Mountain Trekking

Mountain Trekking Mountain Trekking

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Mountain Trekking gone wrong


Mountain Trekking gone wrong


Submitted: May 08, 2013

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Submitted: May 08, 2013





Suhas, wake up. my cousin, Radzz Radhika said. Her bosoms were right above my mouth and I could smell her perfume. The wake up-call was indeed intoxicating. She was wearing a pink top and a low cut jeans. She was not wearing bra as a result the outline of her nipples were totally visible. The denims were so low-waist that I was able to see her panty.


I controlled myself and reminded myself that she was my sister had she been anyone else I might have turned into an animal anyway, coming back to story. Me, my mom, Radhika my cousin, Aditi another cousin and their mom, Rekha Aunty had planned to trek the hill. So we packed all our stuff into duffle bags and started our journey. All of us carried our sleeping-bag in case of emergency.


So we left our houses at 10 am in the morning. The path was too steep and densely covered. We went near a lake and filled up our bottles. Due to sweat Radhika’s nipples were sticking out and were very much visible. I got a hard-on instantly. I excused myself. Went near some bushes and started masturbating thinking about her and her protruding nipples. I had just started when my mom shouted hurry up Suhas or you’ll be left behind.


I kept my erect tool back in my pants with a heavy heart and continued trekking. Radhika and Aditi were constantly stealing glimpses of my hard-on and giggling among themselves. I was embarrassed and tried to cover-up my hard-on but they kept on giggling. I had no choice so I continued walking. After two hours of tedious journey, Radhika said that she wanted to take a piss. Aditi too joined her and they started going towards a bush.


I could hear the liquid gushing out from their pussy. The sound was mesmerizing they came back after 5 mins and we continued our journey. Me and Radhika were walking behind others and talking about colleges and stuff. We were so engrossed in our talks that we were left behind. She started panicking. I said hey relax! There is no need to worry we will find a way. But all our efforts were in vain.


We were unable to find a way back. We were totally exhausted. We planned to stop for awhile and gain our strength as well as energy. I tried to console her but her eyes were moistened. She hugged me and finally broke down. She started crying and I was trying to stop her. I was also rubbing her back. I assured her that we will head back and will get back to our house and wait for other to come back but only if she stopped crying.


I finally succeeded but still it was a long way back and it was dusk. The sun’s brightness was dimming with every passing second. We took a pause from our journey. We made a tent and decided to light up fire. As soon as the fire lit, it started drizzling. In a hurry to get all our stuff inside the tent Radhika slipped and got severely bruised on her lower back. I picked her up in my arms and got her inside the tent.


I laid her down and brought out my first aid kit. I removed her top and now her entire back was visible. It was a minor cut and I applied dettol but the water had started seeping into our tent. So I got my sleeping bag and organized it on the ground. She told me that she had left hers outside and it was completely wet by now. Her top was torn from side and was also wet due to water seepage.


I told her to sleep in my sleeping bag. She thanked me and went inside. She was all cozy and I was feeling cold. I sneezed two-three times. She woke up and asked me to join her in bed provided we face apart from each other since she was topless. I agreed. I went inside. It was difficult for us to sleep apart. So I told her that I’ll face your back. She agreed. I was trying to sleep but the thoughts of visible outline of nipples bosom on my face liquid gushing out from her pussy.


Her bare-back gave me an instant hard-on. My erect tool started probing over her ass- crack over our clothes. I was helpless. She woke up due to my hard-on. She was furious at first but then she understood my situation.

She told me that she will help me masturbate and then we both can sleep. She opened my zip and brought my cock out. Due to less space my penis was getting rigid and probing deep into her ass. She too was getting restless as all this was turning her on.


We both got out of sleeping bag there she was a sex-goddess. She had firm, round boobs with large and dark areola. I asked her if I could only suck at her tits for once. But she declined my request and told me to start quickly and get over with this as soon as possible. In no time, she started jerking my penis to and fro. I was standing whilst she was on her knees. I was in seventh heaven. She tightened her grip and increased her pace aahhhh.


I ejaculated on her boobs, face, and hairs and even on her denims. She applied some water over the sperm-stained-area to clean it. We again went back to our sleeping bag. This time I told her lets sleep facing each other since I had already seen her topless. She was reluctant at first but then she agreed. By now I was totally exhausted and wanted some deep sleep.


I woke up in morning. Radhika was still asleep. The rain had stopped by now and now the ground was dry. I decided to wake her up by surprise. I opened the zip of sleeping bag. I made her face upwards. She was still topless. I opened her denim’s button and brought down her jeans. I kissed her over panties and started licking over her pussy-area. I was mauling her breasts simultaneously. I ripped open her panties.


She had a huge bush over her vagina. I was biting and ripping her pubic hairs with my teeth. She woke up yelling aaaa she asked me what the hell you are doing. I replied repaying you the favor and started rubbing my tongue over her pussy like a dog. I started tongue-fucking her. She was going crazy. She kept her hand on my head and pushed me further deep into her pussy and yelled “suck me hard!


Baby, I’ve wanted you for such a long time satisfy me aaahhhh. I am your bitch aaaah I’ll do whatever you want me to do aahhhhhh. She was biting her lower lip and was moaning aloud. Her breaths became heavier. She yelled I aaahh I’m cuming. All her juices started gushing out directly into my mouth. I drank every last drop and then started licking her thighs for more juices. She then caught hold of my hard-on and started cupping and pressing my loins over my trousers.


She buried her face in between my legs and was trying to go further deep. She was licking over my loins and wetting it with her saliva. She opened my trousers and was biting my cock over my undies. She made my undies wet too. She brought down my undies and started cupping my penis. Then she started biting my scrotum. It was erotically painful.


My penis was 90 degree erect and was waiting to enter the heaven’s gate. I entered her in missionary position. Her hips were making a rhythmic movement. She was moaning and breathing heavily. I lip-locked her and was playing with her boobs. She told me to get in ‘doggy style’. She bent down and I entered her from behind. She was my bitch today. I was fucking her for like 10 minutes then she told me to lie down and close my eyes.


I did as she told me to do so. I lay down she came on top of my penis and sat on it. It slid inside her pussy. She started making up and down movements. She was literally jumping on me. I was also raising my hip to maximum and was trying to enter further deep. She was going crazy and shouting Oh My god! I am cuming again aaaaahh. I am your fucking bitch push harder aaaaahhhhh.


Her pussy contracted and I too could not hold myself any longer as soon as she came I pulled out my penis and came on her tits, lower abdomen and pubic hairs. She then licked my penis dry and I too sucked each and every drop of her love juice. We then kissed each other our saliva mixed. We kept on embracing each other. Touching and rubbing each and every private part.

We decided to wait there for another couple of days and have fucking sessions.

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