house of pleasures, episode 2

house of pleasures, episode 2 house of pleasures, episode 2

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica




Submitted: March 06, 2016

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Submitted: March 06, 2016



Episode 2: Scent


Breathless after cumming again, Rynn pressed her back against the shower wall, trying to gather her strength. The two attendants to her shower also appeared spent, one on her knees and the other leaning with her hand on the tile. As she took the opportunity to stroke Esme’s curves, Rynn felt sympathy for them - they still had a whole evening of guests to cater to.


The redhead took another deep breath when Charis rose and smiled lasciviously. The dark-haired woman tilted her head a beckoned for Rynn to follow. “It’s time to stimulate your senses,” she purred.


Wonder what we’ve been doing for the last half hour, skittered through Rynn’s brain, before other needs pressed past the random thought. Charis reached out and gently grasped her hand, pulling her through the arch that connected the shower room to the fragrance baths. 


“Would you prefer a relaxing lavender, restorative balsam or something more sensual such as jasmine or patchouli?”  Charis questioned while gently opening the cabinet filled with a large variety of jars and vials, all neatly labeled.


While considering, she ran her hand alone the edge of a deep porcelain soaking bath. Steam rose from it’s center indicating it’s readiness. She returned her gaze to the dark-haired beauty, eyes again roaming over the form she had shared pleasure with. Dipping her finger in the heated water, the redhead stepped forward and trailed the sample she had taken along Charis’s neck, causing the attendant to shudder slightly. “Do you have sandalwood?” Rynn breathed hotly into her ear.


“Ahh…I’m sure it’s here somewhere,” she managed to mutter while Rynn continued her attentions to her most sensitive areas. 


Blonde Esme finally managed to return to her feet and made her way to the baths. “There you are,” she smiled like a cat finally finding the prey it had been stalking. She joined to the two at the cabinet and began stroking Rynn appreciatively. The redhead, caught between the two maidens, alternated her attentions with lips and tongue on one and fingers caressing the other.


“Do I have the added assistance of the two of you in my chamber this evening? Surely not for just one guest, even if she is a house favorite,” Weslyn chuckled. The two shower attendants smiled sheepishly as they reluctantly stepped away from Rynn. The gazed longingly at the redhead before bowing to Weslyn and retreating back into the shower chamber.


“Good evening Rynn. It is a distinct pleasure to see you,” the Chamberlain of the Baths remarked as she stepped closer. “Did the girls pleasure you well?”


“Of course, Weslyn. I have never left here unsatisfied,” Rynn’s eyes twinkled with the double entendre.


Wesley’s deep throated chuckle rang between Rynn’s thighs. “Some sandalwood this evening?” At Rynn’s nod, she deftly uncorked the dropper and added the essence into the bath.


“I love the scent of sandalwood,” the redhead commented as she breathed in the changing steam.


“I love when it is mixed with other scents even more,” the tall woman commented as her fingers drifted across Rynn’s bare shoulders, smiling when she noticed her nipples stiffening instantly. 


“Do you have something particular in mind,” Rynn managed to ask, voice trembling with her returning desire.


“Oh yes, indeed I do,” Weslyn answered. She held her her out and gestured. “The water seems ready for you.”


Rynn placed her fingers in the other’s palm, steadying herself as she stepped into the tub. The water, hot but not quite burning, surrounded her sore legs deliciously. Weslyn turned one of the knobs to adjust the water level as the redhead slowly lowered herself into the cocoon of heat. The scented water rose to her chest, warming each and every part of her.


Weslyn gestured for the attendant in the doorway to enter, her tray balanced carefully. “This is Kora, a new initiate that Mistress Allegra sent in especially for you. She will be receiving instruction on how to most fully please you this evening. Don’t hesitate to direct her to any needs you might have.” The girl kept her head bowed but from her seated position, Rynn could see her green eyes drinking everything in.


Rynn took a deep breath, immediately fantasizing what the sandy-haired maiden might need to learn. “Most agreeable,” she managed to get out. The chamberlain smiled as she dragged her fingers through the bath water and over the redhead’s already hardened nipples. 


“Kora, take off your coverlet and bring the tray over,” although spoken gently, there was no doubt it was a command rather than a request. The younger woman smiled while obediently loosening the tie and removing her linen garment, still holding the tray. Rynn watched her closely as she approached, seeing no signs of reluctance or embarrassment. She placed the tray on the tub-side table and stood proudly under their gaze. Kora’s curves and fleshy areas begged to be handled and the girl appeared very eager for Rynn to be the first to explore them.


Weslyn moved to a low bench placed behind the head of the bath. Reaching her long fingers into the water, she warmed them before reaching into one of the cups of scented oils Kora had brought over. Rynn couldn’t identify it immediately but found it a delightful choice when Weslyn dabbed it onto the skin of her shoulders and then began to massage it in.


Returning her attention to the matter at hand, Rynn felt a jolt of excitement as possibilities flew through her mind. Taking her cue from Kora’s confidence, Rynn decided to skip the gentle reassurances she might have used to gain a virgin’s trust and allow them to fully enjoy their first sexual experience with a partner. “Sit Kora,” Rynn indicated the taller bench at the foot of the tub. Kora compiled without hesitation, gently placing her feet in the water, head still lowered but an excited smile playing at her lips.


“Spread your knees and show me,” Rynn requested softly. Kora did as instructed, a shiver running through her briefly. “Have you pleasured yourself recently?” Rynn asked


“No, ma’am.,” the girl answered.


