Can I Have Some More Please?

Can I Have Some More Please?

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A couples double date turns into more than originally bargained for...


A couples double date turns into more than originally bargained for...


Submitted: April 16, 2013

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Submitted: April 16, 2013



Author's Note: Hi everyone, just a quick message letting you all know that I'm taking suggestions if you would like a particular scene, or pairing, or fantasy written out. Just let me knwo in the comments below and I'll do what I can!

Enjoy the story.





The four adults laughed together as they polished off their fourth bottle of wine together, they all shared hearty buzzes, making their evening warmer and fuzzier as they partook in each other’s company. Thomas and his wife April had been cordially invited over to John and Leah’s. Thomas and John had become well acquainted at work over the past few months, and had decided to become even more familiar with one another. The candles in the middle of the table burned low, and they had all finished their strawberry shortcake dessert happily.


“You know,” Leah hiccupped. “Seeing those empty bottles remind me of highschool when we used to play spin the bottle.” Everyone laughed at their fond memories they had of the childish game. The nervous looks, the blushing, the quick sloppy kisses . . .

“We should play.” Thomas teased grinning at his wife’s reddened cheeks. April stared at him shocked, and in the process, missed John and Leah’s sly smiles between one another.

“Thomas! You-”

“-You should have those brilliant ideas more often.” John said winking charmingly at April, who was stunned into speechlessness.


“I’ll spin first.” Leah cleared the table in no time at all, so that all that was left were the low burning candles, and the empty Merlot bottle lying on its side.

April gulped; she didn’t know what to say, the room was still hazy and spinning, and she didn’t even know how four more drinks appeared in front of all of them.


Leah laid her lily-white hand with the scarlet nails on the bottle, and spun.

It took April a moment to see where it had stopped, but when she did, she gasped. She looked around the table at all of the smiles aimed her way, as Leah flicked her auburn hair over her shoulder, and stood up from the opposite side of the table.

April didn’t know why she never realized it before, but she was fairly certain Leah wasn’t wearing a bra under her loose royal blue dress. As Leah slowly made her way over to April, the men fell silent; watching their wives’ every move.


April was ready to stop the whole thing and shout at her husband, when suddenly Leah’s hand gently swept away her own blonde hair, revealing her bare shoulder and nape of her neck. Goosebumps erupted on her flesh as her mind was silenced. Leah’s touch felt like heaven . . .

As the hostess lowered her perfect rosebud mouth down to April’s neck, her hands massaged her guest’s upper arms. She started by gently kissing April’s flawless skin, and then softly grazing her tongue where she kissed. Leah’s hands moved to April’s back as she began to nibble harder down April’s neck.


Thomas and John watched with growing anticipation, their dicks had hardened from the moment Leah had stood up. John unbuckled his pants while he watched his wife work her magic. He was in desperate need of releasing the strain his cock was making inside his pants.


April felt herself growing wetter by the second as she longed for Leah’s hands to explore her more thoroughly. She felt her breath catch in her throat as an explosion of sensation occurred when Leah bit down hard on her neck in a perfect location, that April never knew could have such an affect. Leah moved her lips to April’s ear and breathed:

“Ready to kiss me yet.”

April turned her face to Leah, and captured her mouth in a soft kiss. Noticing before she did so, that Leah’s nipples were completely hard under her blue dress. April couldn’t help but suck on the sweet mouth of Leah, as she fought the urge to reach up and roll one of her erect nipples in-between her fingers.

Leah broke off the kiss and returned to her seat, and took another gulp from her drink. She Ignored April’s hungry expression as though she had no awareness on the effect she had.


“Your turn April.” She said after she swallowed her mouthful of liquor. The men grinned at each other, both knowing that whomever the bottle landed on, it was going to bring good results.

As April’s shaky hand spun the bottle, she watched mortified as it stopped at John. She glanced at her husband desperately.

“Oh no sweety, it’s quite alright with me. So long as you offer me the same fairness.” He said leaning back in his chair so that she could see exactly how much he was enjoying the game they had started playing.

John said nothing, only flashed her his perfect crooked smile. She arose slowly, and began to walk over to him, stumbling slightly as she went. When April came to him, she half fell onto his lap, where she could feel his stiff member under her ass.  She leaned down sloppily, and kissed him quickly. John didn’t let her get away with such a futile attempt. He slipped his hand inside her already sweltering thigh by the hem of her white skirt, and watched as her pupils shifted. She immediately kissed him again, dragging her tongue across his lower lip, silently begging that he slide his hand up the short distance to her excited pussy.

