In the tower

In the tower

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


Saul is unable to stop himself going to his love, and she has some magical tricks up her sleeve to make his visit... memorable. If you like this, check out the full version in book form! Chapters updated whenever I feel like it.


Saul is unable to stop himself going to his love, and she has some magical tricks up her sleeve to make his visit... memorable.
If you like this, check out the full version in book form! Chapters updated whenever I feel like it.


Submitted: June 22, 2018

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Submitted: June 22, 2018



Saul made his way along the silent forest path with his lyre in hand and a spring in his step. The forest was lovely today, wasn’t it? The sun sparkling through the green leafs that teased his face as he walked, his brown, curly hair warming at the sunshine, but not unpleasantly so. The path he walked was small and all but forgotten, with rabbits, mice, lizards, and the occasional sparrow skittering across his path, slightly surprised at the human who must have lost his way.

But no! Saul had somewhere to be. The winding forest path was a spectacle, but it did not distract him. The spring in his step was not that of wandering, but of purpose. The breeze and beautiful flowers along his way seemed to ask him to stay a while to admire them, but Saul carried on.

In the distance, he heard the sound of spells. It is hard to describe the sound of spells since most would assume that it was a roaring fire, someone dropping all their pots on the floor, or some sort of gas escaping its container, but Saul could tell the difference. Thought usually his spells were those accompanied by his lyre, he could tell the difference between ambient noise and the fabric of reality being shifted to create magic. He could tell it was the latter.

At the sound of grinding metal, he beamed, and the spring turned into a sprint as he strapped the lyre he’d been playing to his back. As the trees parted and the path became more worn, a giant fortress started to come into vision. A tall, spindling tower attached to a wall rose into view, its alabaster stones glistening and beckoning to him.

As he got closer, the sound of cursing and splintering wood became clearer, and he nearly laughed at the high pitched utterings of his beloved. As he neared the tower and lost the cover of the trees, his footsteps slowed and he looked around surreptitiously, but his only company were the woodland creatures who’d watched him go on his way.

The towers’ energy bathed him, such a pure whiteness that it was hard to look at on a sunny day like today. Removing his hat and wiping his brow with a flourish, he touched the tower, remarkably (and magically) cool to the touch. He let out a sigh of relief from the warm day. His love’s cursing from above took his attention again, and taking a knee to the ground, he took out his lyre and whispered a tune, the sweet strings barely louder than the gentle breeze:


Hark, my love, I’ve come to your aid

Though, my love, I am want to say

That your merciless cursing fills me with dismay

With what may I help you on this lovely day?


Finishing his song, he noted that the cursing had stopped. In its place, he could hardly hear the lady muttering incantations, and the ground beneath him began to glow. A rune etched itself in the dirt, and in an instant he found himself face to face with the loveliest maiden he’d ever seen in his life:

She stood at almost his height, her skin kissed deeply by the sun a lovely shade of warm brown. Her eyes were the color of the sun on the brightest day, accentuated by sapphire rimmed spectacles that had slid down her nose. Her hair was wrapped in its normal tightness above pointed ears, though she had let some strands escape, the blonde in stark contrast to her dark skin. The deepest blue robes that matched her glasses adorned her slight body, cascading down to her ankles. It was a beautiful color on her, he noted.

Though her visage fought to consume his gaze, he found his eyes drawn to the contents of her room, a broken oak staff laid on the ground in splintery bits, the curtains were singed, and there were transmuted bits of copper and lead on the ground. The rest of the room was intact, a shimmering blue shield across half the room where the door, the bed, and the desk with various peices of flammable notes lay. Without letting him give much time to her surroundings she grabbed a piece of chalk that was still intact and started to draw a rounded door in supposedly thin air. Grabbing his hand without another word, she opened the ethereal door and pulled him inside. He noted that she still had splinters in her hands.

Pocketing the chalk and closing the door quickly but silently, the outline of it disappeared, and they were left in a candlelit room with only a bed and a few cupboards adorning it. She turned to him and crossed her arms.

