Three For Me

Three For Me

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Jacquetta's life has fallen into nothing less than a lull between her marriage and job, and she has no idea how to fix it. Luckily, the solution is within her grasp thanks to a slip-up of her husband and her husband's best friend.


Jacquetta's life has fallen into nothing less than a lull between her marriage and job, and she has no idea how to fix it.
Luckily, the solution is within her grasp thanks to a slip-up of her husband and her husband's best friend.


Submitted: March 05, 2014

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Submitted: March 05, 2014



Jacquetta folded her husband’s pair of jeans with a practiced precision as she placed it in its proper place in their wardrobe. She felt as her boredom crawled up to her eyes and made them droop as per usual when she was spending a quiet Saturday afternoon at home doing chores. She let out a sigh, and caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror hanging on the wall. She even looked drab. She noticed the bags under her eyes, the limpness of her hair, her colorless clothing choice, and most of all her vacant expression. She lifted her hand to sweep back some of her dirty blonde hair back behind her ear, as though that could remedy the disaster she saw herself as. As she did so, she noticed the glint of her golden wedding ring in the mirror. Surprisingly, despite her unkempt appearance, the ring still shone as brightly as the day five years ago that her husband had slipped it onto her finger.


“Honey?” Her husband’s voice made her jump as she turned to see him, her hand clutched at her chest.

“Peter! You scared me!” She gasped as she leaned against the wardrobe, trying to calm her heart rate back down.

“Sorry! Didn’t mean to, just wanted to let you know that Daryl will be stopping by to watch the game with me.” He strolled in removing his spare change and keys from his pockets, and placing them with a clatter atop their nightstand.

“Sure thing.” Jacquetta felt herself fix her hair again before noting the cuffs of her sweat pants had a small hole in them.

“Do you have any plans tonight?” He asked also removing his watch.

“No… probably just a glass of wine and work.” She shrugged, and closed the wardrobe door quietly with her eyes cast to the floor.


It was in the silence that followed her answer that Peter took in his wife’s appearance. It was recent that she had begun to look so lifeless… he didn’t know whether or not to comment on it or leave it alone though as he didn’t want to make her feel bad about how she looked. She seemed motivated and upbeat during her work hours, but as soon as she came home she was exhausted and deflated as the hours ticked on in the silence. Sex had always been enjoyable, but lately it was bringing a whole new meaning to ‘vanilla’.

He loved her, and she loved him… but there needed to be more.


“Okay.” He said unsure. “Feel free to join us if you want.” He didn’t usually invite her, but he was becoming a tad desperate.


She nodded her head, and forced a smile before she walked out of the room quickly, still refusing to lift her beautiful brown eyes up to him.




Daryl looked at his best friends knee as it continued to shake in nervous energy throughout the entire game, despite him having knocked back six beers that his wife had so kindly supplied for them in between her work.

“So… Peter. How’s Jacquetta?” He asked, his eyebrows raised.

“What? Fine. Why do you ask?” He immediately stood up and began collecting their empties.

“Your knee. You only do that when she isn’t doing well. Like in college when she was on the verge of a mental breakdown during finals. Your knee would not stop bouncing.” He said as he finished his seventh beer.

Peter returned from recycling the bottles and sat down on the couch heavily.

“I don’t know to be honest. She just doesn’t seem… herself.”

“Yeah… the last few times I’ve been here I’ve noticed she’s been in sweat pants a lot. She isn’t the kind of woman who does that type of thing often.” He calmly noted.

“You sure notice a lot of things Daryl.” Peter said skeptically. He wasn’t how and or why Daryl would note such intimate things about his relationship with his wife.


“Well you two are a real power couple… it is hard not to pay attention to you guys.” He said standing up, and stumbling slightly.

“Woah there. You should probably crash tonight, I don’t think you should be driving.”

“Probably right. In that case, shall we have another?” He asked laughing slightly.

“Why not, neither of us work tomorrow. So long as we don’t bother Jacquetta.” He chortled with his friend. “Speaking of my wife, I think I’ll go throw my own sweatpants on.”

“Oy! Grab me a pair then.”

Peter hauled himself off of the couch and jogged up the stairs, ignoring the head buzz he was experiencing. As he threw open the door he stopped dead in his tracks. There was Jacquetta standing in front of the mirror wearing new lingerie. It was a red babydoll style, her hair she had curled into loose ringlets, and had carefully applied red lipstick that matched.


