ms. Helen every other day to see if she needs any help or whatever.” she answered avoidingeye contact with me.

“Tre, baby, I gotta run out for a second, honey.” Helen, Tre's mother, said as she came out the house with her car keys in her hands.  She looked at Amanda and smiled. “Hey, baby.”

“Hi, Ms. Helen.” she greeted her with a smile as she gave her a kiss on the cheek.

Tremaine couldn't help himself from staring at her ass as she leaned over and kissed his mom. He felt an erection growing.

“Well, you know your way around.” she said to Amanda. “I'm headed out for a few minutes. I'll be right back, darling.” Helen said as she stepped down off the porch and headed to her car.

Amanda and Tremaine watched as she pulled off.

“Well----.” Tremaine said looking at Amanda like a lion scoping a gazelle before attacking.

She stood with her hands clasped together. Wind blowing the bottom of her dress around.

“Come in, please.” he said as he opened the door for her.

I entered my mother's living room,  turned the t.v . on and headed for the sofa. I felt a gentle touch on my arm. I turned and was ambushed by Amanda. She threw her tongue down my




throat, wrapping her arms around my neck. I pulled her into me even closer. I know she felt my manhood pressing up against her through the thin dress she wore. She began kissing me on my neck. I couldn't help myself. I closed my eyes because her soft nibbles felt good. My dick was hard as steel. She undid my belt and pulled my dick out. She began massaging it. I pulled one of her titties out and began sucking like a nursing baby. She pulled my head in closer. Five minutes later I had Amanda on my moms sofa fucking her back out. I had those long pecan colored legs on her shoulders with her ankles wrapped around my neck.

“Oooh, Tre.....gimme that shit.” she said between moans.

I fucked her hard. Palming her ass in my hands as I dug in that pussy. I turned her over and gave it to her from the back, pulling her hair gently. Watching her ass move made my manhood that much harder. Before I knew what was happening I was climaxing. I was so caught up in the heat of the moment, I didn't realize that I hadn't strapped up until it was too late. \"Image

“Ahhh shit!” I blurted out as I pulled my dick out of her juiciness. We both heard a car door close. It was my mother. Neither of us heard her pull up.

“Oh shit.” Amanda said jumping up and grabbing the air freshener off of the mantle. She sprayed the room in one sweep and straightened her dress and hair quickly.

Helen stepped in the house and stopped. She looked at her son then at Amanda.
She could tell by the bewildered look on Amanda's face that something  had transpired since she left.

“Well it's been nice catching up, Tre.” Amanda said playing it off. “Ms. Helen  I must run, I'll be back by before the end of the week.”  she said  avoiding eye contact with Helen.

“Okay, honey...... You don't have to run off.” Helen said as she sat her purse down.

“I must go....I forgot I have something to do for my mother.” she lied and hurried out.

I watched her as she walked away. 'Can't believe I fucked her. With no fucking condom. What the fuck was I thinking.''

 “Did something happen between you and Amanda?” my mother asked with a look of disgust.

Caught off guard like a deer caught in headlights. “Uh, of course not.... Why would you think that?”

“Because I'm no fool, Tremaine! Now fix your damn pants.” she said shaking her head and walking into the kitchen.

I looked down and noticed my belt and pants were undone. I exhaled. I already knew the speech I was about to receive. I just shook my head. I fucked up.....Big time.

“Bring your ass here son!” my mother hollered from the kitchen.

I stepped in the kitchen.

“Sit down.” she ordered as she began preparing dinner.

I did as I was told.

“I don't know why you think you gotta sleep with every female that looks your way. When is the last time you even seen Amanda before today? You don't know what she has going on or anything else. And what about Salandria?! Huh?!  Did you even think about her once? I didn't raise you to be such a whore! You're just like that no good as sperm donor of yours and you already know how I feel about that dog ass negro.” she ranted as she diced up celery and onions. “I can't leave the house for ten minutes and you're in my house screwing.” she went on shaking her head in disgust.

She made me feel like shit. I just leaned forward. “Mom, let me explain.”
She stopped chopping and turned to look at me. “Explain then son.” she replied putting her hands on her hip.

“I didn't  make a move on her.......I promise. She ambushed me.”

My mother fixated her lips as if she didn't believe me.

“I swear to you, Mom.” I pleaded.

She didn't respond she just turned around and continued preparing dinner. I could tell she was upset.

