Never Have I Ever (Book 2)

Never Have I Ever (Book 2)

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


It was meant to be a chilled vacation in Ibiza. That all changed the moment Sophie laid eyes on James. They fell for each other hard, and when things took a tragic turn, Sophie's past caught up with her, and her lies were exposed.
Now she's back in New York, trying to carry on with her life, but all she can think about is the man she fell in love with. How are you meant to forget someone who gave you so much to remember?


It was meant to be a chilled vacation in Ibiza. That all changed the moment Sophie laid eyes on James. They fell for each other hard, and when things took a tragic turn, Sophie's past caught up with her, and her lies were exposed.
Now she's back in New York, trying to carry on with her life, but all she can think about is the man she fell in love with. How are you meant to forget someone who gave you so much to remember?

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Author Chapter Note

I would recommend you read the first story before starting this one.
This is the second part in James and Sophie's story, and I hope you enjoy reading it. I have completed it, so will try and post a new chapter every week.
If you haven't already, please check out my other stories! I love reading comments, so please feel free to comment, and give your opinions!

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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"Sophie? Earth to Sophie!"

I spun around and saw Kat, one of the other secretaries, waving a stack of files under my nose. I'd been completely lost in thought, which wasn't anything new at the moment.

"I'm sorry Kat, I completely zoned out there."

She examined me, her heavily made up eyes crinkling.

"Are you ok? You haven't been your usual self the past few weeks."

I smoothed down my hair, and took the files from her hand. I was hardly going to tell her the reason I was so distracted. To be honest, I didn't fit in with the other secretaries anyway. It was a bitchy environment, so I tried to avoid getting too involved. Kat was only asking how I was with the hope of getting some juicy gossip out of me.

"I'm fine, there has been a lot of things to catch up on, that's all."

She nodded, but I could tell she didn't quite believe me. My jaw was starting to hurt from the effort of forcing a smile. Thankfully she flounced off, and I immediately felt myself relax.

My boss, Mr Foster, was out at a lunch meeting so I knew I wouldn't be interrupted. That was another piece of bad news I had received. He was retiring in the next few weeks, and I didn't know who I would be reassigned too. His replacement was some hotshot from Seattle, and I didn't have a clue if I would be working for him.

I opened up my internet browser, and clicked on google. I typed in the name that was tattooed onto my brain, and closed my eyes. I didn't know why I kept torturing myself by doing this, but I couldn't stop.

A list of sites, all with his name in bold, appeared. I clicked on the most recent news story, and my heart stopped when the photo loaded. He was wearing a grey suit and a white shirt, his black tie loosely knotted around his neck. His blue eyes seemed to stare at me through the computer screen.

When I finally took my eyes off him I saw he was with Richard, his older brother. He was wearing a navy suit, and looked his usual formidable self.

I scrolled down and started reading the blurb. They were at the opening of their new bar in London. The article didn't mention anything I didn't already know. There was a brief mention of Richard's recent engagement to my best friend, Georgia, but that was it.

I scrolled back up to look at James. He looked happy and healthy, the complete opposite of me. I wondered if he was thinking about me, or if he had moved on already.

My eyes welled up, as I closed the browser, and picked up the files. Work would be a welcome distraction. The more I thought about him, the greater my pain became. It was engulfing me no matter how hard I tried to stop it.

The fact that James wasn't with me right now was my decision. As much as I hated not being with him, I knew it had been the right thing to do. He had already put himself in enough danger for me.


I had just left work when my phone started vibrating in my bag. I managed to find it in time to see Georgia's name flashing on the screen. She started speaking before I even had chance to say hello.

"Hey, I'm back! Want to meet for dinner?"

She had been over in England with Richard, but was back for a couple of weeks. I hadn't seen her since that fateful night in Ibiza, but she had been in contact with me constantly via the phone.

"Sure, I'm leaving work now." I replied.

"Perfect. Why don't we meet straight at Zizzi's? I know it's only 6.00pm, but I'm bloody starving, and I've missed you!"

I burst out laughing,

"Bloody starving? Aww Georgie, you're picking up the British lingo!"

Georgia objected as I considered her offer. I knew she would say something about my lack of make up, and messy hair. As a make up artist, Georgia was all about how you presented yourself.

'No matter how depressed you feel, you should always put your best lipstick on.'

It was one of her favourite sayings, and I'd heard it on many occasions.

"Sure. I'll see you there." I answered, the thought of being able to ask her about James being too hard to resist.


I spotted Georgia straight away as I walked into the restaurant. I was grateful to see how quiet it was. Since Ibiza, I hadn't been feeling comfortable in large crowds. I was filled with paranoia about who might be watching me.

She stood smiling as I walked straight towards her. She looked beautiful in a tight black dress, and Italian leather brown boots. I felt so frumpy stood in front of her. My stomach was bloated from all the carbs, and wine I had been comforting myself with.

