A Wayward Angel

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

In an underworld of sex, drugs and little happiness, this story follows the journey of one young man who believes there is no way out of this life he has been forced to live..

Table of Contents


My first time in a very long time posting some writing up on Booksie - much less my first ever BooksieSilk post! Please be nice, I'm very rusty and I'm nervous about this kind of graphic/sensitive topics approach I've never done or published before... Let me know how I can improve if you have any suggestions :) Read Chapter


Still not exactly sure which direction this story is headed in, it's more a kind of platform for me to get back into writing regularly and to explore characters. Please excuse if it seems to be going nowhere, I'll try my best to get my shit together! Read Chapter


3. “Thanks,” I murmured to Logan as he passed me a steaming mug of tea the next morning in bed. Olly had already got up from next... Read Chapter


So I guess this is my first erotic scene I've written (first chapter doesn't count since it was a pretty much one-way pleasure), and I'm a little nervous about posting it...! I hope it comes off somewhat a little classier and more meaningful than just a blow job? I just want this story to be so much more than just sex and drugs, so I've tried to make this scene packed with a bit more emotion and meaning.. I happily take criticism or notes, so don't hold back! Read Chapter


5. After giving Logan his little ... ‘treat’, I went in search of Arthur and that pot that Logan had mentioned. I eventually foun... Read Chapter


As of 31st Oct, the flashback scene in this chapter has changed (due to me finally settling on a back story for our protagonist) Read Chapter


7. It turned out that Logan still hadn’t returned after my somewhat lengthy shower with Olly, and it was only now that I started to... Read Chapter


8. Three days later, it was Friday evening, and we were all prepping and primping in the flat. I felt like a teenaged girl getting re... Read Chapter


9. “These are my boys: Alex, Jackson, Oscar, Angel, and Logan,” Mack introduced us to his old friend, Mr Freeman – Thomas, as h... Read Chapter


Sorry about the kind of non-mover chapter, it's just supposed to be setting up for the night ahead.
A/N - Version 2 on 24 Aug 2020. Read Chapter


11. Thing’s didn’t start to get hazy until my fourth or fifth client that night, but that was still a lot of time to remember. ... Read Chapter


12. Unsurprisingly, it turned out that Michael had never been with a guy before – never mind two of them at once. At the ripe age o... Read Chapter


Sorry this chapter's taken awhile to get posted, I've been completely swamped with uni work, but should be back to regular-ish posting soon(ish) haha. Oh, and the flashback-scene in this chapter required me to change another flashback scene in chapter 6, so you might want to go back and re-read that chapter (I've posted the revised version), it's not really super significant that you read it, but you might be a little confused if Angelo's childhood suddenly seems very different.. Read Chapter


Again, sorry for the sporadic posting... mostly due to academic work just taking over my life, but also suffering a little from writer's block too. Hopefully with the holidays coming up I'll be able to get back into the swing of things (I really want to get Mack's story across at some point), though I'm not promising anything... anyway, hope you guys enjoy!
PS. I've noticed a lot of silent readers along for the ride, which is great, I'm glad so many people are giving my story a go! But if you have any thoughts, positive or negative, on anything in the story (really - anything!) please don't be shy in sharing them! I'm always open for criticism, and love hearing what people think about what I've written :)

PPS. Newest revision of this chapter as of 3 July '19 Read Chapter


15. It took a week for Olly to not be mad at me anymore. I knew the exact moment he was over his angry fit; I’d wandered into the l... Read Chapter


16. “Right, everyone here?” Mack asked. He was stood with his back to the radiator at the front of the lounge. A silver dog tag t... Read Chapter


Thought it was time for a short, sweet, positive chapter for the boys where the sea is relatively calm and undisturbed :) also gave me a chance to get re-acquainted with them (it's been awhile since I last wrote) and develop their characters a little more. // V2 has an added lil bit of sexytime for you all at the end x Read Chapter


18. The next few days were relaxed, which was just what I needed after detox. The boys and I came and went from the flat leisurely, b... Read Chapter


03 July '19 update: I have expanded the flashback to Bernie & Angelo's relationship. Angelo is aged around ten/eleven years old in the flashback. Read Chapter


20. It had been two years since my father had discovered me and Bernie. I had just turned fifteen. I was failing almost every subject... Read Chapter


21. That evening, after everyone had showered and headed to bed, I lay wide-awake on my mattress, softly breathing in the remains of ... Read Chapter


A gentle chapter to ease myself back into this story and get reacquainted with these boys AKA the boys mess around and get ready for their first night of work in the new town. Sorry for being away for so long. Hello if you've come back. Hello if you're new. Don't expect any regular updates from me. Read Chapter