Grip Me Tight

Grip Me Tight

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Helen has given up on feeling attractive and on getting laid, until one night with her friend Joe.


Helen has given up on feeling attractive and on getting laid, until one night with her friend Joe.


Submitted: April 14, 2013

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Submitted: April 14, 2013




 Helen stared at her fuck buddy sadly. For the past three and a half months, Joe hadn’t wanted to touch her in any sexual way. Not because feelings had developed, or anything lame like that, but he just said he wasn’t feeling as attracted to her as he had been before. Broken hearted over her suddenly lifeless sex-life, Helen reflected on what could have made her less appealing.

She attended the gym three times a week, and worked out for an hour at a time. She was in terrific shape, and her breasts were a 34C  . . . she didn’t understand how it had happened.

She had tried everything from sexy maid lingerie, to giving him a lap-dance, but nothing could get his cock hard for her again. Soon, Helen felt about as sexy as a seal, and she gave up trying to entice him all together.

She even gave up the gym. What was the point if there was no one to stay in shape for? Once the sex was gone, Helen was no longer motivated. She had always had a massive sexual appetite, and when she was starved, she had a hard time functioning. Joe and herself still hung-out like they used to, eating pizza and watching zombie movies or playing Sorry, their favorite board game, but there was about as much sexual tension as there was for a chair and dining table.


It was one of their usual hangout nights, except tonight Joe had insisted on playing COD together. Helen wasn’t a huge fan of video games, but she didn’t mind them on occasion. It was during this occasion that Helen arose to grab a bag of Doritos, and Joe noticed something.

“Helen . . . were those the same sweatpants you were wearing Tuesday when we were outside for the bonfire . . .?” He asked curiously.

Helen hesitated in her response as she brought out the unopened bag of chips.

“Yeah, so?”

“ . . . Why . . .?” He gave a slight laugh at his friend’s sudden awkwardness.

“Do I need a reason?” She demanded as she offered the opened bag to him.

“Not really, I’m just wondering. C’mon! Why?”

“Ugh . . . because I stopped going to the gym and I’ve put on weight.” She grimaced, trying to avoid his stare, despite her knowing that it didn’t matter whether or not he knew, he had stopped being attracted to her.

“What?! Can’t be that bad! Put on some jeans and a normal t-shirt so I can actually get a point of reference.” He said sweetly.

“Are you going to stop bugging me if I do?”

“Yes.” He grinned.


Helen sighed and shifted her sandy brown hair over her shoulder as she stood up and walked to her room. She pulled out the pair of jeans she used to wear to flaunt her slender legs, and yanked them up. She felt the fabric strain over her ass, and knew she shouldn’t bother to do up the top button. She pulled on her v-neck green t-shirt that used to show only a hint of cleavage, but now revealed massive mounds of flesh despite her not even wearing a push up bra. The shirt also showed off her thicker stomach and expanded love handles much to her dislike.

As she traipsed out of her room feeling very self-conscious, she stood in front of Joe with a miserable expression.

Joe’s eyebrows shot up but his face remained blank.

“It’s not that bad . . .” He said after clearing his throat.

“I’ve gained 17 pounds.”

“Turn around?” He requested his face still unreadable.

Helen obeyed eager to say ‘I told you so’ when he would inevitably burst out laughing.

He didn’t though.

 “Can we please just go back to playing?” She asked trying to look anywhere except him.

“Uh, Yeah, yeah sure!” He said as he handed her her remote. “Out of curiosity, what size are your breasts now . . .”

“DD36.” Helen answer grudgingly as she ate a handful of Mike and Ikes that were resting on the coffee table in front of them. “Not to mention I’m muffin topping these jeans.” She pointed out as she hit start on the game.

Joe reached over and grabbed her love handle.

“WHAT THE HELL?!” Helen paused the game and whirled around to Joe.

“Uh . . . sorry. I just have one last request, can I see what you look like in just your underwear now?”

“Seriously?! I’m so self-conscious right now it’s not even funny! No!” She exclaimed her eyes widened.

“Listen, just let me see, and then you can go put your sweatpants and hoodie back on, I promise.”

She stared at him skeptically.

“Look I’ll remove my clothes if it makes you feel any better.” Without another word Joe removed his shirt and began to unbuckle his pants when Helen stood up.

“Fine! One quick look at this.”

She stripped off her pants as quickly as she could, her ass jiggling in the process. She then tore her shirt off, her ample tits bouncing with the sudden movement.


