Sex in Field Part 3

Sex in Field Part 3

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica




Unimaginable continues....




Unimaginable continues....


Submitted: January 05, 2013

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Submitted: January 05, 2013



My little sister was now sitting in front of me...completely naked...her legs wide spread, her gorgeous cunt open looking at me invitingly. She had less hair on her pussy than Sruthi but her cunt lips were more prominent, puffier like a fresh piece of bread. Her slit was partially open and her swollen clit was peeping out in its majestic glory.

I was amazed by my sister's beauty, and the fact that she was all mine, made me long for her more. I wanted to kiss her everywhere.

I began with her beautiful soft breasts. I licked and kissed them one by one, flicking the sensitive tips of her fully erect nipples with my tongue, and teasing them with my teeth.

During this period my hand was caressing the soft smooth skin of her inner thighs...the soaking wetness over her puffy mound...the slickness of her cunt lips.

Lekha began squirming with pleasure as my finger touched her clit. My lips began the downward journey, slowly to her belly button and then finally to the very top of her hairy triangle. My tongue licked her crispy curly hair making it wet with my saliva. And then my hungry tongue touched the outer lips of her cunt.

Lekha moaned loudly with excitement.

I ran my tongue along her puffy slit, in the process stroking her clit with the tip, and began to lap at her inner thighs slowly licking every trace of her wetness sticking to her thighs. I could feel the mind-blowing fragrance of her sex. I licked the slick hair covering her cunt lips, enjoying the taste of her juices. I loved eating pussy and her pussy tasted heavenly...that's what I felt...probably because one doesn't get a chance to suck his own sister's pussy...or probably it was more forbidden than any other pussy I had licked so far.

She was certainly enjoying the assault of my tongue over her cunt lips, quite evident from her non-stop moans and groans. She put her both hands on my head, was gently forced it deeper into her welcoming cunt. I responded to her invitation by thrusting my tongue into her open wetness.

I delicately pulled her lips apart, and gently entered my tongue into her tight hole. Her wetness soaked my lips and chin luxuriously. I licked her passion fluid off her cunt and then began to lap at her clitoris while my fingers opened her flowery cunt lips and I inserted two fingers inside her hot channel. I began finger fucking her.

I was sure that my sister was virgin and my fingers were the first one to intrude the most inner and the most intimate part of her body. And she was enjoying all of it. I could feel my cock slowly rising to another erection.

My mind was reeling with unbounded ecstasy. I could not believe that I was sucking my own sister's cunt. Hitherto, I didn't believe that such things like incest actually existed in reality; and now my tongue was playing with my dear sister's cunt and she too was enjoying it.

Lekha now began to whimper...her fingers gripped my hair, pulling them excitedly. Her whole body became rigid with pleasure and she pushed her virgin cunt into my licking face.

"Aaaaaiiiiiieeeeeeee...ahhhhhh..." Her hand fiercely pulled my head into her cunt as her orgasm hit her.

She let out a long groan and collapsed on the bed. I didn't let her go and lifted her legs over my shoulder and continued licking her cunt. My deft tongue attacked her clit again and again and she responded by inundating my aching tongue with her spending.

I intended to continue nonstop but she forced my head away from her cunt and covered it with her hands.

"Please stop." Her lust driven eyes gleamed with a mischievous glint. "It's tickling."

I stood from my place and slipped beside her. I drew her naked body in my arms and we kissed passionately. I let her feel her own secretions form my lips.

"You like it." I fondled her breast as she licked my lips.

"Oh...bhaiya." She said giggling.

My already hardened cock was poking against her belly. Lekha stared down at my engorged cock.

"God...! It's hard again." She grabbed it...rubbing its head against her wet bush. "What does it want?"

"My little sister's delicious cunt." I kept my hand over her cunt and ran a finger along its slit.

She brought my cock head little lower and rubbed it along her cunt slit.

"You didn't answer dear sis." I continued running my fingers along her wet crack.

"It’s all yours brother...all yours. Take it." She rubbed my glistening cock head against her inner labia. "Make me a woman...teach me the art of love."