I stepped out front to find Amanda back on my mothers porch.

“Tremaine, I don't know what came over me.” she began saying looking down at her feet. “I've always been attracted to you. I don't know what I was doing.” she said shaking her head still looking at the ground. “I'm so ashamed.” she began to cry into her palms.

I stepped up to her and hugged her. She buried her face into my chest.

“I know you must think I'm some kind of slut.” she cried.

“No, I don't think that.” I said rubbing my hand over her hair. She smelled so good.

She stepped back. “Let me get myself together.”

I stroked her cheek. “It was good though.” I commented with a slight smile.

She blushed wiping her tears.

“You still live here in town?” I asked.

“Unfortunately, yes. On the other side of town.”

“Your peeps still stay in this neighborhood?” I asked looking down the street.

“Yes.”  she answered looking up and down the block.

“Well, I'm going to need to start coming to see  Ma Dukes more often.” I flirted throwing her a Blair Underwood smile.

“Don't do it on my behalf. You should be doing it anyways.... Brat.” she said walking by me and into the house.

I just stayed on the porch because I didn't know what my mother might say.

My cell phone ranged.







I was wired up. So I decided to call Tremaine and see if he was still helping Mother. I mean ...what the fuck. Did it really take all day.

“Hey, baby.” he said answering after the fifth ring.

“You still with your mother?” I asked getting straight to the point. Irritation dominating my tone

“Yes.” he answered short.

“How much longer?” I asked trying to hide the fact that I had an attitude.

“I don't know because she is cooking dinner for us.” he quickly answered.

I let out a deep sigh, rolling my eyes. “So have you told your mother about me?” I inquired.

There was a silence.

“Of course.” he answered chuckling.

“So when am I going to meet her?” I insisted.

Another awkward silence.

“I don't know yet. She's still stuck on Salandria.” he replied in a nonchalant manner.

I didn't say anything. I didn't know what to say.

“I gotta go babe. I'm helping my mother cook.” He said then abruptly hung up.

I stood there with the phone still to my ear, listening to the dial tone. I felt like nothing. I hated moments like this because I didn't know how I was suppose to feel or react. How did I know if he was telling the truth or not. I didn't. Therefore,  I held my tongue and my temper. I threw the phone on my sofa and rolled me up another blunt. I had to escape this feeling.  I needed affection. Right now!





I went into the kitchen to fix me a cup of coffee. I didn't know why, but I felt like I was glowing. After spending so much time with Jerald lately, I realized that getting over Tremaine would be a walk in the park. First things first, I had to get on my feet. I turned the water on for my coffee and headed to my bedroom to retrieve my flash drive. I needed to tighten up my resume so that I could apply for a few jobs. Jerald was such a intellectual. Talking to him felt like taking in a fresh breath of air....rejuvenating.  I just stood at the foot of the bed and glared at Tremaine sprawled out asleep. I didn't even bother to wake him when I got home yesterday evening.  I hurried to my side of the room and snatched up my laptop case. I made a beeline to the living room. I placed my laptop on the coffee table and went to make my coffee. I didn't want the whistling from the kettle to wake the asshole that was asleep in the bedroom.

I sat a few minutes thinking about my current situation. I needed a plan. I needed to figure out how and when I was going to make a break. I sipped my coffee slowly. Trying to get my mind together.


I jogged downtown and let my mind flow. I was really beginning to feel Jerald. His whole vibe was rejuvenating and  mesmerizing. The more I talked to him the more I wanted to talk to him. I didn't call Tremaine one time yesterday nor did he bother calling me. I kept seeing Jerald's face. I couldn't help smiling. After trotting two miles I stopped to pull out my cell phone. I had to call him.

“Hey, there bae.” His baritone voice came through the phone.

“Hi, there....... Busy?” I asked.

“Never to busy to chop it up with you.” he replied.

I blushed. The attention felt damn good. No confrontations. Always sharing laughter. Things are always sweet in the beginning, so it seems.

“I can't stop thinking about you.” I confessed.

There was a silence. I could tell he was smiling on the other end.

“So what'chu saying?” he asked.

“.....I'm just saying.......” I began beating around the bush.

“So you want to see me as much as I'm yearning to see that flawless mocha complexion you own?”

I was flattered. Tremaine doesn't compliment me in this manner.

