Hard as a Rocker

Hard as a Rocker

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


After a horribly abusive first marriage, Erica married a man thirty years her senior who provides her the safety and security she once needed. Now in her mid-forties, she feels like a prisoner in her own home, married to a man who treats her more like a daughter than a lover. Desperately craving physical passion in her life, she meets a faded rock n' roll star and throws caution to the wind, embarking on a torrid affair. Getting deeper and deeper with him, she finds herself torn between her security or a life with a man who gives her exactly what she needs. Can Erica find the inner courage to embrace what she truly desires or will she settle for a life without true love?


After a horribly abusive first marriage, Erica married a man thirty years her senior who provides her the safety and security she once needed. Now in her mid-forties, she feels like a prisoner in her own home, married to a man who treats her more like a daughter than a lover.

Desperately craving physical passion in her life, she meets a faded rock n' roll star and throws caution to the wind, embarking on a torrid affair. Getting deeper and deeper with him, she finds herself torn between her security or a life with a man who gives her exactly what she needs. Can Erica find the inner courage to embrace what she truly desires or will she settle for a life without true love?

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Submitted: January 12, 2018



“Come on, Erica,” my younger brother Danny whined. “It’ll do you some good to get out of this prison.”

I immediately shuddered at his description of my home, but he had a valid point. The house was big and beautiful, but it often felt at times like my personal jail cell.

“You love Spectre,” Danny added. “They’re still really good plus I need some help selling t-shirts and stuff. They’re expecting a full house so I can’t handle it alone.”

He batted his big brown eyes at me and smiled. I always had a weak spot for my brother and he was right again, I really did love the heavy metal band; especially their top forty hit in the late eighties ‘Put It To You.’ The song was raw and full of rock n’ roll energy and excitement and the MTV video was sexy as all hell.  I’d done some very naughty things to that song back before I’d met my husband and it brought back a lot of memories, though not all of them so good.

I’d had a long hard road before meeting my second husband Ronnie. I married my first husband at twenty and though the sex was amazing, he had been physically and emotionally abusive pretty much since the day we married at that little white chapel in Vegas. He kept me coked up most of the time and used and abused me like his property. Thankfully, Danny and the rest of my family got me out of a bad situation, cleaned up and helped me meet Ronnie. He was a good man, but if I was honest with myself, I’d married him for security and not love; though I did have feelings for him. I severely missed the passion and hot sex that my first husband brought that my current husband never could. Ronnie was nearly thirty years older than me and had lost interest in sex…well, I’m not sure he was ever all that interested. We only made love about a half dozen times a year which involved a little blue pill, two minutes of pumping, grunting and him falling asleep.

It wasn’t that I’d lost my looks or let myself go either. I’d been a dancer for many years and kept my forty five year old body tight, running five miles nearly every other day. I stood about five foot three with big blue eyes, long blonde hair, a flat tight tummy and sized 34B breasts that were still firm and perky. I’d also been told that I had a great ass. I may not have been the prettiest girl on the block growing up, but still I caught guys checking me out at the grocery store. Sometimes I’d go home and fantasize about them, which usually led to me masturbating, which was the only way I’d had an orgasm in the last fifteen years. I once asked Ronnie to go down on me hoping he could make me cum that way, but he made up an excuse about his back hurting. I guess most men from his generation refused to perform cunnilingus, or so I’ve heard.

I so longed to feel the touch of a man who knew his way around the bedroom, but never had the courage to step out on my husband. He was a good man, but there was such a big piece missing from my life in the form of hot steamy passion. I wanted someone to fuck me hard and fuck me good before I became an old lady that no one wanted anymore.

“I’ll even see if I can get you a t-shirt,” Danny said. “The guys are usually pretty cool about it especially since they don’t pay me much.”

“What time do they end?” I asked.

“Spectre starts at about eight thirty and plays until about ten,” Danny explained.  “Then Whisper goes on from ten-thirty to around midnight.”

“I like them too.” Both bands had been very popular in the eighties and early nineties, touring the world, but were now relegated to playing some of the bigger local clubs a few times a year.

“So you’ll come? I can talk to Ronnie if you think he’d mind.”

“He won’t mind. He goes to bed around nine-thirty at the latest,” I said with a laugh. “It’s been a long time since I’ve been in a club.”

“You’re going to love it, sis. See you tomorrow night.”


The only time Ronnie and I shared a bed was during our too infrequent couplings; we had separate bedrooms adjacent to each other in the house. It was ten o’clock at night and he was off in dreamland over in his own bed. I lay in my lonely queen sized bed with headphones on listening to some old Spectre songs from their heyday.  Though the band had made some personnel changes over the years, I was happy to see that Pat Cooper was still their lead singer. His voice was electric and I wondered if he still had the power and the deep sexy growl that made women throw their panties on the stage. I’d been lucky enough to meet him back in the day after a show through my ex-husband, who worked as a lighting tech for local concerts and he was just as nice as a girl could hope. If I hadn’t been with my abusive ex, I may have tried my best to get backstage to be with him. I’m sure he’d been with thousands of women all over the world though and I’d have just been another unmemorable fuck in a line of many. At least that’s how I perceived the way bands worked and everyone had heard the stories of sex, drugs and rock n’ roll.

I opened my iPad and Googled the band, easily finding their website. It had tons of old pictures of them but quite a few of the current lineup too. Pat, who had to be pushing fifty, still looked sexy as hell with his rippling muscles and boyish good looks despite now having a close cropped haircut instead of the long flowing golden hair he wore at the band’s peak.

I suddenly felt myself getting aroused just thinking about him and slipped my hand down between my legs, touching my honey pot and feeling the moisture building. I put the iPad down just as the first notes of ‘Put It To You’ came over my headphones. I closed my eyes and used my index and middle finger to rub small circles over my clitoris. I started slowly and then picked up the pace, feeling the electricity coursing through my body. I thrust my middle and ring fingers back and forth inside my pussy as that incredible feeling of ecstasy continued to build. Closer and closer I got to climax and just as the guitar solo built to a crescendo, an orgasm welled over my body. Usually when I masturbated at night, I tried to keep quiet so I don’t wake up Ronnie, but this time I cried out.  

