The Submissive Model

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Juliet seeks the help of a stranger to advance her modeling career, but ends up getting more than she bargained for.

Her stomach filled with butterflies as she stood at the bottom doorstep of opportunity. Inside this building was a real life photography studio and the beginning of her life long modeling dream. The loud buzzer overtook all other thoughts, leaving Juliet with nothing but anticipation in the following silence. After what felt like an eternity she was greeted with the charming, seductive face of Christopher Volvardi, the up-and-coming amatuer photographer that had agreed to take her headshots. Juliet didn’t have a lot of money and Chris needed more experience so meeting him two days ago felt like fate. “Juliet!” He boomed, “Absolutely stunning! You’re making my job too easy.”

She blushed and let out a small giggle before following him into the open studio. On one wall there was a white backdrop with a variety of light fixtures pointed at it. On another, a couch with some outfits laid out, and on the next wall was a bed and a shelf littered with photographs. It was clear that he had built this makeshift photography studio out of his studio apartment, but he was significantly cheaper than a professional agency and there was something about him that Juliet naturally trusted. He walked over to the couch and held up an outfit to her. She looked around the room for a changing room while Chris just stared at her. He let her nervously stand there for a few seconds before chuckling and turning to indicate the bathroom door behind him. As Juliet changed, he went over some ground rules for the shoot. “I need to build up my portfolio for this art show coming up soon and I don’t have a lot of time to do a bunch of different photoshoots. Basically, I’ll take the pictures you need for your headshots but I’m not gonna give you the finished product unless we can get through everything I need from you today. There are three outfits I need photos of and then we’ll be done. Sound good?”

“Sounds great. Thank you again for doing this!” 

She finished tying the laced up front of the night’s first outfit. It was a sleeveless blue and white checked dress that seemed to have a corset on the top and a short poofed up skirt on the bottom. She felt like a slutty Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, right down to the red thigh high stiletto boots. He even gave her a red silk thong to complete the look. Nonetheless she was grateful and didn’t overthink it too much. Chris admired her when she opened the door and Juliet’s cheeks felt hot. “Right over here, gorgeous,” he said with a smirk.

She got in place and smiled brightly as the camera made its first shutter. The night went on as they tried every angle possible. Juliet tried to ignore his dark brown eyes examining every inch of her hourglass figure. Every once in a while, Chris would let the camera rest around his neck while he repositioned Juliet to his exact vision. It started with him innocently moving her arm above her head, or gently guiding her leg to the perfect position, but then he started getting more creative. He delicately began untying the front of her dress to show more cleavage. Juliet tried to control her breathing as his strong hands would graze across her skin. Christopher stood behind her and slowly bent her forward until her dress was no longer able to hide anything from him. She was hoping he wouldn’t see how soaking wet he had made her. She held in a gasp as something lightly touched her throbbing pussy, she was too afraid to move.

Juliet could’ve sworn she heard a shutter flash before Chris walked back around to the front and took a few shots of her cleavage. “That’s enough for the first outfit, let’s go to the next one.”

That one remark snapped Juliet back into reality as she tried to get herself together. She nodded awkwardly as he handed her the new clothes and she rushed into the bathroom. For a moment she panicked, thinking she had dropped something on the way in, until she got a better look at what he had handed her. The next outfit was the tiniest thong she had ever seen with some seashell pasties. There were fishnet stockings and 4 inch black heels but nothing else. She put on the ensemble and stood in disbelief at what she was wearing. Convinced that chris had simply forgotten something, she poked her head out the door and shouted, “I think I’m missing a piece for this outfit, can you see if I dropped anything?”

“Let me see” Chris said with a devious look in his eye.

Unsure what to do, she slowly came out from behind the door. “See? I think you forgot to hand me the dress.”

His laughter echoed across the room, “There is no dress with that outfit. I’m doing a piece on sex and fantasy, and how they become the same thing. If you don’t want to be in it then I understand but like I said, I can only do your headshots if you help me too.”

“I guess that makes sense” She would’ve liked a better warning but it was too late now.

