house of pleasures, episode 3

house of pleasures, episode 3 house of pleasures, episode 3

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica




Submitted: April 14, 2016

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Submitted: April 14, 2016



Episode 3: Taste

Upon reaching the arched entrance-way to the Great Hall, Rynn flashed a smile at the waiting attendant, Risma. The redhead allowed herself to be led inside, briefly admiring the massive columns lifting the roof several stories high. Although the space was richly adorned reminiscent of an ancient temple, Rynn enjoyed a different sort view as they made their way down the steps. Risma’s beautiful dark skin gleamed as the golden glow of the fire-lamps played across her bare shoulders. After an amused glance back, the attendant led the traveler past the feast table loaded with every imaginable delicacy from across the five lands. About half of the chamber’s seating was already occupied with patrons enjoying various delicacies.


Although her hunger immediately leapt to the forefront, Rynn couldn’t deny the presence of other arousals as well. Risma, very good at her work, recognized her companion’s hunger and began plating morsels as they crossed the room toward Rynn’s favorite kline. The reclining couch was upholstered in a deep burgundy velvet and draped in fresh silks. Setting the plate on the kline’s accompanying table, the ebony maiden beckoned to another attendant who poured a fat goblet of slightly chilled red wine.


Rynn relaxed back into the couch as the second maiden approached, a noticeable sway in her hips and a knowing smile playing across her face. After handing the goblet over, she leaned in, tucked a piece of her chestnut colored hair behind her ear and breathed softly next to Rynn’s cheek, “How else may I serve you this evening?”


Rynn paused to sip the cool drink before responding. “I’m certain we can come up with something.” She indicated for the girl to take the empty space at the end of the kline. Risma had pulled an ottoman over and set about preparing a sampling from the plate she had filled. The dark maiden

profferred a bite on a tasting spoon.


“Some freshly made flatbread drizzled with basil-infused olive oil.” Rynn felt a wave of anticipation as Risma’s words flowed from her lips and tongue. The maiden held the morsel out just enough that Rynn had to lean slightly toward her to take it, giving Risma a glimpse of creamy white cleavage peaking from under the silken robe. Returning the playful tease, the redhead made direct eye contact while lifting the bread with her tongue and curled the muscle to flick it inside her waiting mouth. As it began to dissolve delightfully on the back of her tongue, the savory sweetness seemed to be the answer to at least one of the growing hungers inside her.


Risma’s smile deepened upon witnessing Rynn’s enjoyment of the initial sampling. As she returned her attention to preparing another bite, the redhead took another drink of wine and faced toward the girl watching her closely from the end of her couch.


“What is your name?” Rynn asked softly, green eyes studying her intently.


“Trianne,” the young woman replied with a grin.


“I don’t believe I’ve enjoyed your company before.”


“I have not had the pleasure of attending to you but I hope to change that this evening.” Trianne lowered her head slightly but her brown eyes remained locked with Rynn’s gaze. The traveler smiled slowly and nodded her head before returning her gaze to her primary attendant for this part of the evening.


Risma winked and offered some more flatbread, this topped with a mild cheese. Feeding the traveler by hand, she continued to fill the hole in Rynn’s stomach with a variety of breads and meats. Finally, with a sigh of contentment, the redhead lay back and took a long sip of wine. Upon swallowing, she signalled her readiness for a palet cleanser followed by something sweet.


“Something new tonight, a delicacy from the land across the sea,” Risma offered the tasting spoon. “It is a rare fruit called kyoko, prepared without it’s prickly skin, to refresh from savory flavors.”


Rynn studied the light green flesh briefly before Risma slid it gently onto her outstretched tongue, a drop of juice trickling down her chin after she closed her lips around it. Risma leaned in and gently lifted the single bead on her fingertip up to full, luscious lips. Her dark brown eyes bore into the reclined woman who returned her gaze with interest as she sucked slightly and the drop vanished. Rynn’s smile widened significantly as Risma resumed her work on the plate, ordering what remained in to equal portions.


“My next offerings are to enjoy different flavors of creme. Trianne, would you like to gather an assortment for Rynn to try?” Risma winked at the other maiden and she rose to fetch a tray already being prepared at the service bar nearby.


When she returned, Trianne straddled the end of the kline, near Rynn’s feet. She made sure she had the redhead’s undivided attention before asking “Comfortable?”


“Very,” Rynn responded after another sip of wine. She settled back into the kline as Trianne pulled gently on the tie holding her garment closed. Holding her gaze, the maiden shrugged the linen from her shoulders and took hold of the small basting brush loaded with a dollop of pink creme.


“The first sample is berry,” Trianne said as she slowly spread the creme at the center of her breastbone. Risma held out a delicate square wafer which Rynn accepted. Trianne leaned forward, her chest now mere inches from the reclined redhead’s face.


“Would you like a taste?”


Rynn slowly drew the edge of the wafer across the maiden’s skin and into the creme. Lifting the treat to her mouth, she popped it in and chewed slowly. After an appreciative murmur, Rynn stretched her tongue out and licked the remaining creme directly from her skin. Drawing her tongue up slowly, she made sure to gather every last bit and it was Trianne’s turn to moan softly.


