Abducted Pleasure (fifteen)

Abducted Pleasure (fifteen) Abducted Pleasure (fifteen)

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A 50 year old woman pays money to a company, that helps one act out their sexual fantasies, and Shirley gets a good dose of this medicine....


A 50 year old woman pays money to a company, that helps one act out their sexual fantasies, and Shirley gets a good dose of this medicine....


Submitted: April 29, 2017

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Submitted: April 29, 2017



Shirley left the office, after paying the $5,000 dollars, wondering when it would all happen. She has paid to live out a sexual fantasy that she has lived with-- for most of her life.

It started maybe with the punishment she received by daddy's belt, or the time she was humiliated in the girl's locker room. But she enjoyed watching pain & pleasure movies and she was going to live out her sexual fantasy. Her money was paid & she signed the contract, she had no idea, when it would happen.

The blonde 50 year old executive had a lousy sex life, especially with her two drunken husbands. Both could not satisfy her sexually, and could not maintain an erection for very long. Shirley had two lesbian affairs and it was Heaven for her, and she wanted more of this lustful pleasure. But she also loved sucking cock and riding on top, and threesomes, she truly enjoyed.

In a lesbian affair, she got whipped a lot and was made to do very dirty things-- this turned her on and was the catalyst for seeking an "abduction fantasy" and "BDSM theme capture."

Shirley has huge boobs and a very sexy woman's ass. Her nipples are short and her tits bounce like peaches on a tree. Her pubic region was trimmed down to a stubble and she has a very hairy blonde asshole. She recently got a bob cut, or pixie cut, trying to be more tomboyish. Her armpit stubble is thick, and she likes to not wear deodorant on the day she has sex; a very hormonal woman that takes supplements to keep herself soft and highly orgasmic.

Upon leaving her office, from the parking structure, she was bending down, when a van came screeching around the corner-- and stopped at her auto.

Masked individuals ran from the vehicle and pulled her into the van. She struggled, but cannot remember what happened. She heard men and women talking. Then she passed out.

She awoke, and wondered what happened, and said, "Is everybody allright?" Next she looked up and was standing on cinder blocks with her arms raised  above her head, and her legs spread, wearing  a leg spreader bar to keep her legs open. She was wearing fish net nylons and a bra with round circular holes cut in, with her nipples sticking out. She was helpless. "Oh fuck" she thought, this must be the abduction fantasy!

She was in some kind of chamber with pink tiles all around, and a bathtub in the distance, some sort of OB/GYN medical table, straps and whips everywhere. She saw massive dildoes and butt plugs in a glass showcase and candles lit.

A lady dressed in leather panties and leather bra, came from the distance. "You fucken' whore" she yelled. "You are gonna' fucken' feel pain & pleasure, slut-- for your sexual sins." the lady said.

The lady walked around Shirley and observed the new arrival. "We gonna' get real nasty down here with you, make sure you get your monies' worth" she said.

The lady held Shirley's chin and then pinched her nipple hard. "Oooooucyh" yelled Shirley. "You like that whore?" asked the lady. She then pinched the other nipple. "MMMMmmmhhhhh" moaned Shirley. "Fucken' whore, we gonna' make it good for you here" she said.

I loved the feeling of helplessness, and she began arousing me by playing with my nipples. I longed to be made to suck cock and eat pussy. My pleasure, I know was just around the corner. I was theirs. OH, fuck, bring on the pain & pleasure. I need this so bad. My asshole and pussy ached for deep pleasure and loss of control, to orgasm in front of these people & be humiliated.

The lady kept toying with Shirley's nipples and took a pointed stainless steel probe, and poked at her body. Rubbing her with the probe, she found her clitoral bud. "Mmmmmhhhh,, " moaned Shirley. "We gotta' get the juices flowing baby" she said.

A black girl entered the room, very sexy. She was flat chested and about 19 years old. She wore black pigtails and had pointed erect nipples. She immediately pushed up against Shirley and put her tongue in her mouth. Shirley kissed back hard, and they made out, french kissing deep.

"You like that whore,don't  you?" asked the leather clad lady. Shirley nodded "Yes."

The black girl contined frenching Shirley and then begain playing with Shirley's pussy and ass. The leather lady observed the scene and asked the man to enter the room.

The man was rock hard and he walked wity a gigantic erection. The black girl orally kissed the man and then went on her knees. She began sucking his cock, and orally giving him pleasure. Shirley watched in amazement and wanted that cock so bad, but she just kept sucking. The leather lady, she also went on her knees and sucked the white man's cock. Then a black man entered the room and he was erect.

Both women on their knees, each orally satisfying themselves and the hard cocked men.

Shirley was so jealous, watching the men.

They are torturing me psychologically-- I want that cock so fucken' bad, and they know it. They are teasing me, because in my mind I can taste the cocks, the saltiness. I want to suck the black man's cock so fucken' bad. I like the black girl, too, I want to eat her pussy, they are going to control me I know they are.

The black girl and white leather clad lady french kissed each other, taking turns, sucking the men's cocks, off and on, off and on. The leather lady stripped and she had beatiful long nipples, flat chested and hard. The black and white girls enjoyed their pink tongues and sucked cock continually.

