Arresting Tension

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Sgt. Comfort Jones starts new at Sunhill Station where she gets partnered with Sgt. Callum Stone. A friendship isn't forged but a respect for each other is but as time goes on there's a spark of tension between them both? Do they hate each other as much as they make out… or is it all put on?

This story is like my normal story I write however this is written for a friend so is different :)

Table of Contents

New Beginnings.

Comfort starts new at the station and is soon introduced to the team and her mentor… not in the most convenient way… Read Chapter

Second Shift.

Walking into the Sergeant's office blowing air out of her mouth up into her face, she was rather hot. It was a warm day and wearing all t... Read Chapter


Stood in custody with a suspect in cuffs Comfort was waiting to book him, she was hungry, warm and really needed the toilet. She wanted t... Read Chapter


Songs used;
Drag me in, Drag me under - Massive Ego.
She uses sex - Massive Ego. Read Chapter


Things start to heat up between Comfort and Callum. Read Chapter


DD Carter begins to wind Callum up much to the enjoyment of Comfort and the team. Without realising Callum is fighting some demons… but exactly what? Read Chapter


It's revealed as to why Callum has been even more moodier than usual. Read Chapter


Callum finally gets the answers he's been waiting for all his life. Read Chapter

Fire Burns

Comfort and Callum get into a hot situation. Read Chapter


Callum gets a background on Comfort's marriage with her ex wife. Read Chapter

Lose you to love me.

Comfort prepares to say goodbye to sunhill but can a certain someone change her mind?

Song used, Lose you to love me - Selena Gomez. Lyrics in italics. Read Chapter

Back to work.

Comfort and Callum begin to talk again… Read Chapter

The start of something…

Callum begins to discover the real Comfort unlike everyone else. Read Chapter

Night Out Gone Wrong.

Comfort goes out by herself… being joined by Max later on only for it to end very very wrong. Read Chapter

Cover up.

Comfort hides away after the crash until Callum comes to talk to her… Read Chapter


Comfort gets cleared of any wrong doing. Her and Callum have a little talk. Read Chapter


The police ball is announced and things don't go quite as planned… Read Chapter

To Live or Die.

Comfort and Callum end up working together and it's almost like old times however their lives are put into danger later on in their shift… Read Chapter

Happy Ending.

Callum slowly opens his eyes having kept them closed to keep anything from going in them. He breathes in, he could feel his heart poundin... Read Chapter


No one would tell him anything to do with Comfort due to him not being immediate family. He'd stopped asking as he knew it wasn't getting... Read Chapter


Comfort and Callum begin getting closer and closer but will it lead to anything? Read Chapter

Too much.

Walking into the hotel where Stevie and Smithy were holding their joint hen/stag do Callum looks around. Nate and Leon wave over to him a... Read Chapter