I lay on the bed panting and saw I’d sweated right through my night shirt and my erect nipples poked through the wet nightie. I stopped the music on my iPod, took off my headphones and just looked up at the ceiling, trying to catch my breath. It had been eons since I’d had an orgasm that powerful. Once I got myself composed, I changed clothes and peeked in on my husband. He was sound asleep and snoring like an oncoming train.

I sat up in bed and thought about Pat Cooper. Was he married? Divorced? Did he have children? Was he gay? No, that silly; he was damn rock god. I forced him out of my mind, not wanting to get myself into any trouble when we inevitably met tomorrow night. I briefly considered not going, pretending to be sick to avoid turning into a blubbering fool and embarrassing myself. Danny would be upset with me, but it wouldn’t have been the first time I’d begged out of going to a rock show with him.

Then I thought about my life and how bored I was. Ronnie was a kind man and met all my material needs, but I recognized a long time ago I’d sacrificed passion for security. After my horrible first marriage, I thought it was the right choice and it may still have been. Right now however I longed to be touched, no I needed to be touched. It was wrong though, so I quickly put those thoughts out of my head. I’d never wanted to be that kind of woman or hurt my husband. I drifted off to sleep, trying desperately to not think of Pat Cooper.



I spent the next day cleaning the house, going for a run and stood in my huge walk in closet for nearly an hour trying to decide what to wear. I didn’t want to dress slutty because Ronnie wouldn’t have approved of me going out that way nor did I want to look ridiculous as a middle aged woman. I decided on a simple pair of tight jeans, heels and dark blue woman’s v-neck t-shirt. I put on a hint of perfume and left Ronnie sitting in his easy chair dozing off to sleep.

“I won’t be too late,” I said with a kiss on his cheek.


Danny had to be at the venue early to help the band load in and set up the merchandise area. I rolled in at six thirty and parked close to the door. This was newer place, next to the local beach, that brought in name acts all the time. I stopped and looked at the ocean, taking in a deep breath of salty fall air. When I entered the venue, Danny was near the entrance, pinning Spectre t-shirts to a display rack.

“Hey, sis, I was starting to think you were going to blow me off,” he said.

“Nope, got a pass from the warden,” I said with a chuckle.

I looked around at the club. It was pretty big with giant picture glass windows that looked out onto the waves crashing on the beach.

“Nice place, huh?” Danny asked.

“Yeah, it is. How many does it hold?”

“Probably about six hundred.”

“Think there’ll be that many tonight?” I asked.

“It’s sold out. These two bands pack the house every time they play together. There’s some food and drinks in the back room if you want to get something.”

“I already ate but could use a beer.”

“Help yourself. It’s just through those double doors next to the stage.”

“Do I need a backstage pass or something?”

“No. Just tell them you’re with me if they ask.”

“Okey, dokey.”


I walked towards the back and looked over to the stage as the roadies set up Spectre’s gear. It’d been years since I’d seen them live and I felt a tingle of excitement. I entered the backstage area which was a buzz of pre-show activity. Various band members, friends and family all hung out talking. I recognized John McCarthy, the lead guitarist from Spectre, talking with a group of guys from Whisper. He’d aged some since the last time I’d seen them, but like most of his band, still maintained his good looks. Those all American boyish looks had been one big reason for Spectre’s early success. They rocked hard, but didn’t give off the heroin chic look like a lot of their late eighties contemporaries like Guns n’ Roses. It was unfortunate that they couldn’t continue to put out hits like many of their counterparts from that era, but they’d had a decent career and apparently still had their fair share of loyal fans.

 Along a long corridor were the food and drinks that Danny had mentioned along with a cooler full of various type of beer. I reached for a light beer when another hand reached for the very same beer at the same time. I stopped myself and looked up to see Pat Cooper in the flesh.

“I’m sorry, go ahead,” he said. “Ladies first.”

I tried to play it cool, but no words came out of my mouth, at least no legible ones. I just smiled and he smiled back, a big warm smile with lots of pearly white near perfect teeth. The pictures on his website didn’t nearly do him justice. I couldn’t decide if his big beautiful blue eyes or smile shined more. I quickly glanced down at his left hand and noticed no wedding ring. That meant nothing though as I was sure many rockers don’t advertise their marital status on stage.

“Do you have a name?” he asked, reaching into the cooler and taking out the light beer. He popped off the cap and handed it to me.

“Thank you. I’m…Erica. My name is Erica,” I replied. We shook hands. I could feel how strong and masculine a grip he had, but with me it was tender and respectful.

“Well, hello, Erica. I’m Pat Cooper. Nice to meet you,” he said as our eyes met.

“Oh, I know who you are,” I replied, feeling like a teenage girl and quickly breaking our gaze. “We actually met many years ago when I was with my ex-husband.”

“Hmmm, I know all about ex’s,” he muttered under his breath. I was going to ask him what he meant but decided to let it go.

“I’m really excited to hear you play tonight,” I said.

“Thank you. We’ll do our best to put on a great show. Are you with Whisper?”

“No, I came with my brother Danny. I’ll be helping him sell your merchandise tonight.”

“Well, that means that I’ll be seeing a lot of you tonight as I always like to spend time over at the booth after our show meeting with fans.”

“That’s great. I can’t wait.”

“Me either. Well, I’ve got to go and get ready,” he said. “I’ll see you later, Erica.”

He nodded, smiled and walked towards his dressing room. I watched him go, admiring his firm ass in his tight jeans. I took a sip of beer and unconsciously said “whew” out loud. I immediately became embarrassed and hoped no one else heard. Pat certainly knew how to make a girl feel special. I guess that’s all part of connecting with your fans.


