house of pleasures, episode 4

house of pleasures, episode 4 house of pleasures, episode 4

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Submitted: July 25, 2016

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Submitted: July 25, 2016



Episode 4: Sound

Rynn grinned as Risma re-fastened her coverlet and rose from the kline. The dark maiden crossed to the service bar and returned with a warm wet towel. She proceeded to sensually wipe the redhead’s skin, cleaning away any of the sticky creme that remained from their previous escapade.


Trianne rose from her place between Rynn’s legs, smiling wickedly. She didn’t bother covering herself, bending to run her fingers through Rynn’s red thatch a final time before sauntering off.


Risma chuckled as she finished her strokes. “May I escort you to the Accoustic Chamber?”


“Please,” Rynn replied as she finished the last of her wine. She lifted her torso from her reclined position as Risma loosely retied the traveler’s silken robe. Risma’s fingers caressed the still-aroused skin on Rynn’s arms before gently pulling her to her feet. The dark maiden smirked when Rynn leaned into her touch, softly speaking into her ear “Might you be available to join us?”


“The Mistress of Resonance already has plans for you. She was quite titilated when she received word you were joining us for the whole evening.” Risma led her from the Great Hall down a passageway cloaked with tapestries designed to isolate the accoustic chamber from the rest of the bustling establishment.


Risma leaned in for a final sensuous kiss before pulling the cord next to the massive oak door at the end of the hall. As a low tone rang from within, Rynn turned to watch her shapely form stroll back up the passage. The maiden did not glance back but seemed to sense the redhead’s gaze anyway.


“Good evening,” the deep melodic voice seemed to caress all the right places. Rynn turned back to the doorway, finding herself face to face with Katone, the curvacious queen of all things sonorous. The redhead allowed her eyes to roam over the soft supple form in front of her, a leisurely smirk crossing her face.


Although intended for aural practices, the room itself was also quite visually pleasing, with stunning geometric patterns surrounding the space. In the resonance chamber, sonic energy is amplified and enhanced, reveberating throughout to increase its depth, richness and sustain. Still, it’s beauty fell woefully short when compared to the Mistress presiding over it. Long dark hair wound in a intricate braid framed her cheeks, dimpling with a genuine smile. Rynn’s eyes traveled down the line of her neck and across the creamy expanse of busom exposed by the tunic wrapped tastefully around her form. Green eyes lingered noticably at her voluptuous hips, lost in dreamy thoughts of running her hands endlessly along their lines.


Katone gently interupted her reverie “Do you have any specific requests or may I simply have my way with you?” The glint in her brown eyes confirmed the sonic goddess already had a plan and the redhead gladly acquiesed with a nod and gesture to proceed. The traveler turned slightly so Katone could tie a black silk band over her eyes. Rynn felt a tingling of anticipation, heightened further when fingers grasped her arm and lead her across the chamber. Her bare feet sank deliciously into the lush carpeting as she gave herself over completely to the experience.


Rynn appreciated the warmth of the room as she felt the tie to her robe being undone and the silk slipping from her shoulders. The rich voice whispered close enough to her ear that she could feel the moist, heated breath “Lie down.” The traveler obeyed, finding the divan with the back of her calves. As she stretched out, she felt fingertips stroking the length of her arms up into her neck. Her flesh spiked as Katone drew small circles around the sensitive curves of her ears.


“This stimulates the nerves,” she paused while running her hands down rapidly heating skin of the redhead’s torso “and connects receptors to the wholeness of your body.” Katone continued to caress her form while a subdued hum slowly began registering in her awareness. Rynn could feel her body responding to the deep pitch, resonanting within her chest and loins.


Without the use of her eyes, the redhead opened her other senses fully. Although the mistress had ceased touching her physically for the moment, Bass waves coursed through Rynn now, igniting her hunger once again. Katone drifted away momentarily and the sensations evolved into a pulse, thumping in a delightful cadence throughout her form.


The redhead felt Katone’s presence drawing near again, heightening her anticipation. Other sounds started impressing on her consciousness, each introducing an element to the rhythm before blending into the growing symphony. Rynn felt the sounds begin to permeate and resonate in her very cells. Katone deftly manuvered the vibrations with elegant fingers, drawing on them like a stringed instrument.


Low-frequency thrums ignited desire in her lower pelvic chakras and the redhead found herself instinctively thrusting in time with the deep bass pulses. The Mistress increased the pitch and intensity as she moved her talents upward. The timbre expanded as Katone worked over her torso and began a barely audible chant. Rynn felt her chest expand and contract in perfect sync and the sudden increase in oxygen opening her being to a euphoria. Her nipples stiffened as Katone continued to electrify her senses, all without actually touching her.


When the dark-haired woman wove the path over her heart, Rynn experienced an unexpected emotional connection. The redhead smiled as she realized it only intensified her already fierce ardor. Rynn exhaled a cross of a sigh and a moan when Katone entwined all the sonic energy into a swell. The multitude of tones reveberated throughout her body; her very blood mimicing ocean waves crashing incessantly upon the beach of her core.


The beginning of her orgasm caught the redhead off guard. Although blindfolded, she could somehow still discern Katone’s cat-like smile as she strummed sound vibrations over Rynn’s clit, between her thighs and across her nipples. The traveler groaned as the umber-haired goddess stroked her again and again with increasingly powerful surges of sound. Waves of pleasure began to crescendo and as they grew, the redhead feared their energy might completely unhinge her. She begged for her final release even as she realized she was powerless against it.


The redhead arched from the table, drawn upward from her cunt as successive waves of sonic power exploded within. Rynn’s body hummed and vibrated at a cellular level while simultaneously being enveloped in a cocoon of sound. Her entire body throbbed in cadence while light and color filled her still-covered eyes. Although radiating from her loins, every cell of her being felt permeated, leaving her body floating blissfully.


“There you are,” a sultry voice penetrated her consciousness. Fingers traced the lines of her ears as she opened her eyes to hazel ones searching back. Rynn wasn’t sure how long she had been entranced but the blindfold had been removed and Katone held out a short glass of a pale liquid toward her. The traveler accepted it with a weak smile; in truth she couldn’t remember ever feeling this way before.


“You are truly amazing. Is it always as …” Rynn paused for a sip while trying to find the words “... intensely intimate?”  


“No, I believe you had a bit of a unique experience. We are all affected by sound vibrations within and around us; with each encounter we evolve although we often aren’t even aware of it. “This room is designed to amplify the experience.”


Rynn quietly sipped the last of her drink as yet another aftershock rumbled through her cunt. “Goal acheived,” she said with a smile.


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