Risma, face full of amused anticipation, handed another wafer to Rynn as Trianne loaded her brush with a different creme. “This one is chocolate,” the brown-eyed girl said as she spread the cocoa-colored confection across the curve of her bare left breast. Rynn repeated her earlier movement with the wafer, eying Trianne intently throughout. The young maiden smiled and arched her chest further, inviting increased contact.


The redhead didn’t bother with a wafer when Trianne applied the cinnamon-flavored creme to her right breast, removing every speck of the spice with long strokes of her tongue. The traveler drew the maiden closer until she straddled her lap with the soft skin of heated thighs. Inclining her head at Risma, the dark maiden accepted the unspoken invitation and deftly slipped behind Rynn, leaning her back against the kline.


Long dark fingers dipped into the tray placed on the vacated ottoman and continued to apply different cremes to Trianne’s sensitive places for Rynn to remove with her lips and tongue. As the redhead blazed a sensuous trail across her breasts and up into her neck, the maiden began to press her hips downward, creating purposeful contact with Rynn’s cunt.


Risma began to massage Rynn’s shoulders as the traveler continued her ministrations to the chestnut beauty perched above her. Firm fingers followed mouth tracing heated paths across her torso. Risma mirrored her attentions, tweaking her patron’s nipples playfully. Rynn pressed into the touch, a cross between a chuckle and a purr emerging from her lips.


“Would you like a taste?” Risma repeated the earlier query after loading her fingers with her own personal cream. Rynn turned her head slightly and sucked both of Risma’s proferred fingers deep into her mouth.


“Delightfully spicy,” Rynn commented while the dark maiden resumed her caresses. “I’ll be wanting more from the source after I see to a particularly insistent need.”


Trianne’s breasts swayed slightly when Rynn grasped her hips and firmly drew her up to a kneeling position with one hand while the other began to tease the entrance to her velvet passage. She delighted in the slick folds, sliding fingers through the hot flesh with ease. When Trianne pushed to increase her contact with the touch, Rynn slipped her fingers just out of reach. Her teasing resulted in a simultaneous groan from the maiden kneeling above her and a chuckle from the one behind.


The redhead continued to tantalize Trianne with playful fingering, rewarded with a continuos flow of cream for her efforts. Reaching across to the tray, Rynn loaded two fingers with one of the remaining cremes and then doubled dipped them in the maiden’s hot cunt. Trianne quivered at the penetration, clutching at the redhead’s shoulders when she withdrew and sucked the combined essences eagerly. She repeated the process with each of the flavors left, savoring each unique creation with lips and tongue. As she dipped her final flavor, the redhead knew Trianne was incredibly close to cumming. Instead of withdrawing them to taste, Rynn thrust her fingers repeatedly into the now-spasming honey hole. Trianne ground herself upon them wantonly while she came, riding out her climax with abandon.


Making a woman cum by hand or tongue is an incredibly intimate and erotic act, one that Rynn prized over almost all others. She drew the maiden’s rock-hard nipples into her mouth while continuing to massage Trianne’s throbbing cunt. She felt Risma’s fingers reaching around to explore the neatly trimmed red hairs between her muscled legs, knowing it wouldn’t be long before her own rush of pleasure.


Trianne’s rocking slowed and she lifted the glass of wine to Rynn’s lips, offering refreshment after her effort. After the redhead swallowed, the maiden merged their lips and swirled her tongue around the traveler’s mouth before breaking off with a small popping sound. “Now I’d like to taste you,” she said, brown eyes full of excitement.


Rynn nodded her assent and began to adjust her position. Risma began to move off of the kline but the traveler grasped her hand to halt her departure. The redhead slid down the kline so that she might lie flat upon the seat and lifted her head for the small pillow Risma placed under it. She gently pulled the dark maiden into a kneeling position, hovering above her face.


Not waiting for the command, Trianne spread Rynn’s knees and buried her mouth into the waiting cunt as though starved. Her busy tongue and questing fingers quickly launched Rynn’s arousal beyond control and she felt cream spurting from her depths. Trianne moaned as she gulped the sweet treat over and over.


Risma soon mingled her own sounds of pleasure as Rynn plunged her tongue through chocolate lips. The dark maiden tasted like smooth spiced cider and began to move rhythmically while the redhead drank her in. The redhead found her mouth flooded with ambrosia, a heady taste more intoxicating than any wine. Rynn locked on her clit mercilessly until it jumped and twitched in the throes of a powerful orgasm.


Trianne continued to plunge into the redhead, with fingers angled to drive as deep as possible. Rynn felt waves of pleasure pound against her inner walls and her next climax crested quickly. Her entire body arched repeatedly and she opened herself fully to the power of it, passing it’s energy into Risma as well.

The three women found a sultry groove and became the highlight of a room already alight with various levels of sexual activity. Other patrons watched transfixed from their own couches, the compelling display rippling erotic effects throughout the chamber.  Rynn and her maidens rode each other to ecstasy multiplied; a jumble of lips, tongues, fingers and many flavors of cream.

© Copyright 2020 Rynn Waters. All rights reserved.

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