Just before show time, I found myself standing behind the merchandise counter with Danny, watching the crowd file in. They were all mostly middle aged folks, some dressed conservatively, but a few women dressed like it was still the late eighties with ripped jeans, tight t-shirts, big hair and way too much makeup. Some of them pulled it off and others quite honestly didn’t have the body for it anymore and looked ridiculous. I’m not the catty kind of gal, and would never say anything out loud, but I wondered if they bothered to look in the mirror before they left the house…and if they did, what the hell did they see?

Danny stood gawking at them, pretty much like he had for the past twenty years. He’d been married once, but it only lasted about five years. It gave him two wonderful daughters, but also a huge child support payment every month. He struggled to make ends meet and working for Spectre added a few bucks into his pocket under the table that his ex-wife couldn’t get her hands on. He wasn’t a bad looking guy, but his luck with women ran from bad to worse. He’d never been able to meet the real Mrs. Right. I doubted he was ever going to as I watched him ogling the women in the audience.

“Wipe your mouth,” I said. “You’re drooling.”

“Huh, what?”

“Staring at them is only going to make them think you’re a creep, Danny.”

“Was I staring?”

“D’uh! It’s no wonder you’re single.”

“Maybe you could set me up with one of your friends.”

The sad truth was I had very few friends. As Danny had pointed out the day before, I lived in a big beautiful four bedroom Colonial prison. I had my gardens, my books, movies, music and that’s pretty much how I spent my days. For some reason, I had made very few friends and for the first time, I suddenly had regrets.

“Um, yeah, not until you stop going gaga at every remotely attractive woman who passes by,” I said, not wanting to say outright I didn’t know anybody I could set him up with.

“I don’t even know what you’re talking about.”


Five minutes later, an attractive buxom woman who was probably about my age, came by the booth. She wore a very tight green dress with white heels and pearls.

“Excuse me, will Spectre be coming out after their show to sign autographs?” she asked.

Danny stood there with his mouth agape, staring at her cleavage. I elbowed him and he reeled backwards.

“Yes, Pat Cooper told me he’d be out right over here after they were done,” I replied.

“Thanks,” she said. “I want to get one of my old albums signed and maybe get a t-shirt. How much are they?”

“They’re all twenty-five dollars,” Danny said.

“Okay, thanks,” she replied, smiling at us as she walked away. She was quite the pretty lady and Danny couldn’t take his eyes off her.

“You’re mentally undressing her,” I said.

“No, I’m not,” he said unconvincingly. 

“You are a pig.”

He just shrugged. “So when did you talk to Pat Cooper?”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“When she asked if the band was signing, you said you talked to him.”

“Oh, I met him backstage when I went to get a beer…which by the way, I could really use another. Would you mind?”

“No, not a problem. I was thinking about getting one before the band started.”

Danny headed for the backstage area, checking out the women he passed. I loved my kid brother, but damn he just gave off such an odor of desperation. I’d have to work on that with him.


Danny returned with my beer just as the lights went down. I felt that same tinge of excitement as when I’d first walked backstage. A guy came on the stage and announced the band and suddenly the club was filled with the sound of thundering guitars. Pat strutted on stage to a loud cheer from the crowd, picked up his microphone and began singing their first number. From the first notes, Spectre had the crowd on their feet and under their total control. Why this band had not been as big as their peers like Bon Jovi, I’d never understand.

They played for an hour and twenty minutes, and like most of the crowd I was absolutely entranced by their rock n’ roll power. They said goodnight and walked off the stage, leaving the crowd wanting more. The house lights stayed down and I knew they were coming back for an encore because they owed us one more damn song, their biggest hit. The audience clapped and cheered and Pat and the band emerged back on stage.

“So you want more of Spectre?” he asked.

The crowd responded in the affirmative.

“All right then I suppose you’d like us to put it to you perhaps?”

More cheering answered that question.

“Then I suppose we can’t leave you wanting, desiring, needing more of us. That wouldn’t be fair, would it boys?”

“Not a chance,” the drummer replied.

“All right then, you might recognize this one. If you do, feel free to sing along,” Pat said as the first notes of ‘Put It To You’ rang out. I immediately felt a shudder across my body and looked over to make sure Danny didn’t notice. Thankfully, he was too busy watching the band. I slowly moved back into the shadows of the merchandise area and watched as Pat sang the song. That shiver I’d felt when I touched myself to the song last night returned and I could feel my panties starting to absorb my wetness. I had all I could do to keep it under control. For a moment, I thought about running out to my car and releasing my angst, but feared being caught…or having to answer an embarrassing question to my brother of where I went. I stared straight ahead at Pat and he looked this way, almost like he was singing to me.

Thankfully, the song ended before I did anything foolish, the band said goodnight and left the stage. I took a deep breath to compose myself just as the lights came back on.

Danny turned to look at me and must have noticed I was flushed. “Are you okay, sis?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. It’s just a bit hot in here,” I replied. It was certainly hot in more ways than one.

A line of fans had begun forming at our booth waiting, for the band.

“How about you handle the CDs and I’ll take care of the t-shirts,” my brother suggested.

“That works,” I replied. “How much are they again?”

“They’re all fifteen each.”

“Got it,” I said, waiting impatiently for Pat to come out from the back.


It may have been the longest ten minutes of my life, but Pat, John McCarthy and their bass player finally made their way through the crowd. Pat immediately smiled when he saw me and again our eyes met.

“This is the best part of the night,” he said, taking his place behind the counter as fans began to snap up Spectre’s merchandise. I must have sold nearly thirty copies of their CDs to both male and female fans, which Pat and the other band members diligently signed. I watched as Pat took a few minutes with each fan, thanked them for coming to the show, and patiently posed for cell phone pictures.

A few of the female fans got a bit grabby with him which oddly made me feel some jealousy. He seemed embarrassed by all the attention too, which seemed odd to me. I realized suddenly that his on-stage persona was nothing like in person. He was friendly to the fans and seemed to enjoy talking with them, but was humbled by the experience.  

As the house lights went down and Whisper took the stage, Pat excused himself and disappeared backstage to my disappointment.

“I’m going to wander,” Danny said over the noise of the band and crowd. “You okay here?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. Where are you off to?”

“I’m just going to just check out the crowd. Maybe I can find that special lady,” he said with a chuckle.

