Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Anna is the kind of girl who doesn't break the rules, but when she's confronted by the sexy stranger at her father's church all of the rules go out of the window. A one off passionate encounter is all it's meant to be, but when their paths cross a second time the explosive chemistry they felt back then is still there and it won't seem to go away...


Anna is the kind of girl who doesn't break the rules, but when she's confronted by the sexy stranger at her father's church all of the rules go out of the window. A one off passionate encounter is all it's meant to be, but when their paths cross a second time the explosive chemistry they felt back then is still there and it won't seem to go away...

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I inhaled deeply on my cigarette, savouring the last drag. I'm sure this wasn't what my dad had in mind when he asked me to close up the church, but my need had been too great.

Funerals weren't the happiest of events, even when your father was a priest and you were brought up to believe in heaven and hell. As long as you lived by God's rules then you'd be rewarded, it was what my dad believed and it was certainly what most of Grey Oaks 3000 population believed as well.

When you lived in a small town of religious folk then a funeral like today had filled the pews. Dennis Firth had been a local hero, a man who put his community first and was forever organising charity fundraisers.

Two weeks ago he had dropped dead in the local market. He was only 58 years old and seemed to be in pretty good health so everyone had been shocked.

I stubbed my cigarette out on the wall and sighed. Today hadn't been easy for anyone, Dennis was well liked and he had always been on hand to help out anyone who needed it. To be honest, there were times when his willingness to help others had almost been too much - even my dad had commented on it in the past.

"Maybe if he had focused so much on having a happy home then things would have worked out differently." He'd said as we ate dinner last night.

I'd asked him to elaborate but he wouldn't. It didn't bother me too much, Dennis was dead after all and his wife had died at a young age. I was only a child when his son ran away at the age of sixteen, as far as I knew they'd never got back in touch or reconciled.

I'd lost my own mother when I was eleven. There was no way I could ever imagine running off and not speaking to my father again, no matter how much we might disagree.

I locked the main doors into the church and put my hand in my bag to search for chewing gum. My dad would not be happy if he thought I had been smoking, he was extremely strict and he'd drilled into me that everything I did was a reflection on him and our religion.

"I take it the fucker is already in the ground."

I turned quickly, completely caught off guard. My packet of gum fell to the ground as all the breath left my body; the man stood in front of me was gorgeous.

His hair was jet black and slightly long, falling at the collar of his t-shirt. It framed his handsome face perfectly. My eyes felt like they were on stalks when they wandered over his body; a mountain of broad shoulders and pure muscle that made my heart race.

He was wearing a black t-shirt and I could see his arms were covered in tattoos. It wasn't just his appearance though, there was this magnetism about him that was impossible to ignore. I just couldn't stop staring like an idiot.

He coughed and I finally met his eyes, my cheeks burning red.

"Sorry, who are you?" I mumbled, trying to sound casual.

As a rather inexperienced 18 year old, I just didn't feel equipped to speak to a man who looked like that. He had to be at least ten years older than me and he was just so unbelievably hot. Nothing like the high school boys I was use to hanging around with.

"Never mind who I am, I asked you a question before you started fucking me with your eyes."

Oh my God, I felt like my face was on fire. I brushed my fingers through my blonde hair nervously and took a few steps back. He sighed loudly and took a few steps closer to me, shortening the distance between us.

"Look, I'm sorry. This town has a lot of bad memories for me, but that's no excuse to be rude to you. Can you tell me if the funeral is over for Dennis Firth?"

I bit my lip and nodded, still feeling unsure of him. He was radiating anger and frustration, although surprisingly I didn't feel scared.

"Ok, well if you don't mind could you please show me to his grave? I need to pay my final respects."

His handsome face lit up when he smiled and I noticed he had beautiful green eyes. I swallowed nervously and tried to find my voice.

"It's just over here."

I started to walk off when I felt his hand grab mine, causing a jolt of electricity to fire through my entire body. I spun around quickly and he was staring at me curiously, his hand still holding mine.

