Real Romancing Sash

Real Romancing Sash

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


This piece has been written by my love RealRomance and i have just added my twopenny to it not touching the original content written by her out of love and respect for her! Please if you like this piece do it for her also! She is a great author! My guiding light so far!


This piece has been written by my love RealRomance and i have just added my twopenny to it not touching the original content written by her out of love and respect for her! Please if you like this piece do it for her also! She is a great author! My guiding light so far!


Submitted: December 21, 2015

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Submitted: December 21, 2015



It’s Christmas and it was definitely no fun. Asides from posting on booksiesilk and getting comments from wonderful writers. Though, there was that one person’s comment I always look forward to; Realromance.

I don’t know why but whenever I see her comments on my stories, they bring smiles to my face. She gives me tips on what to work on while writing and encourages me.

We had gotten our flirt on through email. She’s bossy that much I know. If she wants to get someone to do something, she will. She’s stubborn, nosy and cute. When I say cute, yeah, I mean cute. She has the face of a child and she’s twenty seven.

I remember one time she wrote a story that got me all hot and I came before the end of the story. Without thinking, I told her about it and she promised to punish me. I still wonder how she’ll do that. Even now thinking about it, I can feel myself getting hard.

So I decide to email her.

“Hey, I’m getting all horny thinking about you,” I send the message and drop the phone on the couch. I am about to pick up the TV remote when my phone beeps. That was fast, considering the difference in time zones, she should be asleep by now.

“I might be able to help with that if you go to Dusit Devarana now. No questions,” so typical of her. I am immediately curious. Dusit Devarana is a few minutes’ drive from where I stay so I quickly change and got the hell out of the house. Maybe my Christmas would be fun after all.

Dusit Devarana is located in New Delhi, India ensconced amidst a forest of mature trees. It had a tranquil natural setting. I began to think about the contrast between the hotel and the person instructing me to be there.

I parked in the open space and emailed her again. “I’m here,”

Almost immediately, my phone beeps and I read her response. “Walk to the reception and inform the receptionist you are heading to room 50,”

I did as she said and a few moments later, I am sandwiched in between two hefty guys leading me to the room. Something feels off but I brush it off as I look forward to what Realromance has planned for me. I started to mentally scan through possible outcomes for the night. I knew she couldn’t be in India that would just like wishing for Utopia. Maybe she got in contact with someone she knows in India, or maybe she just called the hotel to prepare something special for me.

I am led to the room by the two hefty guys. They enter into the room with me, there is no one there. What the hell is Realromance pulling? Is this a prank?

I take a minute to take in the beauty of the room ignoring the men moving things around. The room is contemporarily furnished and from the balcony, you can see a view of the lush landscaped garden.

“Larake apane kapare utaar kahate hain”

I hear one of the men say and I immediately turn around to face them in shock.


He repeats himself once more.

“ Kya bakwaas hai?” I shout at them almost about to lung.

I hear my phone beep and I quickly grab it. “Do as they say, Sash. Just trust me,”

That calms me down a little and I begin to undress until I stand naked in front of them.

The men come closer and blindfold me. Have you ever heard the saying curiosity killed the cat? Yup, it’s true. I should have known that girl was only trouble.

Like the blindfold isn’t enough, they begin to tie me up with my hands behind my back. And the most amazing bondage a cock ring. I began to harden immediately. Not long after they are done with that, I hear the shuffling of feet and the door closing.

I am left there alone in the dark with my ass in the open air and my cock getting hard every second. Then I hear the door open once more and the clicking of heels.

“On your knees,” the voice ordered. There isn’t the Indian accent in her voice. The English is perfect. Could it be…?


“Did I say you could speak?”

I quickly shook my head. “I can’t hear you,”


“No what?”

“No maam?”

“You’ve been a disobedient boy, Sash, so fuckingly disobedient”

Oh, definitely Joyce, definitely that hot and overly sexy Joyce. “I’m sorry?” when your hands and eyes are tied literally, you become very very submissive.

“That doesn’t cut it. Like I told you, you need to be punished. Now, I hate repeating myself, on your knees, Sash!”

Quickly, I get on my knees. I hear the clicking of her heels circle me like a predator studying her prey, then I feel that same heel on the nape of my neck.

“Now, how many chapters were in my story?”


“And you came at what chapter?”