“Oh sure, but let me give you some advice. Try looking into their eyes and not at their boobs.”

“Eyes, not boobs,” Danny replied. “Got it.”

He faded into the crowd leaving me all by myself. Most of the fans were focused on Whisper and I just leaned back against the wall and sighed. Out of nowhere, Pat reappeared with two light beers and handed me one. He’d change from a tight t-shirt into a black open collared shirt, revealing his hairy chest and gold chain with an Italian chain.

“Thanks for the beer. Are you Italian?” I asked.

“I am. You must have noticed the cornetto. My real last name is Coppola, but the record company made me change it. They said it sounded too ethnic. I guess in those days it was pretty common to change your name. Did you know Steven Tyler from Aerosmith’s real last name is Talarico?”

“I never actually thought about that. If you don’t mind me saying, you don’t look all that Italian.”

“Just my dad, my mother is of Swedish descent,” he replied.

“Hence the blonde hair and blue eyes.”

“Very good. Erica. By the way, thank you for all your hard work tonight,” he said. “There’s no way we’d get all this stuff sold without your help.”

“You did all the work. I just collected the money,” I replied.

“Well, you did a great job of collecting money,” he said with a chuckle. “So do you mind if I stand over here and watch the show?”

“Of course not,” I replied as our eyes met. I turned away, a bit embarrassed.

“It’s very dark with the lights off,” he said.

“I know. You could get in trouble back here,” I replied, barely aware of what I was saying…or thinking. We were only a few feet apart and I could smell his cologne

“So I don’t ever remember you coming to a show before with your brother. Am I mistaken?”

“Not at all. He’s asked before, but it’s always been so far. This place is only about ten minutes away from my house and I really wanted to see you guys.”

“That’s great,” he said with a big swig of beer. “So what do you do?”


“For a living?”

“I’m pretty much just a housewife.”

“Just a housewife? That’s not an easy job. So you are married,” he said, with a hint of disappointment in his voice.

I sighed.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“Not sure why I’m telling you this,” I replied. “My husband is a great deal older than me and we’re basically just roommates at this point. We even have separate bedrooms.”

 “May I ask how much older?” he asked.

“About twenty-eight years,” I replied.

“I see.”

“It’s totally devoid of any passion,” I blurted out.

“I’m sorry,” he replied. “I kind of know the feeling. I was recently divorced from my wife of ten years.”

“Now I’m sorry.”

“That’s okay. It had been pretty horrible for about the past five years and I only stayed for my kids. They’re all off in college now so it was time.”

“It’s never easy. How long have you been divorced?”

“About six months and she’s already got a boyfriend living with her. The love of her life she calls him.”

“You must have plenty of women,” I replied.

He just shrugged. “I’m sleeping on John’s couch as we try to record a new record right now so not really.”

“Come on, Pat. You could get any women in here.”

“That gets old. It’s all so cold and impersonal. When I was younger, yeah, it was cool living that rock star life on the road, but now…it’s just not me.”

“You need passion?”

“Yeah, you get it. That’s generally non-existent in a one night stand.”

“I do,” I said, looking again in his eyes. This time I didn’t turn away and I felt something I probably hadn’t felt with any man in years; a chemistry I couldn’t explain.

He turned away and looked towards the stage. “They put on a great show.”

“They do, but I was wondering why you guys were opening for them. Weren’t you the bigger band back in the day?”

“I guess, but we play on a double bill quite a bit and we usually rotate who opens and closes show. This time it was their turn to close.”

“Well, I think you guys are the better band.”

“You mean that?” he asked.

“I’m not just saying that because we’re sharing a moment here either.”

He just smiled and went back to watching the band.


As the night progressed, a few people would come over to the booth and buy a CD or t-shirt and talk to Pat; usually about the “old days.” He seemed to have a great memory for various shows and places they played back before they made it big. The fan would go away with a signed memento, satisfied to have their moment with a favorite rock star.

I leaned over to get a piece of gum out of my purse and backed up, accidentally bumping into Pat, my ass to his crotch. I felt an absolute charge go through me as our bodies touched, even if it was by mistake. 

I stood up. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to do that.”

“It’s okay. I rather enjoyed it,” he said and we both laughed.


An hour into Whisper’s show, they started to play a song that had a slow sexy groove and I began to sway my hips and unconsciously backed into Pat. He put his hands on my hips swayed along with me. I let out a long sigh and kept moving my hips back and forth. Neither of us said a word. I could feel his hips move with mine and could have sworn I also sensed him getting a bit hard under his jeans. That made me begin to get a bit wet again and I felt my nipples become erect. The song ended and I turned back to look at him and smiled.

“I’m sorry, Erica. I don’t know what came over me. I know you’re married,” he said, turning away as if he was ashamed.

“Don’t be sorry,” I replied. “Do you know how badly I want to kiss you?”

I wasn’t even sure where that came from. It was like my body was now in charge of my mind. He didn’t immediately reply, but looked up and I saw that he wanted the same thing. At that very moment, I would have thrown caution to the wind and taken him right outside and fucked him in the parking lot. I wanted him that bad and knew he wanted me too.

“You’re a very sexy lady, but I wouldn’t want you to do something you’d regret,” he said, now looking up at me.

Just then Danny returned. His timing sucked, but Pat seemed somewhat relieved.

“Hey, sis, thanks for holding down the fort. What’s up, Pat?”

“Ummm, hey, Danny. How’d we do tonight?” Pat asked.

“We did about fifty t-shirts and what, about thirty-five total CDs, Erica?” Danny asked.

“Um, yeah, just about,” I replied.

“Great, great,” Pat said. “Maybe a few more before the night’s over.”

“Yeah, probably,” Danny replied.

Just then an older male came over and asked to see a t-shirt in a large. Danny worked with him while Pat and I looked at each other. I grabbed my purse off the floor and rifled through it looking for a pen. I found one from my bank and ripped a piece of paper out the small notepad I kept for grocery notes. I wrote down my cellphone number and pressed it into Pat’s hand without Danny seeing it. I looked up at him hopeful and he smiled, slipping it into his pocket.