"You dropped your gum." He said quietly, and I couldn't help but wonder if he'd felt it too.

I nodded in thanks and carried on walking, my brain going into overdrive with all the questions I wanted to ask.

"I'll give you some privacy." I muttered when we finally reached the grave. He was stood so close to me that his arm was almost touching mine.

He shrugged indifferently and stepped forward. I was frozen to the spot, obsessively committing every part of him to memory. He hadn't been wrong when he said I'd been fucking him with my eyes, what girl wouldn't though? He was almost too good looking to be real.

"Look at all these fucking flowers, more than the piece of shit deserved."

His voice was deep and I could hear the hatred in it. I couldn't help but be taken aback, everyone had loved Dennis. Who the hell was this man and why was he even here?

"Sorry, who are you again?" I said, sounding way more confident than I felt.

He didn't answer me, instead I heard the sound of his flies being unzipped and before I had chance to process it he was pissing all over the headstone.

"I'm his son, Ryan. I'd shake your hand but..."

He turned and winked at me and all I could do was stare. Shock had rendered me speechless and I was glued to the spot. After he finished he zipped back up and walked over to me, smiling like nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

"How about we go for a beer? Get to know each other a bit better."

His arm wrapped around my waist and I ignored the way my body tingled at his touch. He was seriously going to hit on me after what I had just witnessed? I pulled away and started to walk off, no matter what issues he had there was no excuses for his behaviour.

"Hey, where are you going?" He shouted.

I was going to ignore him but my anger took over. This was my father's church and his behaviour had disrespected him, as well as everyone in the town who had laid those flowers down.

"As far as I can from you. I suggest you get the hell out of here and don't come back." I said coldly.

He raised his eyebrows and walked towards me. I swallowed nervously, my instinct was telling me to run but I stood my ground.

"Wow, you're a bit of a firecracker aren't you? Wouldn't think it to look at that pretty blonde face." He said softly, an amused look on his own face.

"Only when I have to be. Like I said, you need to leave. I'm done speaking to you."

My heart was hammering in my chest. When he'd called me pretty I'd felt a warm rush flood my body and it had caught me off guard. I started to walk away, needing to get as far away as possible from him. He was obviously disturbed and there was no way I should be responding to him the way I was.

"I don't go round pissing on people's graves for no reason. Aren't you curious why I did that?"

Something about the tone of his voice made me stop. I didn't realise he was right behind me till I turned and bumped right into him, my hand landing on his stomach to steady myself.

I could feel his ab muscles through his t-shirt and before I could stop myself my fingers had run over them, gently feeling the hard ridges of muscle. He took a sharp intake of breath as I came to my senses, pulling my hand away quickly.

"My father was evil, he wasn't the man everyone thought he was. Unless you lived with him you had no idea how depraved he was."

I felt a shiver run down my spine, when I looked at his face I could see the tension in his jaw.

"Your father did a lot for the people around here. You'll have to forgive me if I have trouble believing that."

He made a face and rolled his eyes.

"Of course, you believe that shit. I have no reason to lie, it's the fucking truth and nobody can argue with that."

When I looked into his eyes I knew he was telling the truth, the pain was written all over his handsome face and his whole body was tight with tension.

"I had no idea... I'm sorry." I muttered, looking at the ground.

He sighed loudly

"Nobody knew the truth. My dad was so adored by the people in this shitty town that they didn't want to hear anything that contradicted that."

Well that was certainly true. Ryan sighed loudly and ran his fingers through his hair.

"I'm sure you've heard all about me, the wayward son who was always getting into trouble. Everyone felt so sorry for my dad, that's why I fucked off the first opportunity I got."

We were both quiet. I didn't know what to say to him, I guess there were no words to make any of it any better.

"Look, let me buy you a beer. I'm guessing you've finished working here for the day?"

He obviously thought I was at least 21, although he didn't strike me as someone who cared about the law when it came to drinking alcohol.

I knew I should say no but at the end of the day I was a teenage girl and the hottest man I'd ever seen was asking me out for a drink. Ok, so he'd just pissed all over his dead father's grave but I kind of understood why... Oh God, what did that even say about me?