Joe stood up and gazed down at her body, her breasts were so large and plump that they were barely concealed in the 36DD black bra she was wearing. Her ass was so full, he resisted with all of his might giving her a hard spanking right then and there.


“Okay can I put my clothes back on?!” Helen begged.

Instead of answering, Joe stripped off his pants, revealing his hard thick cock, and the small wet spots on his boxers.

“What t-” Helen started confused, her eyes round.

“You’ve filled out.”

“I’m a lot heavier now though an-”

Joe gripped her love handles and dragged his cock against her dampening pussy. He moaned, as his hands drifted up to her breasts and squeezed them tightly.

Helen went silent as Joe slid her panties down and knelt down.

His tongue slid up her hungry pussy lips, her juices beginning to drip. His tongue found her clit and began massaging and cupping it while his finger found her opening and stroked it invitingly, he loved how wet he was making her.

Helen groaned as her body awakened to its sexual desires, her hands knotted in Joe’s hair.

He slid his tongue down to her opening and began gently touching her cunt.

“Oh God!” She gasped.

Joe stood up and grabbed the back of her hair and pushed her down to her knees. She gratefully took his hot cock into her mouth. Helen moaned and felt his grip in her hair tighten as she massaged his head with her tongue and sucked it like it were a popsicle. Her mouth watered at his taste as she gently slid her bottom lip under his head and plunged her mouth over his dick desperately sucking him and massaging him with her tongue, her one hand tickling his balls gently.

“That’s right you slut.” He groaned as he watched her grip her own breast her growing needs causing her to moan again.


He stopped her work though, and brought her to her feet again as he turned her around and spanked her bare ass hard. He watched as it jounced from the smack.

“OH FUCK!” Helen screamed her juices dripping down her fattened thighs.

Joe ripped off her bra, and slammed her against the wall rubbing his oozing tip against her pussy.

He grabbed her breasts and slipped only his tip into her cunt as Helen bent further down the wall so that her voluptuous ass cheeks pressed against him.

“Oh God Joe, please fuck me hard!” She begged as he pinched her nipples harder and harder.

Joe rolled his hips, moving his tip around, but preventing it from going any deeper as he spanked Helen again.

He then pulled himself out of her, and sat down on the carpeted floor with his back against the wall.

Helen crawled towards him with a sense of urgency.

“Not the couch?” She asked.

“I want your knees to get a good rug burn.” He answered biting his lip.

“Baby I’m going to give you the ride of your life.”

Helen straddled him, nibbling his neck and rubbing her pussy lips up and down his cock, spreading their warm oozing liquid together.

Helen squeezed his pulsing dick into her tight pussy hard and fast, and began to slowly roll her hips, rubbing her clit against him simultaneously.  Joe grabbed the back of her ass roughly with one hand, bit into her breast ,and pinched her hardened nipple with the other hand.

“God, look at the size of these tits you dirty whore.” He groaned as his breath became labored.

“Oh yeah baby. They’re all yours.” Helen said as she began riding him harder, her legs pumping furiously, her pussy dripping down to his swollen balls. Joe slid his hands down to her thighs and dug his nails into her flesh, his orgasm building.

Helen arced her back as she felt her cum squirt from her, her orgasm making her cry out.

“Say you love cock.” Joe said gruffly.

“I fucking love your cock.” She gasped as the waves continued to come as Joe continued pinching her nipples painfully.

Helen began to move off of his cock until Joe grabbed her hips and slammed himself back into her hard.

“I’m not done with you yet. You’re going to fuck me harder.” He spanked her red ass again as she immediately obeyed and ratcheted up and done his shaft and then back and forth again, her second orgasm already upon her as she soaked his cock again.


“Get on all fours.” He ordered, and she once again obeyed, presenting her ass to him, her breasts swinging in the air.

“You’re going to take all of my dick you dirty girl.” He thrust into her and continued pumping and moaned when he could hear her enormous tits slapping together as he rocked into her deeper and deeper.

“FUCK! OH FUCK JOE!” Helen screamed as Joe grabbed her breasts and massaged them.

Joe finally spurted his hot creamy cum inside of her swollen pussy, but before he was done he pushed her down to her back, pulled out, and finished his ejaculation all over her magnificent tits and stomach.


Panting, Helen smiled at Joe, who smiled back.

“Don’t get too comfortable. You’re going to be sucking my cock soon while I play Call of Duty.” Joe said as he slid his underwear back on.


“Good.” Was all Helen said as she reached over, and ate another Dorito.


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