Susan's secret night out

Susan's secret night out Susan's secret night out

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Susan, a typical American mom, goes to a special club to experience perverse sexual excitement. But the evening gets exciting in ways that really surprise her.


Susan, a typical American mom, goes to a special club to experience perverse sexual excitement. But the evening gets exciting in ways that really surprise her.


Submitted: March 07, 2013

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Submitted: March 07, 2013





By Sadie Dark


Susan stepped out of the shower at 8.10 on a typical Friday morning. She toweled herself down and then briefly inspected her naked body in the bathroom mirror. She stood facing front on, sucked in her breath and turned for a profile then turned again and looked over her shoulder. Could be a lot better, she thought, but the weekly swimming sessions seemed to be keeping her trim.


She walked through to the bedroom and opened a drawer full of off white bras and wash faded multi-colored panties. She absentmindedly put on a Lands End white cotton bra and a pair of Sears striped cotton panties. She paused; an eyelash or something was affecting her vision so she bent forward peering into her make-up mirror. Just then her husband Jack’s head appeared around the bedroom door. There was a time when if he’d caught Susan in her underwear in such a provocative pose he would have certainly made some suggestive comment or even stole up and pinched her backside. But today he made do with:


“Hey do you know where Lisa’s Keds are?”


As he opened the door Jack was met with a view of striped cotton stretched across tanned butt. His wife’s ass was being offered up to him and the tight material between her thighs was sexily rippled hinting at her cunt. He’d have loved to fucked her there and then…but he had to get the kids ready…


“They’re in the bottom cupboard in her room” replied Susan finally removing the eyelash. Jack disappeared and Susan slipped on her Walmart jeans and white cotton top.


In the kitchen Lisa and Rob were arguing as usual.


“Mommy! Tell Rob he knows shit about vampires”


“Language Lisa” scolded Susan, “I don’t want to hear that kind of thing in this house”


Lisa’s response was a pitying look as she left the room. Rob finished his ‘Cheerios’ whilst Susan stacked the dishwasher and only the phone ringing disturbed the heavy silence.


“Hi Susan how are you?”


It was Jane, one of Susan’s friends.


“Hi Janey, I’m good, just about to go”


“Oh I haven’t caught you at a bad time?”


“No, no, I’m not in a rush”


“Well ok, it’s just about the lunch with the girls. We were wondering…”


Susan’s mind wandered. Every month she and her married friends met up at the local Chinese restaurant where you could eat as much as you liked for $10. This was a bargain…for the restaurant, as no one ate much at all. Her friends, all in Walmart jeans and tops, competed about their kid’s schooling and complained about their husbands.


Susan had hated being called a ‘girl’ when she was young and so much wanted to be a woman and now she was definitely a woman she hated the term even more. But then she realized Jane was finishing.


“…So Mary and Jo can’t make the Thursday so is Friday the 18th ok with you?”


“That’s cool with me…oh sorry Jane”


Jack had appeared by her side and she saw Lisa and Rob looking impatient by the front door.


“Gotta go” said Jack, “they’ll be late otherwise, have a good time with Rachel, ring me, bye”


“Bye Jack”


And he left without kissing her.


“Sorry Jane that was just Jack and the kids leaving”


“Oh right, I won’t hold you up because you’ll want to make an early start”


“That’s ok, Rachel isn’t expecting me until this afternoon”


“But the state highway gets so blocked on a Friday, how is Rachel?”


“She’s improving, it hit her hard this time”


“Well Susan, none of us is getting any younger, are we?”


No Jane, thought Susan, staring into the hall mirror, I’m feeling older by the minute while you go on.


“Well love to Rachel, have fun, now don’t go forgetting Friday the 18th will you bye honey?”


“Bye Janey, looking forward to it, bye”


Susan put down the phone and again stared into the mirror


‘Love to Rachel, have fun’ eh? Well, she thought, fuck Rachel because she doesn’t exist. And yes Jane, I will have fun! But what I’m looking forward too isn’t another meet with bored and boring women like me. What I’m looking forward too is another fucking world!


And the face in the mirror grinned back with eyes now burning bright in sensual expectation.




The highway was as busy as Jane had predicted but it allowed Susan to listen to music…her music. Before she set out, she’d cleared the old-fashioned 10- disc stacker in the car’s trunk. Out went Jack’s arena rock and the kid’s rubbish and instead she was listening to the Velvet Underground, Lou Reed, early Stones and Donna Summer. This was decadent, dirty music that reached into your soul by way of your cunt and Susan let it work its stimulating magic.


After two hours she was approaching the bus station and the music had moved forward a couple of decades to Beyonce. As she sang along Susan was imagining the videos she’d seen on You Tube with Beyonce and her sexually aggressive girl gang dancing, legs apart, in tiny revealing shorts and high cut leotards. Soon, thought Susan, soon!