"Ok, I just need to txt my fa- friend. We had plans." I said, correcting myself quickly.

He smiled at me again and I felt my insides melt.

"My car's outside the church, there's a bar at my motel if you fancy it."

I hesitated, was I really going to do this?

He held his hands up.

"I'll drop you back here afterwards. I promise."

I nodded and followed him to his car, it was a black Cadillac Escalade. I looked at it in surprise, I hadn't been expecting him to be driving something so serious looking.

He held the door open for me and I climbed in carefully, my black dress riding up slightly as I sat down. I didn't miss the way his eyes wandered over my legs appreciatively.

What the hell was I doing? I was the 18 year old daughter of a priest and I knew better than to get into cars with strange men I didn't know, even if they did look like a Calvin Klein model.

By the time he had sat in the drivers seat I was about to unbuckle my seatbelt and tell him I couldn't go.

He must have sensed my hesitation and before I could speak he got in there first.

"Relax, it's just a beer. I promise, I'm not the kind of guy to force anything. I mean look at me, I can get women easily enough."

Wow, he certainly wasn't short of confidence. Although he did have a point, I was sure he didn't struggle when it came to women.

He started to drive away and I searched in my bag for my phone.

What was I going to say to my dad? I typed out a short txt saying I'd bumped into an old friend and had gone to hang out with them.

He would be furious but I'd deal with it later, it wasn't like this was regular behaviour on my part. In fact, as far as teenagers went I had been pretty perfect. It was good to have some kind of rebellion at some point.

I considered txting my friend Lucy about where I was going, but thought better of it. My dad would be sure to ask her if she knew where I was and she'd said before there was no way she could lie to a priest.

I switched my phone off and tried to relax into the seat.

"So you volunteer at the church? Does that mean you're some kind of religious nut?"

I laughed loudly and shook my head.

"Not at all, I just like to help out."

He raised his eyebrows and winked at me. My heart felt like it was going to explode in my chest when he did that, it was scary how much he was affecting me.

"Community Service? I've been there, it sucks."

I turned to look at him in disbelief, his eyes were focused on the road ahead but I knew straight away he was teasing me.

"Do I look like someone who breaks the law?"

He stopped at a red light and turned to look at me, his eyes wandering over my body in a heated gaze. When he finally looked back at my face he licked his bottom lip and gave me a smile so dirty I felt myself blush.

"Not the law but you look like you have a body made for sin, kind of ironic you volunteer at a church baby."

My cheeks flushed, I'd never been spoken to in such a sexual way before. I pressed my thighs together as my whole body ached for his touch. Ryan's eyes flickered down to my lap, I knew he could tell how easily I was responding to him.

A car horn blasting out made both of us jump, Ryan swore under his breath as he pulled away quickly. The traffic lights had changed and neither of us had noticed. The air between us felt charged and even though I had no experience of these kind of things, I knew we had pretty impressive sexual chemistry. Which was crazy considering we barely knew each other.

"What did you do community service for?" I asked, suddenly remembering how the conversation had even started in the first place.

"Stuff." He said, watching the road ahead.

"What kind of stuff?" I asked, pushing him once more for more information.

"Illegal stuff." He replied, a glint in his eyes.

I closed my mouth and fiddled with my hair nervously. People didn't get community service for murder or rape, surely it wasn't anything that bad.

My dad's voice rang through my head

"Breaking any law is bad, you can't pick and choose."

My whole life he'd lectured me on the importance of being a good and lawful member of society. He would have a nervous breakdown if he knew what I was doing right now.

I watched Ryan out of the corner of my eye, his profile was as perfect as the rest of him. The urge to lean over and kiss him was overwhelming, and the thought of his hands on my body or his lips on my neck was getting me so worked up that I felt like I was going to combust.

It was insane, I was feeling and thinking things I didn't fully understand. I'd kissed a few guys throughout high school but that was it. Nobody had even come close to making me feel the way Ryan was right now.