“Yes.” I admitted softly.


“Well can we meet halfway?!” I blurted out.

He chuckled. “Sure. I can meet you at the rest area off of exit 78”

“Okay.....but let me give you a heads up. I've been jogging.”

“And that means what?” he asked.

“Smart ass.” I retorted smiling and shaking my head.


As I pulled off of exit 78 and into the rest area parking lot I spotted Jerald's black Yukon Denali. I pulled up next to him and hopped in. He smiled at me and placed a hand on my knee. Before I knew it I was all over him tongue wrestling. I wrapped my arms around his neck. His cologne was hypnotic, I took a deep breath. His scent was so masculine. I felt like I hadn't been touched by a man in ages. He kissed me behind the ear. I jumped as I felt the goosebumps move up my frame like dominoes. I pulled him in closer. He pulled away.

“Let's go somewhere.” He suggested looking into my chestnut eyes. I could tell he was just as hungry for me as I was for him.

“So why we still sitting here.” I  replied as I pressed the lock button on my key ring.

For some reason I couldn't keep my hands to myself. I was all over Jerald distracting him from the highway.

 Jerald pulled into the Embassy and ran around to my side to open the door. Valet hopped in to park it. I paced the lobby waiting for Jerald to pay for the room. I felt my phone vibrating. I already knew it was Tremaine calling: I rejected the call. I looked up just in time to see Jerald heading my way with the room key.

“This is a nice hotel. Why so fancy when we're not even slumbering?” I inquired.

“Why not? I always want to treat you to the finer things.” he commented kissing my hand.

I tried to suppress a smile, but I didn't succeed. We got on the elevator giggling like two adolescents but with the growing desire of two adult entertainers. He stopped kissing on me long enough to hit the penthouse button.

As soon as he turned around, I walked into his arms. His embrace tightened around my waist, enveloping me under his broadness. We stepped into the room and I took in all that I was surrounded by. It was the nicest room I've ever been in. I turned back around to find Jerald smiling at me.

“I love how your eyes seem to twinkle when you see something that impresses you.” He said as he ran his hand over my hair gripping my ponytail lightly.

I smiled. “Oh,  do they now?”

“Yes, they do. I like being the cause of that twinkle.” he gently kissed me near my mouth.

“I'm going to shower.” I said stepping away from him and heading towards the bathroom.


After being in the shower twenty minutes. I just stood under the shower head and let the water run over me. It felt so warm and soothing. I closed my eyes and held my face towards the stream. I was startled when I felt a pair of strong arms slide around my waist. Jerald moved my hair to the side and kissed me on the nape of my neck. His gentle kisses sent tingles down my spine that made my nipples erect. He cupped my 36 C breast in his hands. I could feel his manhood slapping me on my firm ass. This shower couldn't compare to the wetness that was between my legs right now. \"Image

I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment. What started in the shower ended in thebedroom. Jerald and I lay naked on the comforter after having the most aggressive sexual encounter I've ever experienced. I just lay next to him with my arms wrapped around his chest.

He massaged my head and fingered my hair. I let my head rest on his chest and listened to his strong heartbeat. I could feel myself falling even more. 

“So......did I please you?” he asked.

Surprised by his question. I turned to  face him. “You mean you couldn't tell.”

He smiled...”Just wanted to hear you say it.”  exposing the deep dimple in his left jaw as he smiled.

I kissed his nipple and then straddled him. I leaned down and kissed him so passionately he wouldn't ever feel the need to ask me another crazy question like he just had. He kissed me back returning the passion. He gripped the back of my neck as we kissed. I sat back down on him slowly. Easing down on the dick, making sure he felt everything he needed and wanted to feel. Needless to say round two had just began.





Caught up in my thoughts I ended up running a red light and almost hitting a pedestrian. I pulled over to get myself together.

'Come on Tre get your shit together' I said to myself.

My cell started buzzing again. Karlita. I just shook my head becoming annoyed by her aggression. I knew she was really feeling a brother but damn.....she was almost becoming a little pesty. I ignored the call. The buzzing stopped for about thirty seconds and started right back. I snatched it up.

“Yes, Karlita?!”

“........Well, sound like your a little aggravated.” she replied nonchalantly.

“....Do I?” I asked tone dripping of sarcasm.

“I just want to see you, daddy.” she said softening up her voice.