The door of the bus station locker opened and there was the bag. Minutes later it was in the trunk and minutes after that Susan was heading off the highway her head full of fuck rock and porny pictures.


And there was the motel sign. Susan parked the car and carried the bag into the lobby. The desk guy, one unfamiliar to Susan, checked her in, took her card details and handed her ‘key card’ without once taking his eyes off the car race showing on the lobby TV.


Susan walked into the room. It was no different from any cheap motel bed/chair/wardrobe/bathroom across the US but to her it was perfect. Simple, clean and no-nonsense, it was a great hiding place from the ugly boring world many miles away.


She shut the curtains and took off her trainers. Next, off came the socks, and then the jeans and top. Finally, she took off her cotton bra and panties and they joined the still warm pile on the dull beige carpet. For a second she inspected her naked body in the floor length mirror cupping her breasts, brushing her fingers down her belly and smoothing her hand over her big but firm ass cheeks. Then, satisfied, she unzipped the bag and began the ritual.


First out was the bottle of Jack Daniels and the pack of Virginia Slims. She half filled the tooth glass, added some ice and a little coke and then lay back in the chair with her legs splayed. She picked up her phone and rang Jack whilst admiring the view she presented in the mirror.


“Hi, it’s me, how’s everything?”


“Oh hi, the kids are fine, Lisa got an A-plus and Rob won some race or other”


“Great, you know where your meals are?”


“Sure, are you ok?”


“I’m fine”


“OK see you tomorrow…oh how’s Rachel”


“She’s feeling better…ok bye”




“Love you” Susan added but Jack had cut off.


So she sipped the whiskey, lit a cigarette and thought about the evening ahead. A keen yearning feeling gripped her. It seemed to pulse throughout her nerve system and she found she was pressing her thighs together. Her head fell back and her heart thumped. Her imagination was creating great sensations and her body responded, her nipples growing harder and her juices dampening her thighs.


It was just the right moment for her bath. So another bottle was taken from the bag, but this time it was Jo Malone Lime, mandarin and basil bath lotion. At home she never seemed to have time to laze in warm perfumed water and she took full advantage watching proudly as the trickles of water ran off her big breasts. The white outlines of where her bikini bra had been sadly stood out from her healthy holiday tan because Mickey Mouse frowned on you getting your tits out at his resort.


She could have enjoyed the heat and scent for longer but the time was getting closer. So she got out and carefully toweled every inch of her body until she was dry. She styled her still damp hair, then, still naked, she straddled the little stool the motel provided and carefully applied her make up.  She knew what she was doing and in minutes it was, as if, a different woman was looking back at her, a woman with similar features but worldlier, more confident and so much sexier.


She got up and went back to her beloved bag. She took out a little silk envelope, opened it and laid the contents on the bedspread. They looked so exotic and colorful against the dull motel beige.  She’d taken ages before she’d chosen the Victoria’s Secret ‘Incredible’ thong and bra set in a rich shade of purple. But if they looked great she knew they’d feel even better on so she stepped into the thong, flexed and felt it settle sexily between her ass cheeks. She fitted her breasts into the bra, clipped it then slid on the black sheer hold-up stockings. Next she took out her black patent ‘unwearable’ shoes. They had six-inch stilettos, looked heavenly but hurt like hell.


She had to look at herself again in the mirror. She turned and posed and pouted – perfect, it now just needed the little black dress to complete the ritual. It was a tight fit but the stretchy material finally settled over Susan’s curves and encased her in a sensual grip. No wonder, she thought, as she applied her lipstick, no wonder they’re called ‘sheath’ dresses, you could almost believe they turned a woman’s body into a sexual organ.


Susan was wearing her shabby old raincoat when she left the motel. She was keen not to look too conspicuous but for all the desk clerk noticed she could have danced through naked with her thong on her head. He was far too interested in some talent show on the TV.


She’s fucking unfriendly, thought Ramon, the motel desk ‘night supervisor’, after Susan left…but interesting too. Arrives looking like my mom and leaves looking like a hooker, fuck you can still smell her fucking perfume! He’d noted her when she checked in, ok tits and ass, probably was once a looker, cheap clothes, no make-up, doesn’t take too much care of herself, probably not a great tipper. Now he was fascinated, she’d checked in as a ‘Mrs’ but he doubted she was meeting ‘Mr’ dressed like that. Some lucky guy was going to fuck that ass tonight, thought Ramon, and he kind of wished it was him. Some hope, he decided, still on his rounds he could always access her room and check out her panties.



There was no sign to Susan’s destination. Just a turn off that you barely saw as it looked like a car-width hole in a tall hedge. She drove down the off-putting pot holed track until it stopped by a large house already circled with cars.