“Uh… is there an occasion I forgot?” He asked leaning against the doorframe. For the second time that evening, she jumped at the sound of her husband’s voice.

“No… sorry. I just… I haven’t felt that great lately and kind of wanted to try and boost myself up a bit.” Her face, though resembled more closely the stunning woman Peter had married, still carried the vacancy that worried Peter in the middle of the night.

“I see… does it help?” Peter wasn’t sure again whether or not to ask about her downtrodden mood.

“A bit. At least I look like myself again.” Jacquetta returned her gaze to the mirror, giving her husband time to sweep his eyes down her smooth back to her long legs.


“Hey Peter I got water all down the front of my shirt do you mind if I- Oh! Shit! Uh, wow! Sorry Jacquetta!” Daryl had come bounding up the stairs his t-shirt indefinitely soaked.

“It’s fine Daryl, how did you manage that?” Peter asked tearing his eyes away from his wife.

“I was getting a drink of water, and kind of missed.” He laughed leaning against the doorframe, his eyes glossy from the alcohol.


Jacquetta stared shocked at her husband.

“Peter! What do you mean ‘it’s fine Daryl’?!” She asked as she gaped at the two of them.

Peter’s jaw dropped.

“Oh… sorry Jacquetta I just mean, well… it’s Daryl.” He supplied lamely.

“Oh so you don’t mind that your best friend sees your wife in lingerie?!” She demanded, her cheeks becoming flushed. “Or that- Jesus! That he has a raging boner right now?!”

Peter blinked several times as Daryl did the same at her outburst of rage.

“Sorry honey, we’ve had a bit to drink.” Peter said seriously.

“I have too, that doesn’t mean I’m okay with women looking at your dick.” She narrowed her eyes at the two of them.


There was silence in the air, and Jacquetta had had enough of silence. She picked up the remote she had tossed on the bed moments before and turned up music with a heavy bass line. She picked up the half empty bottle of wine and drank from it.


“I’m going to masterbate, have a nice night guys.” She gave them the iciest stare that either of them had ever seen, and seated herself on the bed, the lingerie strap slipped from her shoulder as she then resumed drinking straight from the bottle.


“Peter, I’m very drunk… so I might be interpreting this wrong. Does she want us to join her?” He asked with his crooked smile that Peter had come to know very well from their days as roommates in college.

Peter felt his own smile spread on his face as they both stepped into the room shutting the door behind them.

“It does sound a lot like it doesn’t it? I haven’t had such an invitation in a long time.” Peter remarked, meeting his wife’s gaze straight on.

“Are you fucking crazy?” She asked as she repositioned herself amongst the many pillows on their king size her, her ankles crossed and her face suddenly unreadable.

Peter stripped off his t-shirt and smiled at her, his cock already hard and ready.


“Fine. If you really think this is what you two want to do, I recommend that you sample it before taking a bite. Daryl,” She raised her eyebrows at Daryl whose eyes were resting on the crotch of the red see through panties. “-perhaps you wouldn’t mind taking my husbands pants off.” A coy smile began spreading across her face.


“Tell you what Jacquetta…” Daryl turned to Peter and bit into his clean-shaven neck while undoing his pants and slipping them down. “I’ll throw in a few bonus features just for you.” Peter raised his eyebrows, his smile still intact as he watched his wife’s shocked expression.

“Oh that’s right… sorry honey, I never told you that Daryl and I went through an experimental phase in college.” He laughed as he felt his best friend’s hand rub his shaft.

Jacquetta remained silent as she took another deep drink from her bottle of Chardonnay.


Peter turned his attention to Daryl as he had started massaging his dick more generously, he pressed his toned body against his friend’s, his mouth grazing at his neck, forcing shivers to run through Peter.

 He felt his hands fall to Daryl’s waist, and then move to the button and zipper. He could feel the raging erection beneath the material, and smiled at the familiar shape. They had had a lot of good times together.

As soon as Daryl’s boxers had been stripped away, Jacquetta let out a giggle.

“Daryl, did not think you would be a circumcised man.”

Daryl stopped his work on Peter, and they exchanged a knowing look before he turned to his best friend’s wife.

He lay on his side on the bed, and slipped his hand in between Jacquetta’s thighs.


“I think we are beyond formalities Jacquetta.” He said seriously as she resisted parting her legs to him.

