Sorry, No Cheesecake!

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: FEMALE EROTICA

Three short essays on what I perceive happens the instant we leave our bodies, but not our souls.
"Love never Dies"

SORRY, There’s No Cheesecake!

No one really knows what happens when we die, do they?
So many books, films, tv-show, essays have pondered this moment.

It was a beautiful morning, I was on time for a change. I sat down behind the wheel of my new car, put on my favorite music, my coffee sat in its cup holder, secure, my shoulder harness locked securely into place. My car had just been serviced, everything was operating perfectly.
I listened to the first song as I drove and concentrated on the road, traffic but lost my concentration for one moment, just one moment, and didn’t notice the traffic signal had just gone red when I saw the huge garbage truck in my peripheral vision plow into my driverside door at 40 mph.  The explosion of glass, steering wheel airbag restraint and many foot-pounds of pressure hurled me toward the appendage on the truck which pierced my skull,  and effectively took my life in an instant.
My charmed life as a mother, husband and lawyer for many indigent clients came to an abrupt halt as my soul entered what can only be described as a shower of electrons out into the ether.  It seemed my soul went out everywhere instantly.  My existence as Elaine was over, but was it?

Memories of colors, tastes, feelings and thoughts filled what was remaining of my mind. It all swirled into an image of a woman I’d gone to undergrad school with. Darla short for Darlene. An amazingly smart, vivacious woman who befriended me in my first year.  Definitely not a fantasy relationship!
I’m in bed with Darla and we’re making love, caressing and trying to forget how much work we had to do as soon as we awoke.  We both enjoyed tribbing to the max as we called it. Lying our backs and side, our pussies connected and juiced up by our desire to find that perfect spot where all of our thrusting and fondling create this moment of infinite pleasure.
I remember the moment we came together, crying and laughing all at once, endorphins ripping through our bloodstream.
Holding each other close and kissing till the light got brighter in the room.  Darla was such a good friend and to lose her so early to a plane crash on her first vacation was huge loss for everyone who knew her.
I held her closer, our eyes met and without words she told me everything was gonna be alright.
My memory fades to all white and there is nothing. A void of light.


I thought I was done with pain after working hard on exercise and good diet, but when I woke up at age 69 with new parts in my body, a better attitude on life too, I ended gasping for air on the bathroom floor looking at the new tub we had installed thinking this must be the end.  I passed out but was not gone…yet.

It wasn’t a voice, more like a thought but very clear in what was left of my mind.  Neurons, filled with electrons bundled together to create…a thought.
Instantaneously I was back with a woman I only knew briefly back in the early ’80’s. Dom had an olive-skinned body of a goddess.  Her brown eyes matched her shoulder-length straight hair, with cute bangs over her forehead. She had the figure of a swimware model with perfect round breasts and a svelte figure but not skinny. A well proportioned body with a lovely innocent face with a cute nose and full lips. Dom smoked and had smoker’s breath. She held her secrets tight to her, but I was determined to let me into her world, even for a short glimpse.

We’re naked in bed and she looks up at me and caresses my hair. Our lips met and tongues danced and flirted about. She was resistant to allowing me to suck her sweetness, she wanted to sleep.  I pursued my goal to give her pleasure and went down on her lovely pussy.  It’s shaved a bit but very sparse.  Her sex was truly like a flower as I  gently opened the petals and fingered her wetness she moans and kept caressing my hair.
I found her sensitive spot and let my tongue surround it and stimulated it quickly, slowly, as I sucked on her juices. This woman I hardly knew, but want to love, let me grab her ass and pulled her sex closer to my face. Loud moans, arms flailing about, she implored me to enter her. My hardness is totally memorable and I recalled how wonderful she looked to me.  
We made love as her hands wrapped around my thin body and held me close.  I felt her cervical muscles grab my cock, her insides pulsed and her leg wrapped around my ass.  I couldn’t hold back and she kissed me again and I filled her sex with my abundant seed.
It wasn’t enough for her.  She pushed me off onto my back, my cum flowing out of her, and she sucked my cock. I thought I was done but she stimulated my balls with her sensitive fingers and I stayed hard as she mounted my cock. She rode me harder and snuck her fingers around her clit that added to the stim as she bucked and rode me to her climax.
Her lovely perfect breasts bounced as I fondled those perfect dark nubs.  Our fluids mingled as we collapsed and slept for many hours together.
A first night and our last in these bodies.  A real memory, not a fantasy, only the memories of our early love, our caring and acceptance. It all disappeared quickly like a dissolve in film that goes to all white. Into a void of light.