I rolled my eyes up in my head because I really wasn't feeling like that at the moment.

“Tremaine!” she hollered into the phone.

“Yes ma'am?” I answered.

“Why didn't you respond to me? I said I want to see you.” she repeated.

“Yeah.....I heard you.” I said as I watched traffic through my rear view mirror so that I could blend in with the freeway traffic.

“ long is it going to take you to get here?” she demanded an answer.

I didn't respond at first. There was such an urgency in her voice made me wonder what she had up her sleeve. She was always dishing some new freaky shit on me.

“Look, love, I'm not really up for that right now. I have a few things weighing heavy on my mind. I'm going to have to catch up with you later.” I tried to be as candid as I could.

“Catch up with me later?!” she said in disbelief “What the fuck??? Since when have you passed up my invites?”

I took the phone from my ear and looked at, Who the fuck she suppose to be I thought to myself. Next thing I knew the call ended. I didn't even attempt to call her back. I just rode a few more miles thinking about Amanda. What the fuck.



“Uuggh” I screamed  throwing my cell phone across the room. I  couldn't believe this muthafucker turned me down. I was so enraged I wanted to have a tantrum. But instead I said fuck it.....I'm doing me. I picked my cell phone back up and went through my contacts........found the number I was searching for and hit call.


“ busy?” I asked in my most seductive tone I could spit up at the moment.

He chuckled...”'s been awhile.”

“Yes.....eight months to be exact.” I purred in his ear.

“How may I help you?” he asked as if he didn't already know.

“How may you help me....” I repeated going along with his shenanigans. “I need to be sexed really, really good. What better man for the job than  you.”

There was a silence. I could tell he was walking into another room.

“Repeat yourself.” he said into the phone voice becoming as seductive as I was trying to be.

“I said I want to be fucked.” 

“Same address?” he asked.

“Yes.” I answered with a smile spreading across my face.

“Okay.....let me take my daughter home and I'll be right over.”

“Your daughter?” I asked

“Yes.....Saturday's I always try to do something with her. Give the wife a break.”

I turned my nose up. Fuck his wife and his daughter.

“Don't be all day.....daddy. I got some hella freaky shit I need to get off.'” I cooed through the phone

I could tell he was smiling. “Girl, stop that now. You making my pants bulge out.”

“You just don't keep me waiting long.” then I hung up. Sometimes I do go a little over board with the drama. But hell my life is like a fucking soap opera why not go up for the oscar, right. I laughed  aloud to myself.

I hopped off my bed and jumped in the shower. I cleansed my body twice and douched with some alum and vinegar to tighten kitty back up. Derek was such an easy trick. The only other woman he's been with besides me is his wife. That bitch doesn't have half the bedroom skills I possess.

I dried off and oiled my skin up heavily with baby oil. I trimmed my genital area so that he'd have a nice clean playground to play on.  I was so horny my pussy was already soak and wet. Tremaine doesn't even know what he was missing. He just didn't know who he was really dealing with. When I'm ready.....I'm ready. What man turns down good pussy? Unless he's found better. The more I thought about Tremaine telling me no the more it infuriated me and made me want to freak Derek that much more. I went into my lingerie stash and pulled out a black lacy teddy. I put on my black thigh highs attached them to the garter's...I left my hair damp so that it would have that fresh out the shower look......that usually drove black men wild.....and I put on a hint of red lipstick.  I went into my dresser drawer to locate my bag with my nose candy. I found it and greedily opened it. I had less than a line left. I began to panic. I hurried up and grabbed my phone off the base. I dialed J's number. I didn't get a answer so I left a message.

“Hey, J, this is Karly.....I need another me as soon as you receive this message.” The knock on the door almost made me jump out my clothes. I hung up the phone and quickly tooted the last bit of the cocaine that was staring me in the face. It instantly rushed to the dome. I felt super good. I slid on my black 5' stiletto's and sashayed to the door. I looked through the peephole to see Derek standing there looking as good as he could. I smiled to myself, game on. Time to put those advance drama classes I use to take to work. I opened the door and stood there for him to take in what I was wearing for him. He looked over my body and then back in my face. Our eyes locked. I licked my lips and grabbed his hand, pulling him into my apartment. I turned to lead him to my bedroom, I knew he was watching my ass wondering where the G-string was hiding. Once we made it into my bedroom, I turned on the radio I kept on my dresser. I turned and kissed his lips. \"Image

“So why are you still dressed?” I asked in almost a whisper.