She gave him a disparaging look before parting her knees, her gaze returning to her husband to reassure that he was fine with this. She was only mildly surprised to see him with his cock in his hand rubbing it vigorously as he watched.

She was jolted from her observations however, as she felt Daryl’s expert tongue slip deliciously up her slit.


“Oh…” She said breathless, her cheeks reddening.

Daryl swirled his tongue around her clitoris, and gently thrummed his fingers on her thigh. He could feel her beginning to drip at the invitation of his lips graze at her opening. Her clit engorged and willing to be teased further, but Daryl knew he couldn’t have all the fun.

He took his index finger and drew a line gently nudging her clitoris once more, and felt her shudder under his touch as he slowly traced down to her hole, and slipped the tip of his finger in, toying with her wetness that had increased dramatically in the past fleeting moments.


Daryl popped up from his work and turned to Peter. “So, would you like to take a turn on your wife?” His smile was mischievous as he regarded Jacquetta’s gulp of wine from the corner of his eye.

Peter’s eyes fluttered from his handiwork, but his attention returned quickly as he crawled up beside his wife, and swept aside a loose curl and took its place on her collarbone with his lips. Jacquetta’s breath had stopped coming at a regular pace a while ago as her breasts heaved while her pleasure increased. Daryl’s fingers still teased her opening, but never fully penetrated her.


“You know this is hardly fair.” She gasped. “I say I get to up your difficulty levels.”


Both men sat up and looked at her confused. 

“Peter, hand me the cuffs won’t you dear?” Her eyes met with Daryl’s dark blue ones, and she never broke the tension as her husband withdrew the metal cuffs from the bedside stand drawer.

Jacquetta grabbed her husband’s wrist and cuffed his wrist, and then proceeded to grab Daryl’s, and cuffed him with the other.


Daryl grinned at Peter. “Damn Peter, I like your choice of women.”


Without another word, both men place their cuffed hands over one of her breasts, and squeezed them tightly, Peter became far more aggressive as his teeth dug into his wife’s neck, making her moan loudly, her head falling back onto the pillows. With one glance at Daryl, Peter knew exactly what was about to happen. He sat up, and pulled his wife with her back to him between his legs, both his hand and Daryl’s hand over her left breast. While Peter circle her nipple, Daryl cupped his hand under its plump weight.

Daryl positioned himself between her legs, his cock pulsating as though it knew the treat it was about to be encompassed by.


Jacquetta bit into her lip, as she felt her body trembling in wait of being filled by Daryl’s dick.

And before she knew it, he pushed himself into her, slowly. Painfully slowly in fact, as her husband pinched her nipples roughly. Daryl pumped into her deeply, and rhythmically, neither speeding up nor slowing down as Jacquetta’s juices gushed from her, her moans rising with the thudding music.

“Oh…. Oh…. GOD!” She screamed as she felt herself build to an orgasm quicker than she thought was possible. Daryl felt his cock twitch with pleasure at making such a woman scream like that, her tits heaved as she tossed her head back onto her husband’s chest.


“I don’t know Jacquetta, I think Peter has been a gracious enough host. Why don’t we let him have a turn?” Daryl smiled at Peter who had his own wolfish grin as he felt his wife’s pulse race, his cock firmly pressed against her back and ready for an entrance.

“Please don’t stop!” She gasped as she felt herself riding closer to the edge of complete ecstasy.

“Give her one last push Daryl.” Peter instructed casually, as though he were telling his best friend to gun an engine one more time.

Daryl didn’t hold back as he rolled into Jacquetta as hard and deeply as he could.

“OH FUCK, OH GOD FUCK!” She screamed her orgasm embracing Daryl’s cock firmly as it rolled throughout her body.


“Wow honey, I’d say you enjoyed that.” Peter said as his breath whisked by her ear.

Jacquetta panted in response.

“However, I believe you owe me.” Jacquetta’s eyes opened as Daryl slipped out of her, his own orgasm not yet come.


“Peter you are absolutely right. I’m so sorry… I believe I need to thank-you for all your patience.” As she spoke, Jacquetta turned her body around, presenting her heart shaped ass to Daryl, and her bulging breasts to her husband as she pressed them against his purple dick. Her long tongue snaked out to touch his tip.

Peter gave her his best poker face as she lowered her head and puckered her lips over his cock sucking gently, though her hunger was apparent in her darkened eyes as she continued gentle touches with her tongue to his head.