Shortly after, Whisper ended their set with an encore and the house lights came up. Everything from then on was pretty much a blur. The crowd filed out and the bands milled around saying good night. After the last person had left, Danny and Pat stood in the corner, counting out the money they’d taken in from the night’s sales. They finished up and walked over to me.

“It was nice to meet you, Erica,” Pat said.

“You too,” I said, giving him a hug. I really wanted at least a good night kiss, but in front of my brother and everyone else, it wasn’t happening.  

“See you next week, Danny?” Pat asked.

“I’ll be there. I think we should order some more t-shirts. The stock is getting low,” Danny said.

“I’ll get on that,” Pat replied. “Good night, all.”

He turned and walked towards the backstage area, giving us a little wave as he left.

“You two seemed to hit it off,” Danny noted.

“He’s a nice guy and the band kicked ass.”

“I told you that you’ve have a good time.”

“You were right, let’s do it again soon.”

“What? The princess wants to emerge from her tower again?” he asked mockingly.

I punched him in the shoulder. “Whatever. Give me a hug you big lug before I get out of here.”

We embraced and before I left, he gave me a nice new pink Spectre t-shirt.


When I got home, it was just past one in the morning. I couldn’t honestly remember the last time I’d been up this late. I sat on the edge of my bed and looked at the t-shirt my brother had given me and thought of Pat. As I lay down to go to sleep, a text came in from a number I didn’t recognize.

“It was great meeting you. You’re a special lady. Pat.”

I was nearly breathless, thinking of our “dance.” I immediately texted him back telling him how much I enjoyed our time together and happily dozed off to dreamland.



I woke up later in the morning than my norm, and the first thing I did was check my phone. There was nothing more from Pat, which made me kind of sad. I shook it off and chalked it up to nothing more than a fun night out, vowing to get out of the house more often. I got dressed in running clothes, had a cup of coffee and went out on a five mile run in the crisp fall air. With every step along the way, I couldn’t stop thinking about the high voltage rock n’ roll singer. Every time I thought I’d forced him out of my mind, he slipped back in. I was never the obsessive type, but I’d had crushes before and I told myself it was nothing more than that.

I made really good time on my run, probably because I wanted to get back to check my phone.  I stretched out in my driveway as I did after every run, impatiently wanting to get back into the house. I cut my stretch short, grabbed a sports drink from the fridge and went right to my phone. I plugged in my security code to unlock the phone and saw I had one text…and it was from Pat. I was just a simple ‘good morning’ but absolutely made my day. I immediately texted him back, letting him know that I hadn’t immediately responded because I was out running.

“I knew you worked out. I could tell with that body,” he texted back.

“You’ve got quite the body yourself,” I wrote back.

“Thanks. It’s not easy at my age, but I’d never let myself go.”

“Can I call you?” I nervously texted.

Within second, my phone rang and I excitedly picked it up.

“Good morning, Erica,” Pat said.

“Well, hello. Thanks for calling.”

“No problem. Would you think me a terrible man if I told you I haven’t stopped thinking about you since last night?” he asked.

“No, I haven’t stopped thinking about you either.”

“It’s rare when I make that kind of connection with someone anymore,” Pat said. “Except in this case but you’re unfortunately married.”

“It’s a marriage for security and nothing more.”

“I thought I’d had an odd marriage.”

“I thought you said you were getting divorced,” I said.

“Had as in past tense.”

“How long were you married again?”

“Well, we were together close to twenty-two years, but only married for ten.”

“Can I ask what happened?”

There was a momentary silence on the line. “She decided she liked sleeping with my tax attorney more than me,” he said with a chuckle. “I only realized after we were apart that she only made me miserable. I put up with it for the kids and all those years of being faithful to her on the road and she did that? I’m better off without her.”

“I’m sorry. I went through some pretty rough times myself at one point in my life.”

“I guess we’re kind of kindred souls then.”

“Perhaps we are. Hey, what are you doing this afternoon? Wanna’ have lunch?”

“I’d love to, but we have a band rehearsal for the new CD we’re trying to work on. Then I’m packing up and heading up to Toronto for a few shows this coming week.”

“Oh,” was all I could muster.

“Can I take a rain check? I’ll be back early next week.”

“That works.”

“Can I call you from Toronto?”

“Of course. I’m here alone all day. My husband owns a trucking business and works long hours six days a week. Tomorrow is Sunday, which is the one day he takes off, but after that I’ll be alone all week.”

“Okay, then I’ll call you on Monday. Take care, sexy Erica,” he said.

“You too, Pat.”

He hung up and I sighed. I sat at my kitchen table and wondered why any women would throw away such a nice guy. Of course, I really didn’t know him all that well but as I’d gotten older my instincts had greatly improved.



I spent the entire next day thinking about Pat, wishing Monday would come quick. We texted back and forth a few times during the day, but I wanted to hear his voice. The day finally came and I waited impatiently for his call.  Around one in the afternoon the phone finally rang and I picked it up on the second ring. I went to my bedroom and lay on my bed.

“Hello, sexy Erica,” he said.

“I like how you say my name.”

“How are you today?”

“Lonely,” I said.

“A gorgeous lady like you should never be alone.”

“I’ve been lonely for a long time, Pat. What would you do to me if you were here?” I asked, shocking myself at how forward that was.

“Well, I’ve actually thought about that,” he said…and I immediately felt a tingle down my spine. He thought about me…in that way!?


“Yes. First I’d slowly undress you, taking each piece of clothing off and admiring your body.”

“Mmmmm, sounds nice.”

“I’d get you down to nothing but your bra and panties then stand behind you and touch you everywhere but where you really wanted.”

“You’d tease me? Ha, ha, ha, you naughty boy.”

“Then when you were aching so much for my touch you’d nearly rip off your own bra and panties.”

I was starting to breathe a little heavier and noticed I’d unconsciously unsnapped my jeans.

“Mmmm, then what?”

