Pervert Asylum Male Humiliation (thirty five)

Pervert Asylum Male Humiliation (thirty five) Pervert Asylum Male Humiliation (thirty five)

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


The asylum punished several men as they are paraded down the fashion ramp


The asylum punished several men as they are paraded down the fashion ramp


Submitted: May 22, 2017

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Submitted: May 22, 2017



The lady guards laughed, as the new male arrivals walked down the fashion ramp. Leaders of Pervert Asylum Community, watched it, in utmost amazement.

3 college aged men & several middle-aged men, walked down the ramp, as the onlookers cheered and whistled at them. Lesbian women and homosexual men, transgender girls & bi-sexual couples, all watched in amazement. Their mouths were open at what they saw, and what they possibly wanted.

The lady witch, slapped the young man on the ass, and said, "Move that cute ass down the ramp whore" and pushed the man.

The men were stood towards the crowd. Women & men gasped at the unique sexuality emerging from their male bodies.

They had gigantic and huge painful erections. Very nervous and trembling, the men became more aroused and excited per minute.

All six men, were just attended to by the hospital nurse. They were engulfed in Gigantic Prostate Massage Toys, held tight, up against their prostate glands--for pain & pleasure.

The pain was the humiliation and insertion by the  nurse and male nurses; and their gigantic erections, as they are paraded down the fashion beauty show ramp.

The pleasure is their potential release, of prostate gland ejaculate.

"Oh, fuck" said one man. "I just cannot take this fucken' pressure, I need release. The men were all handcuffed behind their backs, and could not pleasure themselves. They needed external help.

Somebody external, would have to "jack off the men."

A feminine man, with feminine characteristics, was ready to start masturbating. He had large pink nipples from past hormone experiments at the castle. He was not a Transgender girl, but loved sucking cock and eating pussy.

He had a flat chest & his boobs were medium size, and he had smooth skin and an oral mouth. His girl like pig tails, made him very feminine and he liked cock.

He dropped to his knees and offered to suck the men.

Lining up, the men, needed release. Terry pointed his cock and Femme man, and the girl like man, started to suck his cock. "Ohhhh fucken good" said the man Terry. He enjoyed the pleasure as his cock was sucked like a lollipop. Immediately, due to the prostate gland torture device, he poppped into the man's feminine face. The others began lining up.

The prostate fluid was clear and delicious, and one female guard jumped up on stage and grabbed the fluid off the floor. She rubbed it deep into her nipples for good luck, as she was a Tomboy chick.

The other men were in pain and needed release as their erections got larger and harder.

A Transgender Girl, jumped on stage, and offered to help the men. Then a Tomboy girl got on her knees also, and they began sucking the men's hard cocks.

The Transgender Girl was sweet and feminine and had big boobs. She masturbated herself with one hand, as she orally sucked two men at the same time.

It was an orgy of all orgies, as the crowd enjoyed themselves, observing the fetish behavior of the sexual people on stage.

Two girls began eating each other in the crowd. The red head spread her legs, as a black lady orally serviced her red haired pubic region and pussy lips.

By  now, all the men were getting off and getting rid of their erections. The Transgender Girl fell into the arms of the femme man, and a relationship was sparked, as they sucked each other's nipples. One man with a giant erection, poked at the femme man, and he bent over.

The man pulled out the man's prostate gland toy, and fucked him very hard in the ass.

The ladies in the crowd, loved to watch the men enjoy each other.

The final men popped and a lady from the crowd ate the men's fluid off the men's balls.

Transgender Girl and Feminine man, went away, to a special room, to make hard calloused love. Pain & pleasure, whips and chains, was soon to follow. 

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