“Multiply four by seven,”

“Twenty eight,”

“So, Sash. You owe me twenty eight strokes. You’ll count each one as I deliver; you miss one I’ll start all over again,”

“Yes maam, please do not stop maam till  you draw blood.”

“You spoke again but I like that. Why do you want me to draw blood?” She asked.

“I need to be marked permanently as yours, maan” I said shaking with pleasure.

“Good boy,” then she delivers the first on my back. I feel the whip on my skin and it hurt so much I forgot to count.”Don’t make me tell you, again,”

“One!”  I quickly say. She continues to deliver the strokes while I count but at fifteen, I couldn’t take it anymore. “Please!”

“That’s fine for now. You did well,” instead of the whip this time, I begin to feel her fingers giving me feathery caresses in the places I’m sure she had left welts. She blows on them lovingly and they begin to hurt less replaced by a tingling feeling that begins to send waves to my cock. A few more moments of tenderly administering to my pain the best way she could, she orders me to stand up. I groaned as my back expands while I stand up.

“Do you want me to touch your cock, Sash?”

“Yes maam,”

I feel her hands on my cock, gently teasing. Her fingers trail the veins, every bit of it. She proceeds to cup my balls and massages them. Then she takes my cock in her hands, giving it an up and down stroke like she’s jerking me off. I am fully erect now and ready for action. I’m sure she notices this because she asks, “do you want me to suck your cock?”

“Yes maam,” then I feel her tongue around my cock. She does not go in; she swipes her tongue around the head a few times, licking the erect cock from the base to the tip like she would a Popsicle.  I am getting impatient but what can I do, my hands are tied. She moves down to my balls and scoops with her tongue into her mouth, sucking and licking them like her favorite dessert.

Just when I thought I should damn the consequences and just order her to suck me already, her mouth wraps around my cock and sucks.

“Fuck!” I groan aloud. “Yea, like that,” I guess she’s enjoying herself as she begins to moan along with me sending shock waves through my cock. She pulls out and spits on it before diving in, her motion becoming faster and faster. I feel myself enlarge in her mouth before bursting.

“Fuck! Fuck!! Fuck!!! Damn it, fuck!”  My whole body vibrates as I shoot my load down her throat.

“Uhmm…. You taste good,” I cannot respond as I’m still breathing heavily. That was a fierce orgasm, I must say. She grabs me by the arm leading me until my legs touch the edge of the bed then she shoves me till I fall on it face flat.

She climbs on top of me; her legs spread wide and lean till she can reach my ear. “You want to see me, Sash. You want to see your Joyce,”

Hell yes, I do. Plus I hate this blindfold. “Yes maam,”

She begins to lick around the nape of my neck, trailing down the middle of my back. She takes her sweet time to come back up again and bite gently on my ear.

“I plan on using your body well tonight, Sash,” she whispers into my ear in a very sexy tone. “Every single inch of your body.”

“It’s yours,” I say before the blindfold is yanked away. It takes a few moments for my eyes to readjust to the brightness of the room. In the meantime, Realromance is up standing in the middle of the room, next to a couch.

I am still lying on my stomach, my head facing her and my hands still tied to my back.  She is as hot as fuck. Dressed in red lacy lingerie and red sparkling high heels, the length of my cock. Very very curvy, sexy, hot with so many other erotic adjectives.

“Like what you see?”  She asks with a grin on her face. She takes a seat on the couch, crossing her legs. “You want to fuck this bitch, right here, Sash.” She uncrosses her legs, opens them wide and slides one finger into her panties. “You want to have a tiny little peek?”

The woman is driving me crazy. My cock is on full attention once more as I stare at her mesmerized. The precum is already oozing and I am amazed at the effect that this wild sexy Tigress has on me. She pulls the lace fabric of her panties to the side giving me a brief view of her wet sleek patch. She has a perfect snatch, completely bald and dripping, her panties were drenched from her juice. I knew she wanted to be fucked right there and then.

I groan in frustration as she closes her legs once more. “What do you want, Sash?”

And the floodgate of my fantasy opens. “Open those sexy legs for me honey,” she does as I say, slowly, testing my patience. “Pull those panties to the side sugar,” she does and I can see the view once more. Oh gorgeous heaven. “I want to lick your pussy, little mama. Fuck that sweet pussy with my tongue. You want to come in my mouth, bitch. I know you do. I’ll suck you senseless, baby,” she starts to moan as her juices begin to flow from her hole. She slides her finger in but I know that’s not near enough for her. She needs the real thing. “Come over here, Hun. I’ll rock your world,” I try to wriggle to my back watching her approach me with her model steps. It isn’t a comfortable position but I don’t think she’s letting me out of these binds anytime soon.