“I’d cup your breasts in my hands and rub your nipples between my fingers, feeling them get hard. All the while I’d be kissing your neck.”

I unzipped my jeans and quickly slid them off, then slid my hand down between my legs. I was already soaked as could be.

“Pat, I swear you are making me so wet right now.”

“Really? That sounds nice. Are you touching yourself?”

“Yes, please keep saying what you’d do to me.”

“Okay. I’d put my hand down between your legs and gently rub your clit as I nibbled on your ear.”

“Oh, God, my pussy is in fire,” I moaned, massaging my clit just as Pat had described.

“You’d feel my hard cock rubbing against your ass as I continued to touch you. Faster and faster I’d rub until you came.”

Just as he said that, I had slipped two fingers inside of me and immediately a jolt of lighting arced through my body. I didn’t stifle my moan, making sure Pat heard me cum.

“Oh my God, Pat,” I said between breathes. “I want you so bad.”

“Does this mean we can skip lunch?” he asked with a chuckle.

“Ha, ha. Maybe I’ll have you for lunch. God, I am dripping right now. I am definitely going to need to change my panties.”

“We barely got into what we were going to do,” he said.

“Just wait until I get a hold of you for real.”

“You really want to do this?”

“Are you okay with that?” I asked.

“I am,” he said. “There’s something about you that I just can’t help myself.”

“I can’t either. Can we chat tomorrow?”

“I’ll be here all day,” I replied.

“Have a great day, sexy Erica.”

I hung up and lay on the bed, a hot mess. No man had made me feel that way sexually since my ex-husband. I hadn’t had all that many lovers in my life, only about a half dozen and very few could get my juices flowing like Pat had…and that was with a simple phone call. What in the hell would he do to me in person? I wondered for a moment if I’d actually go through with it. Would I get cold feet when the moment came for me to break my wedding vow?

Sometimes I wondered what Ronnie thought about being married to a much younger woman at his age. Does he really expect me to live my prime years without being in a sexual relation? We’d never really had the discussion, but how could we? Talk about a sensitive subject. I think Ronnie just assumed I was satisfied with the status quo. Well, dammit, I wasn’t and I wasn’t even sure I could talk with him about it. He was a kind and giving man, but I had needs that he clearly couldn’t satisfy at his age. I didn’t want to hurt him either but I couldn’t live the rest of my life without passion.

Pat and I continued to talk every day, sometimes ramping up the phone sex to the point where I thought I would explode. We finally made plans to meet that coming Saturday at a local hotel. Neither of us currently had a place where we could rendezvous discretely; I had my prison with nosy neighbors and he currently had nothing more than his lead guitar player’s couch. I still had a twinge of guilt over what I had planned, but knew I’d rather be guilty than live the rest of my life not knowing the touch of man.



Saturday came and I woke up early, excited but yet a little afraid. It had been many years since I’d slept with another man besides Ronnie and that was barely sex. It wasn’t like you could forget how to fuck, but my hands shook some thinking about it. I had some breakfast, showered and did my makeup. I looked at myself nude in the mirror, admiring how well I’d taken care of my body even in middle age. I had thought about shaving my pussy smooth, as I knew younger women often kept it today, but feared that could be a dead giveaway to my husband that something suspicious was up. I honestly doubted he’d even notice because I couldn’t remember the last time he’d seen me naked, but decided to neatly trim it into what they called a ‘landing strip.’ That was a perfect compromise in my mind.

I took out a nice tight pair of jeans like I’d worn the night we met and a white top. For underwear, I chose a white lace thong and matching bra. I loved to wear lace and even when I wasn’t planning on an illicit meeting with a man, I often wore it. I enjoyed the way it felt against my skin and it made me feel sexy, even if no one else thought so. I got dressed and looked at my watch. It was only ten thirty, nearly an hour and a half before I was supposed to meet Pat. The anticipation was driving me crazy and I paced the house. After about half an hour of pacing, I finally sat with my iPad and looked again at the Holiday Inn where we were supposed to meet. It was only about twenty minutes from here, just off the highway, but I couldn’t wait anymore. I went to my bedroom and checked myself out one more time in the mirror. It was as perfect as this girl was ever going to get. It was supposed to be in the mid-fifties today, so I grabbed a light leather jacket from the closet and fled from my personal penitentiary; if only temporarily.

I started my car in the garage and hit the garage door opener. As I waited for it to finish opening, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. Who was this daring and adventurous lady setting out to commit sin? I chuckled, put the car into reverse and headed out. I didn’t go straight to the hotel for some odd reason, but circled through town a time or two. I lived in a small sleepy New England town where most everyone knew your business. In this case, they’d be shocked…though truth be told, I knew very few people here anyway. I’d grown up further south, closer to Boston and only ended up here because this was where Ronnie was from and where he had his business.

I saw that I had twenty minutes until the appointed time and made my way over to the hotel, pulling into the parking lot. It was a fairly large Holiday Inn with exterior balconies leading to the rooms and plenty of discrete parking. I sat staring at the entrance and noticed a white BMW parked near the front. It looked to me like a car that a man like Pat might drive. I looked at my phone and saw it was five minutes to our meeting and as I was doing that, a text came in from Pat.

“212,” was all it read. It didn’t need to say anymore. This was happening, it was a reality and I was as excited as a kid going to Disney World for the first time. 

I assumed the text meant room two twelve so I looked at the closest room to my parking spot. It was one eighteen which meant that room was on the second floor. I took a deep breath, checked my makeup and hair one final time and made my way to the room. Every single car that passed the hotel made me nervous; it was like someone was watching me even though I knew they weren’t. I took the stairs to the second floor and walked along the balcony looking at the room numbers.

“Two oh’ eight, two ten,” I said aloud as I passed each room. “Two twelve.”

I stopped at the door, took a deep breath and knocked. Pat immediately opened the door and smiled.

“Hello, gorgeous,” he said.

“How about inviting a lady in?” I said smartly.

He motioned me inside and closed the door behind us. I looked around and saw he had rented a room with a king bed. It was nothing spectacular, but had privacy. That was all we needed besides each other.

