Humiliated by Nurses as Tomboy (seventeen)

Humiliated by Nurses as Tomboy (seventeen) Humiliated by Nurses as Tomboy (seventeen)

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Danny is humiliated by nurses as a new Tomboy girl, on the mental asylum unit for bad girls


Danny is humiliated by nurses as a new Tomboy girl, on the mental asylum unit for bad girls


Submitted: April 30, 2017

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Submitted: April 30, 2017



The nurses crowded around in the treatment room. "Let me see your underarms, we need to evaluate the hormones" said the nurse.

"Raise your fucken arms above your head whore" said the treatment nurse.

I raised my arms and they all clapped. It is so humiliating, with these scam physicals.

"Look at those charcoal black hairy armpits, like she has two more pussies" said the nurse.

The treatment nurse got behind me and rolled my nipples with her fingers, she liked my new Tomboy appearance. She pinched my pink buds and the nurse in front kissed my chest and smelled my armpits. Dirty whores, perverts they all are, in this asylum. Disgusting.

But then, they sexually control me, and some of it feels good. They make me cum, when I don't want to, and sometimes I like it.

"How's her pussy?" asked a male nursing student. "Find out for yourself" said the treatment nurse. "Spread your legs whore" said the young man.

I spread my legs for the male student, and I resent it. BUT, sooner or later, they are going to have me again, for my punishment, and I will be dripping wet, and they will make it good for me.

"Put her on the treatment table" said the older nurse.

"Get her" yelled the orderlies.

I kicked and screamed and they overpowered me, to the table. The female nurses know how to get me off, and I still fight, because of the humiliation. However, I like some of it, and I tell them I hate it.

They got my arms and legs restrained & then the treatment begins.

"Open your mouth for Mommy" said the older nurse.

The nurse called "Mommy" is middle-aged, and loves younger women. She spoon feeds me cream and pinches my nipples. They put a rubber bib on my chest, so I won't get messy if the cream spills. It is a scam, they like to humiliate me in this way.  

"Swallow the cream whore" says Mommy.

I please Mommy, as I suck the spoon and eat the cream. They feed me one spoon at a time and all crowd around me and play with my body.

The black nurse likes my pussy and always puts a glass dildo in me, when we spoon feed. She makes me tell her how I like it.

"Oh baby that cock is so full in my pussy, wet & deep and smooth. I am your slave for the taking. I love the way you push your cock into my hot hole" I said.

They shaved my head to a stubble and call me a Tomboy. They made me grow hairy armpits and make me wear men's clothing and underwear. They put tattoos on me and pierced my nipples and pussy lips. I am not allowed to wear a bra or use deodorant, making me a tough guy.

The feminine nurses love my new look and keep touching me.

I don't like what they are doing. They are going to give me a punishment enema tonight and will fill me up with soapy water. I will look like a pregnant woman ready to burst right?

Then they bring in 2 well hung men, and I have to suck them off to completion. I better get ready to suck.

Mommy nurse has brought in another bowl of cream, that I must consume.

"Eat the fucken' cream" yelled the nurse.

The guards spread my legs wider, and insert the glass dildo again. The black nurse stimulates my ass with her fingertips.

"You are my whore" said the director of nursing. "You are being punished for your sexual sins." she said.

All of a sudden, they brought in a new arrival... a very feminine girl. She was blonde like I used to be and was very cute.

She was handcuffed and in sexy pump shoes, in the color of red. They put a pink dog collar on her and pushed her towards me.

"Eat her pussy whore" the nurse said.

She inspected me with her tongue. Going up and down on my thighs. She tasted my clitoris and then moved around my pussy rings.

She knew what she was doing. I got all hot and bothered. Her tongue is pink and so fucken' blissful. Eating & eating me, it was so fucken' delicious.

I moved about in my restraints and was out of breath. The new girl was torturing me with her tongue. I felt full and my pelvis wanted to burst of urine.

She kept sucking and licking.

"Oh fucken' good sweet whroe, keep sucking on my honeypot" I said.

and the nurses crowded around, stroking the restrained patient's face.

"Cum for the new girl" declared the black nurse. She kept licking the restrained girl's nipples.

It is so fucken' good, oh fuck.....

And the patient rocked hard on the table, and she came. She had a meaty orgasm.

She grunted like an oxen in the charcoal pits of Babylon.

Whoredom and fornication, yelled the hospital chaplain. He too observes all the perversion here.

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