I groaned with pleasure feeling my sister's hot breath burning my face, her supple tits mashed against my chest.

I sat and repositioned her body on the bed. She sprawled out on the wooden bed, her legs astride, her virgin cunt wet and ready for my raging cock...her own brother's cock. I kneel between her legs.

I took my swollen prick between my fingers.

"I'm going to make you a woman."


"I'll be gentle. It’s going to hurt a little in the beginning. But then you'll love it."

I grabbed the thick base of my cock and aimed its blood-swollen tip at the opening of her juicy cunt. I forced my cock head; her hair covered pussy lips spread opened to my intruding organ.

"Yeah...!" I only muttered as I pushed my cock head between the puffy folds of her delicate pussy. "I'm going to give it to you nice and hard."

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh..." She hissed as my cock head pressed against her cherry. "Do it. Do it!"

I grabbed her thighs and lunged my hips forward. My cock head ripped her cherry and entered her.


She moaned with pain and her whole body shook uncontrollably. I didn't let her go and gave another thrust; my swollen cock head disappeared inside her tight cunt.

"Oh...god it's hurting...bhaiya. Please take it out." her eyes were suddenly wet.

"Don't worry sis, you going to like it." I eased the pressure a bit and let her relax. As soon as she relaxed, I pressed my cock again with a brutal force, burying the whole length of my cock deep inside her. Her pain filled shriek filled the room.

"'re so tight!" I could feel my balls touching her ass cheeks. I released the pressure on her legs but let my hardness remain embedded in her heavenly furrow. No doubt her cunt was tight...much tighter than those of my pervious fuck partners. But it was well lubricated due to prolong foreplay and it helped my cock when I pushed it inside her.

I looked at my sister; tears welling in her eyes...her face grimaced with pain...but it was easing and she was slowly gaining her control.

"It’s hurting...Ahhh..."

"Relax darling...relax..." I gently kissed her on her lips. "It’s’s completely in...see."

I took her hand and kept it over her cunt...where my cock was penetrating her. She fumbled with my hardness.

"Ohhh...god it’s all in." All she could feel the base of my cock and the thick growth of hair at the base. My complete seven and half inch boner was deep inside her quivering cunt.

"How does it feels?"

Her pain seemed to have eased and she began to enjoy the feel of her first cock inside her pussy.

"Oh...god! I feel so stuffed." She shuddered. "But it feels good."

"I told you that you going to love it. Now get ready for the real fuck."

I pulled back my cock until only the head of it remained inside her young pussy and then forced it back wildly causing her to whimper with pleasure.


"Like it?"

' was so good. Please do it again."

I began fucking her cunt with a slow rhythm. Her tight cunt was gripping my cock like a tight sheath, which would never let my cock go out of her clutches. Lekha moaned with every single thrust.

"Feeling better now?"

"Ahhh... yessss." After having lost her innocence she began enjoying her first taste of womanhood. Her hips began gyrating at a slow rhythm. Her cunt released more of her passion fluid making her cunt more lubricated and now my cock was moving in and out of her scorching pussy without causing any discomfort to her.

Feeling it, I began moving faster. She lifted her ass; meeting my long, rhythmic onslaught.

"How does it feel sis?" I crushed her tits against my heaving chest and began licking her wet lips with my tongue.

" feels soooooooo...good. It's driving me crazy." She wiggled her hips.

"Then now you're ready for a real hard fuck."

I began thumping her cunt harder and harder. I took her legs and circled them around my waist. She understood my intensions and gripped my waist between her legs. It was a better position as it gave me more penetration inside her. I fucked her harder and harder.

"Do it again! Do it again! Ohhh...god." My young sister was surely enjoying the first fuck of her life.

Her eyes were wild with sensuous delirium, she was wailing unashamedly with my every thrust begging me to fuck her harder and faster. Her lithe body was writhing on the bed enjoying the brutal pounding imparted by my mammoth cock.

"Yessss...yessss...Ahhh...Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..." Lekha was in a continuous state of rapture. My innocent sister was behaving like a whore in heat asking her man to fuck her wildly.