I sat down in the left seat, my seat. I greeted my first officer Chuck. We shared a few seconds of small talk about our lives and go about our jobs. The weather is perfect, the plane is brand new, our company had us on time and our manifest was delivered by the Chief Flight Attendant Marie. More small talk ensued and we were into our first checklist.
The aircraft smells new, like a new car but more expensive.
Our pushback from the gate arrives on time, and we are on our way back East to our hub for the first leg of a busy day.  Chuck was the Pilot Monitoring today and its my plane for all of this leg, unless I need to pee. Chuck doesn’t seem fazed to be working with an attractive blond pilot, but I’m always on guard for strange sexual innuendos and the like.  We all know the flight recorder is engaged, on a 30 minute loop, once we finish our second check, so most guys are careful with their languge and even their eyes.

Margret is still in my memory every day.  We were lovers and on September 11th, I was off duty, while she was on a flight out of Boston. We never really had closure, because her family didn’t know about our love affair.  To be honest, affairs between crew members was not only forbidden, it could change the dynamic if a situation develops when both members were on board. But Margret and I worked for different companies anyway and had met on a dating site.

Chuck received our clearance to take off a few minutes later as I advanced the two throttles of our jet to 80% thrust.
His hand is right behind mine as a precaution and he called out our rate as we approached our point of no abort, known as V1.  It’s a straight-ahead take off with no warnings or things out of the ordinary.  Our gear came up and we set out heading as per our ATC instructions.
As we headed towards our first of many waypoints on the ground, one of our indicators stopped sending data.  We had two indicators for angle of flight on this plane and my indicator was still working. Flashing warnings of the failure are cancelled by Chuck and we noted our speed and altitude, our distance from the airport and said it aloud for the recorder.
Suddenly without any warning the plane began descending to pick up speed, as if the plane was going to stall.
I immediately decided to cut out the program embedded into the flight control system which is responsible for this automatic maneuver.  I instruct Chuck to type in the command to the FMC. Chuck asks me if he should ask for vectors back to the airport. I acknowledge in the affirmative. All business as usual for a glitch in an aircraft. It happens, we adjust.
Our altitiude is barely high enough to get us to the place where we can safely turn around, so I go all manual and fly the plane to FL5, or five thousand feet above the ground so we can make a safe approach.
Chuck gets the go ahead to land with vectors and is asked if we are declaring an emergency. I tell him not at this time.
I make the anouncement to my crew and passengers and everyone is strapped in for landing.

The plane makes a picture perfect landing and after everyone departs the airline sends two men to greet us for a full debriefing which will happen at a midtown hotel.  One of the men is a real smart ass and assumed that I was the first officer, without seeing my three stripes on my shoulder. I gave him a look and he wisely shut his mouth in time to not start a larger scene.  
We were escorted to a special waiting airline courtesy car, something totally out of the usual, so we could make our official statements away from reporters at the airport.  Our driver was in some sort of stupid hurry and pulled away from the curb quickly and ran a traffic light which caused the sedan to be hit in the middle by a large tanker truck hauling a mostly empty tank of jet fuel that exploded violently in a huge fireball and killed everyone in the sedan plus the driver and a few pedestrians nearby.
All I remember is talking one minute to Chuck about our situation and then being surrounded by flames and heat until I passed out. But I’m not totally dead yet…

Margret and I are walking somewhere. I can only remember what she looked like, nothing is real and its all a combination of memories and thoughts we had shared over a course of many years. She tells me its a secret and looks at me with her soft lovely face that I always enjoyed caressing. It’s a great summer day and we are near a lake. She has booked a room in a  small inn for us to relax and have fun in without any worry from suspicious eyes.
We are led up to a spacious room overlooking the placid lake as she undresses me and we make love until dusk.
As we lay on the queen bed arm in arm our bodies so satiated with love and compassion for one another, Margret wanted to order up some food.
“Let’s start with desert and work our way back to the main course!” She whispered to me seductively.
She called room service on the phone trying to order.
“Sorry, No Cheescake,” came the terse reply from the other end of the line as it went dead.





Submitted: January 24, 2020

© Copyright 2022 Sappholust. All rights reserved.

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