He broke it off though.


“My turn.” John noted casually.

 April returned to her seat confused at both her sudden arousal, and her husband’s flushed face.

The bottle’s spin was quick, but definite. It landed on h is own wife, Leah, who grinned at him while he winked in return. He Knew exactly what he was about to get.

Leah arose, practically twirled her leg over his lap, and straddled him. John wasted no time in ripping the fine fabric of her dress until it was half way down Leah’s perfectly toned stomach. Her heavy breasts quivered as John lowered his mouth and kissed her stomach, her back arced far enough that both April and Thomas had a full view of Leah’s tits, her hair sprawled across the table like a fan as she moaned at her husband’s touch.

April couldn’t stop herself from reaching down and rubbing her clit as her body trembled with desire. Her husband undid his own jeans zipper revealing his fully grown cock.


John slid his wife onto the table, and tore off the rest of her dress, revealing her mound and long legs. He knelt down in front of her pussy lips, and kissed them, his tongue snaking out and languishing in her dripping pleasure. He paused for one breath of silence, and then stood upright.

Leah reached beside her, and spun the bottle. It landed on April once more.


This time, April didn’t waste any time.

She took off her black cashmere sweater to reveal her hot pink bra, as she then slipped her white skirt off and displayed her black thong. She climbed up onto the table, straddled Leah’s dripping mound, and slowly bent her torso down. Touching her nose briefly to Leah’s, she quickly moved her mouth to Leah’s neck, and down to her breasts. April pinched and teased one of Leah’s nipples before she then drifted her hand down to Leah’s clit, and began to massage it generously. Leah let out a small moan before April moved back up to her face, and placed her finger that was wet with Leah’s juices, on her lips.

April sucked it off, enjoying the taste thoroughly before kissing Leah passionately. It was April who broke it off this time. She raised herself up so that she was still straddled over Leah but sitting comfortably as she spun the bottle.

It landed on John again; poor Thomas.


Faster than anyone was expecting, April leapt off Leah, and onto John’s lap. Her legs straddling him so that both of her feet were flat on the ground, her aching breasts pressed into his chest, and she wasted no time in kissing him full on the mouth, grinding her soaked pussy against his hard cock.

John didn’t wait to ask please or if it were okay, he slipped his dick from his boxers, and pushed April’s thong aside. April didn’t need a second invitation. She pushed his long hard member deep into her and gripped the back of the chair as she vibrated back and forth with such force the chair scraped against the floor.

“Oh yes . . . OH YES!” Her orgasm exploded both painfully and beautifully. She stood up, and looked at her husband. His cock rested in his hand and he stopped mid jerk to meet his wife’s eyes.


“I think Thomas deserves a treat for waiting.” Leah suggested as she reached over and stroked his penis invitingly.

“Good. I want to watch.” April said as she sat down on her chair and pounded back her drink.


Leah did not need further instruction.

“Want to tittyfuck me Thomas? Or would you like me to suck your cock? Because truthfully? I’m dripping, wanting you to do both.”


Thomas gave her a mysterious smile before he nodded to John who returned the nod. Thomas dropped his pants in front of Leah as John rubbed his tip against her cunt.

“You’re not getting off easy.” He stared down at her as she began to process what was happening.

She arced an eyebrow at him.

“Good. Easy is boring.”

Then she took him all into her mouth.

“Greedy are we?” Thomas asked as he shot a look to his wife whose eyes were barely open while her fingers disappeared into her pussy.

Leah moaned as she deep throated Thomas’s dick and felt her husband’s strong hands grip her ass. She weaved her tongue back and forth under Thomas’s cock as she reached her hand over to Thomas’s leg and pulled him even closer so that his dick slid even further down her throat. Thomas groaned, his head rolling back onto his shoulders, he gently moved his hips back and forth;  adoring Leah’s warm mouth.

John chose that exact moment to thrust deep into Leah’s taught cunt.

Leah half screamed half moaned while slackening her jaw around Thomas’s dick.

April herself let out an exhilarated moan as her fingers became slick with her lust, her cheeks red and eyes hardly focusing on the activity in front of her.

John gently pumped his member in and out of his wife’s pussy as she massaged Thomas more firmly with her tongue, sliding her mouth back down his shaft slowly, soon moving her hand to his base. She was barely able to close her fingers around his girth as her tongue flickered across the nerve under his head.