He hurriedly started unbuttoning his shirt. I helped him with his pants as our eyes stayed locked. I unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his slacks. I let them hit the floor and began kissing him on his nice smooth chiseled chest. I knew Derek couldn't take to much, so I knew I'd be done in less than an hour and I'll have a nice little stash of pocket change.

“Karlita, you know those kinda kisses drive a brother crazy.” He said as he gently grasped me by my neck. I didn't say anything. I kissed him softly making a trail from his nipples to his navel.  When I got to his navel I made circles with my tongue. I could feel his 10 ½ inch dick hitting me on my chest. Hard as hell. I continued going further down on him, leaving a wet trail with my tongue. I kissed around his erection and sucked on his balls. He placed his hand on the top of my head, gently rubbing it.

“Please, stop teasing me lady.” he said.

I smiled to myself before taking him in my mouth. I sucked him deep and strong. I almost gagged but I'm too much of a pro at this for that. I knew his wife didn't know what to do with all this dick. I sucked him until he exploded. Then I lay on my bed and let him feast on some pussy. He licked and sucked on my twat with so much aggression.  The cocaine only intensified the feeling. Before I knew it I was gripping his head and fucking his face. He didn't mind at all. I pushed him off. He looked baffled. I sat up enough to take off my negligee. He sat looking. I rolled over on my flat stomach and put my ass in the air. He continued to give me oral pleasure from the back.  But I knew he couldn't take looking at me from the back. He mounted and slid in. It felt so good to. I moved back and forth slowly enjoying all of this dick.  He pulled my hair and his thrust became a little harder. I threw the ass back with so much force it sounded like someone was being slapped. I moaned out numerous times in pure ecstasy. I couldn't  help myself.




I walked in the house to find Tremaine sitting in a dark and quiet living room. I slowly closed the door behind me. I was almost afraid to ask him what was the deal with this scenario.

He looked up at me, glancing over my attire.

“You sure have been jogging a long ass time.” he said turning his attention back to the wall.

I didn't even respond because I didn't care what he was trying to assenuate. I just hung my keys up and walked towards the bedroom. He didn't budge. I knew there must've been something heavy on his mind, he still hadn't turned on the television, a lamp or anything.

As I lathered up in the shower I couldn't help smiling to myself, thinking about the time I spent earlier today with Jerald. He was so rejuvenating for me.  I almost choked when I noticed the hickey Jerald left on my groin area. I caught a chill reminiscing on him putting them there. I could hear Tremaine mumbling, so I knew he must've been in the bedroom.

“Landy, I'm about to head out for awhile.” He opened the bathroom door and yelled in.

“Okay.” I said as I peeked my head out of the shower.

He closed the door and left without saying another word.

Yeah something definitely was consuming this dude's thoughts.



I pulled into traffic not even bothering to check my rear view mirrors. I'm glad Salandria didn't notice the weary look I was probably wearing. I couldn't get Amanda off my mind. I sure as hell hoped that chic was  on some kind of reliable birth control. My nerves were balled up in my stomach just thinking about the whole situation...what if.  I didn't even bother getting her I had no way of contacting her unless I did one of two things; call my mother and get it or wait until the next time I visited my mother. Either way I needed to touch bases with this chic. Damn!

My phone vibrated again.  I glanced at it. I decided to answer. No one ever called me restricted.

“Yeah.” I said into the phone.

“ I have to block my number for you to answer, Tremaine?” Karlita ranted into the phone.

Tremaine rolled his eyes.

 This is what I was trying to avoid. Bullshit.

“Tre!Tre!” she yelled in the phone. I could tell she was caught up in her feelings at the moment.

“Karlita....listen, I told you earlier that I would call you back, did I not?” I said firmly trying not to lose my cool on this broad.

“But that was hours ago, Tremaine.” she stated.

“Well, I didn't know I had a limited amount of time to do that.” I said sarcasm oozing out.

I could hear her heavy breathing on the other end of the line.

“Fuck it then.” she said then hung up on me.

I didn't even bother calling her back. I had bigger things to be stressing over besides an ex call girl and her fucking feelings. I called up my boy Drexler.

“Ayo...what up with you.” he said sounding too happy.

