The tide

The tide The tide

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


I am entering into a oblivion world of sex and exhibitionism. My freinds do come into play here


I am entering into a oblivion world of sex and exhibitionism. My freinds do come into play here

Chapter1 (v.1) - High

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Here i just explore a woman who i am infatuated with. Her name does not matter but feelings do...... I will reveal on the way

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 04, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 04, 2016



I was feeling very uncomfortable. I had a full day to go ahead and I had started raging early. Too early to be of any comfort.

I had always like right curves on a woman at all the right places, but I was not ready for the surprise that would come my way this morning.

I caught the next available bus which would drop me half way to my destination as I had to hide it come what may. I was worried that things could go horribly wrong if I did not find relief soon. The pain was throbbing now.

It was a great comfort as I had brought my bag along. I was worried today I would not be able to finish my targets for the day and tomorrow I would have to double up my efforts today on top where I was used to be.

I found a comfortable place in the back of the bus and covered my throbbing bulge with my bag. My mind drifted off to the meeting I just had. I had arrived on time to meet a client who was interested in developing a site that would have any professional just drool over.

He was quite impressed with what I had to offer and had readily agreed to the meeting. I was delighted as I settled down to give my presentation. I was almost ready when this stunning goddess walked in the conference.

One look at her and I was mesmerized. She walked in daintily exuding confidence and sexuality like she was a goddess. I have always admired right curves in the right places, but she was till date the perfect specimen I had seen.  Her long golden hair curved down on her shoulders. An oval face with eyes like that of a goddess, curved at the right angle, highlighted by kohl were all over me as if she was looking at a prey.

Her breasts were full and ripe. I presume 36DD. They were heaving with each step she took and threatened to come out of dress which were barely able to conceal them. I could see her nipples hardening by the time she reached me. That meant she was not wearing any bra under her dress. Her breasts narrowed down to a waist which highlighted her breasts and accentuated them.

Her hips were again almost 36 and they narrowed down to beautifully shaped thighs and legs. My vision stopped at the V that her legs formed concealing her fortress of delight, her vagina. She was wearing pants but they were not able to conceal the fact that she was not wearing any underpants either. The curl of the pants in the folds between her vagina and thighs were highly accentuated as if she had purposefully pulled up her pants to expose them to the eyes of any beholder that dared to look beyond.

“I have heard so much about you and I am so excited to meet you finally today. I am really hoping that we can pull this deal today and I hope to work with you in achieving the larger picture for my company.”

I heard her but I was not in my senses as all I saw was her when in the background somewhere I realized my client was introducing her.

“Meet Zohara, my daughter. She will be working with you on this project. I hope you do not mind her clumsiness as she admires your work greatly.”

Clumsy, I was the one who was feeling clumsy. After quickly exchanging pleasantries I excused myself to go to the washroom before I started.

I almost ran into the cubicle pulling my pants down to release the serpent that had started raging. One look at my cock and I knew I was in trouble for the entire day. The cock was by now a raging bull, almost ready to perform all day. I thought I will be able to shush it by cumming then. Oh! How wrong was I?

I had just taken the bull in my hand and started to pull the skin all the way back so that the head was as rigid as it could be, the way I liked it, when I heard noises in the cubicle right next to me.

“What the hell? What are you doing Sam?”

“sssshh Lau! Don’t make a sound or someone will hear us.”

I knew it then that I would be late for the meeting. I kept beating my cock listening to the couple and stroking myself imagining Zohara with me all this time. Another couple soon moved in the cubicle right next to mine and I heard the first couple go slow.

Now I knew I had to go thru one hell of a day.

By the time both of them finished I had spurted my cum twice on the wall and the seat of the toilet. I stayed till they both moved out and after cleaning the seat I just stuffed my cock in my underpants as well as I could so that it might not be noticeable again.

I went back to the conference making an excuse for being late for the presentation. During the entire time I was there Zohara was sitting in the first chair on the table listening to me and applauding me on any opportunity that she could grab and sometimes I felt silly. I was trying to avoid looking at her but it was extremely difficult. By the time I finished the presentation the bull was angry again and wanted to run wild.

As I checked out promising to be back the next day I called my driver to go back to office. I had to do something about the raging bull or it would torment me the entire day.

In the bus I started stroking my cock from outside my pants. There were hardly any passengers and I closed my eyes and started thinking of Zohara and her beautiful body. I might have been in that state for almost half an hour when I suddenly sensed that I was being watched.

I opened my eyes and saw this couple sitting across. The lady was a beautiful Indian lady. The guy not from India.

“I am Sam. Are you ok?” He said as he extended his hand to introduce himself.

“You both are one of the reason for this state of mine.” I said as I looked at the woman in her eyes.

She turned to a crimson red.

I laughed out loud and opened my zip and took out my cock and started stroking it. The lady seemed shell shocked and almost got up but Sam pulled her down and asked “Do you think she can help you?”

“If she pleases.”

“Go Ahead Lau. Take care of him. I would love to watch you finish him off.”

I smirked as I knew nothing less than Zohara would take care of my raging bull. It could go on for as many rounds it takes till it settles down.

She got up almost seductively and as she stood she retied her hair again in a tight ponytail. Then she sat down next to me and took my cock in her hand. Her hands were soft and warm around my cock. She had pink lips and she was fair, almost milky fair. My hard bull cock looked monstrous in her dainty soft hand. She kept looking at it as if mesmerized. A precum drop formed on the head of my cock’s slit.

Her free hand suddenly started fondling my balls, slowly started massaging them. The feeling was exquisite. I knew then that she was an expert at handling sexual situations and I envied my newfound friend for such a delectable catch.

Sam was looking at my face intently and I smiled at him.

“She is good buddy. Just wait.”

I gave him a thumbs up acknowledging the fact as I was in no position to speak as the lady called Lau took my whole monster in her mouth. I just could not help but push my cock in her mouth as I raised my naked ass to enter her mouth further.

She was an expert in sucking that monster. I was surprised she had not made a single gagging sound as other women who had taken the monster in their mouth had. I was edging on as she massaged my balls and sucked at my dick like it was delicious lollipop. I had my hands in her top just to realize she was not wearing her bra and her delicious boobs were in my hand and at my mercy.

Without taking my cock from her mouth she removed her jeans and started stroking herself. Seeing her stroking her beautiful pussy I was almost on the edge when she suddenly stood up and straddled my cock. The monster went in slowly. The moment it was in to the hilt she started jumping on my cock. Before long I knew I was going to give in to the carnal cave of my strange fucker. As I pumped my seed into her she started kissing me deeply forgetting about the world around her.

As I slid out of her pussy she put her lips to my ear and said “I need this cock again. Tell me how?”

I just laughed out loud.

“I will have you when I need you.”

As she unstradled she licked a drop of cum on her cheek with her tongue and jiggled her boobs with her hands at me. I thought Zohara was doing that.

I could almost sense her nipples on her boobs flaying my face as Lau wriggled her big boobs.

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