Kiba's Long Night

Kiba's Long Night

Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Kiba and Naruto are secret lovers after their last story. They have a little tiff to begin with but can't bear to be apart and it isn't long before they fall into each other's arms again. Having woken Kiba up, Naruto prepares his lover for the longest night of his life.


Kiba and Naruto are secret lovers after their last story. They have a little tiff to begin with but can't bear to be apart and it isn't long before they fall into each other's arms again. Having woken Kiba up, Naruto prepares his lover for the longest night of his life.


Submitted: July 06, 2015

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Submitted: July 06, 2015



“Once more, that has got to be the best way to end a night,” Kiba said, rubbing his stomach. He sat back, stretching his arms behind his head and gave a slight groan of pleasure.

“Yeah! I could eat this stuff all day,” Naruto exclaimed, too preoccupied with his bowl of ramen. Kiba watched as he shovelled the noodles into his mouth with barely a breath. It was either commendable or embarrassing. Akamaru lay next to Kiba’s feet beneath the stalls, panting away into the hot evening. Most ninja or villagers were indoors for heat like this was proving to be quite uncomfortable for them. Kiba and Naruto, however, had a date and would insist on going out together no matter the circumstance. Two months ago Naruto was in the hospital again and despite the lectures from Sakura, he had managed to trawl all the way across town to meet his beloved like they had organised. A lot of the time they had sex whenever and wherever they could. It started off in Naruto’s apartment, and then he had come to stay at the Inuzuka’s, where not even separate bedrooms could have kept them from one another. Of course, Kiba’s family could smell what was going on but they liked to humour the two of them because they were young and in love.

Eventually, Kiba and Naruto had moved on to kissing as daringly as they could, close to being caught. They liked to keep their love a secret but still joke and play around as if everything were normal. Half the fun was having a secret, and the other was just an excuse to fool around with one another. Their most recent attempt had been in a tree overlooking an alleyway where bystanders could have seen them had the sun not been in their eyes as they happened to look up. By the time someone noticed the dripping fluids from the tree, both Kiba and Naruto were long gone.

And now, where were they? Kiba gazed at his lover, admiring his cute face and his blonde spiky hair. His whiskers made him look so sweet, and as he had grown up they had just enhanced his handsome appearance. And what a body too! Underneath all those clothes was an ever-present demon who would rarely be satiated with one session. Kiba’s prick started to twinge just thinking about it. He pulled his most seductive face, tongue casually playing with a canine, as he hoped Naruto would turn and take him here and now. He didn’t care if anyone was around. He had needs as well, and by god it had been a full week since they had done anything.

“Eh, Naruto?” Kiba said, moving his eyebrows up and down.

“Ehh?” he said, turning towards him. He had his bowl raised to his lips, slurping up the last of the soup. Returning it to the counter he lay back, finally content. “Ahaha, that always hits the spot, doesn’t it?” Kiba’s expression dropped. His silence was enough. “What? Oh, you’re paying tonight aren’t you?”

“Huh?” Kiba said, momentarily confused.

“Good job I had my full then!” He laughed contentedly as he placed his hands on his head. There were several bowls piled up in front of him. Something snapped inside Kiba.

“You always have your fill, Naruto!”

“And what’s that supposed to mean?”

“It’s a wonder you’re not so fat with all the ramen you pack away! You should be the size of Chouji at least.” Kiba got to his feet, readying his wallet.

“Kiba! What’s all this about?” Naruto got down from his stool and followed Akamaru out.

“Oh, I don’t know. It’s probably nothing.” He started walking away at a faster pace than usual. Naruto had a hard time keeping up with him. An cool breeze greeted them as they passed through the streets of Konoha.

“Well if you’re sure. It almost felt like something was wrong for a minute there.”

Kiba stamped his foot and turned to look Naruto full in the face. Why was he always so stupid?

“You’re an idiot! You really are.” He started to storm off and Akamaru followed behind.

“But – where are you going?” Naruto called after him.

“Away from you!” Kiba shouted back. Naruto watched as Kiba mounted Akamaru and together they disappeared into the village with barely a whisper.


Naruto stood there scratching his head. Where had that come from? Was it because he had to pay for the ramen?

“We take it in turns though,” he reminded himself. Come to think of it, how long had they been dating now? Was it a special occasion? Naruto shoved his hands in his pockets and walked glumly back to his apartment with a heavy head. When he arrived he kicked off his shoes and slumped onto his bed. Never before had he felt so retched. Not for the several months that he had been dating Kiba. Oh, how he longed to curl up to that body and snuggle into his sweet smelling musk; to just sink into timelessness and forget about the worries of the day.

