Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Rather fresh into the field of high end marketing, Elena Jordan strives to make an impact on her supervisor. After a spectacular gala, she finds that she has impacted him in unintended ways. He opens her mind to a new world and brings about her new revolution.


Rather fresh into the field of high end marketing, Elena Jordan strives to make an impact on her supervisor. After a spectacular gala, she finds that she has impacted him in unintended ways. He opens her mind to a new world and brings about her new revolution.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Every Curve

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Submitted: April 03, 2016

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Submitted: April 03, 2016



"You look fantastically desirable tonight," he said, quiet but strong, "But I'm sure you can see that."

"If you hadn't been undressing me with those eyes all night long, I might not have noticed," I trailed. His deep green eyes locked with mine. He stared with a smirk. I smiled back, then turned as I walked across his living room, heels clicking on the beautiful hardwood floors. I had to make sure he got the view he had enjoyed all night long one last time. I turned back slightly when I reached the entrance to the foyer, smirking back at him.

"Come here," his command hung in the air as I didn't move. A challenge. "Now." His voice was stronger, but not harsh. Yet, I didn't move.  "Girl, I swear," he practically growled.

"Hmmm?" I questioned, playing up the innocent act as much as I could. But the cut of my dress was anything but innocent.

The deep v cut showed off my breasts beautifully, and the tightness along my legs only intensified the aphrodisiac I had been hoping to attain. His jaw tensed for a second, and his eyes shifted up and down my body, taking in every curve he could see, and filling in those he couldn't.

"Why?" I demanded.

"Because I said so. Now."

I walked over to him, drawing the moment out as much as I could. This might finally be the day it happens. "Now what?"

"Now you are going to find yourself something less to wear. Meet me in my room in ten minutes sharp. If you're late there will be hell to pay."

"Of course," I practically purred with excitement. He had been teasing me with his "tall, dark, and handsome" play since we had met. I had barely even stolen a kiss from the mysterious man I had spent so much time with.

Finding the guest room, I sorted through my clothes to find that I had packed a few dark little pieces that would drive him wild. I chose the one that accentuated me the best, even though it wasn't the easiest thing to get off. Luckily, the panties allowed easy access, and the bustier truly had no need to come off. After all, a few more minutes of tension couldn't hurt after four months. The lace clung to my skin, touched with a bit of sweat from the night of dancing. Taking myself in, I felt great, but it had been nine minutes already. I hurried across the house to his room, leaving a light tap on the door.

"Come in," he whispered, opening the door.

The sound of his voice was enough to make me warm, but rushing through the door brought a different kind of surprise. "So, this is why you haven't let me in your room before," I trailed off, trying to take in the scene that stood before me as his hand drifted to my lower back.

His room was huge, with vaulted ceilings extending the pale gray walls to the heavens. One wall was dominated by the largest bed I had ever seen, dark wood posts with intricate carvings accenting the obvious cost. On either side of the bed, a simple dark nightstand rested, and at the end was a large locked chest. The opposite wall was rather bare, a very large tapestry hung, and two doors stood. Everything seemed to be normal, but so extravagantly so that I could only stare.

"Why do you think I haven't brought you here?" He asked. I could feel his eyes following mine, and his hands had moved to either side of my hips.

"You were afraid I would just be in it for the money, or that I would have a heart attack when I realized that a man could have good taste."

"Not quite. I want you to close your eyes for a moment, focus only on the smells of the room. Tell me what you find."

"Okay," I laughed. This was weird. "It smells like nighttime." I opened my eyes and turned back around. "Why am I doing this?" He shushed me, motioned for me to turn around, and moved his hands to my shoulder, drifting his fingers across my arms. "Nighttime, pine- barely, maybe a hint of," I paused, trying to discern the scent from the others "Metal? That's all I can get."

"Lovely. Now, how do you feel?"

"Comforted. I like the way it smells here."

"Well, I am happy with that. Open your eyes."

Somehow he had opened the monumental curtains to show the moon high in the sky, projecting it's reflection onto the pool.

"It's beautiful," I whispered.

"It seemed a shame to hide something so beautiful, which is also why I took you with me to the gala tonight. You are a goddess among mortals," He paused, once again taking me in with his eyes. "My only request is this." He stepped around me, taking down my hair and running his hands down my sides. I shuttered with sensitivity, wishing he would just pin me down and take me. He kept his face only inches from mine, my heavy breathing all too audible in his moments of silence. "Kiss me."

I slammed my lips into his with an intense passion, making sure my answer was clear. I wanted nothing more than to be with him in that moment. "Please," I begged between kisses. He picked me up, never breaking our kisses for anything but a quick breath. His hands slid down my sides once more, tracing patterns over my thighs until I hit the bed. He looked at me and his eyes grew with a carnal desire, exploding from deep within.

He had stopped kissing me, and I was whining for more. "Shhh," he brought his fingers to my lips, tracing the pattern of each with his thumb. He smiled down at me, "Damn, you're perfect."


"Please what? Is there something you want? Anything I can give you?"

"You. I need you. Please. I'm going to burst."

"We'll see about that little girl, but first," he smiled and shoved my hands up to a post, pinning me to them with one hand.

"How'd you know?" The fact that I liked what he was doing wasn't exactly public knowledge. Other than my best friend, no one had ever known.

