An Ample Anniversary

An Ample Anniversary An Ample Anniversary

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


She's going to fulfil her love's innermost fantasy most... generously. Warning: Ass expansion fetish


She's going to fulfil her love's innermost fantasy most... generously.

Warning: Ass expansion fetish

Chapter1 (v.1) - An Ample Anniversary

Author Chapter Note

She's going to fulfil her love's innermost fantasy most... generously.<br /> <br /> Warning: Ass expansion fetish<br /> <br /> <br /> Inspired by an edit I made of this:<br /> Props to Bootychekepete!

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 10, 2015

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 10, 2015




They say a picture paints a thousand words, but there was no camera that night, nor any artist with a brush, not that there would be any alive with the skill worthy of the task. I’ll try my best to describe to the events of the anniversary two years ago.

Her face was glued in a commixture of a smirk and a beaming grin. Her eye trailed, with the slightest of inclines, downwards from you, past the whorls and coils on her slender shoulders, below the gentle small of her back, and settled on curve of her rump.

And what a curve it was. Her thong pressed tightly against her yoga pants which, despite their stretchiness, were straining under the pressure of her capacious rear. In short, she was breath-taking. She gave you a knowing glance… You hadn’t even noticed yourself become hard.

You could see she was still awash with the pleasure. When she had first begun to sip the green substance from the phial, which now sat on the kitchen counter, you had been worried when she gave a gasp. However, the punctuating moans in her explanation released your tension elsewhere. Still, She hadn’t let you completely have her way with you. The storm was but a lightning strike, hands and mouths close and passionate, before she downed the remaining emerald green contents. She sat you down in a chair, the mounting tension arcing across those few feet between you, and then you both waited, and watched.

I think I’d better start over, I’m losing myself. Let me reiterate.

Anticipation had been carved into both your faces. She smiled, catlike, noticing your hands clench and unclench, before her eyes suddenly widened. And, gradually at first, her lower half began to follow suit. She let out a gasp, mouth agape, and your eyes followed hers down to her ass. Standing at a diagonal angle from you, you could see it beginning to move... to fill out, rounding and plumping up. It wasn’t like a balloon filling with air. No, this was firm tissue expanding, like a steady and slow flex. 

Though, to say the least, your jaw had dropped, you were concerned, just in case. You started to rise, and a question formed upon your lips, but she reassured you, telling you that no, it didn’t feel bad, in fact it felt a little-- and that was when the first moan escaped her.

You were upon her then, and she on you, hands sliding, pulling, tugging, grabbing, mouths and tongues wild, taking in as much as possible through sensory perception. Before getting completely lost in it, she suddenly moved you away from her body, and motioned you to a chair. She moved back into position, and you noticed… she already looked much bigger, though she can’t have gained more than a few inches. Where there wasn’t, now there was, protruding, and it was sexy as hell. The idea that there was more to come made your mouth dry. Picking up the little bottle, she tilted her head back and you took in a sharp breath as you saw her gulp down a far greater volume of the tipple.

As she licked the last traces of green from her lips, she subconsciously readjusted her stance, and you could see that, indeed, her hips were moving further apart, flaring out slowly. She let out another groan of pleasure as her thighs began to broaden too, giving her a thick yet elegant appearance, like a Greek vase. This was not spoiled by the involuntary squirm that rippled through her new curves. To your surprise you could see a damp spot spreading on her yoga pants… She might have been enjoying this even more than you were.

The two globes advanced a little more, and her pants began to tighten. The thong she had been wearing pulled up, tighter and tighter, filling out with more and more of her prodigious behind. At some point you heard the pants’ elastic go, but it was in the back of your head, as you watched the cheeks push from the size of grapefruits to cantaloupes in quick succession, the vastness pushing aside all limits.

It was speeding up quite a lot at this point, and though her ululations continued, seemingly beyond her control, she managed to keep herself almost absolutely still. Her pelvis enlarged further, having gained more than half of its original width, and she had hardly lacked curves to start with. You heard stitching pop on the extra stretchy material, unable to handle her. The sink was by this point dwarfed by her ass, which was sticking out more than half a foot from the rest of her. With each spurt of growth, her thighs fleshed a little thicker, and you noticed now that even her calves had grown too, firm and toned like the rest of her legs.

