Tumescent Tenderness

Chapter1 (v.1) - Come For Me Baby

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It starts with a night of lovemaking...<br /> <br /> Warning: Gts fetish<br />

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Submitted: June 10, 2015

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 10, 2015



"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep."
-Scott Adams

He took me from behind again and I could feel his raw, hard cock pressing into my tight, unyielding slit. Mmm… Why did I love this dick so much? He really was too big for me, but I wasn’t going to turn an opportunity like this down. I bit my lip but was unable to suppress a gasp as I felt the thick, meaty head, already wet with precum, pushing around, trying to slip inside. Nothing like the veined behemoth behind me would ever ‘slip’ anywhere.

I felt a force between my labia and then shove against the opening of my vagina. I was already wet by this time and felt my knees tremble. I fought to stay upright. I could hear his heavy breathing in the darkness all around, and imagined his might chest rising and falling, his blood pounding through his body, urging him on to take mine. He grunted as he pushed again, and he grasped my hips with more force as he impelled his member forward, the muscles in legs tensing against mine from either side. His hands were big, and his thumbs pressed into my ass, just a little painfully.

I was breathing hard as he entered, and I could tell he was getting impatient as another half inch made its reluctant way in. He withdrew slightly and pushed again. His girth was stretching me, and I spread my legs a little. My movement was met with a resounding slap, which shot up tingling along from my rear. Hearing my pleasured sigh, he leaned forward, slowing his assault to a slow, leaning push, and grasped a nipple between his fingers. The twisting and pinching of his fingers had my nipple taut and straining at his first touch, and another smack to my ass had the other one follow suit. Still, the master of the monster pushing at my gate was a greedy one, and I soon felt another peremptory grasping at my other teat. My breasts, and my whole body, ached for him in unison, and I moaned in frustration, willing myself to let him fit, or for him to hurry and make me.

My bed creaked as he resumed his efforts at my cunt, his cock colliding again and again, gaining more leverage with each thrust. It was wet now from my pussy juice, which made it a fraction easier, but there was still the issue of space. I heard a snarl as he drew himself all the way out. I felt empty and vast, a gaping hole without him. 

This alien sensation lingered as leaned back, and I heard him rubbing himself. I knew what he was picturing in the dimness, and moved back myself to grind my ass against him but shuddered forward as his fingers entered me. He coiled and uncoiled them vigorously, writhing to expand the space for his intentions. After a moment I felt his other hand grip my hair and mercilessly pull me against the slab of torso behind me. His breath was hot in my ear, and all I could do was quake as he fingered me.

The pressure increased and I knew he must have slipped another in. How many was he at? How many did he intend to fit? I thought I must be gushing all over by now, and surely he must have probed enough. Still, he pushed, and pushed. I felt I must split in two as more and more of his hand was inserted into me. Minutes of bliss ticked by, measurable only by the jolts of pleasure from his hand, tight in my locks and sex, and anticipation from his stiff prick pressing into my buttocks.

All at once, when I was close to the edge, his hand was gone I was dropped back on to the mattress. I landed face down before being violently flipped over on to back. He was hungry for me and I knew it. Without needing to be told I spread my legs, keenly awaiting what was to come. In the black I could smell the sweat on his body looming above me. I briefly felt myself and my hand came back sopping. 

Then he came towards me, fast and hard and rammed himself with full force against my womanhood. My twat ached, it groaned, it stretched from the effort, but in it went, inch after delicious inch. I was on fire, convulsing beneath him, my legs twirling around his body, pulling him further. I wanted it, wanted it all. I opened my mouth and in a hoarse, ragged tone immersed with concentration spat “Give me all of that fucking cock, now.” He was not taken aback for a moment, sliding more and more in, regardless of anatomical constraints. 

Where was it all coming from? The hell if I cared. The massive width of his rod thrust further and further as it moved back and forth, heaving more and more space. His hands worked on my tits, pinching, tugging, pulling, and stroking, anything to precipitate heaving more of this throbbing leviathan into my longing loins. His breathing was fast and intense as he jerked back and forth, pounding against me. Every twinge was a dagger of ecstasy, and I had to pull a pillow to bite down on to muffle my frenzied screams of bliss. ‘Yes! YES!’ I thought, but those soon became words, unbidden in my mouth as I coerced him on. I wanted it harder, wanted him harder, wanted him to break me in two! I moaned and whimpered, ordering and begging him to fuck me, to ravish me, to fill me up with his mega-cock. 

Every whine drove him on, and he went on, panting but showing no signs of slowing or stopping. The onslaught increased, with him lunging over and again with as much speed and power as he could. I thrust back, forcing my tight lips to grip around his cock, to pull him into me. It felt so good, so amazing. My tits were tight between his fingers as he gripped and fucked me. He had pushed my legs on to his shoulders. The bed shook and banged as he pushed his feet against the frame, straining to fuck me ever harder. I in turn put my hands to the headboard, and squealed louder. His breathing had turned to similar hollers of primal elation.