Apart from kissing I hadn't done anything else with a guy. Lucy and I had both read our fair share of her mum's Mills & Boon's books, the descriptions of sex lingering in my mind as I touched myself at night. As pathetic as it sounded, that was the full extent of my sexual experience.

The car came to a stop before I knew it. I pulled myself out of my head and took in our surroundings. We were at Farleys' Motel & Bar, it was a total dive and I could only imagine the kind of people who hung out in a place like this.

People like Ryan.

"You didn't tell me your name." He said quietly, pulling me from my thoughts.

I lied, deciding it was probably for the best that he didn't know my real name. The last thing I needed was him tracking me down, everyone knew my father was the local priest.

"I'm Danielle."

"Just Danielle?" He whispered, undoing his seatbelt.

When I looked at him I felt it again, white hot lust firing through my veins. Ryan leaned in closer to me so his mouth was hovering over mine.

"Just Danielle." I breathed.

He was so close to me, I could hardly remember to breathe let alone string a sentence together.

"Well just Danielle, it's a pleasure to meet you."

His breath tickled my lips, sending shivers down my spine. It was like someone else was controlling me as my hand moved to his face, my fingers stroking his stubble. He closed his eyes and I couldn't stop myself, I moved my mouth to his and kissed him.

I'd never been bold enough to make the first move but right now I was kissing Ryan with a passion I didn't even know I had inside of me. His hand moved to my face as he deepened our kiss, his tongue exploring my mouth. I let out a low moan as his hand moved to my waist, gripping me tightly.

After a few minutes we came apart, both breathing heavily.

"How about you stop kissing me long enough to let me buy you that beer?" He teased, softly tugging my bottom lip between his teeth.

I tried to calm my breathing as I leaned back and unbuckled my seat belt. Going for a drink sounded like a good idea, things were moving rather quickly and I felt like I was losing all of my self control.

"A beer sounds good." I said softly, pushing my hair behind my ears.

He winked at me and his hand moved to my thigh, his fingers slipping underneath my dress so he was stroking my knee. I clutched the door handle as his fingers brushed up higher and caressed my inner thigh, the pads of his fingers rough against my smooth flesh.

"You best get out before I change my mind baby, else we'll be skipping that beer..."

I grabbed my bag and got out of the car, my legs feeling weak as I stood up. Considering it was Fall the weather was still pretty warm. It was a shame really, a blast of cold air might have helped cool down the heat that was rushing through my blood.

Ryan came around the car and grabbed my hand, his fingers linking with mine. It felt like there was some kind of energy flowing between us, that was the best way I could think of describing it. I didn't want to break the connection because the longer we touched the more intense it felt.

As we approaced the entrance to the bar three men looked up at us. They were sat outside the bar, sipping beers and smoking. I felt my body tense as we got closer, none of them looked particularly friendly.

If Ryan had noticed then he certainly didn't seem phased. He held the door open for me and we walked right in, his hand still glued to mine.

I'd never actually been in a bar of any sort before, but I couldn't imagine they were all as miserable as this place. It was dark and the grey paint was flaking off the walls. The tables and chairs were a whole mismatch of styles and designs, none of them really going together. It was depressing to look at, let alone sit in.

"Hey Mike, two beers." Ryan said, leading me over to the bar.

As we walked further into the building I almost had to cover my nose. The smell was disgusting, it stank of sweat and stale beer. I was starting to get offended that he'd even thought to bring me here, surely this wasn't the kind of place you brought a girl for a drink?

Ryan pulled out a bar stool for me. I sat down, deciding it probably wouldn't go down well if I asked for them to clean it first. He sat down next to me as Mike pushed two bottles of beer towards us.

"There you go buddy. You sure your friend here is 21? She looks kinda young."

Ryan started laughing and I felt panic wash over me. If he asked for some ID then it would be over.

"Of course she is Mike, what do you take me for? Danielle here is..."

He looked at me expectantly and I panicked.

"23... I'm 23."