Juliet walks back over to the backdrop and poses with the newly placed chair. Chris barks out compliments and instructions with every shot and slowly she feels more comfortable in what she’s wearing. He starts touching her once again and Juliet finds herself focusing on nothing else but his hands on her skin. He has her do all sorts of poses in varying sexual positions, all of which he assists with hands on. He moves the chair behind Juliet and has her bend over to grab hold of it, putting her barely covered pussy on full display for his camera. She is now certain that Chris sees how arroused she is by him, since he has taken practically fifty pictures of her wet pussy in full lighting. 

“Don’t move,” he said, “but I think this pose would be perfect for the third outfit”

“Okay, would you like me to go put it on?”

“No need, I only need to take some things off of you”

With this Juliet felt more panicked. “I don’t think I want to do any nude photos. Is there another option or something?”

She felt his finger go under the small fabric lining and delicately pull the thong away from her trembling lips. “There’s no other way. Either we keep going or we both go home with nothing. What will it be?”

A million thoughts raced through her head as to what was about to happen. Defeated, she let out a sigh of submission. That was all he needed to hear to pull her thong down and off her ankles. She closed her eyes and tried not to think about all the pictures he was taking when she felt his hand on her ass cheek. Juliet held her breath as Christopher grabbed her hands and had her spread her ass cheeks apart. He took photos like this as well, and then there was a silence. Thinking they might finally be done, Juliet whispered, “Chris? Are you there?” 

“I’m still here. Just a few more things that I think you’ll enjoy. Stay absolutely still so that I can photograph the process”

Confusion led to shock and she let out a small cry when Christopher inserted a buttplug. She continued to hold her cheeks apart as he used one hand to push it in and the other to photograph it. Juliet was humiliated but knew that it was the only way to make the rest of the night worth it.

Christopher looked at her juicy ass and tight pussy and could no longer resist her. He had all the power here and was going to use it how he saw fit. After he put the camera on the tripod and began recording, he rubbed the tip of his cock across her wet cunt and prepared her for what was coming next. Juliet’s eyes widened and she screamed as he pushed his whole ten inches inside of her. Her walls expanded as he brutally fucked her raw; she could only keep balance from Chris pulling her hair. As he fucked her harder and harder he twisted and pulled at the buttplug still inside her tight asshole. She began to tear up from the mixture of pleasure and pain, knowing she has no choice but to submit to his every whim. She couldn’t stand how much she enjoyed this tortue but as he continued to pound her she grew closer and closer to climax. Her whole body began to tighten and Juliet was a breath away from cuming when everything stopped.

Desperate, she cried out “Oh fuck please don’t stop! I need to cum! Please!”

He pulled out the buttplug and through her over his shoulder. He carried her across the room and threw her down on his bed. He then got his camera and repositioned it to show the whole bed before pulling her right to the edge. He continued to ruthelessly fuck her on camera, her breasts vigorously bouncing in those little seashell pasties. He slapped her, spanked her, and even spit on her. She silently let him do what he wanted as he had complete control over her body. His violent sexual appetite sparked something inside of her as she once again felt a powerful orgasm build up. He wrapped his hand around her throat and whispered to Juliet, “Don’t cum until I tell you to”

It took everything she had to delay her climax as his massive dick hit her g-spot repeatedly. She fought her own body with such intensity she thought she might black out when he finally shouted, “Cum for me you whore!”

A wave of pleasure washed over her and for a moment she forgot where she was. The release was so intense that her whole body was still shaking from it, leaving her unable to move. When she regained her breath, Juliet noticed a warmth all over. She looked up to see that Christopher had cum not only inside her, but also on her stomach and breasts. She laid her head back down as Chris took more pictures of her naked body. He then threw her a towel to clean up. Wordlessly, Juliet wiped off and got dressed. She grabbed her things and headed straight for the door. Right before it shut she heard him say, “You did good, I’ll send those headshots over first thing in the morning”

Submitted: April 01, 2020

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I think a good 'Head' shot would have been her giving him 'Head'

Fri, April 3rd, 2020 2:32am


Hahaha that's very clever!

Fri, April 3rd, 2020 8:03am


Great post, he was very good in slowly getting her submission, warming her up and gaining her trust and then adding a little more each time. And that's just the beginning of her modeling career!

Sat, May 2nd, 2020 3:20am

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