This was the club. She parked, then took off her raincoat, adjusted her dress back over her body, bent over to check her make up in the door mirror, and then satisfied she walked along the path to the front door.


The guys in the woods watched her tight black clad body intently through their binoculars. “Well, I would”, said one, “yeah I would too” cackled the other.


She rang the front door intercom. A voice said “Hi” and she replied “Hi, its Victoria” because no one used their actual names in the club. The door was open by a guy in black T-shirt and pants. She nodded to him, showed her card and crossed the lobby to a large ornate staircase. Voices, laughter and music suggested that a great many members were already partying. A distinct aroma of perfume, bodies and sex drifted from the various playrooms. But Susan ignored all this and started up the stairs. Two guys, just in towels, were hanging around a doorway smoking and they leant over to appreciatively watch Susan’s black clad ass. She grinned back at them over her shoulder and swayed up the stairs loving the attention.


Susan reached one of several doors on the first floor marked ‘Private’ and went in. The room looked like a typical hotel suite, if that is, as well as a double bed, hotels normally provided a black leather swing hanging from the ceiling, a frame with handcuffs and several unusually placed mirrors. The lighting was warm and flattering, some exotic room scent or other made the atmosphere pleasantly heady and a bottle of Pinot Noir sat cooling in an ice bucket with several glasses nearby.


Susan poured herself a little wine and popped an ice cube in. She sat down on the long black leather sofa. She lit a cigarette and tried to relax but she could hear the ice cube rhythmically tapping the side of her glass very much in tune with her heartbeat. But when she heard the door open, she froze because she knew Venus was in the room and her night out was about to begin. A soft voice addressed her.


“Good Evening Victoria, how are you”


“I’m good, thank you”


Susan stood up and turned towards Venus. A woman her age was staring back at her, with dark hair framing a handsome rather than beautiful face. She wasn’t wearing many clothes but, those she had on, made a considerable impact. A black silk bustier emphasized her barely covered breasts, the meeting of her thighs was highlighted by the V of a tiny black thong, and that was it, apart from thigh length polished black boots.


She looked stunning and her confidence in this fact was clearly evident as she moved closer to Susan.


“That’s great Victoria, we want you at your best tonight”


At this Venus took the cigarette out of Susan’s mouth placed it between her plump bright red lips and sucked on it. Then, with the red stained cigarette in between her fingers, she kissed Susan.


“Your very best,”


Venus’s hands wrapped around Susan’s waist and pulled her closer. The two women kissed, not as friends meeting, but as lovers. And as Venus’s tongue rudely pumped Susan’s mouth her fingers were playfully kneading her ass cheeks.


“I think it’s time to get you more comfortable Victoria”


Venus reached out and gripped the top of Susan’s dress and in one move slipped it down around her ankles. Susan was revealed in her purple bra, thong and stockings but she boldly stared back into Venus’s eyes.


Venus stood back and, arms folded, walked around Susan coolly surveying her from her gleaming hair to her shiny shoes.


“Mmmmm, sexy lingerie Darling”


Venus stopped and placed her palms on Susan’s bare ass gently massaging it. The sensation sent a tremor through Susan’s nerve system, the hands were cool and soothing but she could also feel the rasp of Venus’s lace bustier on her back and her hot breath on her neck.


However cool Victoria tried to appear Venus could feel the woman’s body trembling as she pressed against it. It’s natural, she thought, but soon she’ll be shaking for an entirely different reason. Venus was a little excited too; in spite of this being a job that she carried out most nights. The club had dropped that Madame/Mistress shit months ago but that was the role she played and tonight she was looking forward to the action. Victoria had a very sexy body, not too gym-bunny thin like many of the members but not too grossly fat. Her tits looked like they’d be fun to play with and she had a nice big ass. If her cunt was as tasty then, Venus thought, it might be a fun night.


Venus’s hands now moved around to Susan’s belly. Her fingers slipped provocatively down under the thong and, for a second, Susan felt them gently squeeze her plump shaven mound of flesh. She shivered but then, in an instant, the hands moved upwards and grabbed her purple bra cups. The shock caused her body to arch backwards.


“Easy Darling, just relax” came Venus’s softly spoken command in her ear.


But it was hard to relax as, the hands squeezed her breasts, and she was slightly off balance with her legs apart. It was even harder when Venus’s hand shot down again and plunged into her thong pouch. Now a finger, pressed, none too gently against her cunt lips. She gasped. But Venus’s voice remained calm.


“Oh Victoria, you slut, you’re already just a little moist down there and the evening hasn’t begun”


As fast as it had appeared the finger was removed. And Susan turned to face Venus who, grinning lasciviously, licked her finger and then embracing Susan slid her tongue briefly into Susan’s mouth. 