I continued plowing my cock into her pussy, feeling her soft cunt folds gripping and releasing my cock meat with every in and out stroke...with every thrust the little room was filled with her passionate squeals of delight.

I lunged forward, pounding my beautiful sister's pussy with long powerful strokes, pulling the cock up to its tip and ramming it back into her horny cunt. Each thrusting stab caused my sister to writhe in ecstasy...her cunt muscles clinging to my fuck tool and drenching it in her warm pussy-cream.

Both of us were perspiring with the effort, beads of sweat rolling off our glistening bodies. I could see her beautiful face dripping with perspiration, yet I continued pounding her cunt with all my might. I was gasping with effort and she was also in no better position.

Slowly she began to quiver again. I continued ramming into her scorching pussy. She lunged her hips up, her cunt greedily milking my inflated cock. I could feel that her moment of ultimate bliss was not far. I had to draw all my will power to keep from emptying my balls into my sister's pussy.

She began to wriggle more violently on the bed. She was whimpering loudly now...feeling the first onset of her orgasm.

"Ahhh...Ahhh...Ohhh...!" She howled, responding to my deep penetrating fucking motions. "Ohhh...something strange is happening to me...oh god...what's it?"

I felt her legs around my waist began to throb.

"Relax sweetheart..." I kissed her sweat-drenched lips. "You're going to be rewarded soon."

"'s driving me crazy."

I released her legs' grip from my waist. Gripping her both legs I spread them far in the opposite direction and began plundering her pussy again. Her boobs, which were so far mashed beneath my chest, got free and began undulating fiercely as I pumped her harder and harder.

She went crazy with lust. Her welcoming cunt sucked my cock lovingly...her body contorting beneath me as she began her final journey towards her first orgasm.

"Ohhh..." She moaned. "It's happening to me...Ohhh...god, it'll come out of me. I've never felt something like that before."

"Let it come, darling...let it come. It's going to make you very happy." I plunged forward savagely into her pussy as a drop of sweat fell off my forehead, directly into her open lips. She licked it absentmindedly.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...! It's here."

Suddenly, her body went into spasm as her pussy muscles began throbbing violently around my cock. I felt the uncontrollable twitching of her cunt lips around my cock as it moved in and out of her climaxing pussy.

I knew that the time was ripe to release my load into my sister's pussy. My balls were churning wildly, indicating me to discharge my  cum into her sweet pussy.

"Ohhh... Lekha." I panted with effort. "Get ready to take my cream...I'm going to cum inside you."

" it." She begged. "Give it to me."

"Then take it..."

I made a final plunge into her hot receptacle...bore my cock to the hilt and let my cock erupt inside her. Hot thick cum gushed from my piss hole, inundating her cunt with my love cream.

She seemed to have fainted with pleasure; her cunt muscles squeezed my cock length into her tight sheath, trying to extract every drop of cum that it was spurting inside her loving furrow.

I again began ramming her cunt, this time at a much slower pace, moving it in and out of her cum filled pussy. I released her listless legs; they fell heavily on the side. My head was spinning with rapture.

Never before, I had experienced so much pleasure in fucking a woman. It's truly said that the forbidden fruits are the most delicious ones; and I had just tasted the most forbidden one of my life.

Panting with effort, I collapsed over her. My cock, which had ceased spurting, was slowly losing its hardness. Yet, I kept it buried inside my sister's pussy. My heart still longed to feel that insatiable pussy holding my cock into her soft folds.

It is difficult to tell how long we remained in that position. None of us spoke any word...both of us simply lost in the aftereffects of a fantastic fuck session. Finally, I rolled off her, my deflated cock popping out from the pleasing tightness of her pussy. I slumped beside her.

After a little while, Lekha climbed down from the bed. She picked her clothes from the floor. I silently admired her great body and watched her dressing.

She finished putting her clothes, then picked the tiffin box and proceed to leave. As she reached the door, I called her.


She turned around. To my surprise, her face was again red with shame and she was avoiding eye contact with me. Women, I thought... a few minutes ago she was enjoying a terrific fuck session with me, and now she was feeling shy in front of me.

"Wait for me tonight..." I winked at her.

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