Easy Way Or The Hard Way

Easy Way Or The Hard Way

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


It is a long day at the office for Leo, until the spy he has been hunting down for two years has been caught, but will she be what he was expecting? Or will she be much more?


It is a long day at the office for Leo, until the spy he has been hunting down for two years has been caught, but will she be what he was expecting? Or will she be much more?


Submitted: January 21, 2014

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Submitted: January 21, 2014



Leo rubbed his eyes tiredly as he tried to adjust his eyes to the paper in front of him and stop the blurry vision that had come over him in his ninth hour at work. The horridly bright lights in the office flickered in the near silence of the floor, and Leo couldn’t think of anything he’d like more than to sleep. He leaned back in his chair, and felt his gun nudge his shoulder from its holster as he contemplated making a coffee run.


“Carson!” Leo jumped to his feet at his boss’s shout and attempted to look more alert than he felt.

“We caught Sasha.” His military boss breezed, his icy blue eyes raking Leo over.

“The spy?! The one I’ve been pursuing for almost two years?!” He felt himself gradually waking up as the news struck him.

“The very one. Jones found her getting information from one of our boys. I decided since you’ve been the head of this case you should be the first to interrogate her.” He informed Leo with a glint of amusement in his eye.

“Sir?” Leo asked perplexed as he began walking alongside the Sergeant. Despite first impressions, Leo knew the Sergeant had a sense of humor in his own quiet unspoken way.

“Carson, when we obtained Sasha, she was in the midst of gaining intel in a creative way.” He mused calmly.

“How so?” Leo asked cracking his knuckles nervously as the two men stepped on the elevator and the Sergeant swiped his key card to go to the lower interrogation room levels.

“Oh, you will see soon enough Carson. So remember, we need to find out if she is a free lancer who sells her information, or if she has alliance to anyone.”

“Absolutely sir.” Leo felt his heart begin to race, after years of chasing a shadow, he had Sasha in the flesh.

Upon coming onto the second door on Leo’s left, the Sergeant stopped.

“Sir, why isn’t she in our regular interrogation rooms where Valerie and Kane can watch and record?”

“Because Carson, we need her to be more… pliable before we put her in there. So this room will do just fine for now. Come and get me when she is ready to talk.” The Sergeant handed him her file, turned on his heel, and strode back down the hallway to the elevator with a strange smirk on his face that Leo wasn’t sure he liked.

Swiping his card, he entered the room with her file clutched in his hand, he flipped it open to the first page to find the very first report he had ever filled about her.

It wasn’t until the door was firmly shut behind him that he looked up and nearly dropped the file all together.


There was Sasha. Sitting cuffed in her chair, in black lacey lingerie, and black heels. She had long dark red hair that was piled atop of her head, and a calm calculating expression that didn’t match her attire.


“They weren’t kidding when they said they caught you while being creative.” Leo let out a small chuckle as he tried to contain his excitement at seeing Sasha.

Sasha smiled charmingly at him, as though they were meeting on a blind date rather than with her cuffed in an interrogation room.

“So Sasha, why the name Sasha? Why not a different name? Why not use your last name?” He asked starting with a small question, his mind trying to stay focused on her face and not her bulging breasts that seemed to almost tear the lingerie that tried to conceal them.

“Sasha suits me, don’t you think?” She asked biting her lip gently.

“It’s also a boys name.” Leo pointed out coldly.

“True, but that works with me as well doesn’t it? I mean, you thought I was a man until that time in the Ukraine.”

“I suppose. So who do you work for?” Leo tossed her file back on the table and leaned closer to her. He was hoping to relieve some of the pressure from his pulsating cock against his zipper.

“My libido.” She teased, as though she knew he was struggling with a raging erection. It took Leo only a breath to regain his composure. He knew that if he allowed his sexual lust overrule him, he would lose too much respect and trust at work.