“Ok Darling” said Venus, “the fun’s about to start, you know the rules, everything’s within the limits you agreed so we don’t want to hear anything from you except loud moans, know what I mean?”


Susan nodded. And behind her she heard the door open again.


“Hi babe” said Venus, “meet Victoria” “Victoria say hello to Brad”


Susan turned and saw a large man in a black toweling wrap.


“Hi Brad”


The man walked forward. He was in his 30’s with cropped blonde hair.


“Hi” he said and, as he came closer, he threw off the wrap. Now he was completely naked and his fat swollen cock danced in front of him


“Look, see how friendly Brad is”, whispered Venus softly “he’s waving to you”




Ten minutes or so later a strange mixture of panic and pleasure had gripped Susan.


She’d had several lovers before she married Jack but none of them had a cock as big as the one that was currently attempting to choke her.  As it rhythmically explored her throat, she gagged a waterfall of saliva that trickled down her chin. Her natural reaction was to pull her head away from the thrusting cock but Brad’s strong hands around her face forcefully prevented this. In fact, he was matching the rhythm of his stabbing action with the jerking of Susan’s head to get better penetration. Her strangled gurgles and her spit glistening on his cock were obviously a turn on for Brad, as he grew harder between her phlegm soaked lips.


At first, Brad had kissed her gently. She’d put her arms around his muscled body with her hands sliding up and down the taut skin of his strong back until he kissed her deeply and her hands slipped down to grasp his hard toned butt cheeks. Brad seemed to take this as a signal because he stood back then grinned and nodded downwards. Susan knew what was expected and sank down into a crouch, still hanging on to Brad’s ass but turning all her attention frontwards.


The swollen purple cockhead grazed her lips and she instinctively licked it. It then violated her plump red lips and slipped into her wet mouth. Susan grasped the cock, moved her hand up and down the shaft and sucked, like a previous boyfriend, an Italian, had instructed her. But Brad wanted to take control.


“Hey Victoria, let’s get a little more comfortable, shall we?”


He then reached down, scooped Susan up and carried her to the couch. He laid her down with her head slightly back over the arm, and then he straddled her. Once again the cock knocked on her lips but this time it forced entry and started pumping”


“She likes it rough”, said Venus and Brad got serious.


Venus watched with growing interest as Susan’s body thrashed around under Brad’s assault. Suddenly, she thought, the hockey mom becomes the porn site slut. Spit was running into Susan’s hair and her thong pouch was disappearing upwards as her legs splayed out. Venus knelt down by the exposed ass, reached out and lifted the thong sideways. She studied Susan’s exposed swollen lips, licked a finger and slipped it in. She smiled because Victoria was juicing up well and her finger found no resistance. She twisted it and was pleased to feel the whole ass buck in surprise.


Until then, Susan’s whole world had centered on her mouth and throat. Her face was soaked with her own spit, and lines of it hung from the cock as it withdrew, paused a second and then plunged in again.


“Take it to the balls, honey” commanded Brad forcing her head forwards.


She was desperately trying to swallow the thick shaft when another part of her body sent alarm signals. Her most intimate area was being entered and she was powerless to stop it. Then the finger spun and Susan’s body shuddered. She would have cried out but, well, Brad was effectively preventing this. Instead she gurgled and spluttered on the relentless cock feeling used, humiliated and totally alive.




“Ok Victoria, let’s just get you looking beautiful again”


Venus was dabbing Susan’s face with a tissue and cleaning up where the mascara had run. Susan smiled back uncertainly, her hand instinctively trying to modestly re-arrange her thong. Brad was standing looking intently at her whilst he vigorously wanked his cock. She knew this has been Act 1 in a 2 maybe 3 Act play. Her mouth has been expertly fucked but where next?


“Right Darling” said Venus, getting up and taking Susan’s hand.


Susan looked up at the woman’s half naked body, her tits thrust up by her bustier, the fat bulge of her silk thong and, when she turned slightly, Venus’s jutting ass. God, she thought, this woman’s had her finger up me but…it had felt good.


The two women walked together over to the low bed. But this wasn’t somewhere you’d sleep because it was covered in black leather. Susan sat down on the edge of the bed and Venus sat beside her. But Susan didn’t notice because now her full attention was back on Brad, standing by the bed and his cock, standing to attention. So she was surprised when Venus quickly got up onto the bed behind her and roughly grabbed each cup of her bra.


“Time to get you all fuckable Darling” said Venue softly and she unclipped the bra.


It hung on Susan’s breasts but Venus reached around, pulled it down then cupped each tit.


“ Wow, you’ve got a great rack’ Venus giggled.