Thomas let out a gasp as his hot cream shot down Leah’s throat, filling her up, but barely satisfying her sensational hunger.

Thomas carefully removed himself from her mouth and watched as Leah swallowed his offering gleefully. As John began to drive into her harder and harder, the wet slapping sound echoed through the kitchen while Thomas slowly made his way back to his own wife, stood behind her chair, and began fondling her firm breasts.


John slapped his wife’s ass hard as he felt her cunt tighten around his dick, her orgasm escalating as she screamed.


John let out a grunt of his own as his cum shot into her, his dick shuddering with the effort. Leah’s pussy took everything and yet somehow still needed more.


Meanwhile, Thomas bent over his wife’s shoulder, and lowered his teeth to her collarbone as with one flick of his wrist he unclasped her bra, he grabbed her breast and squeezed it as she let out a moan.

What gave her a slight surprise though, was when she felt her thong being slid down her smooth legs.

Opening her eyes she saw Leah gazing up at her with a perfectly innocent expression. Until she lowered her mouth to April’s clit and sucked on it while flicking it with her tongue. She began drawing small circles on April’s thighs with her thumb her fingers fluttering by her cunt opening.

“Oh please . . .” April whispered as she felt her husband’s provoked hard on pressed into her back.

“Thomas; I think it’s your turn to handle your wife.” John pointed out as he downed his entire drink.

Thomas smiled as Leah wiped her chin from April’s pre-cum, and stepped aside. Thomas walked slowly in the silence to face his wife who sat gazing up at him, drunk with the liquor and unending lust.


Without a word, Thomas hoisted her up, to which April wrapped her legs around him. He set April on the table grabbed her under her knees, and bent her legs back until they were almost touching the table. He drove into her, thrusting as deep as he could possibly go, April’s shrieks of pain and intense bliss goading him on as he slowed down and focused on pounding into her with everything he had.

Leah appeared at the head of April, and lowered her mouth back down to April’s.  Leah kissed her passionately, while John pinched her nipples from behind until they were a deep red. He pressed his cock gingerly into her back.

Leah moaned into April’s mouth, then slid her naked body onto the table so that her pussy was beside April’s head.

April saw this, and immediately drove her two fingers deep into Leah, right as she rode over her own orgasm, screaming and moaning as Thomas came again, emptying his balls of everything he could as his body imploded with his finish.

April lowered her legs so that her feet were pressed firmly into the table top, as she stroked Leah roughly, and finally watching her juices drip down her hand as she reached up and held Leah’s thigh down.

Thomas pinned Leah’s arms down as John knelt down and blew on her clit, causing her to squirt out of sheer desperation.

April pumped her fingers, as Leah squirmed under their grips, barely being able to stop her eyelids from fluttering.

Thomas bowed down close to Leah and whispered:

“You really do have a such well-endowed tits.” He reached his mouth down and bit into the succulent pink nipple poking it with his tongue as he did so.

“Oh BABY! Please someone has to fuck me hard!”

John rose to his feet, and stepped aside as Thomas rounded the table and April removed her slickened fingers. Instead, April licked them clean and them took her husband’s place licking and biting Leah’s breasts. Thomas yanked Leah by the thighs and forced her to sit up, making April leap of the table into John’s waiting arms.

Thomas grabbed Leah roughly by her hair, and with another hand raised her thigh ever so slightly as he pushed his cock into her.

Rocking his hips so that he would hit her clit and make her scream.


John in the meantime nibbled on April’s earlobe as she stroked his shaft affectionately. Loving how she could feel his dripping down her back.

Just then Leah shrieked.


“That’s right, beg Leah! Or I’ll stop.” Right as he said that, he stopped his movements, and Leah’s eyes flew open.


“I don’t know . . .”

Leah wasn’t having any of it, she grabbed Thomas by the back of his neck, threw him onto the table and rode him until her explosion of cum drained out of her, and as it did so Thomas ejaculated for what he knew would be the last time for that night as his body collapsed while the waves crashed over him.

Leah fell off of him, finally satisfied.

The two turned their attention to April and John exhaustedly.


John’s fingers were knuckle deep in April, and John was finished all over her back, his face contorted in ecstasy as April herself let out a strangled sound. Her own juices running down her legs mixing with John’s.


The four looked at each other, all sweating, and all panting with their efforts over the past two and a half hours. Leah propped herself up onto her elbow.


“So, dinner next Friday?”


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