My cunt was drenched, struggling to contain ever more. The walls around it contracted with amazing force, and I could feel every vein, every millimetre of his huge schlong, stuffing itself into me. I could feel a tide rising in me, a wave moving all through me, some impending upheaval. I knew it was coming, that I would be coming. I screamed all the louder, telling him to make me come, to make me come, that I could feel it. This excited him, and his hands moved to my shoulders, letting him pummel with all the more strength. I felt like I could hardly take much more, that I was getting too close. I wondered if I would come or die first, it felt so mind-blowingly fantastic. His rhythm was like a jack hammer, going in and out so startlingly fast that it was overwhelming. 

My every nerve stood on end and my back arched jerking against him to make some semblance of keeping up. Every thrust nudged me ever closer, closer to the edge… and soon beyond. 

"Give it to me big boy," I moaned, feeling his hands on me, the mattress squeaking beneath me. "Make me your fuck toy!" My ears were filled with the strident grunts of each thrust over each creak of the bed. I could smell the commixture of our scents, infusing the air with dank sex, which we took great lungfuls of, groping. And of course there was the omnipresent awareness of the vast cock inside of me. 

"Yeah, I want it all, give it all to me! You make me feel so good... Uh!" I intoned throatily emboldening him. We moved together, hard and fast, clashing our selves time and time again. Within me the storm swirled, and I pushed further, seeking the ecstasy of release once more, while not wanting the journey to end.

The tide was now a volcanic tsunami under a hurricane, and the last of my dirty talked transformed into one long lilted shriek as I exploded beneath him. On and on he went as I came. I was squirting out on to him, but still he persisted, and his cock jarred my pussy towards another edge and off again. I came again, reaching up and clawing at his chest in euphoria. Would I stop coming? Would he let me? Could I at this point? Another orgasm shook through me, resounding to crush the previous ones in its wake. I had never felt a pleasure so intense, wrapped in the steel of the previous ones, soft as silk, sharp as lightning. I yelled again, letting out one long word, “Yes!”. He did not say a word back, and his grunts had silenced. All senses were replaced by the blinding orgasm after orgasm.

I couldn’t believe it. I had come… well I had lost count at seven times. I had finally pushed out beneath him, spent. I looked into the gloom at the silhouette before me in awe. How had he done this to me? I was still wracked by the pleasure, and carnal pleasure still raced through every speck of me. I was gasping, my heart pounding in my ears, and sweat pooled between my slick breasts. He didn’t move, but remained kneeling where he was before, a statue. It occurred to me in amazement that in all this he had not come at all. In a stupor I raised myself, determined to amend that fact. 

His head raised, seeing my form in the dark, curious. Before he could react I had bowled him over on to his back. Before we knew it, I was astride him, and was pushing again, grinding downwards as my hand guided his hard-on back into my poon. His hands came up to resist, but stopped when I began rock back and forth, lowering myself on to his groin. My laboured breathing the only sound. God, it was unbelievably enormous. “And to think I was afraid of this monster!” I chuckled, my voice a husky sable. But behind that there was a concern. I was having trouble getting it in. ‘So soon?’ I thought and, throwing caution to the wind, lifted my legs and hoped gravity would do the work. I landed heavily atop him, and to my tired delight, found his cock was once again inside me, tip to hilt. I jiggled in place a little adjusting, and then did so again, trying to get moving to establish a rhythm. 

Having some trouble?” a smug voice echoed in the gloom.

I said nothing but gritted my teeth, forcing myself back and forth. Then I stopped, having changed my mind. Leaning forward, I bit down on his neck, smelling his musky cologne, and I began to suck, knowing that was a sensitive spot. I brushed my lips past his own and his cheek, highly aware of the tremors passing through the dick as it became rigid once more, tightening my inner walls like a drum. I leaned a little more, knowing that the escape of his pole was impossible at this point, and licked his ear. I extended my tongue from my mouth and wiggled it in circles around the ear hole. To my surprise I felt his arousal solidify even further and he gave a sharp intake of breath. I took the plunge and began to tongue his ear hole, stopping occasionally to nibble on his earlobe. It was making him wild, and he bucked beneath me with a new zeal, but I did not let him rise now. I had been ploughed enough for the day I told myself, lying but determined and straightened again.

I was certainly more turned on now, his turgid increases within me had seen to that. It excited me, knowing that it was I that was doing it, making him hard, forcing his erection to new heights. I loved that I could take it all, his whole big, thick dick, in my tight little cunt, and I squeezed my kegal muscles, letting him feel my power over his dong. It quivered. Christ, it was like a third arm, wrenching me apart with a sexual thrill. What was agonising was that I could hardly move. 