He looked at her with gullible pride, “Good day fair maiden, I’m glad you received my message.”

She continued to stare at him, her ears pointed downward and her head tilted back so that she looked at him through her glasses.

His smile started to fade, “My beloved, I thought a visit would be good to brighten your spirits, as they were in sore need of lifting from what I heard.”

She did not answer.

Looking at her for a moment longer, he sighed. “I’m sorry Quayle, but I couldn’t wait until sundown. I was hoping that we could maybe enjoy the sunlight together.” He smiled and reached for her hand. Quayle merely unstiffened and furrowed her brow with a sigh, then started to pick away the splinters from her hands.

“Saul, you know that we can’t. What if someone saw you?” She turned away from him and sat on the bed. “You’re lucky I decided to practice in my room today so I could hear your message or else you might have been standing out there for hours.” She started to remove her shoes and toss them aside, where they were caught by some unseen force and put by where the door used to be. Saul took a seat beside her.

“Great and beautiful Lady Thenorin, I thought that maybe the most powerful wizard in the realm-

“Mage dear, mage.”

“Mage in the realm would have no trouble to cloak herself and her enamored servant from prying eyes! It would be as easy as putting on a regular cloak for the great and powerful Lady Quayle!”

She laughed, stopping as she pulled off her blue cloak with the boy practically on top of her. She caressed his face, “The Eye would catch us dear. I may have invisibility spells to spare, but that doesn’t stop something that can see the bones underneath your skin, let alone two stupid lovers traipsing the grounds. The Eye is literally there to catch people like us.”

He sighed, “But surely if you can make another plane-”

She looked away from him again and tossed her robe to the side, the same force that took her shoes caught and folded it and placed it gently beside them. “I was granted permission to make the plane. It's not my ability, it’s the permissions I’m granted. Please, just stop with this. The college is thorough to the point of fault. I’m lucky to even have my own room.”

He sighed again, louder this time, taking the lyre from his back and setting it gently on the ground. She pulled the pin from her hair and let it cascade down her shoulders. He could smell the smoke from her spells washing over him. He leaned over to her and started to massage her shoulders and smell her hair as she unlaced her leather bodice.

“I’m sorry my love, I would just love to see your beautiful face in the light of the sun. I just want to feel your lips warming me in the meadows...”

She turned to face him as the bodice fell off the bed, her yellow eyes piercing his soft brown ones. The candlelight in the room seemed to get warmer as the tiny flames danced around them. “Silly boy. I know you want that. I want it too. But please, I wish our relationship to be safe, and this is what must be done. At least for now. I just want you to relax.” She caressed his face gently, and he closed his eyes and held it there. He felt something stir deep within him, what always happened when he felt himself pulled to this place.

He felt her body press up against him, her breasts touching his chest, their accursed garments getting in the way of their flesh. Saul could feel his blood rushing, as well as Quayles, her pulse betraying itself with her hand on his face.

She leaned in, her breath on his ear, “Let me help you dearest...” He felt her hand touch his leg and start to make its way up, poised in anticipation.

Saul swallowed, then nodded almost imperceptibly. He opened his eyes to look at her, and he could see the slight hint of a smile on her face.


Without another word, she went all the way up in between his legs. His loose pants didn’t restrict the movement of his member, which was already almost fully erect and hardened. She touched where the tip was, pushing up against the fabric insistently. Saul let out a small gasp, unconsciously pushing his hips closer to her hand. She let out a small breath, almost a laugh, and slid to her knees.

His hips were almost off the bed while he supported his upper body with his hands behind him. Quayle pushed his knees farther apart gently, and Saul did not resist. He was almost biting his lip in anticipation as her hand snaked its way back up his thighs. Saul almost cried out as she touched it slowly, her hand barely caressing his erect member. She made a motion up and down from the base to the tip multiple times, barely tracing her finger along it. Saul’s breathing started to get faster, his body stiffening up as she teased him, and he felt paralyzed under her agonizing touch.