“I was a little worried you may not show,” he said. “Can I take your coat?”

It amazed me that a guy who had travelled the world and probably slept with hundreds of women in his life was worried that I wouldn’t show up. That honestly made me feel very special.

“I never gave not showing a second thought,” I said.

I took off my coat and handed it to him. He put it on a hanger and hung it in the closet by the door. I looked him over and felt my excitement building. He wore a black polo shirt, which nicely showed off his muscular arms, and a tight pair of jeans with cowboy boots.

“You look beautiful, Erica,” he said.

“I love when you say my name,” I replied.

He just smiled and without another word, took me in his arms and kissed me. His tongue entered my mouth and our passion swelled. He was a great kisser and his strong arms holding me tight added to the thrill.

I peeled off his polo and undershirt, throwing them on a nearby chair. Pat was strong and muscular with a hairy chest and the abs of a man half his age. On his right arm, he had a large tattoo of a skull with a snake through it; no doubt a left over from his eighties partying days. He removed my blouse and I helped by putting my hands over my head. Pat then reached behind me and expertly unhooked my bra with one hand. He slid it off and added it to the growing pile of clothes. We stood chest to chest and I could feel the warmth of his body on my naked skin, making my nipples immediately erect.

He looked at my breasts and stepped behind me, much as we’d done the other night at the club, except this time we were alone.

“You have near perfect breasts,” he whispered in my ear as he nibbled on it and fondled them.

All I could do was softly sigh as his hands roamed my body. He reached down and unsnapped my jeans and slid my pants down to my ankles. I stepped out of them and turned to look him. I stood before him in just a pair of panties and found it was very exciting.

“Do you like?” I asked.

“Very much,” he said.

“I’m glad you like me.”

He sat on the bed and removed his boots one at a time, his eyes on my near nude body the entire time. It was an extreme turn on for me to stand in front of this man I barely knew in nothing but panties. Once his boots were off, he stood back up and I undid his belt buckle and the button on his jeans. I unzipped his pants and he pulled them off. I could see through his black colored briefs that he already had a hard on.

I wanted him in my mouth so bad that I couldn’t wait any longer.  I went to my knees in front of my Rock god and pulled his underwear off and threw it into the pile of clothes we’d made. His cock was fully erect and had to be nearly nine inches and thick, much larger than any man I’d ever been with before. I’d heard other women say a penis was ugly, but his wasn’t. It was circumcised and he took the time to groom down there. I took the tip into my mouth, holding the shaft with my right hand. I looked up to see him looking down with his mouth slightly open. His breathing increased and I began to take more of his beautiful cock into my mouth. I bobbed my head back and forth, clutching his shaft tight.

I’d never had much of a gag reflex, so I could deep throat other men I’d been with, but wasn’t sure I could take him all the way into my throat. It had been years since I’d done this but I was determined to try because I desperately wanted to make him feel good. I slowly took every inch deep inside my throat and glanced up at him. His head was thrown back in complete ecstasy.

“Oh, that feels so amazing, Erica,” he said softly.

I’m not sure why but every time he said my name it made me hotter for him. It was like he cared who I was and made a point to show it. Pat was building toward an orgasm and I slipped his cock into my throat one more time before focusing on the tip and bobbing my head faster and faster. He reached behind my head and gently held me just he let out a loud groan of passion and exploded into my mouth. His cum was a bit salty but not unpleasant at all and I swallowed it in one gulp, licking the residue off the head of his cock.

He lay back on the bed and caught his breath. “That was absolutely incredible.”

“I’m glad you liked it.”

He sat up and kissed me. I liked that, as some men won’t come near you after you gave them a blow job. He kissed and nibbled at my neck, then my shoulders. He stood up and gently laid me back on the bed, taking a nipple into his mouth and fondling the other. He gently sucked and bit on my nipple, causing me to sigh with pleasure. His hand slid down my body and pulled my panties off, then he rubbed my legs, my inner thighs and every place but where I wanted him to touch me.  I arched my pelvis up a little and he looked up and smiled.

“Someone is getting impatient,” he said with a laugh.

“Oh, you’re teasing me.”

“I believe I warned you. I think you like it.”

“Mmmmm, I do.”

He then began working his way down my body with little kisses, all the while putting his hand between my legs. I let out a little whimper as he touched my cunt, feeling his fingers glide over my wet labia and then to my clit, stroking it ever so gently. He slid his middle and ring finger inside of me and I thought I was going to burst right then and there, but it only got better. As his fingers went in and out of me, I felt his hot breath followed by his tongue licking my clit. He put his whole mouth on my muff, gently sucking all the while continuing with his fingers. I rocked my hips back and forth and without warning, immense waves of sensuality washed over my body. It was an orgasm like I hadn’t experienced in years or maybe even ever. I screamed out in pleasure, not caring who else may have heard in the hotel.

Pat continued going down on me and before long, another blast of orgasms rocketed through my body. It was almost too much. I lightly pushed his head up because I wasn’t sure I could handle another one right at that moment. I looked at him and saw his mouth and chin glistened with my juices.

“Wow,” was all could muster between breaths.

“I figured one good turn deserved another,” he said, lying next to me. “I’ve always tried to be an equal opportunity lover.”

I kissed him deeply and tasted my juices on his lips. I’d never been with a woman but the taste wasn’t at all unpleasant.

“Most guys only care about themselves in bed,” I whispered.

“I’m not most guys.”

I stared into his eyes and again kissed him, feeling that he was semi-erect. I wanted him inside me, so I began rubbing his cock until it came back to life. He reached over to the nightstand, opened it and took out a new three pack of condoms.

“You’re okay with me using one of these, right?” he asked.

“Of course.”

I noticed they were the ribbed variety, which would add to my pleasure. He unwrapped one and rolled it onto him, then got on top of me. We kissed again and I felt him enter me, the full weight of his pelvis on mine. I gasped a bit as we became one.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“I am better than okay.”