Her hands relished Susan’s soft flesh and hard nipples. She caught the meaty pink stubs between her thumb and finger and rolled them. Susan gasped and her head jerked back onto Venus’s shoulders. Venus kissed her face lovingly but her fingers were a lot crueler.


Susan just loved having her breasts played with. She was proud of them, particularly as they’d hadn’t headed south after the kids - like many of the ‘girls’. She often teased them herself when she was alone with her ‘Rabbit’. But to have a strange woman’s hands on them was just…amazing. Susan lay back on Venus’s shoulder, breathing heavily but when she opened her eyes again she saw Brad was standing between her splayed legs. The man reached down and grabbed her ankles; swiftly he lifted her legs and pushed them forward so that they were above her. Then as Susan looked up, Venus took her ankles from Brad and pulled them back further.


Susan was now flat on her back, her hot flesh connecting with the cool leather. Then she felt Brad’s fingers on her thong, the laces were untied and she felt the evening air on her exposed ass. Wow, she thought nervously, what a view the others must be getting, but then she cheered up, who gave a fuck, her fucking parts certainly weren’t intimate any more!


Brad looked down at Susan spread-eagled ungainly and kind of offering herself to him. Nice cunt, he thought, it had seen some wear and tear but he’d seen worse, tight little asshole, now that would be fun. The thought pulsed through his body and his cock grew even harder. He rubbed a sheen of lube on the shaft because he wanted her screaming in ecstasy not pain then he tapped his cock head against her lips. Knocking on the door, he called it, so would the kind lady let him in?


Susan felt the cock and she instinctively reached down to play with her clit and aid easy, moist, entry. But Brad’s hand brushed hers aside and his finger found the spot.


“Let him do it Darling”, Venue said huskily, “He’s an expert”


So Susan relaxed, but only for a second, as the cock rammed into her body. It slid in so easily and kept on going, finally it hit the wall and she gasped. Then it was withdrawing, rasping against the most sensitive membranes in her body, and she knew these were going to be her last moments as a rational woman.


“Oh my God” she gulped, “Oh my God”


The cock almost slipped out, her cunt was contracting but then it was brutally expanded again as a column of thick muscled flesh tunneled into her. She felt Brad’s finger playing with her clit and then the pumping began.  Soon, cock, clit and cunt were working beautifully together to cause that almost unbearable feeling of total pleasure. Susan was reaching that state of semi consciousness when she lost control of her body to her animal instincts.


“Oh my God” she started shrieking, “Oh fuck, oh fuck, yes, yes, oooooh fuuuuck!”


So, Susan had her first orgasm of the night. She had always been a bit of a screamer and some guys had commented favorably on this. Jack, though, had found it embarrassing in hotel rooms but especially at home, after they’d had the kids. Holding back, Susan had confessed to the ‘girls’ hadn’t exactly helped their love life. But tonight Susan could really let go; she was being used like trashy whore so who gave a fuck if she sounded like one? And she would have got louder still if at that moment Venus’s bare ass hadn’t descended onto her face and muffled her cries.


Venus looked down at Susan’s quivering body. She was in good shape for a woman of her age, Venus decided, a bit of loose flesh rippling around the sweat covered belly and a little lumpiness around the thighs but still good. Brad was pounding her hole with his usual skill and dexterity and Victoria was obviously having a high old time – the night was going well. The yelling and swearing always amused Venus, these nice little moms with their nice little husbands and nice little kids suddenly becoming dirty-mouthed fuckmates. But what was Victoria doing here? The clientele was mostly couples and weirdo guys so why would an intelligent attractive woman need all this? Fuck knows, Venus thought, you get all sorts I suppose. Still humiliated sweaty cum-covered Victoria would go home to her nice family while she would go back to what? Oh fuck, she thought, Brad was getting into a good rhythm so it was time to introduce a new sensation to Victoria. Venus’s thong slipped off and still holding Susan’s ankles she shuffled over until she was straddling Susan’s face.


Now it was dark and Susan’s nose was pressing up into Venus’s cunt. For a second she was totally disorientated, then slightly horrified and then, to her surprise, a little turned on – she’d have never believed it. Venus’s ass danced a little and her lips brushed Susan’s skin and, at that moment, soft moist tissues and an amazing scent dominated Susan’s world. Venus had applied a little perfume down there and the mix of this and her natural sexy odors were so stimulating. But so was Brad’s assault on her own cunt and, in spite of the muffling ass, Susan orgasmed again and screamed with even more vigor.


“Easy Darling” came Venus’s amused voice from above, “you’ve been just laying there, now it’s your time to do a little work, Ok Brad just relax a bit”


The ass moved upwards and Susan gasped for breath. Then Venus shifted a little and Susan’s vision was focused on a brown puckered asshole.


