An Excerpt from "Welcome Home Now Get Out, Memoirs of Our Life on Yucatan Drive"-"The Baggage" chapter

An Excerpt from "Welcome Home Now Get Out, Memoirs of Our Life on Yucatan Drive"-"The Baggage" chapter An Excerpt from "Welcome Home Now Get Out, Memoirs of Our Life on Yucatan Drive"-"The Baggage" chapter

Status: Finished

Genre: Memoir


Status: Finished

Genre: Memoir


This is a chapter from "Welcome Home Now Get Out, Memoirs of Our Life on Yucatan Drive". It is a true story that my mother and I are working on getting done and published.This chapter centers in on a particular person that impacted us in the most unfortunate way, as we started to realise we should re-think certain room mate decisions. Hope you enjoy!


This is a chapter from "Welcome Home Now Get Out, Memoirs of Our Life on Yucatan Drive". It is a true story that my mother and I are working on getting done and published.This chapter centers in on a particular person that impacted us in the most unfortunate way, as we started to realise we should re-think certain room mate decisions. Hope you enjoy!


Submitted: May 19, 2012

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Submitted: May 19, 2012



Disclaimer- This book is based on a series of events that actually happened. The true names have been changed to protect the people involved in these events.

“I would like you to know that this is where the story goes straight to hell. But that doesn’t mean you should put the book down, because this is where it takes you, the reader right to the core. It gets filthy dirty like a skunk. This is where we take you from the mystery, and throw you head on into the soap opera that was our lives. Enjoy.”

I remember my 21st birthday on July 21st 2003 being a sunny day as well as enjoyable. I had invited all of my friends, and had a great turn out. People I didn’t think would make it were there, and that made my day full and fun. I spent part of the time trying to cheer my mother Lindsay up since she had recently had surgery on her foot, and was unable to leave the wheelchair. My friend Jimmy showed up with his girlfriend Drew, who I’d never met. I wasn’t very thrilled at that time because I had wanted to ask him out for some time, but never got the nerve, even though he had already shown fond feelings toward me before. I just didn’t want him getting mixed up in my drama. So he stopped waiting around and found himself dating Drew.

“I really like this girl.” I remember him telling me while she was out of hearing range. I figured he somehow got the vibe that I felt like I had lost my chance, so he tried to clear things up for me then. I just nodded, smiled nervously, and followed the crowd to my room in the back where they had gathered for a small video game challenge. A friend of mine, Tommy came and videotaped that day. As a matter of fact, the video later angered Jimmy, who suspected Tommy of purposely placing the camcorder where it would focus on Drew’s butt.

The day after the party, we got a knock on the door. It was Jimmy asking for a place for him and Drew to stay. He was worried about her. She had been staying at one of Jimmy’s friend’s house, and the friend decided to get a little too close to Drew. So my mother sympathized and allowed them to move in.

Drew was about two years younger than I, slightly chunky, her hair colored blonde, and at first very quiet. I wasn’t sure about her in the beginning, and I was positive the feeling was mutual. She came off as a nervous wreck in the beginning, and slowly warmed up to us. She would cry to me, telling me how she got into her situation. Supposedly, she had been trying to get into the military. But after her grandmother reported her as stealing her car, Drew was unable to fulfill her dream having that on her record. I remember something about her telling me it was all a mistake; that she was only going for a drive. She could no longer live with her family.

Jimmy on the other hand already knew a lot about me, us having worked together previously. But that didn’t stop him from still wanting to know more about me. Before Drew, he had always had a thing for me, and I’ll say again in other words, heavily expressed it. I believe that is why Drew was not always forward with me. She would strongly stress her emotions and love for Jimmy, almost obsessively. She was very much sexually active, and would at times joke about bringing me into it. I remember one night when they picked me up from work, being so paranoid that Drew was actually going to keep me in the car after work to watch as she undressed and had sex with Jimmy in front of me. To see the look of surprise come over my face made her laugh hysterically, pointing her finger as if it was the funniest thing she’d ever seen.

“She actually thought we were going to do it!” She laughed, her breath almost completely leaving her lungs, thus gasping for more air to laugh again. Jimmy wasn’t all that amused. He did not see why Drew would always try to make a fool out of me. Drew just loved the reaction. And I never realized until later in life just how much control she had over Jimmy. I wonder if he would have died for her. Drew had a massive obsession with Jimmy. She would anxiously wait for him to get off work, usually because she wanted something. Whether it was sex, money, or to go out, she wanted it. Jimmy was always too tired to go back out or do anything at all. “Roxanne, come here,” Drew said, “Look at Jimmy.” She’d laugh. And there he was, lying on the cold hard floor snoring. He had just gotten home, and had just enough energy to walk into their bedroom. Drew then got down on her knees and tried to shake him awake. He just waved his hands to get her to leave him alone. He soon lost his job because she would pop holes in his tires, making him late for work. This greatly satisfied Drew, because now she got all the sex she wanted, even though she had already propositioned the next door neighbor who turned her down every time. Drew also had an obsession with me. I’m not sure if it was to get closer to Jimmy, or if she was just confused. She swore up and down that she was bi-sexual, and would express it in such strange ways. She sat at the kitchen table to tell me about her fantasy.