Looking around his apartment, Naruto searched for something to hug. A small cushion on the floor looked good enough. It wasn’t Kiba, but it was something. As Naruto raised it to his stomach to bury his face into the soft fabric his cheek caught something wet and his hair became stuck. He pulled himself away, peeling remnants of ramen off his skin and a chop stick out of his hair. He was surprised to find himself disgusted. What was it that Kiba had said again? It’s a wonder you’re not so fat with all the ramen you pack away!

In the pit of his stomach, Naruto felt a sudden pang. Why couldn’t he have seen himself that he was so messy? Poor Kiba didn’t want to say anything, which is probably why it had all come out so suddenly. The yearning in his heart grew strong once more and a new fire was kindled. Perhaps he had been neglectful of late, but there was always a way to change that and to become a better person along the way. Wiping away a tear from his cheek, Naruto took to his apartment like a storm and a process of long-awaited cleaning had begun.


Kiba ran up the stairs and slammed his door shut behind him. Akamaru made it in just in time before it hit home. As the boy made it to his bed he lay on his stomach and started crying into his pillow. Akamaru could do nothing but watch and wait, sitting quietly with his head to one side gently whining.

“Aahhhh!” Kiba screamed between sobs. “It’s not fair, Akamaru! Why does he have to be such a slob all the time? Why can’t he notice these things?” The nindog got up on his feet and wagged his tail with a lack of ferocity. His panting face in Kiba’s caused a display of compassion.

“Oh, it’s not your fault, Akamaru!” Kiba leaned over and put his arms around him, holding him close. His hands stroked the dog’s white fur, shaggy beneath his hands. It was getting long again but it was smooth as always.

“At least I’ve got you, eh boy?” Akamaru barked a little and Kiba let him go. “What is it? Eh?” He pushed at him playfully and the two started pawing at each other. There was a knock at his door.

“Kiba?” his mum said as she eased it open a little. “Is everything okay?”

“Yeah,” he said, trying to hide his real sadness and failing. “It’s just been one of those days, really.” His mother saw through him immediately but only smiled gently before leaving him to his own devices.

“You know where I am if you ever need to talk, Kiba.” Her words remained in his head long after she had disappeared. He mulled them over into the beginning hours of the night, wondering if and how she knew about Naruto. Eventually his mind became too clustered to think straight and his head was hurting so he decided to try and sleep. His one constant thought always returned to Naruto, however, and sleep that night took a long time to come.


Naruto sighed with all the exhaustion manual labour always entailed, dripping with sweat. Looking about his apartment he noticed how big it actually was now that all the mess had gone. Kiba would be proud, he thought, beaming with the prospect of showing him.

“Speaking of which, I’d better see if he’s okay,” he said, suddenly realising the time. Kiba had stormed off a good two and a half hours ago, if not more. He always hated to leave on a bad note. Collecting his things, Naruto clicked off the light and disappeared out of the window.


Kiba stirred suddenly, half awake. He thought he could smell Naruto, but in his reverie he was not sure if it was in his mind. He allowed himself to go with it, appreciating the cool breeze that came in from the open window. Naruto’s scent grew stronger, much more potent; so strong in fact that he could have been standing in the same room. Kiba carried on with the dream, holding his arms wide and grabbing Naruto’s scent, pulling it close. It felt like he was even in the bed with him as he snuggled into the comforting smell, stronger than usual but no less arousing.

“I’m sorry,” he mumbled. “I love you.” Kiba could feel himself stirring in his dream. He opened his mouth and nibbled where Naruto’s ear should have been. “Mmmmm,” he moaned as he pressed on, hungry now. It was like the scent was a real person and Kiba pulled down his briefs, reaching in front of him to free his aching penis. He pulled down Naruto’s trousers and gently moved closer, carefully wetting his asshole. It all felt so real, but Kiba didn’t want to wake up in case the vision left him. Keeping his eyes shut tight he went for it, feeling his head strain against Naruto’s unprepared hole.

“Aaaahhh- Ahhh!” The thing cried, Kiba assumed in his head, though it was too loud and too close to be so. He pushed in a little further anyway, begging.

“Come on now, come on. Please,” he moaned. His penis was beginning to slip in and with a final slow advance his head slipped inside and Kiba sighed in Naruto’s ear. “Good boy,” he said. He lay there for a while, taking in the pleasure. Finding his thoughts hadn’t torn him away so far, he continued with his adventure.

“Ooh god!” The thing moaned as Kiba pushed slowly all the way in. Being a dream, what did it matter what he did?


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