“OK Victoria, now I want you to give my little hole a tongue-fucking that I can feel in my tonsils” ordered Venus


Susan obeyed meekly. She pushed her tongue tip into the asshole then grabbed Venus’s ass cheeks and pushed harder. The hole resisted at first but then Susan’s tongue sank in and she moved her head up and down.


“Oooh that’s so good” said Venus huskily “Now you get going Brad, and you Victoria, down there, you make sure you keep time with him”


So Brad fucked Susan and Susan fucked Venus until minutes later, that extraordinary feeling throughout her body got so intense that Susan forgot Venus entirely, and screamed though her third and greatest orgasm.




The guys ran past Susan’s parked car. They could hear the music clearly as they silently made their way to the club’s front door. They knew every exit was covered. One turned and waved an arm…and from the trees a line of shadowy figures emerged.


“Ok Darling now it’s your asshole that’s going to get a little loving” purred Venus in Susan’s ear. Then she looked at Brad:


“Remember make it rough Babe”


Susan, her senses still reeling thanks to that last overpowering explosion, barely heard her. She lay back panting, her body seemed numb and she was sweating freely now.  Had it suddenly got hot in here, she idly thought?  Fuck no, she smiled to herself, it’s me that’s hot, boring little me feeling like the sexiest woman in the world. In her dreamlike state she closed her eyes but was faintly aware that Venus was talking. Well, Susan thought, whatever that weird bitch is planning is fucking fine by me.


So she put up no resistance when Brad lifted her slightly, rolled her until she was face down on the bed and then with his hands round her belly lifted her hips up high. When he let go she stayed that way, kneeling, head down with her ass high in the air, exposed and open. She was in ecstasy, she had no control over anything, they could do anything they liked to her, it all just made her feel more excited, more alive, yea, everything was good. So she just relaxed when she felt Brad’s fingers parting her ass cheeks and experienced his big wet tongue lapping her hole. Jack would never even touch her there let alone fuck her, so this was a first and based on her close relationship with that huge cock it was going to be memorable – if a touch painful.


“Just relax Darling don’t fight it” whispered Venus.


But it was Brad’s finger that penetrated Susan first and even that felt pretty big and intrusive. She felt it press against her; there was a little resistance, then her asshole relented and the lube slippery finger was forcing itself inside her. The total strangeness of the sensation surprised Susan; it felt obscene, forbidden even disgusting but also kind of thrilling. In an instant her whole focus was on that finger as it explored and stretched her. Then it was two fingers pumping away and creating a wholly different sexual feeling. Susan gave in to the feeling; she crouched down so spreading her ass cheeks wider and she totally relaxed. Brad must have seen and felt this because the next thing Susan noticed was that his fingers had been replaced by his thick hard cock. It rammed in, expanding her as it went until she felt her insides were about to burst. Then it withdrew at the same speed, paused and rammed her again. The sensation was so extraordinarily good that Susan gasped a low earthy grunt of pure animal pleasure.


Venus took hold of Susan’s damp hair and pulled her head up a little so that she could see the expression on her face. Her skin was shiny with sex-sweat, her eyes were closed as if she was in a trance, her mascara was smudged like large bruises and her big red lips hung open in drooling ecstasy. Venus looked back at Brad and winked. Brad, his muscled body shining with exertion, grinned back and gripping Susan’s big butt cheeks firmly he drove his glistening cock faster and deeper into her shuddering grunting body. Venus smiled, even after all this time, she thought, watching a good sweaty fuck was a bit of a turn on. Still holding Susan’s hair, she reached down, spread her lips and fingered her own moist clit inches from Susan’s face. Venus shut her eyes now and waited for that very familiar but oh so fucking good feeling.


 A noise spoilt the moment; Venus opened her eyes and across the room she was looking into the impassive face of a female police officer.




The cops had selected one large room for all the female occupants of the club; the guys were probably somewhere else. Susan sat in the corner and in her totally spaced out state inspected her roommates. To be honest, they were nothing special, just the sort of women you might see in the local market. Some were stick thin, some were more generously built but one thing separated them from everyday shoppers – they were all virtually naked. Especially the female staff who were together in a group at the farthest end of the room. There were thongs, stockings and corsets and the occasional bra but Susan had never seen so many tits, ass’s and whatever exposed in one place.


She just had time to grab her thong before the severe, but obviously amused, police officer had escorted her and Venus to the room. As they walked, she could hear police radios, shouts and insults echoing along the corridor of the club. These unexplained sounds and her nakedness mixed with her recent rude interruption created an almost dreamlike state in Susan’s mind and, at that moment, it never occurred to her that it might become a nightmare.


Now, in the room, initial shock was being replaced with indignant anger.