“It looks like Jacquetta is being a bit too easy-going there Pete, want me to help?” Daryl asked as he spanked her ass.

Peter grinned. “Give it a try.”

Daryl pounded into Jacquetta’s drenched pussy, his finish nearing as Jacquetta lapped at Peter’s dick greedily, her eyes peering up at her husband with a growing desperation. Jacquetta moaned into her husband’s dick as she felt Daryl’s shaft elongate inside of her, his climax rising with every second. Jacquetta withdrew her husband from her mouth and kissed him deeply on the mouth. She broke it off, and instead took his cock deep into her throat.

“Oh babe!” He moaned as she also began to rock her hips back into Daryl, effectively pushing him in deeper to her.


“Damn, Jacquetta!” Daryl cried out as his cum shot out into her, his dick twitching inside of her as each drop of ejaculation filled her with his desire.

As he pulled out of her, Peter wasted no time in cupping his hand under his wife’s chin, and drawing her away from his cock.

She was only confused for a moment before Daryl gently nudged her more to the side, and took her place with his hand grasping Peter’s balls in his hands and massaging them.

Jacquetta smiled at the two men on either side of her as she reclaimed Peter’s tip in her mouth while Daryl’s hand returned to Peter’s shaft, massaging and stroking it.

Peter sank back into the pillows enjoying the teamwork his best-friend and wife were exhibiting.

As Daryl increased the tempo of his rubbing, Jacquetta sucked on his tip harder, her tongue tickling the nerve under his head.

Peter moaned, his own orgasm building quickly, but he was silenced by Daryl’s mouth crashing onto his. His best friend’s stubble scrapped against him, but he quickly forgave him as Daryl’s tongue danced into his mouth. Jacquetta had moved out of the way of the embrace, and instead contented herself with rubbing her clit in circular motions as she watched.


Peter ran is hand through Daryl’s jet black hair that was a stark contrast to his own dirty blonde hair, which was similar to his wife’s. Their cocks grazed one another as their sweaty bodies pressed against together desperately. Daryl’s hand slipped down to Peter’s thigh and squeezed it reassuringly before ending the kiss and turning back to Jacquetta.

“Any instructions?” He asked pleasantly.

“Yes. Peter you’ve been rude, return the favor.” She said happily.

Her husband didn’t need further encouragement as he launched himself at Daryl, pressing him down into the bed. Their limbs entangled as their heart beats synchronized, and their lips met once again. Peter’s hand clutched Daryl’s member, and rubbed it slowly giving it time to readjust to being hard again. It wasn’t long though, as Daryl moved his lips to Peter’s ear and nibbled the tops, and then slowly licked his way up from the earlobes.


“Peter…” Daryl gasped a he began to be rubbed vigorously. “Peter, I think you need to fuck your wife.”


Peter paused his work, looked into Daryl’s eyes steadily before giving him one last kiss, and turned to Jacquetta who was slickening her fingers with her lust.

“Jacquetta, if you wouldn’t mind uncuffing us, I would like to enjoy watching.” Daryl said politely.

Jacquetta nodded her head before producing the key from her cleavage, and unlocking them.

Without missing a beat, her husband pushed her down into the bed and fucked her.

His dick ravenous for her taught cunt as she screamed his name over and over again. His hands gripping her breasts, and Daryl lying beside her, jacked off excitedly at the sight before him.


“I’m cumming baby.” He groaned as she raised her hips to greet him.

“Cum in me.” She begged, her nails dragging down his back in sheer need of his orgasm.

And as he pumped into her faster and faster, it overcame them both. Their orgasms being spewed together as they both screamed and rode over its glorious edge.

“PETER! FUCK!” Her trembling body sank into the bed as Peter’s arms shook from holding himself up for so long, just in time for Daryl’s own orgasm to splatter his hands.


The three of them lay in a heap in the bed, gasping and sweating from the activity they had just indulged in.


“Well, guess I better make my way into the guest room.” Daryl, sat up and snatched a tissue to wipe off his hands.

“Oh don’t even bother Daryl.” Jacquetta breathed. “The bed is big enough for all of us.” She smiled at him alongside her husband.

“Well… if you insist.” He laughed sleepily as he plopped himself back down.

“We do.” Peter assured. “Besides, something tells me we are going to have an early morning.” The three of them laughed, knowing fully well that the next day would be a day full of fun and friendly company. 

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