Love will tear us apart

Love will tear us apart Love will tear us apart

Status: Finished

Genre: Horror


Status: Finished

Genre: Horror


A woman falls in love with a serial killer, or does she?


A woman falls in love with a serial killer, or does she?


Submitted: November 11, 2012

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Submitted: November 11, 2012



Just a normal Saturday looking after the kids, Celestine was on her way home from spending the afternoon with a friend at the local kids play area. Coming up to a particularly busy junction, the traffic was heavy and no opportunity to turn onto the road home was presenting itself. Suddenly, a small gap appeared and as she quickly turned onto the road a stationary white van pulled out and nearly collided with Celestine's car. After a few choice hand gestures and words of anger Celestine continued on her way home with the children, shaken but unscathed.

Fucking bitch, who does she think she is. It was her fault anyway, people like that need to be taught a lesson.

As Celestine pulled into the drive and she was preoccupied getting the kids into the house she was unaware that the white van had followed her and was now parked up a few houses down, watching her every move.

This bitch deserves everything she gets. I'll show her.

Later on that night Celestine goes out to her car to get her cigarettes, and he sees his opportunity. As he approaches her he sees she is in her pyjamas and her blonde hair is damp, probably from a bath or shower as she is wearing no makeup.

'Erm, excuse me but do you know where the nearest shop is please?'

As Celestine turns, somewhat surprised by the intrusion in the quiet night, she sees a man facing her, a few feet away. He seems, like her to be in her early thirties with short shaved hair and she notes he is quite attractive.

'Um, it's about 200 yards that way, around the...' As she gestures to the local shop by raising her left arm to point, the mysterious man quickly grabs her wrist and plunges a syringe into her vein at the elbow, quickly delivering something into her bloodstream which immediately disables her, and as she slips into unconsciousness and he takes her weight she hears him mutter 'not so fucking smart now are we bitch.'

Uncomfortable. Pain. Muscles hurt. As Celestine wakes she feels as if her body has been assaulted by baseball bats after a particularly heavy drinking session. As she struggles to open her eyes she can see she is in a dark room, fastened upright to a wall still in her pyjamas. As her eyes adjust to the dark she can see the outline of another person on the wall opposite, and maybe a hospital type bed trolley to her right. The room is small and smells surgically clean. Suddenly the flicker of the strip light overhead startles her and its harsh bright light makes her head pound. As she struggles to see clearly she can make out a man walking slowly but purposefully toward her.

'So Miss Smart mouth, not so clever now are we?' He asks her in a taunting, self satisfied way.

'Wh..what, who are you? Why am I here?' She asks, still groggy from whatever the syringe contained.

'Oh, don't you worry yourself about things like that. We have plenty of time to get to know each other.'

As he speaks, she tries to get a measure of the room she is in, and notices the silhouette she saw on the opposite wall is actually a man, fastened to the wall by cable ties running through a metal loop, impossible to get out of.

'I can see you are not completely with us, and I want your senses to be sharp and aware when we talk next. Rest and we'll get to know each other better in the morning.' He grins and she feels uneasy.

The man turns and leaves, and turns off the light as leaves, plunging her into darkness so quickly it makes her jump. Se hears a key being turned in the lock and a feeling of desperation sweeps over her. 'This is it. This is how I I will die.' Celestine knows that there is no way she escape the cable ties and get through the locked door. 'What does he want with me? Why me?'

As she begins to sob she hears the man opposite talk. 'There's no way out, believe me I've tried, even if I knew where we were it wouldn't be any use. I've tried screaming for hours and getting my hands free, this room must be either soundproofed or we're in the middle of nowhere. Are you ok, you hurt?'

Startled by normality of the question, a wave of desperation and panic sweeps over her and for the first time in her life, she truly feels helpless. 'Why am I here?? I don't understand?' She asks.

'Well in case you hadn't noticed our friend there isn't exactly Mr humanitarian of the year now is he? Sorry, I just wish I could punch the fuck out of him'. Celestine can hear the man breathing heavily, he is very angry. She did see when the light was on that he was a muscular guy, probably about 5 years younger than her and quite athletic. Being restrained in this way probably made him feel even more helpless, having the strength but not being able to use it. Celestine knows she has to calm down and think. How can she get out of this? Is this really it? What about her family, will she see them again? She can't bear the thought.

'Whats your name?' She asks the man, trying to prevent herself from having a complete breakdown.

'Mike, what's yours?' He replies.


'Oh, pretty name' Mike responds.

Celestine is suddenly angered by the small talk, she doesn't have time for this.

'Look, I'm not being funny and forgive me for being rude but how the fuck are we gonna get out of here? Are you sure you can't get out of the restraints?' She asks Mike.

'Don't you think I've tried?? Besides, I wouldn't talk I've that if I were you, he's listening. If I were you I'd sleep and save your strength, whatever he has in store for us I think we're gonna need it.'

This alarms Celestine, and in the dark room she slumps against the wall, trying to think what she can do.

When she wakes in the morning the man is standing in front of her, looking her up and down. He is smart, his hair is cropped short perfectly, his clothes are pristine and nothing is out of place. Military?

'So, what shall we do to you then?' He asks her without a hint of emotion. Tears begin to run down her cheeks and she says nothing.

'Don't worry, we're going to fix you'.

What. The . Fuck. I couldn't just have a normal run of the mill psychopath could I?? Oh no, I have to have a self righteous probably torturous sick fuck who will turn me inside out looking for Jesus.

© Copyright 2021 Sam Woolsborough. All rights reserved.

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