Ryan handed me my bottle of beer and picked up his own. Mike didn't look convinced but he didn't say anything else.

"Cheers!" He said, chinking his bottle against mine.

He took a large gulp and I did the same. I'd never actually drank beer before, it tasted disgusting and I had to resist the urge to spit it out everywhere.

"Tell me about yourself." He said, his hand resting on my knee.

Oh shit, I wasn't really comfortable lying to him - especially as he seemed to be pretty honest and open about himself.

"Oh well, there isn't much to say really." I replied, taking another gulp of my beer.

"Bullshit. There's always something to say, it's just whether you want to say it or not."

I could feel Ryan's eyes burning into me as I took another sip of my beer. Thankfully, his phone started ringing in his pocket and I was saved from answering any of his questions.

He shot me an apologetic look as he pulled it out, swearing when he looked at the screen.

"I have to take this, wait here." He said, almost sounding gruff.

I nodded, there was no way I was going to wander off in this place. It wasn't exactly busy but the few people in here looked anything but friendly. Ryan headed outside and I drained the rest of my beer, my earlier boldness fading.

"You need another drink princess?"

I turned and an overweight guy in a checked shirt was stood behind me, his hand moving to my shoulder. My stomach turned as I shook my head, shrugging his meaty hand off me. I glanced at the door nervously, there was no sign of Ryan.

"Don't worry about pretty boy, you can have a beer with me." He said, moving his hand back to my shoulder and gripping it tighter this time.

My stomach was twisted in knots, this guy wasn't taking no as an answer and I was starting to feel uncomfortable. He stank as well, the smell of his BO made me feel sick.

"I don't need another beer, can you just leave me alone."

I tried to sound firm but my voice wobbled, he laughed loudly and sat down beside me in Ryan's seat.

"Now, now. Don't be rude... I just wanted to make friends."

I went to stand up but he grabbed my wrist, I tried to yank my arm from him but he tightened his grip.

"Just let me go!" I said, desperately trying to pull away from him.

He laughed and pulled me onto his lap, his hand moving over my stomach and to my breast.

"Fucking sweet tits princess." he groaned, his hot breath burning my cheek.

Using all of my strength I pushed his hand off me and elbowed him in the nose. Blood spurted everywhere as he finally let go of me.

"You bitch!" He roared, as I leapt up from his lap and stepped away from him.

He was just about to approach me when Ryan appeared from nowhere, his elbow slamming into the guys chest. He grabbed his arm and twisted it, wrenching him to the ground. I winced as he rested his foot on his shoulder, his hand gripping his forearm and yanking it hard. The guy cried out as his shoulder dislocated, his scream of pain chilling my bones.

"That's not how you treat women, you fucking cunt." Ryan spat, his voice full of anger.

The guy just cried out, his hand grabbing his limp shoulder. His friends had stood up but one look from Ryan made them all sit back down again.

"Are you ok?" He said, walking over to me.

I nodded and he took hold of my hand, leading me outside. I followed quietly as he lead me to his room, my whole body shaking.

Ryan was still angry, I could hear it in his breathing as he pulled me along. Once we got to his room he opened the door with his key and slammed it shut loudly.

I didn't even think about what I was doing, I flung myself into his body and pressed my face into his chest. At first he didn't know how to respond, but after a few seconds he had wrapped his arms around me.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have left you alone in that shithole." He murmured, his fingers running through my hair.

I could hear his heart beating in his chest. I closed my eyes and listened, it's regular beat helping me calm down.

"Do you want me to take you home?" He said after a few minutes, tilting my face so I was looking at him.

Our eye contact felt way more intimate than any words could of, I shook my head and slowly stretched up to his face so I could kiss him.

He let out a quiet moan as I wrapped my arms around his neck and he picked me up, my legs circling him. The way he kissed me made my whole body ache for more, I could barely contain myself as he lead us to the bed. He sat down and I wrapped myself around him tightly.

"You made a good job of breaking that guy's nose." he said breathlessly, when we finally came apart.

I placed my hand on his chest and traced my fingers over his muscles.

