Arresting Tension 2

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Summerhil Police Station, London. A police station in the East end of London, with good and bad parts. When ex paramedic of 12 years joins the station as a new Inspector she clashes almost straight away with one particular Sergeant. But is all as it seems? Do they not like each other or is it something more?

Table of Contents


The streets were alive with the morning traffic, pigeons and black birds chirp there morning chorus as the weekend sinks away for those t... Read Chapter

The Team.

Having met the detectives it was time to meet the uniform team she was in charge off but what lays in store? Read Chapter

What type of tension?

A Week Later Comfort had been here a week and so far she'd not been out with any of the team as she'd promised she would. Well she'd ... Read Chapter

Getting to know you.

A week later Peering through the window through the cracks in the half open blinds holding his paperwork, Callum squints trying to fo... Read Chapter


Things had been going well since Comfort had been at the station. The first month had been going well however things were about to change... Read Chapter

Trouble brewing

Running her fingertips across her forehead slowly staring to the folder in front of her reading through it, Comfort was sat in the Sergea... Read Chapter


Leant back in his chair, Callum had got his eyes closed, he wasn't asleep although he wouldn't mind dozing off. Comfort was still in her ... Read Chapter


It was becoming apparent to everyone Comfort and Callum had had a falling out. Luckily Comfort had been on on rest days but whenever anyo... Read Chapter

The Reality.

Climbing out of the taxi Comfort looks to the pub/club the team had come to tonight. She'd been invited out with everyone, she was still ... Read Chapter


Two days later Sat outside on her bench at the back of the station inhaling on her vape staring into space, Comf was missing not havi... Read Chapter

I feel it.

"Give me strength." Comfort rolls her eyes walking up the stairs into CID closing the folder in her hand. Pushing the doors open into CID... Read Chapter


A week later Sitting at the front Comfort, Callum and Smithy all look to the Superintendent who was doing briefing this morning. It m... Read Chapter


A week later For once Comfort wasn't doing the briefing. She was sat between Callum and Smithy with the rest of the team behind them ... Read Chapter

Dinner Date.

Seventeen hours later Five hours later than expected the team finish their run at the riots. No serious injuries although Comfor... Read Chapter


Callum stares to his computer screen he’d come in early he’d not been able to sleep from thinking about what has happened before. Had... Read Chapter


An hour had passed and there was no sign of Comfort or Callum. Callum had checked in a few times, he'd rung Jo to tell her he was still i... Read Chapter


A few weeks later Running down the road Comf pulls her gloves on as Callum radios through to control. They'd just witnessed a bus cra... Read Chapter


"I told you you'd not get away from me." Callum walks along with the lad he was running after in handcuffs. He'd also lead them to the ot... Read Chapter


Walking through the double doors from custody Callum has just got back to the station. Letting out a slight yawn pulling his body armour ... Read Chapter

Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve. “Callum come help me sort out the secret Santa!” Smithy shouts from the sergeants office as Callum walks past. He ... Read Chapter

Christmas Day!

Christmas Day! The station was empty and quiet. Most of the officers were out about in the streets mingling with the public, it had b... Read Chapter

New Years Eve. Pt1.

It was New Year’s Eve. For once Comfort wasn’t working she’d been told to have some time off by her boss. She’d not wanted it but... Read Chapter

New Years Eve. Pt2.

He looks up a few minutes later just as Comfort looks around walking into his bedroom slowly. He looks to her in the towel wrapped around... Read Chapter

The night after.

Walking up the stairs to CID carrying a folder under his arm, carrying a cup of coffee in his hand, letting out a yawn. Comfort wasn’t ... Read Chapter

The Hotel.

They were now into the New Year and Comfort was back at work. Back on shift with her usual team including Callum. Nothing has surfaced ab... Read Chapter