“Shit, just out cutting a few blocks.....whatchu getting into?” I asked trying to sound cool. When really I was a train wreck on the inside.

“Hell, just killing time with my lil' man. Why don't you swing over, Shanice is gone to the beauty salon. We can play catch up.” Drexler, aka Drex, Tre's best friend since childhood, suggested.

“Sounds like a plan. I'll be through shortly.” I replied then we both ended the call. I felt a little better knowing I had my best friend to confide in. Lord knows right now I needed a neutral ear.



I was so fucking pissed with Tremaine I could've really went off on him. But I didn't want to reveal that side to him, not yet anyways. I'm trying to get wifed. I had to keep reminding myself of that. I went into my fridge and pulled out a cold bottle of tequila. I downed three shots. The sting from the alcohol burned going down sending a warm rush straight to the head. I looked at the school books I had spread all over my dining table. They were left from earlier  today, after Derek left. After three hours of wild kinky sex I sent his wannabe the perfect husband ass back home to his lame, fat ass wife. I walked on my balcony and picked up the half of blunt I left on the patio table. I lit it and just looked at the sky. I thought about my mother.  I tried my damnest to not end up like she had. Used up and alone. Bless her soul. I tried to shake those thoughts from my mind. I heard my cell phone ringing so I rushed back into the kitchen and snatched it up off the counter. It was Derek.

“Yes?” I said not caring if my annoyance leaked through.

“Hi...who am I speaking with?” A  female's voice asked on the other end of the line. Looking at the receiver, I couldn't believe the nerve of this bitch.

“Excuse called my number.” I replied ready to chew her ass up.

“Yes, I did. I've noticed this number in my husband's phone several times before and I'd just like to know who it belonged to.” She responded in a pleasant tone.

“Ummhmm.” I said not releasing the attitude.

“Well, just know honey. I'm not trying to start anything and I don't know if you know but Derek is a happily married man.” she stated as if she said something.

I burst out in laughter. “Bitch please. He may be married but it’s not happily. Use this number when and only when you're ready for me to teach you how to fuck your husband. Properly.”  I hung up in her face. “The nerve of this bitch.” I said aloud to myself. I don't know why but Kyra crossed my mind. I dialed her number. After the third ring she answered.

“Hey, girl. “ She said sounding cheerful.

“Hey you.” I said in my best homegirl voice.

“What's up?” she asked.

I hesitated before saying. “Are you able to come out......or I can come over..” I said hopefully.

There was a silence.

“Kyra.” I said softly.

“I'm here.”she answered. “Um, we can meet at that restaurant we had lunch at that day.”

I raised a brow. “Sure.....I guess.”

“Okay. Let's meet in about half an hour.” she suggested.

“Sure.” I agreed. I slammed the phone down frustrated now.  I didn't have many friends, females, anyways. All the men friends I have.....well I've slept with them all. I grabbed my keys and headed out the door to go meet my only friend, 




I was sitting at my vanity pressing out my hair. Fresh out the shower still wearing my bath robe. Tremaine was gone to work and I was enjoying the alone time. I couldn't help thinking about Karlita and how distraught she seemed when I met her at the restaurant last week. I've been so caught up in Jerald lately that I haven't had much time for anyone. Especially, Tre. He hasn't noticed or mentioned my excessive absences these last few weeks, which only let me know his attention was elsewhere. Which was fine with me. The ringing of my cell phone almost made me drop my flat iron. I could tell by the personal ringtone that it was Jerald. I lit up.

“Hey, baby.” I answered looking at myself in the vanity mirror.

“Hey, sweetness, what are you doing?” he asked reassuring me of his tenderness.

“Nothing much, just doing my hair.” I said as I put the phone on speaker and sat it down on my vanity as I continued to press out my hair.

“You about to head out?” he questioned

“Yep. Drop off a few resumes.”

“Did you ever put in for that position up here?”

I smiled because he was my support if I didn't have anybody else cheering for me.

“Yes,in fact I did that about two weeks ago.” I confirmed.

“Great.” he cheered.

There was a silence before I intervened his thoughts “Jay......I thank you for everything.”

I could hear  him smiling through the phone. “No, Landy, I thank you.”

I blushed “Thank me for what?”I inquired.

“For showing me that there are still some decent women in the world. For showing me how to love again.......”

“Love?” I chimed in.

There was a pause.

“” he reiterated. “I love you, girl.”