Shirley was wet, and she wanted cock. All of a sudden the leather lady arose and cut the straps, and she was let down off the cinder blocks. Shirley was put on the rubber mat on the floor. The black girl was on the floor and Shirley was told to lay down.

"Open your fucken' legs bitch" said the black girl. Shirley spread her legs. "Open them wider you fucken whore" yelled the girl.

The black girl (Carmel) put an oily substance on Shirley's crotch area. "Yeah baby, I am gonna' make you feel good" she said. Carmel spread Shirley's legs further, and began tasting her pussy lips. "Fucken delicious" she said. Carmel began making love to a woman with her hot tongue.

"Mhhhhhhh gooooood" moaned Shirley. Carmel expored Shirley's honeypot and kept sucking and kissing her inner thighs.

The lady of leather (Mistress) got on the floor with the lesbian couple and began sucking Shirley's nipples. They stripped off her fish nets and her bra, and all were nude.

The white and black man stood with hard cocks and masturbated themselves, off and on; waiting to become part of the action.

Carmel kept sucking Shirley, and the men approached Shirley. The black man put his cock in Shirley's mouth and she began sucking. Her mouth was full and the other man also had his cock out. Shirley sucked both cocks as, the other women at Shirley's lower level; ate and sucked her pussy.

Oh, how I long for this pleasure. Sucking the cocks in my mouth, being deep throated. The men allow me to pleasure them as I roll my tongue around their cocks and kiss their balls. The black man teased me and put his cock on my chin, and slapped me on the face with it. I am so hungry for these big dicks, I beg for them in my pussy and asshole.

The ladies on the floor got up, and went for a table. Rolling over a chiropractor table, they easily pushed it up near Shirley. "Up, stand up whore" said Carmel. Shirley arose up. They pushed her down, onto a table, where she was on her chest and her ass way up in the air.

She was restrained on the table and the men took a break, from their cock lapping.

She was now in the doggie position, and awaiting her next pleasure. Carmel and the leather lady began rubbing her anal ring, and fingering her asshole. "No, No, not that, she moaned. Shirley was new to anal sex and was not ready for this adventure.

"You fucken' whore, yelled Mistress. You gonna' take it deep in the ass baby" she said.

The ladies put a cherry and wonderful smelling jelly on Shirley's asshole. The girls licked her ass very deep and pleasured her ass. "Ohhhhhhh, so fucken goood, oh duoooooop oh fuck my asshole deep, please give that cock to me baby" she yelled.

Carmel, pushed a small 4 inch glass dildo into Shirley's ass, and she enjoyed the way Carmel explored her chocolate hole.

The men got in front of Shirley, and put their cocks in her mouth, and was forced to suck their cocks, in front of her face.

They are driving me into such ecstasy as I suck these big cocks. So hot, and orally satisying, as I tease the black man's cock and bite on the white man's cock. Fuck, I await the pleasures that keep coming to me...

"She's ready, to take it up the ass" Mistress said.

"Oh fuck, it is so fucken' big" Shirley yelled, as the white man put his cock in. He pushed around, then the other man, pushed him out of the way. The white man got on the floor and began fooling around with Carmel.

The black man, it was his turn. He slid in his cock into Shirley, and it ached. "Ohhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhh" she groaned, as the cock went beyond the first muscle sphinchter of her ass. "Oooooohhhhhh gooood and deeeeep" she moaned.

He began a soft tempo. And then fucked her, hard and deep, taking all of her chocolate tunnel for himself. Selfish fucking, for himself, and to please her too. He began fucking very hard.

Oh, fuck, this is so fucken' delicious, being fucked in the ass by this well hung man. He makes me so fucken' good at being a woman. I love this big cock in my ass, it is the gate to my inner whore. I am so fucken' dirty, I need punishment.

"Oh, fuck me babies" Shirley moaned. "Give me your cocks in the ass, let me eat your pussies. I want to be your slave and serve the Master & Mistress of my dreams" she yelled. 

The man pounded her like a jack hammer. "Ohhhhh fgucckkkkk" she moaned and groaned as the man kept fucking her in the ass. The leather lady was in front of Shirley and pinched her nipples under the table and sucked on Shirley's face.

"Is it good for you sweet baby?" asked the leather lady.

"Yes my Mistress" she said. "I love you so much Mistress, I want to lick your asshole and your pussy all day and night" Shirley said. "And I like the cute black girl too" said Shirley.

Just then, Carmel moaned, as the white man on the floor, was almost done. They were fucking on the floor. Carmel arched her back and her toes spread, as the girl had a delicious orgasm. The man then sprayed his cum onto the Mistress's face, along with Shirley that got a taste of his cum.

The black girl licked it off the ladies' faces and they french kissed all in front of Shirley.

Then the black man arched his back, standing up, and came in Shirley's ass.

Shirley, was erect and standing up on her knees and was grunting. "mmmmmmmhhhhhh ohhhhhhhh soslslslllll" and she came in a watery orgasm, fluid came from her pussy hole.

She spasmed very hard still attached to the chiropractor table.

The ladies licked Shirley's face and orally frenched her mouth. The black girl sucked on Mistress's nipples for a while and then stood up.

The people left the room, and let Shirley calm down after her lustful anal fuck.

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