“You may call me Rynn. I’ll need no other titles when I take you.”


“Yes Rynn.” A slight quiver in her voice could be detected by all that time.


“Stroke yourself. Neck and shoulders to relax and them lower.” Rynn settled back to observe. She could feel the oils in the water, opening her pores and releasing the tense knots in her muscles. Weslyn slowly added drops of other things, designed to stimulate the pheromones. Although extremely pleasant, they were probably completely unnecessary.


“Now gently circle your breasts but no contact with your nipples. They aren’t quite sensitive enough yet.” Rynn caught a hint of a soft moan from the back of Kora’s throat. The redhead smirked and inhaled deeply over the  steam, now alight with smells of sweet earth, raw cedar and a light musk. A truly heady mix, Weslyn could create the most intoxicating scents, adapting them perfectly to each participant in her baths. She truly is the greatest aromatic for 1000 miles, Rynn thought.


Her attention returned to the blonde sitting at her feet. Kora, although very excited, remained obedient to instructions. She continued to stroke her own skin, pulling deeper and slower as she neared her now erect nipples but not touching them. All three women sighed when she returned her hands to her neck. 


“Weslyn, would you add a touch of something sweet? I’d like to sample the smell of her skin.”


“I though you’d never ask,” the other woman said as she rose and stood behind the girl. Rynn rose to her knees and leaned in as she dabbed drops of a sweet lemongrass extract on the pale skin of her initiate’s chest. Rynn inhaled deeply, unable to resist tonguing those rigid nipples briefly. Kora groaned aloud at this, incapable of expressing the pleasure of the touch and the pain of it’s removal in any other way.


“And here.” Rynn pointed at the tops of the blonde’s thighs, now clenched together in a vain attempt to release the pressure she felt elsewhere.

Weslyn smiled as she placed one drop on each thigh. Instead of simply inhaling again, Rynn watched the fragrance spread and traced a fingertip along in its wake, settling between Kora’s thighs. The girl immediately spread herself wide and watched in disbelief when Rynn simply lifted her finger to her nose and smiled wickedly as she inhaled deeply. 


“Would you like release?” Rynn asked softly. 


“Yes,” the reply nearly whimpered. Rynn pulled the girl to her feet and the two exchanged positions. “Pleasure me well and I will grant your wish,” Rynn replied.


The girl dropped eagerly to her knees and practically dove for Rynn’s trimmed cunt. Weslyn added a drop of deep musk that wove its way into the mix. Rynn leaned her arms back to grip the edge of the tub and realized she was already close to cumming. Weslyn began to advise Kora, slowing and strengthening her stroking tongue within Rynn’s folds. Rynn’s knuckles tightened and she knew she couldn’t hold out much longer. Kora seemed to recognized the change and redoubled her efforts, sending the redhead into the initial throes of her orgasm. 


Kora’s mouth rode her cunt throughout her first orgasm and into her second. Rynn’s ass nearly lifted off the bench when she felt Kora’s fingers enter her, slowly at first and then harder and faster when urged on by both other women. The sweet smells of Weslyn’s creation hung in the air around them, intensifying their pleasure with every breath drawn. 


Rynn drifted, her awareness centered only on the physical sensations as they washed over her. The steam and heat lulled her as she continued to inhale, slow and deep.  As her mind gradually returned from the land of pleasure, Rynn smiled to see Kora watching her anxiously. “You did well, Kora,” Rynn confirmed. “How would you like your release?”


“May I kneel as you use your tongue and fingers?”


Rynn grinned widely at the specific request - this one was going to do well. Weslyn reduced the water level in the bath and Rynn reclined on her back in what remained. The other woman added a drop of something different directly onto Kora’s outer lips and a sweet and spicy cinnamon scent filled the air. Rynn reached up and stroked the lines of her breasts and hips before guiding Kora to her waiting mouth. The scented drops blended perfectly with the blonde’s natural essence, increasing stimulation of both giver and receiver. 


Rynn was not surprised when she found the girl’s clit already extended well beyond its protective hood. It began to quiver and spasm almost immediately under the redhead’s attentions, the first orgasm rushing through from head to toe. The blonde’s cunt dripped with her excitement and Rynn suckled at her as if starved. Kora trembled and cried out her ecstasy when Rynn penetrated her with 3 long fingers, pushing deftly past the resistance right as Kora’s body came a second time. The blonde wasted no time in resuming her thrusts downward, stretching herself into a third climax, grinding herself with abandon on Rynn’s mouth and hands. Her body finally collapsed on top of Rynn, sliding down so her cheek rested on the redhead’s shoulder. She continued to moan softly and gently rub herself against Rynn’s hips. Rynn moved her hands down and gripped her ass, slightly increasing the friction.  


“Again?” the blonde asked, reaching her hand down between them toward Rynn’s still throbbing clit.


“Soon, but you should rest and eat.” Rynn replied regretfully but not wanting to overtax the girl.


“Perhaps it is time to indulge your sense of taste Rynn?” Weslyn prompted as Kora rose on weakened legs and sat again at the foot of the tub. “I hear there is quite a spread of delectables tonight.”


“That would be quite pleasant,” Rynn replied as she stood and accepted the clean-scented towel. She wiped the remaining wetness from her body and donned the soft robe that had been laid out.


Kora, finally finding the energy to stand, smiled wickedly as she spoke her parting words. “I hope to find you later.”

© Copyright 2020 Rynn Waters. All rights reserved.

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