Her eyes, moving back to you from the rest of her, locked with yours, and you saw her slowly lick her finger before she slid it into her pants. You think they might have heard your jaw hit the floor in the next town over. Round and round she moved her digits, as her ass began to approach the larger melon scale. Her hips extended well past her shoulders, and she rested her elbow lightly on them as she fervently applied her ministrations to her throbbing clit. The light fingering didn’t seem to provide much outlet, and after a minute or so she stopped as her knees began to shake. You noted with satisfaction that she had a noticeably greater amount of trouble removing her hand from the waistband which by this point looked like it had been painted on to her legs, but the artist had left several gaps, through which spilled succulence.

As her posterior pushed out, further and further, growing wider and wider, past the point of reason and all fruit comparisons, you could only sit there, hypnotised, too horny to even act upon your desire. Those hips, which begged to sway, had excelled past the width of your fridge, over double the width of her body, and were backed up by a massive junk which tapered down through her delicious, thick thighs. Each cheek of her booty was bigger than a basketball now, round and firm, with the perfect blend of taut muscle and cushiony softness. You longed to touch her, to worship this goddess, but still you had to wait. The growth slowed to a halt, ending in a final potent jolt, which ripped the pants from her body and sent them flying across the room in shreds.

Standing there proud was a sight you scarcely had words for. You drank in this callipygian dream, an exquisite relief of svelte hills more astounding than the six to Romulus. The beautiful bulk of each leg was thick as her torso, solid without an ounce of cellulite. You could see muscle sculpted in powerful lines, while She remained supple and yielding. Goosebumps raced across the newly risen contours, and she shivered a little.

She gently, almost reverentially, now began to slide her hands down her new figure. She was spectacular, a vision of smooth arching curves, achingly palpable. Each delicate hand descended, down her sides, exploring the form. She quivered again, chest heaving, and as she bent back to investigate further, you saw her nipples had stiffened from more than just the cool breeze through the ajar window. Her limbs lingered for lengths on certain portions, and her breath became more ragged still. She bit her lip, and her expression made you unsure of whether she was aware of anything but the delight of those moments. You were merely an afterthought, an adoring addition which added flavour to the cauldron of carnal ambrosia. Her finger tips probed the skin of her rear, rapacious yet tender. She pinched a nipple again, and brushed her loins, having through some instinct turned a little further in your direction, and two settled themselves inside her sopping cunt. She drew them back and forth, and minute cries of pleasure continued to issue from her. To your amazement, however, these intensified far more, becoming raw, serrated daggers that cut right into your own libido, and there began to resonate forcefully, as she again moved her fingers back to her haunches, kneading with increasing voracity beneath her lacy, black thong, which somehow in all this had not given way. 

Her knees shook once more, and you stared, concupiscent and incredulous at this monument of sensuality before you. She was a pinnacle, a deification of lust, an avatar of the divines of the earth, divulging their erogenous secrets. You had never seen anything so wantonly sexy in your life.

She shot you a lewd stare, and began to walk towards you, turning the lewd flanks, bigger than beach balls, towards you, as she stepped, graceful and magnificent, across the floor to where you stood. Her ass was so huge that you could see it from the front of her. The brobdingnagion thighs carried her over the floor in powerful, dainty strides that would brook no quarter. The rest sat perched atop her massive hips in a seamless transition, as if she were wearing the largest of Victorian crinolines made physical. She was eager and hungry, and bore a countenance which demanded every atom of your existence to be pooled for her attention.

She stood now, within a hand’s span, fantasy made flesh, and yet you did not dare touch her yet. It was as if she made of incense smoke and would drift away if you disturbed her shape, dispelling the reverie. She, however, was having none of your timidity. She gripped your hands with surprising strength and pressed them firmly into the folds of her love. It felt better than you could imagine, and you were ravenous for her. Like a demon let loose from its circle, you were all over her. 

Your big, rough hands scudded over the span of her thighs, and She let out shrieks of ecstasy, completely absorbed in the pleasure now. You grasped her hips and began to kiss her, all the way up from the bottom of her calves to the small of her back, your tongue lashing out with hot, lascivious barbs on the vast, bountiful cornucopia. Moving on, you seized handfuls of voluptuous assflesh and squeezed, pinched and rolled it. Her very body screamed along with her, and you felt a wetness gushing down from her thighs as you clenched more and more of her. Still necking the back of her thighs and her ass, you begin to caress the inner part of the thighs too, taking in the sweet smell as you continued rubbing up and down, getting closer and closer to her naval, until you found a sweet spot just short of her labia. 

