Forces of Earth

Forces of Earth Forces of Earth

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


A sexual fantasy story focused on attraction to men. Enjoy your stay at The University for the Gifted!


A sexual fantasy story focused on attraction to men. Enjoy your stay at The University for the Gifted!


Submitted: July 06, 2015

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Submitted: July 06, 2015




"Pay attention," I heard Sister bark curtly.

I rubbed my knuckles. The wooden paddle she had struck them with was already worn. Specks of fresh blood dotted its underside.


Sister had struck another of my classmates. My sleepy gaze focused on the glowing image floating before the class. At the front of the room stood another Sister, reciting from memory the pledge of responsibility.


The Sisters had no names. They dressed in blue habits, seemingly sucking away all the warmth from the room. They were cold. Strict, and cold. Nameless, cold, and blue. While overseeing the day-to-day functions of the university, they acted as guidance figures to all its students. This was achieved more through punishment and discipline than anything else, but one can only take what one is given, right?


"Who of you knows why you are here?"

Several hands shot up, ready to answer Sister. However, she called on me. Of course.

"We have to learn how to protect others from ourselves," I answered, stirring my lazy thoughts.

"Good," Sister responded. She inquired of other students on matters all relating to the same topic. The paddle could occasionally be heard punishing the drowsy, be they child or adult.

Sister's voice droned on for what seemed like hours, preaching to us about our evil nature. Teaching that the Gifted could find salvation only through assimilation. Finally, the class ended. All the students sluggishly returned to their dorms.


"We had a new Sister," I heard from across the room. My only friend.

"We didn't," I answered.

"Was your class that bad?"

"Yeah." We sat in silence for a few moments. "We could leave."

"How?" I saw the figure of my friend sit up, bed covers falling to the floor.

I gazed wistfully out the window, watching the waves and ripples of orange and red just beyond the bubble of energy that kept us all from burning. The University for the Gifted had been built inside of a live vat of lava, deep underground. Anytime a Gifted was found, they would be carted off to the university. It existed to normalize and assimilate us. We were taught to fear our powers, to live under the boot of the common man.

"I don't know."

I didn't have abilities that would help us escape. My friend was Heavenly, able to summon an angel's wings to fly, create light in the darkness, possess incredible strength, and move intangibly through matter.

I wasn't so lucky. My powers were only seen as destructive. My body was naturally attuned to the Negative Force, which is cool, don't get me wrong. But it didn't bode well for my popularity with the common masses. Incredible running speed, lightning at my fingertips, hard constructs of raw electric energy. All incredible powers, but only viewed as dangerous.

"If we got caught-"

"Goodnight," I said. The conversation didn't need to continue. We both knew what would happen if we were caught trying to escape.


During gym time the following morning, each of us took our mandatory shifts at each of the different exercise stations. I often wondered why the students were kept in such peak physical condition. Even more often, fatigue robbed me of the thought.

At mealtimes, the same meaty food was given to us. Twice a day, every day. It tasted so much different than the meat I remembered having outside of the university. It even looked different, almost green in color.


The hours of class started again. The day was Sunday.

"Good morning," Sister said, bored.

"Good morning," the students all mumbled in reply.

"Today we're having a special lesson." Many of the students picked up their heads, almost excited to break the monotony. "Father will be speaking to you."

Gasps were audible throughout the room. Sister plodded to the rear and sank into her rickety seat as Father gracefully glided between students' chairs to the head of the class.

"Good morning," he began, grinning warmly.

"Good morning!" most of the class responded. The enthusiasm created almost literal sparks in the air.

"I am happy to see you are all well," Father chuckled. The white hair that clung to his scalp and hung about his temples framed his face in such a way that made him seem much older than he actually was. Wrinkles creased his brow and cheeks. It seemed as though he had spent a lot of time smiling. "Now for today's lesson." A hologram blinked into view beside him, depicting Kara, the Last Daughter.

"If you don't know," Father began, "This woman--Kara--was the first Gifted. It is she from whom you are all descended." He paused, expecting questions, but received none. "She was special. Kara held the Opal Phoenix." Again he paused, glancing about the class. "This Opal Phoenix is a power passed from mother to son, father to daughter. It is the ultimate manifestation of benevolence, known as the most powerful and rare of the nine forces."

A student's arm thrusted into the air.

Father grinned. "Yes, my child?"

"What are the nine... forces?"

"Excellent question, child. The nine forces are energies that exist in the very Earth, radiating out through its oceans, mountains, trees, and even the clouds. They have been named as Fire, Sky, Gravity, Flora, Mystic, Cerebral, Ethereal, Negative, and Heaven. Each force commands different parts of the world, dictates the very laws of physics as we understand them today."

"What force is the Phoenix from?" Another student Blurted.


"Raise your hand," Sister whispered forcefully.

Father nodded approvingly at Sister. "The Opal Phoenix was a special force. It can be wielded only by one whose spirit aligns with all nine forces." More silence.

He cleared his throat before continuing. "Its power is one that heals. It repairs, it creates. Only in its perfect balance can the forces be used for good."

The following lecture was laden with statements about the students at the university being inherently evil, and our reason for existing only being to further more children in the hopes of finding the next carrier of the Opal Phoenix. My mind began to drift, dreaming of ways I could escape the terrible prison. I envisioned Kara, the Last Daughter, descending into the university, cloaked in iridescent fire, using her power to free all the students. Liberating us from our glowing bubble under the surface.

Father concluded his lecture by having each of us stand in a line and, one by one, bare our rear-ends before him to be hit with the paddle. It was our punishment for existing as Gifted. I glimpsed the student before me, accidentally spying the pink, round flesh on his bottom, and I blushed. I had begun feeling strange attraction to the boys at the university, but decided to keep it hidden, as I was afraid that the Sisters would punish me for it.


My turn at the paddle was over, so I sauntered back to my dorm room.

"Hey, nice seeing you," My friend said. A wadded up parcel fell into my lap. I curiously unraveled it to find a chunk of our usual green meat.

"This isn't allowed," was all I responded.

"Then I'll eat it!"

I could barely get a word out before the small portion of food was gone. "Okay," I muttered. A beautiful woman, all in white, descended to sit at the foot of my friend's bed. It happened every night, right before sleep overcame me. Deciding it was no more than a commonplace hallucination, I drifted off to sleep, dreaming of floating through the Negative force. Fantastical images of lights and dancing at lightning speed flitted across my vision, always just beyond my grasp.

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