the way, clip 2

the way, clip 2 the way, clip 2

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica



clip of erotica from novel i am writing (full novel "the way" {available on booksie)



clip of erotica from novel i am writing (full novel "the way" {available on booksie)

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Submitted: February 20, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 20, 2016



As she rounded the last corner and saw her dark-haired lover sitting in the grass, bathed in the rising sun, she thought her heart might explode from her chest. She watched her unnoticed for a short time, seeing the light turn those curls she adored to a reddish tint, chest rising and falling evenly. 


"I know you're there." A teasing lilt to the seated girl's voice drew the blonde closer almost magnetically. 


"You're slipping. I've been here for a while now." 


"Well, then I am slipping. You've been there for a while and not felt compelled to come closer."


"Oh I am, but before my brain completely shuts down completely I was trying to decide where we can go so I can have my way with you."


Karmina dropped the forgotten fruit and made sure she had Tal's full attention as she stepped directly in front of her, hands rising to run through her curls and then stroking her face. Green eyes turned up toward her, full of love and lust. She felt those strong hands run up from her calves, over the back of her thighs and then higher still. Karmina suddenly felt light-headed and couldn't decide if she should pull Tal to her feet so they could go somewhere more private or just give in to her pulsing desire right there in the grass.


"I want you." Taleria's voice was rough with need as she rose to her knees. She began caressing the arc of Karmina's hips and pressed her mouth against her stomach, teasing the hot flesh underneath her shirt hem. 


"I know. But not here."


"Okay." Tal rose to her feet and took Karmina's face between her hands. She kissed her passionately, sucking the breath from them both, breaking it off only to ask "Where?"


"Classrooms should be empty for a bit still." Karmina's body began to hum just at the thought.


"Gonna need more than just a bit to worship the goddess that is you."


Karmina's sexy chuckle returned. "I don't think we have that kind of time love." Her hands began to roam over Tal's body, enjoying the contrast between hard muscle and soft curves. 


"We better get going. I won't be able to hold myself back much longer if you keep doing that."


Without another word, Karmina grabbed her hand and drew her along at a near jog toward the nearest set of doors. Taleria followed closely, trying not to run into her with eagerness. Karmina led them through a hallway and spotted what she was looking for - a master studio currently being used as storage. She opened the door and pulled Taleria inside, shutting the door behind them. 


Taleria had only a moment to notice the easels, canvas rolls, and other supplies scattered throughout the small room before her arms were filled with a very needy Karmina. She backed the shorter girl against a large table, swiped it’s contents to the floor and then turned her attention back to Tal, hands continuously stroking along her body. Taleria's nimble fingers began to strip off articles of Karmina's clothing as her tongue pressed against the blonde’s mouth, granted entrance immediately.


Karmina's skin felt like it was on fire, and it was definitely the good kind of burning. She began working at Taleria's clothes as well, trying making up for her delayed start. Her arousal increased when she noted that, as with the day before, Taleria wore only a shirt and breeches. She peeled off the shirt and reached both hands down to the buttons on her pants, nearly popping them from the leather in her urgency. Karmina had her completely naked within seconds. Tal managed to disrobe Karmina equally as fast, despite the fact that she did have linen underclothes on.


They merged skin and the room filled with soft moans of pleasure and the scent of sex. Karmina thrust herself against Taleria's muscled form in a completely carnal manner. She felt those strong arms lift her slightly, cupping her until she could wrap her long legs around the shorter girl's hips and open herself from below for her lover. Tal's fingers teased her entrance only momentarily; whether due to their time constraint or her own fervor, Karmina didn't care. Taleria's mouth covered hers to conceal the scream she had anticipated as she penetrated her. Karmina, lost in her desire, continued to thrust herself against pumping fingers, coming quick and hard. Taleria added a third digit and thumbed her clit to send her over the edge again. Karmina's strangled cry echoed in the small space, despite her still-covered mouth.


Karmina moved quickly, dropping onto weak legs and clenching Taleria's ass to pull her close. She lowered her mouth to her neck and branded the warrior as her own for all to see. Taleria grunted her approval while she tangled her hands in Karmina's hair. The blonde finished the first of what would be many love marks and then lifted Taleria completely onto the table, pushing her to lay back while she put her mouth to an even more pleasurable task. It was Taleria's turn to cry out, only partially muffled by Karmina's hand over her lips.


Karmina's tongue delighted in it's exploration of Tal's lower lips, now dripping with excitement. She was enchanted by neatly trimmed hair that created a pleasant texture under her tongue and increased sensations of skin contact. She avoided the tense nub at the top, focusing on a thorough massaging of the flesh she found all around it. Taleria's thighs clenched repeated as her level of ecstasy rose with each passing moment. Karmina could taste the change and realized her lover was about to cum. She ran her tongue across the taut knot of her clit and used her fingers to enter her cunt when she felt it begin it's spasms. Her other hand pushed firmly over Tal's mouth but the dark-haired girl had ceased all audible noises as every muscle in her body seized in the glorious aftermath of her orgasm.


Karmina smiled as she rose up and stroked the heated flesh under her. Her grin widened when Taleria reached her arms out, indicating her desire to be held. She crawled to lie next to her on the sturdy table and drew the other girl's body close. Sharing a kiss, Taleria tasted herself on Karmina's tongue and her passion flared again. She began to stroke the blonde's naked curves, lightly digging her fingertips into her flesh. Karmina responded instantly, grasping Taleria's muscled arms and pushing her hips down. Taleria groaned in response, loving the feel of the blonde pressing her weight down against her.


"Tell me what you want," Karmina commanded, as she fingered the hardened muscles of Tal's stomach.


"You. Only you." The words tumbled out on shortened breath. Karmina’s hands clenched in response and then firmly stroked their way back down to Taleria’s heated center. She felt their pulse pounding in sync as she entered her lover again and again. 


"Say you're mine." 


The demand electrified Tal to the core. Just when she believed it impossible to feel their connection more intensely, Karmina seemed to effortlessly break through all limits. "I'm yours. Always yours."


Karmina's skin flushed at the surge of power she experienced rushing through her. A part of her mind recognized the depth of meaning of the exchange, not merely on a sexual level, but something much more fundamental. This warrior, this rash and fearless spirit, surrendered herself completely as she came. Intoxicating couldn't even begin to describe the affect it had on the blonde. Heart bursting, Karmina grasped Taleria's face and kissed her passionately. "I love you," she breathed into her.

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