If The Boats Rocking

If The Boats Rocking

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A couple's stormy night on a boat, causes more waves than the weather. *Based on actual events*


A couple's stormy night on a boat, causes more waves than the weather. *Based on actual events*


Submitted: September 02, 2013

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Submitted: September 02, 2013



“Let’s play a game.” Bianca slurred as she took another sip from her rum and coke. Xander blinked at her statement, trying to determine whether or not she was rocking back and forth, or if the boat that they were on was doing that for her. Rain pelted the deck above their heads as they sat in the dimmed cabin, trying to stay warm in the cool October weather.

“What’s the game?” He asked leaning back into his seat.

“You tell me what you want me to do to myself while you watch. Your challenge is to get me so turned on I beg for you to fuck me.”


Xander sat up straight, he felt his cock stir in his khaki shorts.

“Sounds like a game I might enjoy.” He said smiling.

“Good. Now just wait here while I slip into something a little bit more imaginative.” She winked and disappeared behind the V-berth door, only to reappear after a few moments with her long black locks released from its former ponytail. It cascaded down her freckled shoulders meeting with the black lace lingerie she had put on. The lingerie had white lace trim around the tops of her presents, and just below her ample cleavage was a small pink bow. Xander felt his member begin to straighten itself as his eyes burned through the see through material to the black thong and matching pushup bra.


“First things first,” he said eyeing the goosebumps on her arms and hardened nipples. “Rub your hands all over your body.”

Bianca bit her lip as she smiled drunkenly down at him. She leaned her head back, exposing her neck as she gently massaged it with her hands. She slowly moved them down to her breasts, tracing their plump outline before she traced her fingers up to her nipples. She toyed with them, biting her lip more frequently as she went.

Xander unbuttoned his khaki shorts that had become painfully tight in the past few moments. He casually pet his dick while his eyes remained glued to Bianca’s progress. Her palms were alternating between massaging her breasts lovingly, and gripping them tightly. Xander watched as her knee twitched, signifying she was getting wetter and more excited by her work.

She drifted over her stomach, to the tops of her thighs, rubbing them lightly. She shifted her hands ever so closely to her pussy, but never touched. She halted her work and looked at Xander, her eyes glazing over.


“I want you to tease your clit, and show me.” He ordered as he rubbed his shaft over his underwear.


Bianca smiled. She seated herself across from him, and parted her legs. She rested her feet on the cushioned bench that Xander was on, and exposed her throbbing cunt.

She pushed her thong aside, and touched her clit with her middle finger. She let a small gasp escape her lips as she then slid down to her opening, moistening her fingers before she glided back up to her hardened clit. She began to rub it in furious circles, her body arching against her fingers, her breasts being thrust forward as her building pleasure began to reverberate throughout her body like a violent pleasurable buzz.

“Alright, stop.” Xander ordered as he recognized her pelvic thrusts. She was so close to finishing, and he saw the immediate rage flash across Bianca’s face. “I want you to get your fingers soaked with your juices, and use them on your tits.” Bianca’s smile told him that he was forgiven.

Each of her fingers disappeared into her opening, and came out soaked with her humid lust. Bianca’s other hand lowered her lingerie and bra straps slowly over her slim shoulder, and once that was accomplished, she raised her coated fingers, and traced the aerola that had popped out of its confinements. She gradually slipped her fingers into her bra and pinched her nipple lightly. She teased them mercilessly and began to breathe and moan louder than Xander had ever heard before.

“Now stop doing that, and just sit still.”

Bianca’s eyes were wide open as her hand fell to her side.


Xander smiled, he had slipped his underwear off and sat completely naked across from her, his hand still rubbing his cock generously.

“What was that? Didn’t catch that.” He teased.

Bianca stood up, and knelt down in front of Xander, her breasts resting inches from his engorged cock.

“Please let me ride your cock until your eyes roll back and you cum inside me.”

Xander’s dick twitched.

“I suppose you can.” He said with a small laugh.


Bianca climbed onto his lap slowly. She kissed up his stomach to his neck, and nibbled on it tentatively before she fully straddled him, and dropped her hips so that her sopping wet cunt hovered over his awaiting member.

He grunted in annoyance before he grabbed her by her hips and pulled her down hard and fast.

Bianca’s hips gyrated and back forth as she gripped into the handles beside Xander’s head. She began to move in circular motions pumping his cock in and out of her, while gripping him firmly with her pussy. Soon, a thin sheen of sweat coated them, and Bianca’s tits began to bounce out of their tight restraints. It was then that she ground her hot clit down, and came hard.

“FUCK! Oh GOD! OH! YES!” She rode over its wave clinging to Xander’s back.

He moaned out with her loving how strong her orgasm was.

After she had ridden over its last round, Xander pushed her over to her own bench and knelt down on its edge. She leaned back in the seat her eyes fluttering.

He slid in slowly, and pulled out slowly, only stopping to rub circular motions at her opening.  Xander pumped in faster and faster his own orgasm building quickly, until it was upon him, shooting into Bianca, filling her with everything he had. His eyes rolled back, and he let out shouts of his own.

“Oooh, Oh fuck….”

He collapsed atop of her, his pulse racing as the waves beneath them rocked harder than before, almost as though the waters were applauding them.


“Could you pass me my drink?” Xander panted as he fell back onto his seat.

Bianca obliged: “Aye Captain.”

Xander gulped his drink and grinned, knowing fully well that she would want to ride his mast soon enough.

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