I sat perched upon him, when another idea hit me. It had surprised me, the amount of reaction I had got from that squeeze, and so I tried again. He let out a loud moan which he instantly quietened. ‘I see’, I thought. “It’s mine.”, I whispered, and raising my fingers to my lips, licked them, lubricating them with saliva in preparation. Slowly and delicately, imagining his eyes upon me, I moved my hand to my clit and began touching myself, rubbing slow circles around its engorged mass. All the sex we’d been having till now had augmented it beyond anything I’d ever felt before. Even by myself when I’d played with myself for hours, I had never managed to get it like this. Pleasure shot through me in little tingles, and with each raindrop I felt my vaginal muscles contract again in response.

With my other hand I raised his hands on to my breasts, and moving his palms around slowly I got him to start kneading my tits. Only then did I let a satisfied sigh escape me. 


My ministrations continued, and I could feel him enjoying them. I went slowly at first, my fingers reverentially skimming over my bud. He jostled my breasts about, and the distracted clumsiness filled me all the more with contentment. I knew now how I would get to him. As I moved, picking up the speed a little as I increased the contact with my sweet spot, I felt myself gently, almost imperceptibly, slide down him just a little more.

Oh, do you like that honey?” I asked, a spark of innocence in my lusty cadence.

Aha. Oh! Yes.” He replied, as he hushed another gasp.

Good.” I purred, and turned my attention back to my clit. His hands moved fast in time with my fingers, and he reached down occasionally to firmly grasp my ass. I encouraged him, and held his hand in place there for a few moments with one hand, the other never stopping its motion.

Oh God. Oh God!” he cried, his legs twitching a little beneath my weight. I relished my control, and worked further, pleasuring myself to pleasure him, to sink into his passion and fill myself with it. Bit by bit, as my pussy contracted repeatedly over his penis, I felt myself relax, and expand. It was a different kind of pleasure, a confident ease which steadily mounted. 

I was delighted. He could do nothing, such was his joy, and in a trance I felt him push out, pushing me out further and further. His ass tightened, raising me off the bed a little, and still I eased more and more, getting wetter by the second. My clit felt amazing, and I played with it in earnest now, tightening over him then untightening, jerking him off from the inside.

My fingers danced faster and faster, and his hands yanked my nipples, thick and heavy with pleasure, increasing my desire. Once or twice I conceded and let him rise to lick and suck on them, but made him strain to do so, lest he block my hand. 

I raked my hand through his chest hair, my cunt constricting him like a vice, and a tiny squeal issued from me. 

What are you doing?” he said, his voice edged with an almost uneasy submission.

I didn’t reply, and only played with myself more energetically. The movements of the muscles in my legs and vagina increased, reeling pleasure out of him.

Baby, I think we’ll need to stop soon.” His voice came, a little concerned, but unable to hide the blatant awe and pleasure he was experiencing. 

I knew he didn’t want me to really, and it was just worry for me, but it would be alright, I had made sure for tonight that it would.

He wiggled a little beneath me again, but this only made me press down on him harder, squeezing tighter with my legs and more fervently increasing my contact. There it was. A spasm went through me and into him, and I could tell I was almost ready to ride the pony beneath me. I thought about how hard I was going to fuck him now, and imagined his face as I made him come. I wanted him inside me for that, and I thought about the swelling of his cock just before release, pictured the tightening of his balls, and imagined the hot spurting liquid inside me, filling me up. 

I was a little lost in my reverie, and so it was only the jolt of him beneath me that brought me back. I was close, very close, and so it took me a moment to focus on his words.

Babe, please, we need to—I’m getting close.” His voice was a little desperate.

This surprised me. Though we had only been having sex for a while now, he had never once come despite all my efforts. He assured me that it was just him, that it was to do with his dick, he just wasn’t able to, and that it wasn’t me. That didn’t stop me feeling a little lesser for all that, but I didn’t want to stress him about something beyond his control, so I left it at that. 

We had moved in together last week, and when I was cleaning his study I had found two things. A bunch of papers had fallen off his desk into the bin, and I hastily picked them up. As I bent to do so, something on the desk had caught my eye, and I found myself staring at an open little box… with a ring in it. I was overjoyed in that moment, but quickly realised that he must have been keeping it a surprise, so rather than study it more closely I reached down to grab the papers. I rummaged in the bin, and then drew back, my hand wet. I raised it to my face, alarmed, and was startled to realise it was semen. I look into the bin again and saw an unusually large number of tissues scrunched up at the bottom. I was astonished… So he had lied to me? I couldn’t believe it. I knew it must be to save my feelings, but I couldn’t take it. I fished all his remaining papers out of the bin and hastily sorted them on his desk. Glancing at the ring again I opened the internet browser and began working on my new assignment.

