Stairway To Heaven

Stairway To Heaven

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


It was looking like a peaceful night for Greg. A night of stir-fry and TV while the rain poured outside. That is, until a surprise visitor shows up.


It was looking like a peaceful night for Greg. A night of stir-fry and TV while the rain poured outside.
That is, until a surprise visitor shows up.


Submitted: August 31, 2013

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Submitted: August 31, 2013



Greg looked at the rain outside of his window and smiled to himself. It was a perfect evening for a quiet dinner and some choice television shows. As he sliced up the carrots for his stir-fry, he heard a knock at his apartment door. Puzzled, he dried his hands on the red tea towel that lay over his shoulder, and went to see who it could possibly be.

When he opened the door, in stormed a shorter girl with long wavy brown hair, and dark brown eyes that he had grown to know all too well.


“What the hell Greg?!” She demanded glaring up at him.

Caught off guard, Greg began to stammer.

“W-What do you mean Kasey?”

“You know exactly what I mean! I know what you did!” She seethed, her hands becoming fists.

When Greg’s expression remained clueless, she exploded.


Greg’s eyes widened briefly before he attempted to stammer on.

“Y-You said you couldn’t make this month’s rent because you hadn’t started your job, I d-didn’t think you’d e-ever f-find out.”


“I know that! I-I don’t expect anything from you… I just knew you needed-”

“Forget it! From now on stay out of my business!”


Without another word, she fled the apartment just as quickly as she had come. Leaving Greg in a state of shock. He hadn’t meant any harm, and he wasn’t trying to guilt her with anything… he just was helping her out. It wasn’t a big deal… Suddenly a burning sensation spread to Greg’s chest. A feeling similar to heartburn, but Greg knew it was nothing like that. He felt his own kind of anger flare up. Greg threw his apartment door open and flew down the hallway. The elevator was out of service so he knew he’d be able to catch her quickly on the stairs.

As he bolted through the door and down two flights of stairs he grabbed her by the shoulder and pushed her around.


“Fuck this.” He uttered quickly before he was pressing her against the cement wall with his tongue in her mouth. He entangled his hand in her long hair while the other hand slid up the side of her red dress.

Kasey jumped and wrapped her legs around him as she dug her nails into his back and pressed her body into him.

She wasted no time in unzipping his pants, and sliding her already wet cunt down over his cock.

Greg grunted as he pumped into her gently at first, and then with each thrust became more and more forceful slamming her against the wall, her moans rising up and down the echoing stairwell. He could feel her pussy clenching him as it grew closer and closer to climax.

He kissed and bit her neck as he noticed her breathing becoming faster and deeper with each passing thrust.  Greg could feel her orgasm coming, and right before he knew she was about to finish, slipped out of her and placed her quickly on the ground.


“If you want me to make you finish you’re going to blow me first.” Kasey glared at him, her red cheeks and heavy breathing slowly ever so slightly. Without a word, she removed her jean jacket, unzipped her red dress, stepped out of its light material, and gently licked under from the base of his cock, slowly up to his tip. She flipped her tongue to the smooth under side, and slid it under his nerve and head. Greg braced himself against the wall as the lights above them flickered.

Kasey stopped her tongue, kissed his head, and then took him all in her mouth. Pushing him down her throat and sucking on him hungrily. Her moans vibrating his dick deliciously, as his knees buckled.

Kasey gradually moved her mouth up his shaft, and with one final flick of her tongue at his nerve, drank his how cum that erupted from his tip. She wrapped her hand around his shaft massaging it as she felt the trembling orgasm give her its hot juices with every pulse. She sucked him dry, and as she swallowed the last of it, she peered up at him with her big brown eyes and rose to her feet once more. Kasey went to put her dress back on, only to be stopped by Greg. He slipped his hand to her neck, and kissed it all the way down to the mound of breast that pushed at the delicate fabric of her bra, as he heard her breathing hitch, he raised his left hand, and gently teased her already hardened nipple. With his right hand, Greg reached down and felt her soaked panties. He growled with pride as he pushed the material aside, and rubbed her clit.


Her entire body went rigid as she moaned loudly.

Before she knew what was happening Greg swung her around, and bent her down. Her ass pressed against his crotch, his hand still gripping her breast, and the other still teasing her clit.

As he went, he gradually left her clit, and began rubbing her opening gently. In return, he gripped her breast harder, making her cry out.

“Greg! Stop teasing!” She gasped.


Greg smiled to himself as he rubbed his cock against her ass. Without a word he rubbed her click roughly, and almost laughed when he heard her shout out as her orgasm flooding over every sense in her body.

“FUCK! Oh Greg! Oh holy shit!” Her cum soaked Greg’s hand as he gently massaged her down from her climax. She sank into the wall, her body trembling slightly from the whirlwind of activity.


“I have some burnt stir-fry upstairs.” Greg offered as he zipped up his pants.

Panting, Kasey responded.

“No thanks. I have to meet with my friend Tracy. I might call you later.”


Greg rolled his eyes. He was familiar with her fear of commitment.

“Whatever.” He murmured as he then turned and walked back up the stairs to rescue his charred dinner.




Greg sat in the tree looking up at the stars. The tree was his favorite place to go when he needed to think. It was located in the park behind his apartment building, and had the best view of the night sky. Especially after the storm clouds had cleared up.

He was lost in one of his many thoughts when a soft voice broke him out of his reverie.

“Hey Greg.”

He looked down startled, and when he saw Kasey standing awkwardly under him, his face almost split in two from the smile.

He stared back up at the stars and planets, and finally felt completely at peace. Every planet, every star, was like him in that moment. Right where they should be.




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