Asylum Warden Search (twenty four)

Asylum Warden Search (twenty four) Asylum Warden Search (twenty four)

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A new arrival is searched at the Asylum for perverted women


A new arrival is searched at the Asylum for perverted women


Submitted: May 08, 2017

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Submitted: May 08, 2017



"No, I will not" screamed Lizzy, as the guards crowded around her. "Come on hun, we have to search you for illegal substances" said the warden.

The warden and nurse stood side by side, and snapped their fingers and the guards carried her to the leather examinng table. The warden took off her officer's blouse, with badge and ribbons, her pride and joy of power in her community.

She pulled off her bra, and revealed two wonderful black nipples and bouncy pears, her fruit of the vine, for any willing participant. She loved to lick and lap at the college-aged white girls and many of them, she used for her private pleasures around the mental asylum.

Lizzy was put in 4 point mental health restraints on the leather table, she was hysterical, and they put an O-Ring gag, into her mouth. Saliva dripped from her pink throat, and she was spread very eagle on the leather table.

"WE have to search your body cavities for substances hun, and this is the law"  (or my law) said the black asylum warden. Lizzy struggled in her bonds and the warden and nurse put on medical gloves, and a lubricant was brought forth on a metal table.

One nurse, stroked Lizzy's hair, and began playing with her pink nipples. Lizzy's buds became hard and erect and the nurse pinched her nipples hard. "OOohhhhhhhh" she moaned.

"According to rule 00069, in the name of the Asylum for Rehabilitation of Women Perverts, Lizzy Burton, is owned by the Asylum for a period of one year" recited the warden.

Lizzy struggled in her bonds. "You are our new arrival, and we own that piece of ass of yours" said the black warden. "We are going to bring out your inner sexual animal here" said the warden.

"Some of our treats include: bdsm for pain & pleasure, spankings, enemas, forced orgasm and orgasm denial, threesomes and orgies, and whatever out sex therapist prescribes for your treatment you whore" explained the warden.

They got Lizzy on her feet and still restrained.


I hate what they do to me here. The guards keep touching my nipples and play with my pussy. The warden presses my nipples and makes it feel uncomfortable. They keep making me aroused by their hands on my body. I try and hide my wetness from them, but they can smell my pussy and know I am sexually ready for whatever they want to do to me.

They stood me over the drain and shaved my pubic hair off. It is humiliating as the student nurses watch & masturbate, as if I am some X-rated movie showpiece. One girl kept rubbing herself and made me smell her fingers, the smell of another girl's pussy.

The warden inspected my chocolate hole and my honey hole. She masturbated herself at the same time. It felt good when she put her fingers in my ass.

She pinched my nipples and slapped my ass and called me whore. Then the black warden spanked my ass.

"You like black girls?" asked the warden. "I  don't know" You gonna' lick my pussy and asshole whore! Lizzy was on her feet and the warden got on a step stool. "Eat my nipples bitch" said the warden, and Lizzy began sucking the black lady's nipples.

"Mmmmmh delicous tongue you got whore" said the warden. Another nurse put a finger in Lizzy's puss and began pleasuring her. Lizzy began enjoying the feelings and sucked warden's nipples, lIcking and sucking like a man sucking oysters from their shells.

"Yes, suck Mommy's nipples" said the warden. Lizzy concentrated on the black hard buds and made the warden feel good. "Now you will suck my pussy whore" said the warden. Still in restraints, the warden had her lowered down to a kneeling position. "Now eat Mommy" said the warden. The drop out college girl, munched on the warden's honey hole, and has pleasured a woman before.

"Tongue feels good whore, keep sucking" said the warden. Two lady nurses were on their knees and began french kissing Lizzy and helping to suck the warden's pussy.

"Oh fufffffffkkkkkkkk" said the warden, as she felt the delicious sensations of warm tongues all over her body. Just then, a large black man entered the room with an erection. "There she is" a nurse pointed to the man, (at Lizzy), and the man walked towards the kneeling girl.

"Suck his cock" said the nurse. And Lizzy opened her pink throat and sucked him.

Up and down, up and down, sucking the man's cock.

"You like big dicks?" asked the nurse. Lizzy nodded Yes.

They  kept fingering Lizzy's ass and brought in a leather saw horse. "Stand up the slut" said the warden, and they bent Lizzy over the sawhorse.

"I am ready whores" said Lizzy. Oh beatutiful black man,  please fuck baby's ass right now, I give you full permission to bust that creamy white ass" Lizzy yelled. The man smiled and began producing a very large erection, like a steel pipe.

The treatment nurse was on her knees and orally pleasured the man for a couple minutes.

Then they spread Lizzy's ass open. She was a tight girl, a small college girl, with two tight openings. She was golden tan, and blonde, just the way they enjoy em' at the Assylum.

"Oh, yes, daddy please fill that ass up baby" yelled Lizzy. The man slid in his cock, felt around in her anal cavern and began riding her. The warden and nurses continued to pinch Lizzy's  nipples and suck her rib cage like a steak dinner. Many tongues, sucked her feet, and her back side.

The man felt no guilt and pounded the creamy ass like a pussy. In and out, she gasped and moaned outloud. It felt good in Lizzy's ass.


It feels good to  be sodomized. I am totally helpless and cannot go anywhere but on orgasm. They control my sexually, and I am ready to cum soon.

Daddy pounded the girl and she was almost there. Her toes curled, she had begin to shallow breathe and face was bright and red, her nipples erect. Her pussy and ass, formed an aroma of sexuality in the room, and many were participating and masturbating.

"OH, baby gonna' cum, baby gonna' cum" smiled Lizzy. The man grunted and held on as long as possible, and he let his creamy load go, inside the girl's ass. Lizzy burst out with emotion and said, "OH I  love that black cock in my ass, baby gonna' cum for Mommy" and she let herself go. She grunted like a male soldier in the fields, and she spasmed, and had to be held up, as she was weak in her knees and was falling down in orgasm. They  smeared the cum all over her face, and the warden and nurses shared the semen on their pink tongues. Lizzy was unchained and taken to the enema ward.

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