"You did a good job of dislocating his shoulder."

He burst out laughing, making me smile. It felt pretty special to know I was the one making him laugh like that. Without warning he fell back on the bed, rolling us over so I was on my back and he was on top of me.

"Well, I'd say we make quite the couple. Nobody should fuck with either one of us..."

His voice trailed off as he kissed all along my jaw and across my throat. I closed my eyes and tried to commit every second of it to memory, his stubble felt rough as it grazed my skin especially after the softness of his lips.

"I think this needs to come off now." he growled, tugging my dress.

He used one hand to undo the buttons easily, his other hand holding mine above my head - his thumb stroking the palm of my hand reassuringly.

I could feel my nerves increasing as he undid each button, what if he didn't approve of how I looked? I had on boring black underwear and there certainly wasn't anything sexy about it. Once he'd finished he sat back on his heels and stared.

"Wow, do you have any idea how fucking beautiful you are?" He said, shaking his head.

I felt my cheeks turn crimson. It wasn't with embarrassment this time, it was with pleasure. He was back on me before I had chance to respond, kissing me fiercly and pulling my leg up so it was hooked over his hip.

Every kiss became more and more urgent, I didn't even realise it but I was rocking my hips so I was grinding up into him. He kept on letting out low moans that made my whole body tingle.

I arched up into him when he pulled the cups of my bra down, exposing my breasts. He cupped each of them in his hand and squeezed.

"Great tits baby, I'm going to enjoy being inside you..."

I was feeling dazed in a cloud of lust, my mind foggy. When he took one of my nipples in his mouth and sucked it hard I cried out loudly. He licked and teased it with his tongue, making me wriggle underneath him.

His hand had moved to my black cotton panties; rather than pulling them off he moved them to one side and I arched my back up again as his fingers stroked my clit.

Pleasure penetrated every part of me, I'd touched myself numerous time but it had never felt like this before. Ryan still had his mouth all over my breasts, I was digging my nails into his shoulder desperately trying to ground myself.

"You like how it feels when I touch your pussy?"

I couldn't believe he'd just said pussy and I didn't find it disgusting. In fact it was the complete opposite.

I cried out loudly as his thumb massaged my clit and his fingers stroked my opening. His mouth found mine quickly and he thrust his tongue inside at the same time as he pushed his fingers into me. I felt myself stretch as I clenched around him.

"Fuck, you're so tight..." he groaned, moving them slowly back and forth.

Any inhibitions I had were gone, all I could think about was the mountain of pleasure building inside of me and how I could increase it. When he moved his hand away I let out a disappointed moan and he laughed quietly.

I felt even more disappointed when he moved off me and sat up. However, that soon changed when he pulled off his t-shirt. There are some things that stay with you forever and I knew that the first time I saw Ryan naked would be one of them. He was a wall of rippling muscle, his chest and stomach so defined he looked like he was carved from stone.

His tattoos travelled across his broad shoulders to his chest. He started to undo his jeans and that's when I noticed the scars. Some were purple and jagged, but others were white and I could make out a larger one under his collarbone.

I wanted to ask about them but my instinct told me not to. He kicked his jeans off and I was immediately distracted by the sight of his large and muscular thighs, then I saw the size of his erection, barely contained in his boxers and I swallowed nervously.

"Don't worry, I'm good at making it fit." He teased, obviously clocking my nervousness.

Maybe I should just tell him I was a virgin? Although the last thing I wanted was for him to turn around and tell me we couldn't do this. He climbed back over to me and sat me up, sliding my dress off my shoulders and freeing my arms.

He started kissing me again and I barely noticed as he unclasped my bra and it fell off. We fell backwards and this time he yanked the waistband of panties and pulled them down.

"Lift your leg." He breathed.

I felt like a bit of an idiot as my cheeks flushed and he pulled them completely off, chucking them across the room. Oh God, I was completely naked and we were going to have sex. Now it had come to it I was terrified, I felt so inexperienced and stupid that I didn't know what I was doing.