I could feel the butterflies going crazy in my stomach. I was speechless, caught off guard by his confession. “I love you too, Jerald.” I admitted.

“I've been so patient with this whole situation---” he began.

“I know you have, baby,  I'm grateful for your patience.”  I said cutting him off, kind of afraid in what he may say.

“But I'm ready for you to end your current situation and become all mine. I've been sharing you far to long now, Salandria. My sister thinks I'm dating a married woman because I've been talking about you for nearly a year now and no one has seen your face.”

I was silent because I didn't know what to say. I didn't know how to just up and walk out on Tremaine, I was praying that he'd leave me. Then my phone beeped.

“Baby, hold on I have another call coming through.”I said.

“Go ahead and handle your business, you just think about what I said and call me when you're in the car.”


“I love you, Salandria.” then he hung up.

I answered the beep, “Hello.”

“Hi may I speak with Salandria Brown?” a male voice boomed from the other end.

“This is she.” I answered trying to identify the voice.

“Hi, Miss Brown, I'm Darryl Shaw from Shepeard Community College and I was going over your resume'.....I'm very impressed by your credentials and I was wondering if your still interested in the teaching position we have available?”

A smile covered my face.

“Absolutely!” I answered trying to hold my professionalism.

“When can you come in for an interview?” He asked.

“I could come in today.” I abruptly answered.

“That'll be 1 o'clock good?”

“That's great!”  I hung up and hopped up from my seat. I screamed to the top of my lungs.  I looked at my clock and noticed I still had about three hours until the interview.  I got dressed and headed out the door to my vehicle. I dialed Jerald as I was getting in the drivers side.



I rode around town to see what I  could get into. I was bored and horny. I could've easily called Karlita and get my rocks off, but I didn't feel like the extra drama. I had enough shit on my plate. Then Landy invaded my thoughts. I've been so caught up in my own life I don't know the last time I've held a conversation with her, better yet sexed her. I know its been about two months or more. She hadn't pressed the issue either. So I decided to give her a call. My call went straight to voice mail. So I hit redial. Same result-voice mail. I was beginning to wonder was somebody else getting my goods.  Then my phone rang. I immediately answered, not even looking at the caller id, assuming it was Landy returning my call.

“Hey, son.” My mother greeted me from the other end.

“Hi, mom. How are you?” I asked.

“I'm doing.......what about yourself?” She asked sounding tired.

“I won't complain.” I replied.

“Ummhmm.....and where's Salandria?” she asked.

“Um.....well, I don't know.....probably home.” I guessed.

“Probably......Anyway I want to invite you guys up for some dinner this evening, think you can make it happen?”

I smiled because I knew she wasn't going to except anything but a yes.

“Of course mother....what time?” I said rolling my eyes up in my head.

“As soon as you can get your tail up here.” she replied with authority.

“Okay, just let me go pick up Landy and we'll be right on.”

“Okay son.” my mother said before hanging up her end of the phone.

I tried Landy again this time she answered.

“Hello, Tre.”  she said in a flat tone.

“Where you at?” I questioned.

“What???” she asked with a slight attitude. “Where are you?

I shook  my hood. “I'm sorry, mom just called....she wants us to come up for dinner this afternoon.”

“What time?” she asked.

“As soon as I can come scoop you up and head that way.”
There was a pause then she answered dragging her words.

“I guess I can.” she said not sounding enthused at all.

“You guess?” I repeated not liking the tone of her voice.

“Well, I should be home in about thirty minutes.” she said ignoring my question.

She  then hung up without saying another word. I knew she was probably pissed for my excessive late nights out. I knew Salandria was a good girl and I knew she deserved someone who was going to be good to her. I loved her plus she can throw  down in the kitchen and she serves the pussy up delicious.....but for some reason I just liked fucking different bitches.....its too much free pussy floating around out there for me to tie myself down with one. I felt like calling Karlita to see if I could swing by and get a blow job but I didn't want to come off offensive. Lord knows her head game was something serious. Just the thought of it made my jimmy rock hard.