She let out a last bestial convulses as she was wracked by yet another brush as it skimmed past, and that was the end of it. Suddenly you were flat on your back. She clapped her broadened thighs around you in a grip of thunder. You had barely enough time to feel how good the weight and expanse of her truly fine ass spread over your thighs before, as she nuzzled your neck, her hand shoved your cock inside of her.

She rode you hard. Each jolt went right through you. The new vastness of silk coated iron worked, the muscles flexing against your helpless body like a vice as she gave you a truly good fucking. Later you realised you weren’t sure when the thong had exploded off. Her buttocks slammed down on you with each thrust, insistent and vigorous like the kegals that gripped your shaft. She forced you deeper and deeper into her, squealing with joy as she felt you harden further. You tried to join in with the rhythm but she presses down too heavily for you to do anything. Your hands held firm on her broad Hartman hips, firm and limber, and you could feel her quaking with her own desire, the sensation resounding through her colossal frame and into you. The sheer power she could put into each drive was phenomenal, and she showed no signs of tiring.

You noticed in fact that the lunges seemed to be strengthening. Each assault on your manhood pushed harder, and that was when you noticed your hands… they were further apart than before! Her growth had not in fact actually ceased and was being released in waves of expansion as you fucked. She slowed, savouring the intensity of the moment, gently sucking one of her fingers, and you moved your hands to her boobs. As you cupped her chest, she groaned in approval and an extra hard shove. It was like being hit by a pile driver. The thrill of being absolutely trapped under her, subject to the will of her randiness, turned you on more than words can describe. You were her slave, she had complete control, and yet she needed you, desired you, and focused all her attention and energy on that which you could give her. The fact that she was loving the transformation as much as only made this paradise sweeter. You cried out aloud “Oh, my goddess!” as she shook herself, sending surges through her slick shaking booty into you.

Then she began to pick up the pace. You thought it had been intense before, but the maelstrom of pounding that flooded the scene now was overwhelming. You don’t know how long it went on for, as she heaved her heavenly kingdoms of thighs over and over again, even as they gently exuded further and further, clenching tight as her bottom overflowed on to the floor. You were engulfed, a hand automatically alternating between playing with a nipple and her clit, and the other permanently affixed to the burgeoning swell of her ass. Faster and faster, you both cried out in unison as she pleasured the two of you. Your dick felt afire with the flames thrilling through it. It had never, could never, have ever felt this good before. Your senses flitted: sweat caking your brow; her nipple rock hard between your avaricious fingers; her mouth open, neck craning back as she poured all her will into each battering of her enormous lower body; her thighs jerking back and forth, each almost double her size pressing you down, pressing into you, pushing; her ass ejecting further and further, rounding, firming, tightening, squeezing; sweat trickling down the small of her back above your hand, which groped the ineffable rolling mountains of junk; all becoming more and more sensitive by the second as nerves formed, grew, and bunched, accompanied by the elevating primeval screams of vivid rapture. Her hips had erupted, bucking frenziedly in a fervent stupor, and now she moved inwards, grabbing you in a grip several times your width. She was moving faster and harder than was humanly possible, allowed by the immense potency of that drop dead gorgeous bulk she had assumed, all the while booming bigger.

You felt it rising in her, the massive movement echoing through her as her loins prepared for their final release. You were sliding in and out of her pussy under the weight of her direction in a way that felt intoxicating, amazing. Her immensity prepared itself for the final stanza of the volta. She rose and fell, grinding on you, bending and sucking your finger before pushing your hands back to her ass, where you dived right in with an alacrity appropriate to her volume, while her hands flew to her clit . She hammered you, beating all the harder as she felt your penis begin to pulse with finality. Her augmenting figure bloomed, blossomed, utterly belittling those pitifully small previous stages of her engorgement. All at once the tempest condensed into a tornado and then a single mote of energy. There was no discernible pause. That speck exploded outwards through both of you and with a yell you came, spilling forth a hot, thick stream of cum into her vagina, filling her full and spewing out from the sides. A moment later she joined you, bending back and coming down with her full mass upon you. The sensation, heavy and sudden, only caused another orgasm to rise in you. As if sensing this, she lifted herself from and clamped your dick between her ass cheeks, gyrating up and down until you to busted your other nut on to her ass, and you hollered in the vaulting aftermath, as the curvature slowed to steadiness against your hardness.

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