Two Black Girls and Me in Prison (twenty one)

Two Black Girls and Me in Prison (twenty one) Two Black Girls and Me in Prison (twenty one)

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


short story about two black girls & me in prison


short story about two black girls & me in prison


Submitted: May 02, 2017

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Submitted: May 02, 2017



They grabbed me near the laundry room and I was theirs. I tried not to panic. They took me to the basement stock room. They were going to abuse me. I woud negotiate with them & try to make it easier for everyone.

"Fucken bitch" you gonna' eat our pussies, said the tall black woman.

They got me so wet & horny, they don't know I like girls, and black girls. They are going to get a sweet taste of a nice warm pussy, from a white whore.

They stripped me very raw, and slapped my face. Pinching my nipples and cutting my bra with a razor blade.

They got me hot & bothered. I like it rough sometimes. I need it bad, when they rough me up. They are not that rough, they are trying to scare me, so they can use my body for their pleasures.

The black girls strapped Lisa to a rubber mattress on the basement floor. "Damn cute whore we got" the tall woman said.

Yvette had big boobs and was 40 years old. Tasha had a small chest with long black nipples, and is 24. Yvette did all the swearing and ordering of me around.

"Get her tied down nice and tight" said Yvette.

Tahsa pinched my nipples and stroked my face. She was a tender girl, and just wanted some good woman's pussy to eat, and to suck-- to get her mind off everything bad in prison.

Yvette put her fingers in my pussy and it felt good. She knew she was controlling me and told Tasha to suck my nipples. Tahsa had a sharp tongue and was very delicious. It felt good to be sexually controlled. There was no pain. Only slapped my tits a bit.

"Get the whore wet" said Yvette, and Tasha licked my face and then smelled my armpits.

Tasha stripped off her jail uniform and Yvette followed. All of a sudden I yelled:

Oh black girls, I am your fucken' slave whore, I will do everything you want. I want to eat & suck you clean, all of your pretty holes and make you cum repeatedly. I will lick you anywhere you want and you can use me all night and day baby.

"Oh fuck, we got a live one" said Tasha.

Tasha offered her long black nipples to LIsa, and Lisa enjoyed herself, sucking and sucking the pretty buds. It was love at first sight and Lisa wanted Tasha's pussy.

They let Lisa out of her bonds and she was on the rubber mat.

I pushed Tasha down, and spread her legs. I  looked for her pink clitoris, and found her beautiful clit. I tasted her pussy lips and began kissing her pussy. Yvette was making out with me, putting her sweet tongue in my mouth.

I orally served Tasha as Yvette put a finger up my anal opening. It felt good and I liked her to stroke my ass ring.

Tasha was sitting on my face now, and Yvette was french kissing Tasha. Then Yvette pushed Tasha off of me and said, "I want some of that tongue" and I ate Yvette's honey hole.

Tasha spread her ass cheeks and began masturbating her anal region. I was forced to eat her ass and then Yvette's ass.

They put a red jelly on each other's rear ends. I sucked and ate them, and pleasured them. I sucked on Tasha's tight nipples and they were rock hard. Yvette offered her boobs to me, and they were luscious and sweet. I licked Tasha's back bone and kissed her armpits. We were french kissing a lot and I put my tongue on Tasha's clitoris.

She began to moan and was cumming. Yvette put her fingers inside Tasha's pussy and fingered her. I ate both ladies' pussies repeatedly, and they both had an orgasm.

Yvette made an announcement: "I never ate a white girl's ass until now" and she began sucking on Lisa's pussy and ass. Then Tasha joined in & both ladies were sucking Lisa's ass and pussy.

"This is a nasty place you fucken whore, and we gonna' get all we can from you baby" said Yvette. But Yvette had a sweet soft side. "I am gonna' make it good for you my cream cake" said the tall black lady.

"You know we got it rough in here too sweety" said Yvette. "It get's fucken' lonely in prison and a girl needs sex and love, you understand me baby?" "Can we own that cute white ass of yours?' asked Yvette.

Baby, I am fucken' yours, I love black girls and you are in need of sexual gratification. Let me be your whore all the days we are in this shithole, I said.

Both girls came forth and we sucked each other's lips, and chins and necks.

Oh black babies, you make it good for me & I make it good for you. Will you protect me in this awful place, if I suck your tits and pussies and asses all the day's of our lives in this awful place?

Yvette came forth and Tasha were tasty, their tongues and nipples were all mine now. OH fuck, these beautiful girls were mine for the taking, a reciprocal equation of lust. I meet all their sexual needs and they meet mine. Complete whoredom. Fornication. Fucken' whore lust behind concrete walls.

"Baby, you give us your sweet ass, and we gonna' protect that ass" said Yvette. Tasha fell down and began licking Lisa's pussy.

It felt so good to have her lick me in my secret places and I wanted to cum so bad again. Both ladies orally served me, as the final invitation for a 3 ring lesbian circle.

We made violent love in the old bathtub, next to the laundry room and took a hot shower. I gave both ladies an extra suck and they ate my nipples raw. I got my new girlfriends, after all.

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