Forced to Drink From Her Nipples (twenty three)

Forced to Drink From Her Nipples (twenty three) Forced to Drink From Her Nipples (twenty three)

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


In the house of perversion for women, a new arrival learns about milk and sexual nutrition--
a unique poem / diary


In the house of perversion for women, a new arrival learns about milk and sexual nutrition--
a unique poem / diary


Submitted: May 04, 2017

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Submitted: May 04, 2017




It was hell. I was stripped of my bra & panties and they kept on humiliating me. The black warden played with my nipples and licked my rib cage and neck.

"We gonna' make you feel pleasure & pain down here you slut" said the warden, of the female house of perversions.

They put my arms above my head and my legs in a holding device. I was suspended from the ceiling of the shower stall. They played with my pussy, with my ass, with my nipples. The warden put little clamps with a suction on each of my nipples. They were sucked out by pressure and it felt uncomfortable & then it was arousing, as they got real hard and pink. She kept fingering my asshole and licking my chin. She forced her tongue in mouth.

The black lady & white lady took turns french kissing me and I started to like it. I kissed back fuken' hard, because I had to obey her (warden lady).


I am their whore

and Mommy likes me

she makes me do

filthy things

My heart refuses

to sing


In bondage, each lady took my small nipples and sucked them hard. It was getting to the point I began to crave the tongue on my honeypot. I needed sweet release soon. I was being forced to become highly aroused.

The black lady, had a baby bottle and forced it into my face. "No, No fucken' way, I will not" yelled the captive girl. "Come on hun, get a taste of Mommy's milk" said the black asylum warden.

She forced the baby bottle into my mouth, and I had to drink it. I fucken' hated it. But the other lady played with my pussy & I liked it. I had to do it, fuck.

"Drink Mommy's milk you fucken' bitch" said the warden. The other lady pinched the captive girl's nipples. The warden put her nipples in the girl's mouth and she sucked. She drank the lady's milk.

"Oh baby, this is so fucken' good" said the white lady in front of the girl in bondage. She masturbated herself with a small 5 inch dildo. She leaned forward and sniffed the girl's armpits, then dropped to her knees and began eating her pussy.

"MMMMhhhhhhh ooooooh delicious" yelled the girl as she got her pussy licked. She pleasured the black lady's nipples and sucked the milk.

It was so fucken' hot and horny, I could not stand it, it was erotic and pleasurable. I sucked and sucked my Mommy, the best I could, I wanted to earn an orgasm, I needed to cum bad.

The lady on her knees kept sucking the girl's pussy, and the girl got rough. She nibbled and bit the lady's nipple, sexually, producing pleasure to the black woman. "Oh you are my fucken' slave whore" said the warden.

"OOooooohhhhhh ssssshsjhshhhh uuuuuuhhh" and the girl came in her bonds. The warden continued to milk herself onto the girl's face and the other lady, licked off the milk.

The lady on her knees got a rubber hose and spanked the girl hard, on the ass, and then prepared to shave her pussy and underarms. The warden brought in a sawhorse with a 12 inch black cock attached and the saddle.

"Since you bit my nipples hun, I am going to fuck your ass as punishment" said the warden. She opened up a new jar of petroleum jelly and got the girl ready for ass pounding and anal punishment.

The other lady took the captive girl's lubrication from her pussy, and rubbed it, deep into her nipples.

The girl begged for help, as the cock phallus was mounted.

10 guards entered the room, they stormed after Tammy. Her pig tails bounced and her small cupcakes bounced. For a college-aged girl, she has the equipment, the house of perversion was seeking.

The 5 female guards & 5 male guards, helped get Tammy onto the saddle. The lady warden, awaited her sweet white cream puff.

"Order in the house of female perversion" said the warden. In the name of our lovely house of hell, you are ordered to be anally sodomized by the saddle of punishment" she yelled.

"No, No, I will not" yelled Tammy. The nurse helper greased the 12 inch black phallus. The guards grabbed her shoulders, putting her in a seating position. The female guards touched her nipples, sucked and smelled her shaved armpits, and licked her face.

They knew the pleasure, she was going to endure.

"Ooohhhh fuck, too big, too big, too fucken' ...... ohhhhhh fguck" she yelled. The helper nurse pushed the head of the phallus into the girl's rectal area. "Mmmmmmmhhhhh" she moaned.

""Up her dirty ass" yelled the warden, and the nurse pushed deeper, "Oh take it out, take it out" Tammy yelled. They pushed on her, by the shoulders and the 12 inch cock was 9 inches in her ass. Oh, it was delicious for the guards, as they saw Tammy's painful expression on her face.

Fucken' whores are torturing my ass. I move around to accomodate its length and size. I am beginning to like its fullness and depth. They are splitting me like a logger, I cannot stand it.

All of a sudden she yelled, "Oh fucken' good deep in my ass, fuck fuck fuck" and she began riding the 12 inch black rubber cock.

"The only way of release is to ride it hun" said the warden. "You must cum for me, Or I will not let it out baby cakes." the warden explained.

It was now up to the girl, and in defiance, began loving the cock, riding it, sucking it by her ass muscles into her anal cavern of lust.

And the girl grew more excited and excited as it filled up her ass, deeper and deeper.

As punishment, the warden pulled the girl off the cock, and would not let her cum.

"What the fuck are you doing?" yelled the girl.

"Punishment is dealt in the house of female perversion" said the warden. "Now come to Mommy and suck her big hairy pussy" said the warden. The girl was placed on her knees, and the women guards lined up to receive oral pleasures from Tammy, and they handcuffed her arms behind her back and put on nipple suction cups.

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