“Not a real answer. Now before you start getting cheeky with me when I ask you again, I want you to remember that you are in a specialized interrogation room. There are no rules other than mine here. Everyone here is looking the other way at this moment in time, because we don’t really care what happens to you. We just want information.” He felt satisfied with his level of calm collectedness. He noticed the small whirring sound of the light above them, and tried to catch some kind of fear on her face, but was bothered to see not even a facial twitch.


“So what do your rules involve?” She leaned closer, and rested her breasts atop of the table. Pushing them closer to bursting out of their confinements. Leo felt his pants strain painfully against his dick as it hungered for the strange woman more and more.

He leaned in close to her ear so that his lips were mere millimeters away.

“Well you see, I have a good cop and a bad cop routine. But I will not be anything close to being a good cop if you don’t start talking.” He watched as goosebumps erupted all down her smooth back at his breath, and he secretly celebrated not drinking coffee before entering the interrogation.

“Well you see… maybe I want you to be a bad cop.” She whispered back to him, grazing her lips against his earlobe. Her mouth trailed to his jaw-line, where she kissed him gently.

Leo slid his hand behind her neck, and tugged her head back away from him. He looked at her eyes, his hand still on her neck as she bit her lip tentatively.

He glared at her, then lowered his head to the side of her neck and bit into her. His other hand immediately grasped her massive breast and gripped it tightly. Sasha moaned as she felt her pussy begin to get excited. Leo slowly slipped his fingers into her lacy bra and upon finding her supple nipple, teased it, surprisingly lightly before he pulled away entirely and seated himself back in his chair.


“Who do you work for Sasha?” He asked again, doing everything within his power to appear calm.

Slightly breathless she uttered: “Well right now? I hope you.”

“So you would like to defect to our agency?”

“No, I meant work for you.”

He stared at her coldly for a moment as her cuffs jangled, it took Leo a moment to realize she had slipped her fingers down the front of her panties, and was stroking herself. It wasn’t until her heard her wetness that he was able to catch on.


“Are you a whore?” He asked quizzically leaning back in his chair, his own hand drifting closer to his erect cock.

“Not usually, but for you I don’t think I would mind.” Her cheeks had a redness to them that signified her growing excitement. Her eyes were beginning to glaze over as Leo leaned back so she could see his member.

“You know… instead of this boring process, I could put my mouth to a much better use.” Her eyes trailed down his body, and drank in the site of his bulge.


Without a word, Leo kicked aside the table and slowly rose to his feet. Sasha watched him with great interest as her fingers continued their slow circles around her clit. He unzipped his pants and stood in front of her with his same cold expression.

“Show me.”


She stopped her work as she smiled up at him, her big green eyes tantalizing him. Sasha glanced at his purple head positioned in front of her curved smile, and immediately flicked her tongue to catch the velvety underside for a split second before she slipped it down his shaft. Her tongue was hot, wet, and needy as she massaged him in circles back up his shaft to his head, where she waited for a breath before plunging him deep into her throat and letting him rest there for a few long precious seconds before she began fluttering her tongue all over his cock.

Leo could feel a moan rising in the back of his throat, but he couldn’t give Sasha the satisfaction. She pumped her hot mouth up and down his shaft, moaning as she did so. At one particular moment she moaned with her perfect lips wrapped around his head, and it vibrated so deliciously, that Leo’s vision began to spin. She slid him into her mouth at a tantalizingly slow pace, and as his elongated shaft glided over her tongue he omitted a slight gasp upon his cock head grazing, then soon after fully greeting the back of her throat.

Leo grabbed a fistful of her hair, and as she slowly moved back down his cock he pulled her head roughly away from him.


“Who do you work for Sasha?” He kept his voice as steady as possible. He could see in the her glazed eyes that she was just as turned on as he was in that moment.

“Why do you want to talk about that right now?” She pleaded, her legs shifting apart slightly.

“Because that is my priority. This is me being nice.” He tugged on her hair again as a reminder that she was fully under his control.