“I want to have a threesome with you and Jimmy.” She said grinning. “What? I am not like that.” I answered, “Is she joking?” I said looking at Jimmy. “You should hear the things she says about you at night.” Jimmy said hanging his head not thrilled about the conversation he was possibly forced into. “You are my dream girl!” Drew would say without hesitation. Drew would constantly read my journal I kept. At first I didn’t think it was a big deal, but when she got to the part about my feelings for Jimmy, she sat us down and asked him, “If I ever leave, would you date Roxanne?” “Well, I won’t now that I’ve lived with her.” He responded not even looking at either of us, feeling as if he had been put on the spot.

I have to admit that what he said hurt at the time. Because he got to know me better, or possibly observed something about how I lived that he didn’t like, he had ruled me out of being a potential girlfriend. Either that or he didn’t want Drew to be jealous…because she was always jealous. I guess it was just as well, because Jimmy was the jealous type too. If he couldn’t go anywhere without her, then she was not allowed to wear nice dresses in public, especially in places where a bunch of guys hung out.

There came the time around September that my mother wanted us all out of the house so she could have some alone time with a man, who was actually married to a woman who was at the time serving in Iraq. A woman who suspected him of cheating, so she hired a private investigator to follow him. At least, that’s the story I heard.

Anyway, we all felt it was unfair that we had to leave because I had been working, and they had been paying rent. It did not matter to her though, because she hadn’t had sex in a while. She would send me out on dates with Tommy, who I had no interest in. I got tired of it, so I found other ways to occupy the time I had to spend out. I would go out to Live Action Role Playing games at UCF and play ‘Vampire The Masquerade’ with people who I knew from Valencia. That is where I met Cole, who I started hanging out with a lot. We started dating officially October 28th 2003. My mother tried desperately to set me up with Jimmy’s friend Gus just before, but I went on three unwilling dates with him and knew it would never work out. That was especially after his father had the ‘life talk’ with me. My mother wanted me to date them both at the same time, but I had already made my decision on Cole. I expressed that strongly to her, and we argued endlessly about it. I won the argument.

‘That’s what she gets for making me leave.’ I thought still not happy about my (every Saturday night) situation. One night I decided I was going to bring Drew with me to the game because I thought she might fit in. “Can I wear a dress?” she asked.

“Yeah, people dress up all the time there.” I said. So we went to UCF and she invited Jimmy to meet us there. Though, the game for us was cut short because Jimmy was outraged to see Drew in the dress. He told her she looked like a slut and he had already told her before not to wear that kind of stuff around other guys. Drew ran to the car, and I followed her because she was my ride. Jimmy chased after us, and was screaming at her. I remember the furious look in his eyes with his eyebrows furrowed as he clenched his fists in complete resentment.

“He’ll calm down after a while. This has happened before.” said Drew stepping harder on the gas pedal. It left me to wonder if she had been repeating a mistake she might have previously made. Was it a trend, or was Jimmy just overreacting?

After that night, Drew never returned with me to the game. Jimmy had discouraged her from ever going, because he figured she was only going to pick up another guy. She told me it wasn’t something she was into. Not to mention, neither of them were that crazy about Cole. They really wanted me and Gus to work out, but I just didn’t find any chemistry between us. Jimmy would come to me with stories about how he sent a spy who saw Cole walking around with another girl, and how he suspected Cole of sleeping with the supposed ‘whore of Bithlo’. “Cole is lying to you Roxanne” he’d say, “and he’s going to break your heart.” I never believed him, and wondered how come he cared so much who I dated. I was tired of people trying to make decisions for me. I was twenty-one years old, and it was time to be an adult for once. So I ignored whatever he and Drew had to say, and didn’t care when Drew spied me making out with him on the couch.

November and December 2003 were harsh times, especially for Drew. She had just found out she was pregnant, and would deny the fact to me. Of course, it was not surprising, and I wasn’t going to force it out of her, even in the middle of the night when she was making gag sounds in the bathroom with the door open. “Drew? Drew, are you okay?” I asked. “I’ll be okay if I can throw up.” she said back.

Jimmy had been summoned to his parents’ house. His mother was not doing well with her health and he felt he had to be there with her because she was soon paying for his dental work. Jimmy’s teeth had rotted to the point where they were abscessing and decaying from the inside out. I remember the phone call to Drew about Jimmy in the hospital because his mouth was hurting so badly he wanted someone to put him out of his misery.