"Aww Sophie, I've missed you so much. Come, sit down. I've ordered us a bottle of wine.

I took off my black blazer, and sat down. My grey shirt, and black pencil skirt looked so frumpy. I could feel my skirt digging into my stomach as well.

Each day I had been promising myself that I'd stop binging, and drinking too much wine. And each day I failed. It was a viscious cycle, which only served to add to my misery.

She poured me a glass of wine, and I took a huge mouthful, needing the feeling of numbness it offered.

"So, how are things?" She said, smiling at me.

I had seen her give me the once over, and I knew my appearance would concern her.

"Things are great Georgia. How about you?" I said, rolling my eyes.

She frowned, and straight away I felt bad. None of this was her fault, although she was the one who forced me to go on holiday... Actually, when I thought about it, all this was her fault.

"You need to look after yourself!" She lectured.

I sighed,

"Georgia don't even start. So what? I've put on a few pounds, and my hair is shit. After everything that happened, who can blame me?"

Her eyes immediately softened, and she took hold of my hand.

"I'm not blaming you! I hate seeing you like this Sophie."

I felt tears sting my eyes,

"It's hard trying to be fine when I'm not..."

The waiter came over to take our food order, and we both stopped talking.

We'd eaten here so often that neither of us needed to see a menu. Once the waiter had written down our order, and left, we both sat in an uncomfortable silence.

"Why don't you say it? You blame me for this, don't you?" Georgia sighed, leaning back in her chair.

I took a deep breath as tears filled my eyes. It wasn't fair to blame her. She didn't make me fall in love with James, all she ever did was try to look out for me.

"I don't blame you, it's just hard without him. Before I met James I didn't know any different, but now, it's like there's a huge void inside of me."

Georgia leaned forward, and took hold of my hand.

"He would have come to New York with you Sophie. After you left Ibiza, he was a complete mess."

Immediately I was filled with guilt. I was so caught up in my own feelings, I hadn't thought about how James would cope with everything. Not only had he found out that I had lied to him, he'd almost been killed by psychotic husband. Who I had then shot, and killed right in front of him. You couldn't get a more messed up situation, even if you tried.

"I never wanted to hurt him Georgie! I couldn't help falling in love with him, I tried... but..."

My voice broke as I started sobbing. Georgia sighed and stood up, marching over to pull me into a massive hug. I hated that I was getting tears over her expensive outfit. And as she stroked my hair, I tried to get my emotions under control. After a couple of minutes I pulled away, and wiped my eyes.

"I-I'm sorry... This is all my own fault. You tried to warn me it was going to end badly, and I didn't listen."

Georgia smiled sadly, and sat back down at her seat. She refilled both of our wine glasses.

"Hey, I never thought it would end like this. Listen, now that Tommy's gone, this could be a chance for a fresh start..."

I leaned forward, and lowered my voice.

"I killed him Georgia. The police might drop the investigation, but I know how The Cobras work. They'll want answers, and I must be a suspect. They don't know for certain what happened to me, and after everything he put me through, I have motive.

Georgia's eyes filled with concern,

"Do you think you're in more danger now?"

I felt a shiver down my spine,

"I don't know... I'm sure I wasn't the only person who wanted him dead, but I need to keep my head down, and hope they don't find me. That's why I couldn't let James come to New York with me, it's too dangerous."

Georgia nodded,

"I know, I do get it Sophie. I think James finally does as well. Richard has been spending a lot of time with him, and they've talked a lot."

Richard wasn't my biggest fan, in fact, I was sure he must hate me. Especially after the mess I had got his brother caught up in.

"How is James doing?"

She scrunched her eyes, and bit her lip. I could tell that she didn't think talking about James was a good idea.

"Is there any point in knowing? You said it yourself, you can't be together."

My eyes pleaded with hers,

"I need to know. Is he missing me as much as I'm missing him?"

She twiddled with the stem of her wine glass.

"Honestly? No, I don't think so. To be honest he seems good, maybe even happy. I can't know for sure as Richard said it was best we didn't talk about you, but he's been working, and going out in the evenings."

My chest tightened. I felt like a bucket of cold water had been thrown over me. I don't know what I wanted to hear, but the thought that he was over me within four weeks fucking hurt.

The waiter returned that moment with our food, a concerned look on his face. He probably thought I was having some kind of mental break down from my behaviour. To be honest, he wouldn't have been wrong.

"I don't know what to say Sophie. I wish I could make this all better, but I can't." Georgia whispered.

I nodded.

"I know, and I don't expect you too. Thanks for your honesty, I guess it's better I know the truth. Let's talk about something else now, please."

I picked up my fork, and put a piece of ravioli in my mouth. Normally the food here burst with flavour, but it might as well have been cardboard.

Georgia started chatting about how she was trying to build a new client base in London. I nodded, and smiled at the right places, but I wasn't fully present. Soon she would be back in London, and I would be completely alone again. Maybe it was easier that way after all.

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