“What are you like when you are mean?” She asked, the strap of her lingerie slipping off of her shoulder.

Without moving a muscle in his face, Leo slipped his hand up her thigh, and paused his progress as his fingers tips could feel her heat rolling off of her.

“Tease.” She laughed. “But I am afraid that is not enough to get me to divulge information.” She had a glint in her eye that Leo did not like at all.

“Put your feet through your cuffs so that your hands are behind your back.” He ordered, gripping her hair more firmly than before. Her smile froze as she obeyed, and as soon as she had completed the task, Leo dragged her to her feet, and bent her over the askew table. He slipped his tip to her soaked opening, and nudged it with the very tip of his cock.

Sasha trembled with anticipation beneath him. Instead of thrusting into her immediately, Leo released her hair, and slipped his hand around to her breast. He teased her hardened nipple through the delicate fabric of the lingerie, and felt her pussy give a small shudder of pleasure as he then groped her breast roughly.


“Benedict.” She moaned.

“What was that?” Leo could feel a smile tugging at his lips.

“My last name, it’s Benedict. Now please, fuck me.”

“Oh I think you’re mistaken Sasha Benedict. My fucking you will not be pleasant. You see… I’m doing this for my job and Country. I don’t care how badly you want my dick inside you, or how soaked your cunt is.”

“Oh?” She gasped as he pushed ever so slightly at her taught opening. “You aren’t enjoying this a little bit?” She wondered, her body was barely able to stop trembling.

Leo smiled, knowing she couldn’t see.


And with that, he shoved his dick deep into her waiting pussy. She screamed in ecstasy as he pumped into her roughly with a few long strokes.

“YES!” She hollered, her body twitching in pleasure.

Leo slowed down to long, smooth thrusts. He languished in her wetness as he then reached both hands to her breasts and groped them roughly, her nipples hardened in his hands as he continued massaging her massive tits, and just when he heard her moans growing louder, and her cunt tightening around his dick, he pulled out. In one smooth motion he flipped her onto her back. She winced at landing on the cuffs, but only for a minute before her expression gave way to enjoyment.

Gripping her smooth thigh, Leo touched his dick against it feeling her small sound of frustration.

“If you want me to fuck you like the whore you are, then you are going to have to tell me who you work for.” She didn’t say a word, nor did she break eye contact until Leo reached up to gently touch the strap that had slipped down. In a mere second he reached his other hand up, and tore down her lingerie. Her tits bounced at their new freedom, and Sasha let out an audible moan as her chest heaved.

“I work…” She gasped. Then without another word, leaned forward and bit into Leo’s neck, sending electricity shooting through him.

“Fuck.” He murmured. Without a second thought, Leo drove into her. Harder, and faster pushing them both closer to the brink, the building sensation overcoming them gradually until they both lost sense of time and place. Leo caught sight of her juicy breasts, and felt his hot cum shoot into Sasha’s ready pussy, each burst emptying Leo of a need and lust he had not felt in ages.

“OH FUCK! BABY!” She moaned at the top of her lungs, unable to restrain herself from the pleasure that engulfed her entire being.

 Leo felt satisfied as his vision spun, and Sasha’s screams echoed around him like a roaring approval.


“Who do you work for?” Leo panted slipping his cock from her.

“Not telling.” Sasha worked to catch her breath, her sweaty face glowing with pride at her new conquest.

“Fine.” Leo hoisted up his pants quickly and business like without any show of emotion or exertion over what had just taken place.

“I’ll be back tomorrow morning, and we shall see if you want to talk then. Until then, you are stuck in here.”


And without another word, he left Sasha Benedict the spy in the interrogation room, knowing that she wouldn’t be leaving anytime soon. For once, Leo had the upper hand.

He had something she wanted…

As he stepped out into the hallway, Leo felt a smile break out over his face as he began walking toward the elevator, and paused briefly to lower the temperature in the interrogation room. He was looking forward to his day tomorrow. 

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