While Jimmy was away, Drew felt the urge to fulfill her sexual desires, and she was going to do anything possible to get it. She’d sneak out in the middle of the night, and rumors say she was seen meeting strange guys outside. My mother would also wake up in the early morning hours before she had to leave for work to find her keys missing, and to hear her car rolling back into the driveway. Drew had taken her car for a drive to Jimmy’s parents’ house in the middle of the night, and was not about to admit it even though she couldn’t explain the gas loss. After Thanksgiving, part of Drew’s truth came out. I remember the night being chilly, and I was just getting home from an outing with friends. My friend Jon was with me that night and I remember the goodbye being brief as he saw Drew crying through the open door while she sat at the computer. He found himself unable to speak as all he could say was “Whoa.” We exchanged glances, and said “Goodnight.” Then he left. I walked slowly behind Drew, who had wrapped herself in the blue cotton blanket, and turned her blonde head to see me standing behind her. She had been talking on AOL instant messenger to Jimmy. Drew was an emotional wreck.

It had only been a few days or so since the incident. I still remember the trail of blood from the bathroom into the hallway. I remember her yelling, sobbing, and almost too weak to walk. As she clenched her stomach, I could see the pain in her eyes. In my mind I knew what was happening, even though Drew had tried to keep the “addition” a secret. “Lindsay, there’s so much blood!” Drew cried hobbling into the doorway of my mother’s room. “Oh sweetie, we need to get you to the hospital!” said my mother in panic. The night before the blood, Drew had been gone, and did not return until the early morning hours. Supposedly there was a Thanksgiving party at Jimmy’s friend Freddie’s house. But it turned out, Jimmy knew nothing about it. It was possible while at Freddie’s, Drew had had too much to drink, or was fooling around when she wasn’t supposed to be (or both), and the consequence was harsh. The next day, the emergency room accepted her immediately when we got there. They asked her a few questions and told her to fill out the form. “I have to use the bathroom,” said Drew, “and I don’t want to go alone. I need your help walking there, please.” So I pushed her wheelchair half way to the left side of the room where people were sitting in comfortable green chairs, and helped her stand. Her frame was a lot bigger than mine, so I wondered how I’d manage to hold her weight on my shoulder. And it was almost like she read my mind, as she did her best to keep as much weight off me as possible, lightly stepping towards the bathroom door. When she was finished, I helped her back to the wheelchair to fill out the form and wait for the doctor, and then my mom and I left because there was nothing else we could do and we were hungry. I made my way back with our next door neighbor to pick her up later, and she seemed different; as if the color had left her world. For the next few days, Drew was quieter than she’d ever been (which used to be never), sitting in front of the television in the living room, staring as if nothing on it was interesting…a void. When she would move from the futon, she would leave bloodstains which we’d cover with a dark sheet. That chilly night thinking about everything that had happened, I sympathetically came to her side. She looked like she had not bathed since the occurrence, and guilt streamed from her eyes. She burst with uncontrollable wailing, and fell into my standing torso.

“I’ve lost my baby, Roxanne,” she sobbed, “I’ve lost my baby!” “I know.” I said unable to gather the words to comfort her, because there were none to say. The next few weeks for her were still a void. There were the occasional mood swings, and venting. She found comfort in talking to my friends online, one in particular named Maurice whom she’d never met. She told him about her miscarriage, and he would console her. Their friendship quickly progressed into a certain level of comfort, to the point that Drew decided to flirt openly with him. Maurice had already been under the impression that she was engaged to Jimmy, so he asked her about the engagement. Her response went something like:

‘Don’t worry, because the relationship is over. Jimmy’s having issues and I don’t see him coming back anytime soon.’ In December of 2003, Drew and I decided to go visit him at his house. On the ride there Drew asked me,

“So is he cute?”

I don’t remember what exactly I said, and I didn’t really know how to answer that question. I didn’t really know what kind of guys she was into besides Jimmy. But when we arrived, Drew slipped through Maurice’s bedroom window as he answered the door to me standing there alone. I followed him to his room and watched as he sat in the bed next to Drew and snuggled up to her. It seemed really strange…out of place. I knew something was wrong, but I didn’t think anything horrible would happen. So I let them have their space, and he started a ‘Blade’ movie in the living room for what was supposed to be a group’s entertainment. I felt like the third wheel. I began to realize that it was all a bad idea, but by then it was too late to interfere. Meanwhile, Drew had decided she was going to willingly have sexual relations with Maurice in his bed. I heard nothing, though I knew something was going on. When it came time for us to leave, Maurice seemed a bit uneasy as if he had something to hide. A guilty look formed upon his face, but he told me everything was okay.