"That you'd like this? It was obvious. I know how to spot them, and you were the main sight." He traced his fingers over the thin layer of clothing covering my chest, following his trail down to wet mess he had already caused. "Well, I think someone's a little ready, isn't she?" He opened his nightstand drawer, pulling out a pair of leather cuffs. With one swift motion, he replaced his hand with them.

"Please, please fuck me," I was pleading for any sort of real action. I couldn't deal with this teasing much longer.

He chuckled, keeping his distance and simply observing how I moved. Having him watch me like that was incredibly hot, and fantasizing about what was coming next had me squirming.

"My, my, my little girl. You like this more than I anticipated. You are going to be fun, aren't you?" He teased me without end. "Hmmm."

"Please, I need you."

"Well, then I'll give you what you need," His eyes flashed over to me, and I felt the warmth intensify. He walked over to my side of the bed, pulling my chin up to meet his lips. The first kiss was gentle, a simple touch of his lips to mine. But after that each became more and more intense, the obvious tension between us building even more. He crawled on top of me, taking off my bustier while never breaking our kiss. He took one of his hands off of the bed, finding his way to my breast. The touch of his hand made me quiver, and as his fingers rolled over my nipple again and again, pulling at them with intensity. I couldn't help but struggle against my restraints. He pushed himself onto me, making it obvious that he was just as hot as I was.

"Fuck. Fuck me please."

"So that's what you want? My cock deep inside you? Begging me more and more to bring you to the edge." I stuttered out a breath and moaned as his hand moved down my body.

I stared up at him like a kitten at a laser, mapping every movement of his face. Every grunt and moan as he pushed toward me, teasing me through his jeans. I closed my eyes as he began to run his hand along the inside of my thigh, only to be shocked when his teeth connected with the bud of my nipple. I let out a moan as he switched to the other side, sucking along the outside. I could only imagine the marks he was leaving.

It was bliss. Sweet, sweet adrenaline rushing through my body. And then, it got better. Somehow I had managed to be so deeply focused on his teeth that I hadn't noticed him disrobing. I tried to force myself into him as he slid the tip along my slit, barely touching the outside of my crotchless panties, but enough to add sensation.

"Someone is a little desperate, isn't she?"

I tried once again to slam myself down onto him, but he simply backed up, smirking at me as I struggled. He chuckled, and as I was at the end of my reach, he came forward to once again tease me with the tip of his cock. I closed my eyes and let myself go limp, hoping he would take the bait and come closer with me. And to my luck- he did. I opened my eyes to see him watching me, studying my every move.

"I can see it in your eyes," he murmured.

"See what?" I asked, trying my best to return the innocence that I obviously lacked.

"That devilish glitter, the way that you're imagining me filling you to the brim, your screams intensifying as I go harder and faster."

"I have no idea what you're talking about," I said through a grin I was trying hard to hide.

"Oh, well I guess I was wrong," he whispered. Everything went silent for a moment, and as I closed my eyes to take a moment to breathe, I was suddenly filled -as he would say- to the brim.

He had no mercy as he pounded into me, moving faster than any man I'd ever had before. I was screaming in seconds, 'fuck' and 'yes' were the only words to leave my mouth as he forced himself into me. Every time he shifted down or up, the new angle was life changing. Sex had never been like this before, never this new with one position.

He reached up then, uncuffing me from the post and pulling himself out of me. The emptiness immediately made me ache, so I whined. He shushed me and turned me over, pulling my hands behind my back and cuffing me again. Doggy style had always been a fear of mine, as I had a talent for picking men with quite large cocks, and it had always made them feel larger than life - too large usually. I flinched as he shoved himself in, but this was different. His length wasn't as impressive as his girth, and it completely changed the position for me. Feeling him fill me, spread my walls and clap against my ass had revolutionized the animalistic position.

"Oh fuuuuuck," I moaned. He had broken my slight amount of control, pushing his hand into my clit as he kept pounding. "I'm gonna cum!"

Just as he heard it, he stopped, and stopped moving. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" I yelled, trying to turn over, but his strong arms stopping me.

He simply whispered, "Not yet." And waited a few moments for my breathing to slow before hammering into me again. This time, his hand fit around my throat, pulling me back and adding another angle to his pleasure game. As my oxygen levels depleted, my satisfaction heightened. The control he had over me was overly arousing, I had always fantasized about something like this, but I'd never wanted to ask. Dealing with judgment was not my strong suit, it never had been. But this man was obviously not one to judge, he gave me everything I wanted without needing to ask.

I was trying to focus on anything but the obvious to prevent his obvious attempt to frustrate me out of cumming. But despite his denial of my satisfaction, he was doing a damn good job of keeping me on the edge.

"I need to cum" I whined as he pushed himself in deeper and deeper. I didn't know how long I could take it without release.

"Good girls always ask," he grunted between thrusts.

Could he be more perfect? Everything he said rooted deep into the emotional and physical history that I had kept secret from everyone.

"Can I please cum?"

"Yes, little one.  Cum. Cum Now."

And then I came with the force of a tidal wave. This is why he made me wait, this was my nirvana. I had fallen in lust with the first fuck. But he hadn't stopped.

"You can cum whenever, I've already had my fun," I said back to him.

"You've only came once darling, I can't finish yet."


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