Sex in Field Part 4

Sex in Field Part 4 Sex in Field Part 4

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica






Submitted: April 25, 2013

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Submitted: April 25, 2013




So after the encounter with Sruthi and Lekha .It has changed our relationship. Next morning I have to leave for neighboring town for purchasing fertilizers and some other goods for field.


I was ready to leave; Lekha bid good bye to me and hugged me. My mom was there. I also hugged my sister but soon I realized that her nipples are poking against my chest. I think she was not wearing her bra. This gave me instant hard on but I was helpless I could not do anything as mom was there. I kissed her on forehead and moved her away. I was restless in my journey and memories of every second spent with her and sruthi were not allowing my tool to lose its hardness.


That night I reached home late and went to sleep. I tried to touch my sister here and there as I get opportunity but never got a long time to spend with her as mom was always present in home. She used to sleep with mom and hence night also it was difficult after about 2 months on Sunday my mom had to visit some local ritual in village so she went there and left us alone as soon as she left I went to find my sister.


I called her name but she was not there and after two three calls her voice came Bhaiya (Brother), I’m taking bath. Her nude body appeared in my mind and I reached to the bathroom. I asked Lekha “mom has gone please let me come in”. She opened the door but she has already finished her bath and wearing nighty and her hairs were wrapped in towel. She was looking marvelous.

She came to her room and I followed her and as she came in room I hugged her tightly. She said bhaiya please wait I have to do Prayer and I was losing patience, I said ok only hugging now rest after Prayer. She agreed to my urge. I hugged her tightly and started kissing her and her voice was trembling and face has gone red. She was trying to say something but my lips has covered her lips.

She was also excited now and I continued to rub her back and ass. She had a magnificent figure. I was exploring curves of sister and the forbidden fruit was giving me unmatched pleasure. During kissing I stared to lift her nighty slowly by pulling it from her waist. she noticed it too late, I already lifted it to her thighs, She got the sense and asked me to stop. I said ok. I know she was wet. Hence I told her. Lekha if you are wet there then you should not do Prayer.


It is better to clean it before Prayer and she said no I am not wet. I asked her to just check. When she lifter her nighty to check I got the heaven in front of me. She was not wearing panty after the bath. I saw that her thighs have some drops. She said it’s water. I said no let me check it was sticky pussy juice of her she admitted it. Her pussy was also swollen and become reddish. I told Lekha, Let us please enjoy then you can bath once more and do Prayer.


She gave her consent by lowering her eyes. I lifted her nighty once again and took it out from her head. It also taken her towel wrapped around her hair as it came out I saw my sex goddess in full day light. She was looking like fresh rose yet to be explored. She had long hair just above her waist. Her lips were pinkish red and boobs were like full size oranges with a light brown nipple.

When I was staring, her face was getting red. she tried to come to me to save her nudity but I said Lekha please let me see you. Her hands were trying to cover her pussy and boobs but no chance her palm was small to cover her two boobs. I continued to watch her body curves and when I reached to pussy area. I saw her pubic hairs were visible but side of her palm covering her pussy. I asked to remove her hand but she did not.


I went to her and started kissing like mad. She joined me and hugged me with her hands around my neck. I slowly removed my pajama and became nude from down. Soon my tool stated touching her belly. She noticed it Bhaiya please mom may be back anytime and this is daytime. I just touched my tool to her pussy area by lowering my body. It touched her pussy hole she saw we with a very different look. She said bhaiya no! But this was really difficult for me to control.


Any way took my tool away from her pussy. I asked her to sit on table and spread her leg.  She got that I want to see her pussy. She agreed once she parted her leg I got the sight of holy cave where my tool wants to enter but cannot. It was very nice fully wet with her juices and covered with small pubic hairs. I lifted to see her face but she was seeing towards ceiling. She always tried to avoid eye contact with me and after all I was her brother.


I touched her pussy. She got a current as I touched it. I parted her to see more inside her and but I could not. I could see only pink floss only. I tried to touch it with my finger it was very slippery. I tried to insert my index figure.


I removed my finger and touched her clitoral area. I removed my hand and again was trying to enter my finger in pussy.  Here my beloved sister helped me and took my hand and put it on her clitoris and asked to rub it slowly. I got the point she was again looking at ceiling. I touched her clitoris softly by finger. She was enjoying soon I touched it with my tongue tip. She noticed different this different touch and moan Bhaiya that feels good.


Now I was licking her like anything. She was enjoying it and pressing my head against pussy area within a min she exploded a spoon of sticky material from her pussy. She smells good.. My lips were drenched with her juice as she came she took my head away from her pussy and tried to lift me to kiss as I kissed her she noticed her own cum in her mouth and now it was time to return the favor.


She holds my cock in her soft hand. She was exploring every part of it out of curiosity.  She pulled foreskin and saw the head of cock. She measured its length and pulled it and did everything she could do to explore. Finally she said bhaiya it is nice. She knew how to make me ejaculate as per previous experience but she was eager to give me more pleasure. I took her in my lap and her legs were each side of me.


