Bath Time (twelve)

Bath Time (twelve) Bath Time (twelve)

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Christine takes a bath, with two new black girls at the institution


Christine takes a bath, with two new black girls at the institution


Submitted: April 27, 2017

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Submitted: April 27, 2017



The nurse got Chrissy all ready for her bath. She was pulled out of her cell and stripped. The guards got her to the tub room, without much of a struggle.

Chrissy is a college age girl, stuck in the Assylum for too much partying and drinking. Chrissy hated the facility at first, but has begun to blossom in her new sexuality at the institution. Some of her favorite sex therapies are forced lesbianism and anal sex. She has always had an attraction for girls, and is now living out the fantasy as a patient. She has learned to pleasure a woman and enjoys sucking pussy.

Chrissy did not like the punishment bondage at first, but now craves the helplessness and the forced orgasms. She gets frustrated when they delay orgasm and play with her orgasm outlet, as punishment.

The door opened and two black girls were waiting for her in the tub. "Fuck, look at that fucken' whore, good enough to eat" said Yvette. "Yeah, we're gonna' have some fun in here tonight" said Tonya. Chrissy did not know what to expect and blushed.

"You like black girls?" asked Yvette. "I can learn" said Chrissy.

The nurse shoved Chrissy into the tub, slapped her ass and said, "She's all yours baby"

The black girls were wonderfully handsome. But they were different. They were nursing students, here on their day off, for some good old fashioned fun. Yvette had huge boobs and Tonya had more of a flat chest, with beautiful pointed nipples. Both had much pubic hair and just delicious women for a lucky man or woman. They both claim to be bi-sexual and enjoy themselves sexually. 

"Get over here you fucken' whore" said Yvette. "Sit between us, we wanna' see what you got baby" said Yvette. Chrissy was shy and sat between the cute black girls.

Tonya grabbed Chrissy's nipple and pulled on her hair. "Fucken' very cute" said Tonya. "Fuck, I am already getting wet" said Yvette. The girls began sucking on Chrissy's tongue and Tonya began fingering Chrissy's pussy below the water's surface.

"We are going to make you do some dirty things" said Tonya. "Stand up" said Yvette. "We want a better view of that creamy white body of yours" she said.

Chrissy was shy and submissive. She said, "I am offering myself to you, to be your fucken' whore. I will serve you both sexually and make you feel good. I want to make you delicious  morsels, and will do anything you want" said Chrissy.

"Goddamn dream come true" said Tonya. "I want my pussy sucked all day long" she said.

"They all three deep french kissed and went to the leather table. Chrissy grapped Yvette and began sucking her dark nipples and biting and teasing them. "Yeah baby" said Yvette. Tonya slapped Chrissy on the ass and was getting highly aroused.

"On your knees fucken slut" said Tonya. "Suck our pussies on your knees" she demanded.

Chrissy obediently obeyed her Mistresses and began probing Yvette's honey hole with her pink tongue. "mmmmmmHHHHH. baby got a nice warm tongue" said Tonya. Tonya pushed Chrissy's head forward to Yvette's pussy. "Eat that pussy you whore" yelled Tonya.

Chrissy eats pussy well, and was enjoying herself. This was her first experience with a black woman and was very excited. She gave extra attention on Yvette's clitoris and then sucked off Tonya's pussy.

"Get on the table baby" said Tonya and all three were on the table.

"Smell my womanly body you whore" said Tonya. "When you like something, suck it" she said. Chrissy really liked Tonya's erect black nipples and ate and ate them deliciously. "Oh I am so fucken hot by the white whore" yelled Tonya. "Give me some" yelled Yvette.

Both black women were enjoying their new toy, that offered herself deeply to them. 

Tonya got the 12 inch black phallus, and greased the dildo. "Spread Chrissy's ass wide" said Tonya. Yvette fingered Chrissy's ass, and said, "What a fucken' cute pink ass" she has. Yvette got her ass open, and Tonya began pushing the phallus up her ass.

"Ohhhh mmmmmmpppphhhh" good cock in my ass" yelled Chrissy.

Tonya developed a tempo and it felt rock hard in Chrissy's white ass.

In and out, in and out, and Yvette french kissed Chrissy from the front and pinched her pink nipples hard.

"MMMMMmmHppphh" Oh, I am so sorry,, I came to soon" yelled Chrissy. But it was a small orgasm, I promise to be better next time" said Chrissy. It was like she was explaining to the girls, she was not sexual enough.

"No baby, we love your white ass down here" said Tonya. "We love to make other woman feel good baby" said Yvette.

"Don't feel bad, we all have bad days" said Tonya. "Let's get her to cum good and hard" said Yvette.

"You need a strong hand to cum, my whore, you need a little force" said Tonya.

"Restrain her" yelled Yvette, and they got the ropes and wrestled her to the leather floor mat. "No fucken' way" yelled Chrissy. She hated to be controlled sexually.

They got her wrists and ankles on the 4 point restraint system and she was "theirs for extreme pleasure" said Tonya. Spread eagled to the maximum.

"No, I will not take part in this" yelled Chrissy.

Both black girls, began pinching Chrissy's nipples and sucking on the pink buds. "Ohhhhh mmm" moaned Chrissy. Her helplessness was part of her budding sexuality. She needed to be forced to cum and to be woman handled, to orgasm, because of her shyness and quiet sexuality.

Tonya put on a pair of nipple pinchers on Chrissy. "mmmmmmhhhhhh" oh fucken' good" grunted Chrissy. Yvette began licking and teasing Chrissy's cunt and got a feather.

Yvette rubbed the feather on Chrissy's armpits and down to her navel. "Oh fuck stop it, I cannot stand it" she yelled. Yvette kept torturing her inner thighs with the feather. "Stop it, Stop it" she yelled.

Then she put the tip on her clitoris, and Chrissy went beserk, bucking in her straps. The feather, she could not stand. It was driving her crazy. "We found Chrissy's lucky spot" she said. Up and down, up and down, the feather went, as Chrissy broke out in a sweat and tried to get away, but was useless.

"I am going to bring you to orgasm with my feather tip on your clitoris" said Yvette.

"God No" begged Chrissy.

"Please stop, Oh God it is fucken' good, quit it , quit it, stop it" she screamed.

Up and down, up & down, the feather had a mind of its own, teasing Chrissy's swollen clit bud.

She arched her back, but Tonya pushed her down, and kissed her pink nipples. "Cum for Mommy" said Yvette.

"MMMMMMMhhhhhhhh gooooddddddd" oh oh oh slusshshshshsh" and Chrissy came like an ocean, of waves and spasms, from her toes to her publc region and was out of breath.

Her nipples were hard as glass and she was becoming a very sexual young woman.

The night continued and the black nursing students sat on Chrissy's face, and had their pleasures all night, taken from a cute white girl.

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