Mommy puts Peanut Butter on my Nipples (thirty four)

Mommy puts Peanut Butter on my Nipples  (thirty four) Mommy puts Peanut Butter on my Nipples (thirty four)

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Short story & diary about Mommy putting peanut butter on neighbor girl's nipples and black lady assisting


Short story & diary about Mommy putting peanut butter on neighbor girl's nipples and black lady assisting


Submitted: May 21, 2017

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Submitted: May 21, 2017




Mommy is 50 years old & I am 19 years old. Mommy takes control of my sexuality,because I am her neighbor whore. I learned of her sexual abuse, and we are lovers off & on. I am an abuse survivor too and need deep hardcore sex, because it feels good. I need cock & pussy, when I can get it. I love sex.

Mommy controls me with the whip, and now she brings over a past lover, her black girlfried to help punish me. Mommy makes me feel good with her evil ways.

"Get the whore restrained" yelled Mommy, as the black lady was on red alert and grabbed Tabby. She struggled but they put her arms in the restraints, in the chamber downstairs. Now Tabby was helpless in her bonds as she hung from the ceiling, about an inch off the floor. "Baby gonna' control herself?" asked the black lady ( Lady).

Lady grabbed Tabby's face and said, "You gonna' like what we do to you, you fucken' whore" said the abuser.

Mommy gave the O.K. and Lady begin cutting off Tabby's street clothes. "It's been a while since I sucked some good white meat" said Lady; as the razor blade easily cut her clothes off and Tabby was down to panties and a bra.

Tabby was on college vacation, and her parents ran off for 30 days, in the islands. Tabby was now going to receive about 30 days of forced pain & pleasure.

Lady stroked Tabby's face and was growing hotter by the minute. Mommy wanted her little morsel for the day.

Lady pulled down Tabby's underwear and said, "What the fuck?" Lady said, "We told you, no more fucken' public hair and your grew it back" Now this got Mommy upset, because Mommy likes her girls looking young. Mommy gave the O.K. and Lady stripped off Tabby's bra.

"Ouch" yelled Tabby as Lady rolled Tabby's nipples and squeezed them hard. "You gonna learn things down here white girl" said the black lady.

"No, No" yelled Tabby as Lady began spraying down Tabby with the fire hose. Tabby hung like a piece of meat, and she was bathed by the hot water. Lady used a sponge on a stick and scrubbed her like an animal. Within minutes, Lady put the gel on Tabby's underarms and pubic region, and gave her a hairless shave.

Lady also removed Tabby's pink nail polish off her toenails and fingernails. She made her open her mouth, and also brushed Tabby's teeth; Lady must have her girl's "clean" she said.

Mommy dried Tabby, and Lady got the butter knife.

Mommy gave the O.K. and lady spread a smooth coating of peanut butter on Tabby's nipples.


It felt good as the black lady applied the creamy peanut butter on my nipples. She turns me on, when she controls me and abuses me. She will want pleasure in return, and I am made to eat her pussy and ass by Mommy.

Mommy snapped her fingers and two younger black girls entered the room. They were college psychology interns and were completely naked. "We are lesbians" said the girls, and they approached the girl in bondage.

"Nice fucken' whore you captured" said Tonya. "Very nice" said Yvette.

Tonya had a small chest and pointed black nipples that stuck out. Yvette had big boobs and was a bit heavier than Tonya, but both very sexual girls.

"We are going to pleasure you honey" said Tonya. Both girls, each took a nipple in their mouth, and began sucking the nipple and peanut butter.

The pink tongues circled her buds, and Tabby moaned as it felt good. The girls gave much pleasure and ate her pink nipples and sucked hard.

Up and down, they pleasured Tabby and Tabby's pussy was getting wet. Tonya put a finger in Tabby's honeypot and smelled her hormonal oils. "Fucken' delicious" shouted Tonya, as Yvette got a smell. Lady & Mommy sat back to watch the show.

Tonya went down on her knees and began exploring Tabby's puss. Yvette got behind Tabby and put a hand on her ass, slapping her ass. "You obey me whore" yelled Yvette. Both girls began orally pleasuring Tabby's honey and chocolate holes.

"Mooooohhhhhh oh guc gucvk fuckkk" she moaned. Tabby was getting hot and bothered. The girls began aggressively stroking and rubbing her sexual areas real fast. Rapidly, they pleasured her ass and pussy. "Stand on your tip toes" yelled Tonya, as the girls spanked her ass, taking turns, and then sucking her nipples.

Yvette got in front of Tabby and french kissed Tabby, and licked her face. Yvette began eating Tabby's asshole and put her tongue real deep. "Mmmmhhhhhh oooohhhh" yelled Tabby.

"Mommy, baby gonna' cum" yelled Tabby. Lady was on a stool masturbating her pussy with a small cucumber and Mommy was helping Lady enjoy herself.

"Ohhhh fuck" and Tabby had an intense orgasm, with her pelvis and ass spasms. The girls enjoyed Tabby's white body and called her a "cream puff."

They placed Tabby over the sawhorse after taking her out of her bonds. Yvette greased a black rubber phallus, a strap on dildo; thus entering Tabbie's anal opening.

"Quit it, Quit it, it is too fucken' big" protested Tabby. Yvette punished Tabby and said, "No lubricant honey" and began fucking Tabby's creamy ass.

In and out, In and out, In and out, as Tabby's face was wrinkled and crinkled, in such agony and sexual discovery. Yvette continued pumping and Tonya sucked Tabby's face. MMmhhhhhh  ooooh nnoooo" yelled Tabby, and silky fluid from Tabby's G-spot, squirted on the floor.

Mommy and Lady got a finger tip of her fluid and shared it orally. The girl's french kissed one another, and laid down on the leather table, side by side. Now they got Tabby to eat both of their pussies at the same time.

Tabby orally served the two girls, and brought them to sexual ecstasy. Mommy and Lady helped the black college girls cum. Now the whole group, stood up and went to the large bath tub, for a soak in hot water and suds, as two black men, entered the room.

They shoved Tabby in the water and slapped her tits. Getting rough with her, spanking her ass, and calling her a bad girl.

The two men stood over the tub, and the girls shoved the men's erections to Tabby's face. The girls and Tabby orally serviced the men. Sucking the beautiful cocks, swallowing their long cocks down oral pink throats.

"Oh, fuck" one man said, and the other also grunted, and let their semen pop onto Tabby's face as the girls licked off the semen.

"Good job" yelled Mommy, and Lady went for a cold bottle of champange. "Let us celebrate Tabby's birthday of 20 years old" and the black girls sung Happy Birthday to Tabby.

The men got aroused one more time, and lined up, to fuck Tabby in the ass.

Mommy put a red jelly on Tabby's asshole and the men began to anally sodomize her, taking turns. Tabby's mouth was open, as if in pain. All of a sudden she yelled, "Oh fuck that white cute creamy ass whores" and the men pounded her harder, as her birthday present.

Her mouth open and eyes closed, the men pounded her ass like a jack hammer, as the others observed Tabby's cum face. "Oh  fuck" said the men, as they took turns anally fucking the girl.

The men grunted one at a time, and let themselves ejaculate into her deep ass.

Tabby arched her back and moaned, and her toes spread out. She came twice and bounced around on the sawhorse, bent over. 

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