“Now listen people”, a woman said, “Don’t tell them anything, I’m a lawyer so I know you needn’t tell them anything”


Susan stared vaguely at the speaker. She was short, with short dark hair and small breasts but when she turned Susan noticed vivid red stripes cut into the flesh across her tight gym-toned ass. Another woman, sitting across from Susan was sobbing loudly; she was totally naked and had huge tits. But these were inflamed and jutted out even further thanks to a web of ropes wrapped tightly around them. Susan took this all in calmly as if it was the most normal thing in the world.


Suddenly, an arm wrapped itself around her and she was aware that Venus was by her side.


“Hey Darling, you ok?”


But Susan just smiled back strangely. Venus was concerned.


“Look Darling, I’m sorry about this I really am”


Susan shrugged and kept on smiling.


“Victoria, are you ok? Look Darling, don’t worry, this happens from time to time, it’s cool, you needn’t worry too much, the owners get fined, we all give false names and addresses and the cops fuck off”


Susan looked at Venus and nodded. She wondered if Venus knew she’d forgotten to put her panties back on, still Susan thought, I don’t suppose Venus cares much about things like that. She’d been more intimate with Venus than she had with any other woman and she felt very close to her. It was a sexual feeling, Susan realized, but…well, so what!


“I’m good Venus, it’s all a bit weird”


“Yea babe, that’s the fucking truth”, said Venus, pleased to get a response, “when I saw that cop know what I thought?”


Susan shook her head.


“Well when I saw her standing there in her uniform I first thought she was one of the role-playing girls at the club, you know nurses, teachers, cops that sort of shit…”


Susan rested her head against Venus’s shoulder.


“…It’s kind of lucky I didn’t think she was joining our game. You know I might have pulled her pants down and shoved her nightstick up her ass”


Venus laughed and Susan smiled up at her. She loved the feeling of her naked tits rubbing against Venus’s soft breasts.


This was a first time for Jo. She’d only been a cop for 18 months and this was her first raid. She thought she knew about most things but she couldn’t believe what she’d seen tonight. When they’d gained entry to the building the officer-in-charge had indicated a part of a corridor to her. She’d entered the first room and you wouldn’t have believed it! She couldn’t wait to tell her friends. It was like some kind of porn movie. There was this big naked muscle guy with a huge dick and he was, like, fucking this big naked woman up her ass and this really old woman was, well you know, pleasuring herself in the other woman’s face and they were all sweaty and, like, screaming and grunting like pigs. She imagined all the jokes in the bar, but now she had to go into the room with Doreen and tell them the good news…and the bad news.


Venus looked up as the door opened; two cops walked in and one was the cop she’d just been talking about. She couldn’t have been more than 25 and was standing next to an older officer who looked around the room and then spoke.


“Well ladies this is your lucky night. We acted on information that illegal drug use and sexual activities were happening on these premises. However, my fellow officers have apprehended a male who…” and her voice filled with sarcasm, “ who happens to be very important, so…” she paused, “…so, it’s all going to be referred to a…higher authority”


Venus cuddled Susan closer.


“You’re going to be totally ok Darling”


Doreen, the older female cop relished the relief on the faces of the stupid sluts staring up at her. The whole room stank of sex and bodies and these dirty bitches with their flabby tits and asses on show deserved everything they got. She waited a moment and then delivered the bad news.


“So you’re all free to go, and, of course, as it’s obvious a great amount of alcohol has been consumed, we’ve notified your next of kin to drive you safely home”


The look of relief became groans and complaints as the women realized that the cops had checked their car’s plates and found the details.


“Good night or is it morning Ladies, have a safe journey…we wouldn’t want anything weird to happen to you”


Doreen smiled and she and Jo left the room.


Venus didn’t care, her ‘next-of-kin’ were several states away and hadn’t made contact since they found out what she did for a living but what about Susan?


“Hey Victoria, how much does your guy know?”


But Susan, her hands enjoying Venus’s naked flesh, said nothing.


“Well, darling, I hope he likes surprises”


Jack put the phone down. At first, because it was the police, he thought Susan had been in an accident but this was kind of worse. He looked at the man reflected in the hall mirror. A couple of minutes ago that guy thought he knew his wife but now...?



It was a couple of hours later and most of the other women had left. The younger cop had been back with Susan’s dress and Venus’s bag. Venus thanked her but Susan still seemed a bit out of it and was clinging to Venus.


“Ok darling”, Venus said in a sisterly fashion while reaching into her bag, “let’s get your hair and make-up sorted, you’ll want to look your best, won’t you?”


Venus carefully cleaned off Susan’s smudged mascara and lipstick and then got to work on her eyes. Susan let her do what she liked. Later, Venus stopped and admired her skill, Susan now looked as cool as she had when Venus first saw her.