Here I was now, tired yet determined, not even halfway through my plan, and he was telling me this? He moaned and writhed beneath me and I wondered at the reverberatons booms ringing through that massive wand and into my vagina.

So I had found the trick. The resonance of my own gratification boomed through my clit into the walls of my pussy as they closed about his cock, sending back the wave of pleasure. He raised his body again.

Stop! He you have to stop.” He groaned.

‘Pah’, I thought. If he wanted to stop me he could easily push me off. His hulking form weighed almost twice mine, so this must just have been part of the fantasy for him. Unless perhaps he really was so pleasured that he could not move? Well that was fun to think about. It had happened before to me, and I couldn’t imagine how I was going to walk after all this. He just wasn’t used to losing control like this. These thoughts echoed through my mind as I played with myself trying to upend myself, and him, into orgasm. I would make him come for me.

"Mmm... Fill me up." I crooned deeply, feeling the bulk of his shaft grating within me, tensing.

I could see he really was trying to move now, and quashed his efforts, mashing his hand into my tit again and increasing my crushing grip on his equipment. I had to stop myself from coming from sheer excitement as I began to feel an unaccustomed bloating from his cock within me. Yes, he was going to come, I was making him come.

Oh I love you.” I said, moving my fingers like crazy along my clit, scrunching my toes and holding back from the edge. He was getting so close. His breathing was coming fast, I could feel the gusts of warm breath on my stomach as he slowly rose higher beneath me, his dick stretching itself and me to our limits.

I love you too darling, but-- Wait, wait!” he cried out, and I felt a truly monumental expansion rip through my vagina. I couldn’t take it anymore, my fingers pushed once last time and I came, my pussy throbbing and tightening, tightening harder than ever before in an ‘O’ around his cock, pulling it all in, taking it all… wanting him all.

Cum exploded from him like a cannon blast. 

Come for me! Oh yes, come for me now!” I screamed, pumping and beginning to ride him, all the time still pleasuring myself and him with my index and middle fingers.

I felt the typhoon of hot jizz crash down inside me, perpetuating my own orgasm and going through me. The darkness seemed to come alive and light up. It was like grasping a grounding rod in a doomsday lightning strike. I screamed in pleasure as his hot load filled me up, a real woman, better than any of my fantasies. He was crying out too as he continued to spurt a river into me. There was too much even for my newly cavernous cunt, and I felt trickles on my thighs. His hands were still on my tits, tweaking my nipples with a mind of their own. I took one of his hands and used a shaking finger to wipe up the dribbling hot liquid. I then pressed that into my mouth and began sucking it, licking up and down to get every drop.

On the second time that I was doing this he stopped me.

No, no wait!” he said his voice exhausted but full of real panic.

Giving a last playful lick to his finger, I relinquished it and him, my prize. Before I knew it he was out of bed and had switched on the lamp. The dim red glow illuminated him from behind, making him seem a giant in front of me.

I told you—” he began, his voice taut.

Oh come on, sweetie, calm down. Besides, it’s not like there’s any more. I seem to be keeping the rest pretty safe.” I patted my vulva and, finding a stray strand, brought that into my mouth and licked it off in one quick, fluid motion.

Well almost!” I giggled, letting my finger pop from my mouth and waving it, squeaky clean, before him.

His eyes went wide. “You don’t understand, honey, this is serious! What we just did… Why did you!?” He intoned, pleading in his voice. 

I lay back down, tucking my feet up on to the high end of the bed, pushing a cushion under my posterior. “Hey, hey. Ok, calm down. What’s up with you? Come back to bed.” I said, patting the soft blanket, my mind still drunk with pleasure.

He was not so easily assuaged. “Listen, what’s happened to you- what’s going to happen, I--

I began “You must think I’m really silly baby. I made sure to take my oestrogen pills, we’ll be fine! Now, shh—

What, you’re on the pill? Since when?! Oh man… oh man.” he interjected, then uttered a curse.

I snorted, giving him a slightly bemused grin. “Wow, you’d think I’d said the opposite. We’re going to be ok. Shut up, get into bed, kiss me and let me cudd-”

No, no. Stop. Listen to me.” He said slowly. I could see him from my upside down position purposefully slowing his breathing and ceased, though I didn’t remove my smile.

Look, we have to go now, we need to get to the lab! There’s no time!” His voice was despairing, and I was confused and exasperated.

What are you talking about? Look, I – AM – ON – THE – PILL. I am not going to get pr—

It’s not that! Look, get up from there, you’re making it worse!” he said, gripping my hand and tugging me. I got up, and looked down at myself.

So you want me to go with you, freshly fucked so I can’t even walk, stark naked, to your lab, at midnight?” I wondered what on Earth was wrong with him, and anger was beginning to flicker through me. This was only increased him looking down at my vagina.

Too late, we’ll be too late!” he said, and began pulling me towards the door.

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