She climbs on the bed still in her heels, positioning her pussy on my face, lips spread apart. This woman is gorgeous to the pussy. Her wet folds call to me and I take just a lick to satisfy me curiosity first. I inhale deeply to take in her aroma! And that aroma is so divine that my cock takes a delight jump! Delicious! I suck on her clit briefly and lick my lips. I lick all of her walls; I’m taking my sweet time just like she did with me. Payback’s a bitch, uhn? But the woman had a truck full load of patience. I, on the other hand, am tired of the teasing so I take her whole into my mouth. She shivers on my mouth and I begin to lap at her, increasing my pace. I stick my tongue deep into her hole and circle around her beautiful hole! She grinds her ass on my face and I use the opportunity to slide my tongue inside her. She loses her composure and begins to fuck my mouth cutting off my air supply. She better come real quickly or I’m gonna be dead.

She eventually comes with a scream and I lap at her juices like a thirsty dog. This was a dream come true as I have cum so many times thinking her juices were flowing into my mouth as she cums there. She collapses next to me on the bed, breathing heavily.

“Let me out of these binds, love. I can’t pleasure you with them on,” she giggles and rolls me to my side before taking off the binds. I knew there was a beautiful women wanting all the love in the world for her, craving for it but hiding it all under her dominance to ward off the unwanted attention from the cruel world. I stretch my wrists at the freedom and I reach behind me to pull her roughly facing me. She giggles happily. I had figured she likes it a bit rough from her stories. There’s always a little bit of her in her writings.

“Those spankings hurt, you know?” I tell her trailing a finger above her breasts.

“That’s the general idea, Sash,”

Enough talking. I pull her bra cups down to reveal perky breasts as I close my mouth around one very hardened nipple. She moans aloud and throws her head back. I cup the other breast in my palm and begin to massage softly as I suckled on the other nipple. She reaches for my head and pulls me closer into her. I roll the nipple between my fingers and lick the other. I love her nipples; they just stick out like long pebbles. I turn a bit rough, squeezing her breast and biting lightly on her nipples.

“Oh God, I’m gonna cum,” she screams. Whew. And she says she’s hard to please. I turn her on her back without letting go of her breasts, making myself comfortable enough to slide my free hand into her aching pussy. She climaxes violently at the first contact with my fingers. I let go of her only to kiss her lips, helping her come back down from her euphoria.

I’m not nearly halfway done with her. Since her pussy is dripping with so much juice, I can sweeten my tea with it, I slide all four of my fingers into her hole and fuck her aggressively. She begins to thrash around, inadvertently fucking my hand. I pound her with my fist making her scream her lungs out; I began to fear we will be evicted from the hotel room. I look low enough to watch her pussy begin to squirt. It’s a rare sight, I tell you and beautiful. I bury my face in between her legs, licking and pumping all at the same time.

“Oh fuck, Sash. I’m cumin again!!!” who knew she’s a screamer.  Once I am done lapping up her cum, I turn her to her knees and enter into her sweet hole from behind. I didn’t need a cue, I begin to pound, slow… fast… hard…harder… harder and faster. Don’t blame me; I love it when she screams. I spanked her arse once eliciting a loud moan from her. The naughty girl begins to pound back at me and I continue smacking her arse.

“Yeah, spank me Daddy! Come on. You hit like a bitch! Fucker, spank me!!!”

I spank her harder, her arse getting ready and the little bitch still begging for more.  I turn the both of us to lie on the bed without coming out of her. Her cunt feels so good and tight. I grab her neck and fuck the bitch. I am close, very close; my dick begins to enlarge as her cunt begins to tighten around my shaft.

“Oh god, oh god, oh fucking god,” she squeezes me further into her as she erupts into her own bliss pulling me right alongside her.

“Fuck!!!” I couldn’t even gather enough strength to pull out of her. I just blew my load right inside her.

I hold her tight in my arms with my cock right there inside her sweet pussy. “That was awesome,” she moans.

“I agree,” I pull her further into me and engulf her in my embrace as I bring my lips to her intoxicating lips and suck them exhaustion takes over us. We go to sleep after fucking each other senseless in the Dusit Devarana. 

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