He just nodded once and began kissing my neck. I’m not sure how he knew but that drove me wild. He started out thrusting slowly, giving me every inch of his cock until it was deep inside of me, then nearly out again. I closed my eyes and breathed deeply, my entire body in an intense state of ecstasy. I rocked my hips back and forth to the motion of his thrusting and I glanced at him to see his eyes closed. He held himself up and his strong muscles flexed. I reached over and held onto his arms and felt the muscles were as hard as his cock.

His thrusts became faster and harder and I moaned out in pleasure.

“That’s it, that’s it, fuck me harder,” I said, almost instinctively as my body again took control of my mind.

He complied and gave me everything he had. By now the heat from our bodies began to make us both sweat. I could sense myself rapidly approaching an orgasm and by the look on his face, he was getting there too. The energy built inside of me and without warning, a vast jolt of pleasure raced through me. It may have been even more intense than the orgasm Pat gave when he went down on me. I wailed out in ecstasy just as he came and let out his own heavy moan. It was the first time in my life that I’d had a simultaneous orgasm with my partner.

“Ohhhhh, Erica,” he groaned out.

I pulled him to me and kissed him as I felt a secondary shudder of energy go through his body.

“Wow,” I said again. I need a better way to explain this.

“Wow, indeed,” he replied. “That was totally unexpected.”


He cleaned up and we snuggling in bed. I had hours before I had to be home or be missed.

“So what do you do all day to keep yourself busy?” I asked. “Other than working out, which clearly you do regularly. You have a smoking hot bod.”

“Well, thank you,” he said. “So do you.”

“Thanks. All that running finally paid off,” I said with a chuckle.

“Besides exercising, I mostly work on new songs or rehearse. I do like to read.”

“What about?”

“Usually murder mysteries. I have a brother who’s a cop down near Boston and his work has always fascinated me.”

“I like to read romantic novels. It’s as close as I’ll ever get to being swept away on a voyage of exploration.”

“Why do you say that?”

“My life is what my life is. This was the best and most adventurous thing that’s happened to me in years.”

“I find that kind of sad. You’re far too young for that, Erica.”

“I guess. So when do you play again?”

“We’ve got a gig next weekend south of Boston. Want to come? I can get you in for free,” he said with a laugh.

“We’ll see. Can I ask a personal question?”

“We’re laying her in our birthday suits, why not.”

“What happened to the band? You guys were so hot at one time?”

“Well, the recording industry is very fickle. We had a few hits and then frigging grunge came and bands like us were pushed aside for a bunch of downbeat suicidal sounding groups.”

“You sound a little bitter.”

“It’s hard not to be, but we carried on and we’re still very popular in Europe. If it wasn’t from the royalties from over there, I’d be working a nine to five job or living in a cardboard box. My ex-wife would have seen to that.”

“That’s horrible.”

“She did a real number on me,” he said with a sigh. “For years all I heard was my music sucked and in bed, well, there was nothing like this.”

“What do you mean?”

“She liked to complain. I really loved her at one time, but I was nothing more to her but a bank account, which she tried to suck dry.”

“You are a fantastic lover.”

He shrugged. “Unfortunately, my self-confidence has taken a few hits over the years. Enough about me though, can I ask how you came to be married to a man much older?”

I felt so comfortable with this gorgeous man I barely knew that I gave him my entire life story, right down to the cocaine problem and abusive ex.”

“That’s horrible,” he said. “No woman should ever be treated like that.”

“Thanks. You know, your wife was a very foolish woman. I hope she realizes someday what she lost.”

“Mid-life crisis, I guess. Once our kids left home, she decided I wasn’t good enough for her anymore.”

“Sounds like she took you for granted.”

He again shrugged. I felt bad for him and leaned in for a kiss. Our lips met and my passion once again ignited. Against my body, I could feel he was again getting erect. I was surprised that a man approaching fifty could recover this quick, but wasn’t going to complain.

“Take me from behind,” I whispered.

He nodded and I got up onto all fours for him. It had been many years since I’d been mounted from the rear and I quivered with anticipation. While I preferred to look into my partner’s face to see their pleasure during sex, this positon allowed Pat to sink his full length into me, hitting nerves that doing it missionary never could.

I looked back as he put on a fresh condom and then I felt his hardness around my ass. He grabbed my hips and I reached behind and clutched his cock, guiding him into my dripping wet honeypot. I felt him slip inside, pulling my body towards his with every pump. Every time he thrust, every inch of his substantial length was buried deep inside, causing involuntary spasms which tightened my pussy around his throbbing cock.

“That feels so good, Pat,” I moaned. “Please don’t stop.”

We were in a perfect rhythm as he reached up and touched my hair, stroking it.

“Pull my hair, baby,” I said between thrusts. “Please.”

He grabbed a handful and as he pushed his hips forward, pulled my head back by my hair. I bit my lip to stop myself from screaming out his name. The energy built in my body and I knew I was again close to climax. Pat must have known too because he increased his rhythm, thrusting harder and harder. A flood of orgasms swept over my body and I let out a half moan, half scream. He continued to pump deep inside and my body quivered and shook until he had his own orgasm, letting out a loud groan. He slowed his thrusts until finally stopping and pulling out.

Pat slumped down on the bed next to me, breathing hard.

“I have no words,” he said.

I lay on my stomach and leaned on his big hairy chest, trying to catch my own breath. We were again covered in sweat, but neither seemed to mind.

“Are you trying to kill me?” I asked.

“I was accused of being a lady killer back in the day,” he chuckled.

“You’ve made this girl very happy.”

“I’m very happy myself,” he replied.

He leaned forward and kissed me. I glanced over and saw that it was unfortunately nearly three o’clock.

“I should get myself pulled back together here,” I said with a sigh.

“I wish I didn’t have to let you go,” he said.

“Don’t get too attached,” I replied.

The words felt odd coming out of my mouth, but I thought it was me voicing a fear that I’d fall in love with a man I didn’t really know and not wanting to hurt Ronnie. He just frowned and nodded. We both got dressed and before we left the room, shared one more long and passionate kiss.

“When can I see you again?” he asked.

“I hope very soon.”

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