“You’re faring much better than last time my dear.” She looked up at him as she continued her motions, “I’m impressed.”

Saul nodded, not trusting himself to say a word lest she stop. With this, Quayle took both hands and undid the buckle on his britches. Agonizingly slowly, she pulled the buckle from him and set it aside. The room was so quiet that all Saul could hear was his breathing and the small clink of the metal on the belt as she set it down next to her gently.

Her hands reached up to his hips and she found purchase on the fabric, pulling them down over his legs and making them rub his member slowly. He laid his head back and let out small gasps of air as the feeling consumed him. Finally, he felt the warm air on his bare legs as Quayle tossed his garment to the side. She smiled as she looked first up at him, then down on his fully erect cock basking in the candlelight.

“Boys, so easy to tell their real feelings.” She laughed. Saul also let out a breathy laugh, but he was too tense to put his heart into it. She rolled her eyes at him. Then, she took her hand and started to do the same motion as she did while the britches were still on, but this time Saul could barely take it. Her bare flesh against his was almost too much, and he bit his hand to keep from crying out.

“Too much dear? Shall I stop?” She said with an innocent voice, her finger tantalizingly close to his tip. He simply shook his head.

“I have to hear you say it.” She smiled at him.

With a shaky breath he replied, “Yes, Quayle, please. Keep going.”

“Good boy.” and with that, her hand clasped around his cock.

This time, he did cry out. But she paid him no mind, moving her hand up and down from the base to the tip. It wasn’t a long journey. Furrowing her brow, she looked back up at him. “You know, I think I have something that might make this a little bit better for both of us.” She let go of him and started to rummage around in the cabinet behind her. Then, she pulled out a bottle of clear, viscous liquid.

“What’s that?” He said breathily. She was already pouring the stuff onto her hand.

“Just a little something I was thinking of in my studies. Don’t worry, it feels great, it doesn’t last too long, and I made it taste pretty good too.”

“Wha-?” His mind was reeling from that sentence, but by the time he could vocalize his thoughts, she was already lathering the stuff on his cock. She made the same up and down motion, but more easily this time. The stuff felt cool to the touch, but not unpleasantly so. It felt.... Quite good, actually. He watched her as she did this, then he noticed something strange: His cock seemed to be getting... longer?

“What is that?” Saul said, almost forgetting the ecstasy.

“An enlargement spell in liquid form, basically. Don’t worry. It only lasts for about two hours. It’ll be fun.” She winked at him, then stopped.

“Much better.” She said, then before Saul could react she went down on him, her head pushing her way on his cock. His arms collapsed and he fell back onto the bed as her head bobbed up and down in between his legs, and he could feel the tip push against the back of her throat. He could hear her sucking on him, going up and down slowly at first, then faster, her hands pushing against his knees and taking all of him down her throat.

“Quayle, i’m going to cum!” He moaned, grasping the sheets. Hearing that, she slowly backed up, his cock sliding out of her mouth with a wet sound.

“Not yet. Stand up.” She commanded, and he obeyed. Quayle then turned around and presented her bare cunt, open and already wet. On her hands and knees, her head turned to him, “Cum inside.”


“Now, Saul.” She said firmly. Hesitantly, he grasped her hips and pushed his way into her vagina. He heard her let out a small moan, but she pushed herself against his hips demandingly.

Saul adjusted his grip and kept pumping into her hard and fast, his newly elongated penis barely fitting inside her. Her pussy felt so tight around him, and he could feel her muscles tightening even more. After just a few moments, he slammed her hips on the base of his cock and held it there as he felt his cum shoot out into her. Quayle cried out as well, her moans continuing with his as they felt their bodies becoming one.

With a final breath, Saul pulled out, sweat running down his face as he fell on the bed behind him. His cock was covered in the liquid, his cum, and the juices of his love. Quayle stood up, and he could see she was dripping as well.

She looked at him laying on the bed, nearly spent.

Almost disappointed, she sat beside him, “Oh dear, you’re so tired already and we’ve just begun. Shame.”


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