"What's wrong?" He said, his voice was soft but I could hear an edge to it.

When I didn't answer straight away he tilted my chin so I was looking into his eyes.

"Tell me."

I groaned and placed my hands over my eyes. It was no good, I was going to have to say something.

"I-I-I'm a virgin." I stuttered, wanting the ground to swallow me up.

When I finally felt brave enough to look at him I could see he looked pissed off.

"What the fuck! Are you serious?" He cursed.

I nodded sheepishly and he swore loudly.

"Why are you here with me? I don't get it." He said, sitting up.

"I like you, it just felt right..." I muttered, grabbing the bed sheet and wrapping it around myself.

He laughed sarcastically

"Well this isn't happening, get dressed and I'll drop you back to the church."

I felt tears sting my eyes, this was exactly the reaction I had been dreading.

"Why is it such a big deal? If I want to have sex with you it's my decision. It shouldn't matter if I've had sex before."

He ran his fingers through his hair, it was only brief but I saw a flash of hesitation on his face.

"Listen baby, I just wanted a quick hook-up before I hit the road and got out of this shitty town."

I shrugged my shoulders and reached out to touch his arm.

"It can still be that, I want to do this with you."

He stared at my hand on his arm, when I touched him it did crazy things to me and I could tell he felt the same way.


He sounded as confused as I felt. I took a deep breath and put my hand in his.

"I don't know, it just seems right. You feel it too, every time we touch I don't want it to stop. We're meant to do this."

He was silent for what felt like ages.

"Do you realise how fucking crazy that sounds? If anyone else said that kind of shit to me I'd tell them to fuck off."

I winced slightly but I didn't back down.

"But they haven't said it, have they? You feel the same as me, I can tell..."

He turned and looked at me, his eyes burning into mine.

"You sure this is what you want? I ain't making any promises or giving you false hope. We'll fuck once and that will be it."

I nodded, relief flooding my body. It didn't make sense in my own head why I wanted him so much, but I did and the only thing I was certain of was that I'd regret it if it didn't happen.

He sighed loudly

"I'm so going to hell."

I climbed out from under the sheet and onto his lap, pressing my naked body against him. He started to kiss my neck and I closed my eyes, a smile spreading across my face.

"Well you better make it worthwhile then..." I said quietly, my arms snaking around his neck.


Ryan held me in his arms afterwards, our limbs tangled together. My body was aching and I was painfully sore between my legs, but all of that faded in comparison when it came to the pleasure I'd felt.

I hadn't had many expectations when it came to sex. In fact, from what I'd heard from the girls in school, it didn't last long and I shouldn't expect an orgasm. Well they were wrong... so wrong.

Despite his attitude and words Ryan had taken his time and not been rough. He'd actually been surprisingly caring, making sure I was well and truly primed for him. When it finally happened, and he pushed inside of me it had hurt, but at the same time it felt so natural and real... like this was exactly how it was meant to be. I'd clung to his back as he'd covered me in kisses, gradually building up a rhythm I could handle.

"You ok?" He muttered, his voice gruff.

I nodded

"That felt like it was the most real thing I'd ever experience, it was amazing."

He took a sharp intake of breath and I felt him tense beside me. I couldn't quite get a read on his mood, he seemed slightly uncomfortable if anything.

I ran my fingers over one of his scars, a rather small one on his stomach.

"Don't ask." He said, at the same time I opened my mouth to speak.

His voice was so firm that I was silenced. He moved away from me and rolled to his side.

"I'm going to grab a shower then I'll drop you back into town."

My heart sank as I nodded. What I wanted was for him to hold me, I felt vulnerable and I just wanted some reassurance.

Instead he got out of bed and sat up, rubbing his forehead. He turned around and looked at me, his eyes burning into mine.

"I told you what this was, there's no point us lying here and making it something it isn't."

He was pushing me away, not letting me get any closer. I nodded slowly, trying to hide how I felt on the inside.

I watched him walk into the bathroom and shut the door quietly. I waited till I heard the sound of running water and then I got dressed and I left.

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