More Than Just Friends...

More Than Just Friends...

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


When Kira Adams is stuck at home with a high fever, her best friend Andrew Mattson comes to visit. Will these two friends become closer than ever before in the heat of the moment?


When Kira Adams is stuck at home with a high fever, her best friend Andrew Mattson comes to visit. Will these two friends become closer than ever before in the heat of the moment?


Submitted: April 28, 2012

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Submitted: April 28, 2012



I shiver violently as I pull the covers up under my chin, cold beads of sweat dripping down my face. I curl up in a ball beneath the weight of 6 fleece blankets, and try to conserve any body heat that is currently radiating off of my fever-ridden body; heat that so far feels nonexistent. I glance over at the clock next to my bed that reads 3:13. I now know three things at the moment.

It’s a Friday.

School just got out.

And this fucking sucks.

I blink as my door opens slightly and watch wearily as my mother comes in with another basin of cool water to replace the lukewarm water sitting next to me.

“Thanks, Mom.” I sigh as she dips the cloth in the cool water before wringing it out and placing it gently on my forehead.

“No problem, sweetheart. Now let’s see if that fever has gone down yet.” She smiles as she slips the thermometer under my tongue.

When the thermometer beeps, she pulls it out and clicks her tongue in disapproval.

“Still 102.9. . . Looks like you’ve got a while to go before you can be up and about again Kira.” Mom says before leaning down and kissing my cheek.

Before I can reply, the sound of a knock on the front door echoes through the hallways and into my room.

“I wonder who that could be.” Mom asks as she makes her way to the entrance.

I strain my ears trying to listen to the conversation, but I can’t make out who the speaker is. Damn, I’m so out of it.

I hear another knock on my door before Mom reenters with a figure behind her.

Andrew Mattson, my best friend.

I smile weakly and make a pathetic attempt at a wave as Andy makes his way to the side of my bed.

“Hey, Kiry, you don’t look so hot!” He laughs as he easily dodges my fist.

“I told you not to call me that dummy!” I giggle as I hit him playfully.

Andy and I have been best friends since before I can remember. We grew up together in this small town, always going around and having our own version of adventures by chasing squirrels and building forts. Looking back on the old times is always fun now that we have gotten older.

Andy is older than me by about 2 years. I’m sixteen going on seventeen while he’s eighteen going on nineteen. He always loved to hold his age above my head, being that he was always older, faster, and stronger. In fact, nothing has really changed because he’s still older, still stronger and still faster than me. Talk about unfair!

My mother’s voice yanks me back into reality.

“Sorry babe, but I have to go to work now, I’m on call tonight. Dinner is in the fridge, alright? Andrew, would you be a darling and watch Kira for me? Thanks for being such a big help!” She calls as she walks out of my room.

I hear the door slam and the engine of our beat up old truck start up.

It’s just me and Andy.


Why does that idea make me feel so nervous inside?

I look up at Andy’s face and, to my surprise, find him already looking at me. If I was red before because of the fever, I was definitely red now.

I watch Andy’s eyes flicker across my body, first my eyes, then my lips, my neck, my chest and back to my eyes again. My voice gets caught in my throat as I gaze into his conflicted eyes, not sure what his inner turmoil was actually about.

I gasp quietly as I feel my hand being gently grabbed by Andy’s calloused hand.

Is it just me, or is Andy’s face moving closer?

Before I know it, Andy’s soft lips are pressed against mine, my eyes widening in surprise. For a moment, I was unable to comprehend the fact that my best friend was kissing me. Once I regained control of my arms, I pull free of his hand and press against his chest, trying to push him off. Bad idea.

Next thing I know, both of my hands are pinned above my head and Andy is on top of me, pressing me down with his body weight.

I squirm beneath him, trying to escape, but to no avail.

I could tell from the look in his eyes that he was no planning on letting me go.

“Andy, what are you doing? Let me go!” I snap, suddenly feeling a bit dizzy from all of the movement.

“No.” He whispers against my lips, letting his hand cup my cheek.

“Stop Andy, what are you…” I trail off as Andy kisses me again, this time deeper and with more passion.

I moan softly as kisses are trailed down my chin and neck. I gasp when I feel Andy’s hand slip up under my shirt, caressing my hip before moving up to my chest. Even in my astonishment, I was amused that he seemed surprised seeing as how I wasn’t wearing a bra. Even so, my bare chest only threw him off for a second.

I stifled a moan as he began massaging my breast, running his thumb over my hardened nipple. A surge of pleasure rushed through my body as he pushed up my shirt and lowered his mouth to my breast. His tongue began to swirl around my nipple, every now and then leaving a kiss mark.

By now I was trembling in ecstasy, unknowingly pressing back against Andy’s body; responding to his movements. Sensing my change in attitude, Andy releases my hands and moves both hands to my hips where he holds me and gently thrusts upwards.

I breathe sharply as a pang of desire erupts in my lower abdomen; a response to the desire I felt radiating off of Andy’s body. His pelvis was pressed against mine, slowly moving back and forth, forcing me to reply.

Both of us began breathing quickly, unable to control ourselves. My shivering body was now becoming hotter than ever as Andy presses his now naked half naked body against mine. My shirt was off in a flurry of movements, the passion growing with each moment.

I flinch as Andy’s thumb hooks my panties and slowly pulls them off, leaving me utterly defenseless.

“Andy…” I whisper, cupping his face with both of my hands, “I—…”

“Shh…” He whispers back, pressing a finger to my lips, “I love you Kira. I always have. Please.”

I close my eyes and allow myself to be pulled completely into his arms, granting him entry.

Andy forces open my unwilling legs and positions himself before slowly pressing inside of me. I whimper in pain as he enters completely; breaking my virginal barrier.

He groans in response before pulling out a little and pushing back in. The pain begins to fade as he moves inside of me, causing me to shiver, not from the fever but from sheer excitement.

Andy moves his hand to the small of my back, lifting me closer to him. His thrusts start to become more rapid, more desperate.

I start to moan his name, meeting him thrust for thrust, kiss for kiss, touch for touch.

At last the passion consumes us both as he presses deep inside of me, sighing my name.

We collapse in each other’s arms, both breathing heavily as our sweat mingled together.

After all this time, Andy and I had become more that just friends. Who knew that two friends would end up falling in love with each other?

I sure didn’t, but hell, who am I to complain? ;)

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