A few days later Jimmy had returned to live with us. Maurice visited once during that time for a weekend, and Jimmy did not welcome it. Between the time Jimmy returned and a week had past, Jimmy got wind of the news. Drew had left the instant messenger on with an IM from Maurice. Jimmy then started calling his house and allegedly threatening Maurice and his family’s lives. Of course, I knew Jimmy long enough to know he used scare tactics to get his point across. Granted, it wasn’t right but that’s all he knew how to do. Jimmy was angry that he’d been lied to by Drew, and their relationship was not yet over. He then accused Drew of cheating, and that is when she ‘cried rape’. The story had now turned scandalous and Jimmy decided to take matters in his own hands. The threats escalated, and right around the time he had gotten Maurice’s parents involved was when a bullet flew through the window of their house. We were unsure about who it really was because whoever did it never got caught. Jimmy got blamed, and Maurice was told not to talk to me or anyone associated with me. He told me he was going to let things cool off a while before visiting me again.

January 1st 2004 was a completely different turn-point. Drew had gained her pizza job back, and had been getting rides from my mother depending on her schedule. She didn’t want to keep relying on her, so Drew asked me if she could use my bus pass for that month to get to and from work. I had no problem with it, but my mother wasn’t going to let it happen. Lindsay approached Drew regarding rent. Drew did not have rent yet, and explained that I was allowing her to use my bus pass.

The conversation went something like this:

“Roxanne needs that bus pass for school.” Lindsay said impatiently. “Then I can’t give you rent if you can’t get me to work on a regular basis.” Drew responded upset. “You know I can’t do that, I work too ya know. You can’t live here for free.” Lindsay argued.

From there, a huge verbal spat broke out between them resulting in Drew and Jimmy walking out the door with their puppy who had also been staying there for a short time, and not returning for two days. I imagine they were contemplating on what to do next. I also imagine them being afraid of where they might end up next. In the meantime, Jimmy’s mother called my mother asking for him to come home because she was about to pay for his dental work, and she needed him home to help her with some chores around the house. The night before their return I asked Maurice and Cole to stay for the night because I was afraid that something horrible was going to take place the next day. Both guys were unsure, but willing to help protect me so they agreed to stay. Little did I know it was a terrible idea.

Upon Drew and Jimmy’s return on January 3rd 2004, my mother approached Jimmy outside.

“Jimmy, your mother called and asked that I send you home. She is about to pay for your dental work and needs your help with some chores at the house.” Jimmy then opened the front door and said to Drew,

“Honey, I’m being asked to leave.” In my own opinion, the whole conversation could have been different. Had Drew heard the request, maybe her reaction would have been different. Then again, who’s to say she hadn’t been angry from the get-go? “Why is he leaving?!!!” Drew yelled dashing towards the front door, “I’m the one who should go!!!!!” “You have to go also.” Lindsay replied semi-calm. Outraged, Drew charged at Lindsay screaming “I’M GOING TO GET YOU FOR THIS!! NEXT TIME I SEE ROXY I’M GOING TO TEAR HER FACE UP!!!!”

Our next door neighbor, who will remain anonymous for the time being had been walking outside his house when he heard the commotion. He stepped up to the fence and yelled at Drew to stop. Drew became extremely violent and ran at him throwing punches. He dodged them and proceeded on calling the police.

According to an anonymous source:

When the police arrived Drew and Jimmy had locked themselves inside the house. Maurice, who was awoken by the front door slamming, was pretending to be asleep on the futon because he did not want any part of the confrontation. Drew started slamming the door while trying to pack her stuff. She was also angered by the fact that Maurice and Cole were there, so she found it comforting to place blame. Drew stopped for a moment in the midst of all her rage to bend above Maurice laying on the futon in the living room to yell,

“It’s all your fucking fault!!!”

Sometime during all of this madness Maurice and Cole ran back to my room to barricade the door. They waited there until everything calmed down.

My mother and the neighbor both spoke to the police once they arrived, and were informed that the tenants would have to leave voluntarily because legally they had 30 days. The police knocked on the door and were let in to speak with Drew and Jimmy. When the police came back out, the decision had been made that the tenants would leave on their own. They called Jimmy’s mom to come get them, but his mom said Drew was not allowed to bring the puppy. Drew became even more upset and started fighting with Jimmy. As they came outside with their stuff, Drew began manhandling Jimmy and slinging him onto the driveway. Jimmy always got back up and tried to get her to calm down. When she was finished throwing her tantrum she left walking down the sidewalk with the puppy. Jimmy then loaded his stuff into his mother’s vehicle and left. After these festivities took place, Cole and another friend of mine came into the store where I worked to warn me about a possible threat from Drew.

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