My tool was touching her pussy area and I was holding her tight. Her boos were touching my hairy chest. I was losing control many times my tool was touching her love hole. This rubbing made once again my sister hot. Now she was also enjoying this and when her hole was rubbing on my tool it was like a lollipop was being rubbed on a child lips but he is not allowed to take in mouth. Same was I was enjoying but still waiting.


Finally she increased the speed and I also started to move my hips. I felt my balls lifting up and all of sudden I exploded. She also came at the same time and our bellies were drenched with my cum and my balls were drenched with by sisters cum. She hugged me. She had lost her sense and rested motionless after two to three minutes we got our sense and parted. She was looking nice. Her belly was wet. I tried to make eye contact and but she was stealing eyes.


My sister has been virtually fucked by me today and we both have got orgasm. I took my hankie and wiped her pussy clean. She wore her nighty and left for bathroom again. Lekha has turned in to my lover and but since she was my sister and she was more important to me.


Mom was not having any idea that I am having sexual relation with her daughter but this had to happen and it happened. Next few months were again passed silently. There were many opportunities like when Mom doing Prayer, taking bath, kitchen work etc and so these short sexual activates gave pleasure to both of us and most of the time we both ejaculated once or twice.  This continued for almost a year. Along with time even my sister developed her body with perfect fats at perfect places. Child look on her face turned into a woman-ish look.

In the whole year, there were no visits from Sruthi. May be she’s been busy with her married life. But very soon in a month, I heard that Sruthi is visiting the village with her new born baby. I was very happy to know this. I may get a chance to meet her again. One day as usual I was resting in the field and there were my two angels – my sister along with sruthi. Sruthi changed very much; she’s got hotter and more beautiful. I just smiled at them as a greeting. I was looking at two ladies who made my heaven, although Sruthi doesn’t know of my relation with Lekha.

Sruthi said ” I came here to invite to the party to be held at my home tomorrow evening. We’re celebrating the birth of baby.” I told her I will be there. She asked Lekha to give her a moment. Lekha left us alone. Sruthi jumped to me and give long kiss. I was shocked. I can feel her nipples getting hard.  I pressed her hips hardly on her saree, she moaned. I took my hand to her pussy. She stopped me and we separated from each other with difficulty and said that the kid was mine. I was shocked. She said that I should definitely attend the party and that she would be staying in the village for another three months.

I was still in shock. Sruthi, me and Lekha we three left to my home. My mom welcomed her with smile and they were talking. I was still thinking about the same. I didn’t know when I slept, but I woke up with my sister calling my name. She said that mom and her were leaving to market. Sruthi was still there. They left and I went to kitchen to drink water and came back. I asked Shruthi why didn’t she leave. She didn’t say anything. I got her intention.

We were alone at home. I went near her, seeing me coming she stood up. My dick was hard. She started breathing heavily. I went nearer, she warned me by saying “Someone might come dear please..”. I was moving towards her and she was moving away by walking back. “If someone sees, we won’t be to lift our heads and my marriage life will be spoiled…” she warned again. I kept on moving towards her, I took out my dick by unzipping my pants. She was staring at it and saying “Please dear no pleasee…” she touched the wall I reached near her with dick in my left hand I places it in between her legs and kissed her lips and with my right hand I squeezed her right boobs. She left a moan “ssss aaahhhh..”. I whispered in her year “If you have so much fear, why did you come to me back again? Why did you stay back? “


We were kissing madly each other. She was wearing a saree. She held my dick in her hand, removed her saree along with her panty. She placed my dick on her pussy adjusted it to the right place and asked me to push. I pushed my dick and it penetrated her pussy. She said “fuck me again quick..” I started stroking. She raised my shirt and vest; our bellies were rubbing against each other. She was leaving moans in heat. She was holding my hips and I was holding her hips. Her eyes were half closed in pleasure.


I was stroking full length in and out of her pussy and suddenly felt enormous pleasure. I was cumming. I left a moan while cumming “I love you..” she also got discharged at the same time. We adjusted our cloths, hugged each other tightly and sucked each other’s lips. “I’ll be waiting for you at the field to night..” I asked her. She said “Not today after the party tomorrow, my in-laws and husband will be leaving, we’ll meet after that..”
She left hurriedly and within few minutes my mom and sister were back. I was thinking about sruthi and my sister tapped on my cock teasingly and whispered “ It’s a  wonderful kiss between you and her back in the field” I smiled at her and told that get ready for party tomorrow. She gave a deep smooch as mom was in kitchen and I gave a squeeze at her boobs. She again whispered “ I also know the secret between you two and why you are so eager for the party. Things are getting complex bhaiyya. Be careful” . She left to kitchen to help mom, leaving me with my thoughts……

To be continued....

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