Cocaine, Vodka & Blue Lights

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Can emergency service personell have relationships together when they're in different jobs?
Comfort soon finds this out when she ends up striking a friendship up with a police officer who she seems to keep stumbling across at her own job.
Will love flourish or will it die?

Table of Contents


"Yo boss…"  I turn around from locking my car door. "Yes Jeffrey my most humble servant." I pull the box of paperwork of my ca... Read Chapter

Mrs Smith

Mumbling to myself, filing all of my paperwork, I flick the song over I have playing from my playlist on my Macbook. I spin around pickin... Read Chapter

Officer Down

Club song I'm using Read Chapter


"My god Comfort why are you not a cop?!" Jeff looks to me as I walk into the staffroom. All the lads look across wolf whistling. I roll m... Read Chapter

Tsk Tsk

I may have only been on a six hour shift at work but I had totally forgotten about performing at night. I manage to get through it withou... Read Chapter

Back Together Again

"Mam?"  "Yes Dolce." I tap away on my Mac, filling out some paperwork.  "Can you hurry up I want to use it. When are yo... Read Chapter


Sat in the rapid response car staring out of the front window, tapping my finger on the steering wheel. I lick my lips tucking a cur... Read Chapter


I can see Dixie and the others all looking to eachother and to Jeff who's stood singing along to my songs I'm singing. I've gone back to ... Read Chapter


I unpack the shopping, putting it all in the cupboards and fridge picking my sandwich up. I chuck it in my bag, pouring myself a glass of... Read Chapter

The Ball

Song Lyrics.; What You Get by BlutEngel Read Chapter


Two weeks later I stare at the traffic in front of me at the crossroads I'm stuck at. I glance to the time. Come on people move! The ... Read Chapter


I get woken up by the doctor wanting to check Dolce over. I sit myself up looking to the time, yawning to myself. I get my stuff and walk... Read Chapter


Stood outside the club puffing on my electric cigarette I stare in front of me a little. I shiver slightly, the wind outside is getting q... Read Chapter


Stood by the ambulance with Nikki we look at the commotion in front of us unfold. Members of the public being held back being restrained ... Read Chapter

We're In Miami B*tch!

Sat outside on my sun lounger, I shuffle a little bit as Dolce screams, jumping into the pool. Jeff runs and jumps in after her, swimming... Read Chapter

The Past

I write a status up on facebook for the fans explaining that me and Jeff are stopping performing together. My finger hovers over the post... Read Chapter

Stag and Hen Do!

I pad into the bedroom with a tray with brunch on for Dixie as I've already eaten mine. I see her sat in bed, flicking through the c... Read Chapter

Bad Gyal

"I'm in love with the coco." I look out to the audience pretending to line up the pretend 'cocaine'. Jeff is meant to be performing tonig... Read Chapter


"Right we need a volunteer?" Dixie stands at the front the officers stood either side off her. "Who wants to be arrested." I sit there, m... Read Chapter

Revenge is sweet

Laying in bed, I roll over snuggling up into a feotus position getting comfortable again. I snuggle up to my pillow and my teddy that I'v... Read Chapter


Two weeks later I'm back at Dolce's school for some more fun filled action for careers week again. I've got Jeff and Sophie with me ... Read Chapter

Show Mi Di Wine!

It's been two months since what happened in the depot. Me and Dixie are together much to the delight of her boss who can't stand me. Shou... Read Chapter


"Erm excuse me…" I open my eyes looking to see the new boss looking down to me. I don't even know her name and I don't want to. She's b... Read Chapter


"Comfy…"  "Yes Dixie…" I look to her as she leans up on her elbow. We're in bed watching TV.  "My mum and dad are c... Read Chapter


I stand on the stage with Jeff whilst he sings. I'm laughing at Dixie's mum who's shouting with the fans. Dixie's stood their really emba... Read Chapter


A month later. Audrey and Arthur are still in town and have sort of moved into my house not that I mind as I'm hardly in. Everything ... Read Chapter


"Who's ready for a rave!?" Jeff shouts out to the audience who all scream. "Lets go!" He jumps into the middle of the stage as he claps g... Read Chapter


When we arrive at the shout, the scene is in chaos. I run straight over to chief who chucks me my Incident Command Officer jacket. I pull... Read Chapter

Touch and Go

I stand outside of resus doors staring into Jeff who's laying on the bed, breathing tube stuck out of his mouth, hospital gown slung over... Read Chapter


Lyrics starred with a * are from the song called Plague by Crystal Castles Read Chapter

Sex and Drugs

"Mam, what the fuck were you and Dixie doing in here last night?" Dolce stands by the bedroom door looking across to us both. I squint ov... Read Chapter


I sit in the kitchen, eating my coco pops. It's three o'clock in the afternoon and we're just getting ready to leave for the aw... Read Chapter

After Party.

Dixie sits with her parents having a break whilst me and Jeff continue to party. For once, there's actual decent music on. Usually at the... Read Chapter

Meet your new boss.

"I'd also like to introduce your new chief. Comfort."  I look up as I walk through the doors tot he staffroom. Helen and Chief are... Read Chapter

No Regrets

"Now everyone is here…" Jeff stands up, looking to everyone. Sophie is sat beside him smiling up to him. We're all in the pub tonight f... Read Chapter

Police Promotion

Things keep going bad to worse for Jeff. Or good in his eyes to most people it be bad. Sophie mysteriously miscarried their baby and now ... Read Chapter

Welcome your new Chief Inspector.

Sat at the bar in the local pub by the station, I look around to everyone. Dixie's crew have thrown her a party to celebrate her promotio... Read Chapter


Humming to my music in my headphones, unlocking the front door, dumping the shopping bags on the floor in the hallway bringing them all i... Read Chapter

Let it be

I sit in the back of the ambulance as Jeff drives us back to the ED. I stare at the patient on the bed who's talking to themselves. They ... Read Chapter