Trans Girl in the Prison Showers (nineteen)

Trans Girl in the Prison Showers (nineteen) Trans Girl in the Prison Showers (nineteen)

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


a short story about a trans girl in the prison showers


a short story about a trans girl in the prison showers


Submitted: May 01, 2017

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Submitted: May 01, 2017



They march us down to the showers; my favorite time of day. Sometimes I masturbate thinking of some of the sweet girls. Kinky lady warden and her assistant, they both shower with us. Sometimes they humiliate a girl down there.

The woman's house of correction starts at age 18 and goes to 65 years old. Some of the older girls really have cute bodies. I fell in love wity a lady once named "Mommy." She took me under her wing & made me her baby. It was psychodrama and kink living under her fucken' rule.  

She was so dominant and controlled me sexually and psychologically. The warden's pet was "Mommy" so Mommy & the warden used to abuse me, for their  pleasures.

Mommy made me drink hot milk from a baby bottle and the warden would bring in a lactating, milk producing lady, and I drank the milk. They fucked my ass with a strap on dildo. I hated what they did, but they brought me to such a good orgasm, I liked the humiliation after a while.

Now, let me tell you about my "baby" I fell in love with in the showers.

I am a 37 year old bi-sexual girl and saw some things down here. The sweating walls of the showers talk to you down here, you can be driven insane in the showers. Sometimes they try and get you turned on, for punishment and you get no sex. Leaving you very disconnected to sex and being who you are.

The first time I saw her, I was in total hot love. The warden and the assistant said they had a new girl, and to just not pay attention to her. They threw her into the showers, and I almost lost my mind.

She was a gorgeous girl, about 19 years old, with blonde pig tails and small cupcake tits. Pointed erect nipples and a cute ass, so delicious, I could cry.

Then it happened. She was under the hot water in the showers, and I took a peek. She was soaping up her pussy, or what the fuck. She had a girl penis. She was a trans girl. I was so fucken' sexually hot, my face was on fire.

I could not believe how feminine and soft she was. Cute and shy, she did not make eye contact. Then she soaped herself, and she saw me looking. Turning around, she had an erection.

She rubbed her cupcakes and I thought I was going crazy. I kept touching my honey hole and pinched my nipples. I tried to cum by light bits of pleasure, and I came real hard, and I moaned loud, and she heard it.

She was torturing me, maybe she was the warden's pet, I don't know.

Each day was like an eternity, waiting for my shower.

Well, we all got in trouble. One of the girls in the shower harrassed the trans girl and we got deep in trouble.

We were lined up and turned into mannequins. The warden had the guards shave our heads and all our body hair off. It was humiliating. We all looked the same, with bald heads, our feminity gone, our pubic regions, hairless.

How would I present myself to my new "love of my life"? the trans girl?

Now I was just a fucken' shaved mannequin, and no appeal to her, I bet.

Well, we got the message, and could not fuck with the new arrival.

I kept my eyes on her, in the dining hall and in the hallways. But I could taste her, in the showers.

I was in there, and I saw her again. Rubbing her new cupcakes, and letting her long blond pigtails down. Her girl cock became hard, as she glanced at me. The hot water dripped down her cupcakes and I pinched my nippes hard.

I began masturbating without any hesitation, or worry. The rules are bad here. If you masturbate in the showers, you go to solitary. No pleasure is allowed.

I just made eye contact with my new love, and she looked up. I had two fingers in my cream hole and I could not stand it. I massaged myself to cumming right in front of our new guest.

The guards came rushing in, on what they saw on the monitor and took me away.

They put me in solitary, and I cannot even touch myself in there. They put on leather mittens over my hands, so I cannot masturbate. It is so fucken' frustrating in there.

Then they open the door once in a while and march the trans girl by the cell door. And they know they are bothering me like that, torture isn't it?

And they paraded her by, and she was so beautiful,  a creamy face to suck on, those gorgeous pigtails and her tight shoulder blades and womanly wide ass. She had an erection, pointed to the sky, and I know she was thinking of me. She licked her lips and winked as they took her down to the punishment room.

I know what they do down there. She will be shaved down, be given a cleansing enema and then masturbated for her sins, by the nurses.


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