I've been finding reasons every weekend for the past four months to go and hang around Ms. Helen's house, hoping Tremaine would pop up. He never did though. Now  I was beginning to stress because I didn't know how much longer I could conceal this pregnancy. Ms. Helen has been asking me questions.....I know she senses something....but shame won't let me tell her.  Its been two weeks since I last seen her.....its been two weeks since she asked me was I pregnant........I still can't believe this situation myself. Ashamed to say that I haven't seen Tremaine since that day. I was looking out of my bedroom window when it felt like a flutter in my stomach. I couldn't believe it. I felt my child's first movement. \"Image

I was ecstatic...and couldn't even share the news with anyone about my hidden secrecy. I decided today would be the day that I tell my mother about my little 'mishap'  and face the dragon. I grabbed my keys and headed out the door.  Today was going to be the day...I decided that I would also tell Ms. Helen about 'our' little blessing.


  As I turned on my mother's street, the same street Helen resides on, I noticed a vehicle in Ms. Helen's yard. I didn't recognize it, a BMW I decided to go ahead to my mother's and break the news to her first.  I dreaded having to do this alone.  I already  knew she was  going to inquire about the father. As I got out of the car I heard a familiar laugh that drew my attention straight to Ms. Helen's front porch. Tre!  On the phone .I suddenly became angry. Angry of  the fact that he just used me and tossed me to the side like I was nothing and no one. I hopped right back in my car before my mother could notice that I was in her driveway.  I pulled in Ms Helen's yard and came to an abrupt halt.  Tre looked up surprised.....even more surprised when I stepped out of my vehicle. He looked over his shoulder at the front door  before coming off the porch.

“Well, hello  Amanda.” he said walking towards me, eyes glued to my growing baby bump.

“Hello, my ass......guess you don't come visit your mother much.” I said letting my feelings show. “ It's been four months  since I last seen or heard from you.” I ranted.

Tre stood before me looking  puzzled. “Was there a reason I was suppose to have  contacted you?”

I glared at him. Not expecting that response at all. I was at a  lost for words.

“I mean how were you expecting me to and I don't have a number,  address or anything. Besides, its not like we have any kind of relationship here.  You practically threw it on me.” he coldly stated.

I didn't say anything, because he was absolutely correct. I hadn't given him any way to contact me whatsoever. I just looked down at my feet then I rubbed my little pudge that had grown in my belly. His eyes followed my hands.  I looked at him, he looked back at me. Eyes locking for a minute. He took a gulp of air.

“Is that what I think it is?” he asked, eyes never leaving mine.

“Yes......I'm four months......but no one knows now but you and I.” I confessed feeling ashamed.

He just rubbed his hands through his hair. He turned to look towards his mother's house, then down the street and  back at me. His stare was making me a little uncomfortable.

“Is it supposed to be mine?” He asked.

I could feel my eyes stretch and my nostrils flare. “What?! Yes! I ain't no fucking  whore!”

“Never said you were, just asking. I mean we only fucked that once and you threw  the pussy on me. So.....what are you wanting to do?” he asked.

My mouth fell open in disbelief. “Are you asking me if  I'm going to consider terminating this pregnancy?”

He just looked at me. That answered my question.

“I know you don't think I'm getting rid of this child, our child,  Tremaine.” I said tears trying to form.

“It's just......well, we're in no situation to bring a baby into this world.” he stated becoming annoyed.

I just watched his lips as he spoke but I wasn't hearing him. Then the front door opened. He and I both looked at the same time.

“Everything okay?” the female asked. Looking from me to Tre.

“Oh, yea, this is just Amanda from down the street. We grew up together, just shooting the breeze catching up.” he said trying to play it cool.

She walked a little closer to the edge of the porch. Her eyes zeroed in on my growing belly.

“Looks like you got a lil something in the oven.” \"Image she pointed out.

I just threw a fake smile and rubbed my unborn child. Hurt took over my voice.  I was hurt how I was just played.

He just looked at me pleading with his eyes, his back to his woman.

“Well let me go.”  I said looking at this brown skinned beauty before me.

“Nice meeting you, Amanda.  Since Tre's rude ass didn't introduce me, my name is Salandria.” she stated putting her hands on her hips.

I managed to force out a fake smile. “Nice to meet you.” then I hopped in my car and went home. I was too upset to share my news with my mother, therefore I didn't bother stopping by her house.




 I sat and watched Tre talk to this Amanda bitch a few minutes before I decided to make my presence known. I don't know what kind of fool he took me to be. But I'd continue to play my role until I was ready to throw the towel in. The bitch pregnant on top of that. My intuition was tell

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