“Now that’s better” Venus commented, “ but I think maybe you should put your little sexy black dress on”


“Fuck that”, Susan suddenly seemed to wake up, “I’m ok as I am…darling”


And she kissed Venus full on the lips.


“Wow Victoria” said Venus, genuinely surprised.


Susan stared at her, with the determination of someone who was drunk but was trying to cope with it.


“Listen, I really am ok as I am” she said, “ I have never felt better”


Susan reached out a hand and ran it up and down Venus’s back until it finally gripped an ass cheek.


“Tonight, I felt so sexy, so wanted” she squeezed Venus’s flesh, “ I haven’t felt like that for…” she thought for a second, “ for fucking ages”


And she kissed Venus again and this time Venus responded and the two naked women locked together in an embrace that was anything but sisterly.


Jack didn’t have any trouble finding the hidden entrance to the club as several police cars were leaving as he arrived. He’d been rehearsing in his head what he was going to say to Susan but it still sounded shit.


Venus and Susan had been so occupied in each other that they hadn’t noticed the woman watching them. But they noticed her leave; her husband had been totally pissed and only cooled a bit when he saw that his wife was not alone. He seemed to have believed that she did night work in bars so he was unpleasantly surprised to learn that she sexually tortured guys and the only bars were the ones on cages. She turned, raised her eyes to Venus and gave her an ironic wave.


“Bye babe,” said Venus and then she turned to Susan. “Look Darling, I better be going too, not sure it’s a great idea for your guy to find us together, if you know what I mean”


“I know,” said Susan sadly but then she smiled. “It’s kind of odd, the whole evening had been kind of eye opening, if that’s the right word”, she grinned suggestively at Venus.


“But,” she continued, “One of the things that’s happened is that I now understand what I want in life…and that’s more of this, does that make sense?”


“Sure Darling, we all need to occasionally explore our senses, it’s what makes this fucking boring life more interesting”


Venus lent forward and kissed Susan tenderly.


“Bye Victoria, maybe I’ll see you again, anyway go your own way girl!”


Susan held her hand.


“I’m Susan by the way, Victoria’s the name on my underwear, I’d love to see you again”


Venus grinned back.


“Well, surprise, my name’s not Venus…it’s Rosa, you know the guys here call me Uranus behind my back…which is appropriate I suppose…bye Darling”


“Bye Rosa” said Susan, “I really would like to see you again” This was addressed to Venus’s bare ass but at the door she turned and mouthed a kiss and she was gone.


Susan looked around and realized she was completely alone although she could hear police radios somewhere in the building. She lit a cigarette and tried to relax but sexual charges were continuing to ricochet around her body like electricity. She could still feel Brad’s pumping cock inside her and it was creating a delicious, longing, sensation in her ass and cunt. It was a feeling she didn’t want to end – ever!


“Hi Susan…so this is where Rachel lives?”


She was so absorbed in her inner sensations that she hadn’t noticed Jack walk in. She looked up at him and smiled.


“Hi Jack”


But his sudden presence snapped her out of her dreams. At last and slowly the reality of her situation began to occur to her.


“Oh Jack I’m so sorry that you had to drive so far, I’m so sorry”


“Oh that’s ok,” All Jack’s rehearsed speeches had disappeared. “But, Susan, this place…”


Jack indicated the room. And Susan was glad he hadn’t seen the array of naked flesh and various perversions that had occupied it a few hours before.


“…why, why?”


Susan looked up at her husband. She knew she still loved him, admired him, respected his opinions and thought of him as her best male friend…and yet?


“It’s not you, honestly Jack, believe me, its just… it’s just that I was feeling stuck in my life, how can I explain…it was all gray and I wanted to experience a rainbow before I got too old…I so wanted something out of the ordinary…an adventure…and I’ve always liked sex, as you know…so…” Susan came to a halt and looked at her hands.


Jack was listening but he was also studying his wife. Fuck she looked different, her face, those eyes and that mouth. But did she? No, now he got it, this was the woman he’d fucked on the first date all those years ago. God, she was a demanding fuck he remembered thinking at the time. And her dress? The tight sheer material highlighted the outline of her tits, and he guessed that she was mostly naked under there. And then he understood, she had kids, she had security, but she wanted more. More of this…


“Well Susie Sue…” Jack said and Susan’s head jerked up because he hadn’t called her that for years.


“Well, let’s go home and see what we can do…”


He stopped because a cop has come into the room.


“OK, folks It’s time to go…we’re locking this place up now” The cop smiled and left.


“Well Susie Sue”, said Jack quietly, “maybe the next time you visit Rachel I might come along with you, if that’s ok?”


Susan put her arms around Jack and held him tight. She felt they were very close, she felt he understood, she felt it all might be ok and she felt his cock stiffen.




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